are we hearing “voices” again in west vincent?

west vincent voicesPeople often ask me what it is that bothers me about the politics in West Vincent, Chester County. See above.

Above is a letter penned by a “concerned” West Vincent resident to another West Vincent resident.  I am hoping the author is not one of those “West Vincent Voices” because wow, do you think they could move on from anonymous missives like this and anonymous broad sheets on the United States Post Office wall?

The song remains the same meets Groundhog Day? Now I know these people don’t care for me or this blog, and well, good for them, everyone needs a hobby, right?

The man targeted by this latest bit of nastiness was in intensive care on one step removed from life support and these folks were running around calling him Chickenman. Until January 21st, 2014 when Chickenman posted an interesting update. Now this gentleman is the “source” of Chickenman’s “lies”. That makes me giggle because well, why let a little truth get in the way of local yokel politics, right? And if you can’t git him, well why not git his wife, right? (His wife is one of the loveliest and most genuinely nice people you will ever meet too.)

So now these people are back to penning poisoned pen letters? I hope they remember to wipe off their fingerprints, don’t you?

I am touched by their fealty to those like Farmer Supervisor to the stars Ken Miller, but seriously, wow do they blame everyone else for everything?

And speaking of the Supervisor to whom they pay their fealty, is he going to step down as Supervisor at the end of his current term?  That is what the chatter has been for months, right?   Being an elected official is tough, so time will tell, right?

But as for Truth in West Vincent?  They need to by a clue.  But again, maybe they are just hearing “West Vincent Voices”, right?  After all, who else would be so deliberately unkind as to continually try to hurt one of their neighbors, right? But then again people like this love to hide behind a keyboard.

I just find it sad.  Why? Because they are correct that West Vincent is an awesome and beautiful place. But by their actions the show the world that their apple has a rotten core, don’t they?

Truth for West Vincent found HERE.

West Vincent Voices found HERE – a lot of very nice content. Here is a link to the latest newsletter - West Vincent Voices July 2014 – all sorts of cool tidbits! And if you want to see some beautiful photos and learn more fun stuff about this beautiful part of Chester County, check out ThisIsWestVincent too!

Community involvement is to be commended.  Sending anonymous hate mail, not so much.






so sunoco isn’t sleazy and sunoco isn’t sunoco?

We just celebrated the 4th of July which celebrates our freedoms in this country and apparently Sunoco officials don’t care for free speech and freedom of opinion? And maybe they don’t like that eminent domain word but what did they expect when they went to the Public Utility Commission to try to get around local zoning? Seriously?

There is this new article in the Inquirer about SuNOco, and apparently SuNOco isn’t SuNOco and isn’t sleazy? So is this pipeline is a mirage then? Are we imagining all the road disruptions and closures and all the public meetings are really the meeting of the quilting society or something?

I am very confused.

A rose by any other name and all that?

Apparently SuNOco’s public image is taking a beating? Does that mean their retail business is feeling a pipeline pinch?

It is up to personal choice if Chester County and other Pennsylvania residents choose to patronize other gas stations, right? We don’t live in a communist or otherwise single state run country where we have no choice as to where we buy gas, do we? Did they ever consider in addition to image issues that a good percentage of the time their gas is also just more expensive than other gas retailers?

So now will SuNOco that isn’t really SuNOco be buzzing around changing the corporate branding on their pipeline property sites like the sign seen every day at a crossroads in Upper Uwchlan? And what of the Sunoco Logistics website with the teeny tiny Sunoco logo we all know so well?

And while they are answering questions, what is it precisely they do with endangered wildlife when they find it (or more appropriately it is pointed out to them) ? Someone told me they were told the wildlife (like bog turtles and such) is moved someplace and then brought back to the habitat in which they were discovered? Is this true and how do they know which wildlife goes where down to the individual creature?

This Philadelphia Inquirer article today gives many the vision of a corporate shell game doesn’t it? And is the talking head of the split personality oil company the same guy who used to be an amazing reporter for the paper now making him the news?

So who is SuNOco? And if they want a better corporate image maybe they shouldn’t be trying to force feed Pennsylvania residents a pipeline? Could it be a lot of this petroleum posturing is that this just isn’t residents saying no? Could it be SuNOco is a little nervous that politicians from all over on both sides of the political aisle are starting to speak out too? Could they be nervous that the residents objecting are growing daily in numbers and esteemed environmentalists are taking their side?

Sorry SuNOco, sorry SuNOco PR team, people are unified about not wanting you in Chester County no matter what you call yourselves aren’t they? Welcome to a public relations hell of your own creation and seriously what did you think was going to happen? That everyone was just going to be o.k. with your taking people’s land and adding flare stacks in densely populated areas? Did you think a county that has a large percentage of residents on wells wouldn’t be concerned about pipelines and so on? Maybe you have a friend in Governor Corbett but not everyone else is feeling so chummy?

Great article Philadelphia Inquirer!

Philadelphia Inquirer: Sunoco fights connection to pipeline firm
By Andrew Maykuth, Inquirer Staff Writer
POSTED: July 06, 2014

Sunoco’s good corporate name is taking a beating these days, as community activists and bloggers post snarky statements under headlines like “Sleazy Sunoco,” linking the company to fracking and eminent domain … the hands of careless journalists and picket-sign painters, the companies all just become “Sunoco.”

According to brand consultants and public-image experts, Sunoco the fuel retailer faces a big challenge disassociating itself from the actions of its corporate doppelgänger…..Sunoco Pipeline, a Sunoco Logistics subsidiary, has asked the PUC to declare it a public utility to bypass local zoning restrictions. ….”Sunoco, Sunoco Logistics, Sunoco Pipeline?” said Tom Casey, a leader of the community opposition. “There’s a lot of confusion about who’s doing this. Who are these people?”

Casey had heard company officials explain that Sunoco Inc. and Sunoco Logistics are two separate companies, with different missions. Then a public-affairs officer handed him a business card that identified him as a Sunoco Logistics employee. The other side of the card identified him with Sunoco Inc.

“He has the same job with both companies at two different addresses,” Casey said. “That’s confusing.”……..If this bothers Sunoco, its spokesman, Jeff Shields, is not letting on too much.

Nor is the spokesman for Sunoco Logistics, the selfsame Jeff Shields, who said in an e-mail that the pipeline company “is proud of its roots with a company and a name that has represented good corporate citizenship and American prosperity for more than a century.”…Sunoco Logistics, which was spun off as a separate company, is still contractually obligated to support Sunoco’s retail operations. But its new ventures, such as the Mariner East project, are unrelated to its former parent company.

Both are now units of Energy Transfer Partners L.P., a Dallas company that bought Sunoco Inc. in 2012 and acquired the controlling interest in Sunoco Logistics……Sunoco Logistics could rename itself something else – say, SXL – to provide some cover for Sunoco. But image experts say crusader activists would see right through such a strategy.

“That would backfire on the company double time, because now the public’s suspicion of evil would be confirmed by the company’s efforts at deception,” said Rob Frankel, a Los Angeles branding expert…..Sunoco Inc. already has a long history of oil extraction, and so an association with a pipeline transporting hydraulically fractured Marcellus Shale gas liquids is not an image-altering event, said Oscar Yuan, a partner at New York brand consultant Millward Brown Vermeer.

20140707-110547-39947204.jpgSelect photos in this collage are courtesy of public photos of Just The Facts Please on Facebook of which this blog is not a spokesperson or representative, just a fan.

door to door etiquette


This evening at slightly beyond twilight and at almost 9 PM, the door bell rang. It was after dinner and half the house lights were out as we were winding down.

No porch lights were even on and all we saw were the outline of two people as it was for all intents and purposes, dark outside.

So I flipped on the porch light and there were the double mint twins. Not literally, but similar height, hair color, short shorts and matching Penn Environment T-shirts.

They were standing there all earnest with their clip boards and I said to them that we were winding down after a long day, and I was sorry but I wasn’t going to open the door and they could leave whatever literature in the mailbox……Then one of the little gals smiles and asks to speak to someone else in the house.


I will admit that floored me. No thank you means… thank you. I do not particularly like door to door sales of any kind. Even non-profit door to door solicitations from cute teenage girls at just shy of 9 PM.

From a parental standpoint I was floored they had literally kids out door knocking in the dark. From a supporter of non-profits like this non-profit, they have sealed the deal on not ever getting a donation.

I was polite to these girls as they were someone else’s children working a summer job. But at that point I said to them no thank you and then had to say that I already said no thank you it was way past time for them to go. That whole thing was just unnecessarily annoying.

This is an environmental action group that does good work. But Penn Environment needs to better teach their feet on the street. And especially because a lot of them are so young, it would be more prudent and a better use of time to have them sent out when it was still daylight outside.

Sorry Penn Environment , you just utterly flunked Door to Door 101. When someone says to leave the information in the mailbox and that they aren’t opening the door, tell your young and zealous summer job folks to accept it and move on.


real and really sad

Lambs ears

“Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right.” 
~ Theodore Roosevelt 

Cyber bullying is a real thing.  A mom blogger in Texas is experiencing it first hand. A friend who is a blogger told a group I belong to about it. It has even made the news.

Cyberbullying escalates to stalking, death threat  Posted on May 12, 2014 at 10:42 PM

 LEANDER — Like most pre-teens, 11-year-old Julia Young’s tan and purple room is usually covered with posters.

Now it’s empty because Julia, along with her best friend Melody Coffey, is staying somewhere private out of state while their families deal with a case of cyberbullying that has escalated into stalking and even death threats.

“All I want to do as a mother is protect my children, keep them from feeling that fear and feeling that invasion of privacy that they feel now that they will never feel safe again,” said Christine Young, Julia’s mother.

Young tells KVUE the cyberbullying began three months ago with a girl she says was once her daughter’s friend at Stiles Middle School in Leander ISD…..After that things began to escalate online and in school.

“Calling her names, saying I’m going to spread rumors that you’ve slept with all these guys and you’re a whore and a slut. Nobody will want to touch you,” Christine says, regarding the girl’s rumors started about her daughter.

The threats quickly escalated on Instagram and public messages that were going out to any of the kids at school following this account, said Young.


It is scary to think this can happen to our kids, isn’t it?

It doesn’t just happen to kids, it happens to adults.  I know, because cyber bullying via social media is happening to me.

I had mentioned a parody of this blog had cropped up.  It has unfortunately evolved into more of a case of adult cyber-bullying than parody.  The suspected architects are those I believe used to be in my life.  They haven’t been for years. Yes, years.   And neither lives in Chester County. I have zero contact with them or desire for contact with them, and will continue to have no contact with them.  Ironically and quite a shame to say, but they left my life (their choice).  Apparently and unknown to me until now they keep tabs on me, which is truly so very sad that this is all they have to do all day. I never would have thought they were such empty and hollow people. I just figured when I went on with my life, so did they.

Every day they put an inordinate amount of time into scouring through anything I have written in the hopes that they can skew it or make it ugly and dirty.  They pepper their  writings with digs at others in my life and negativity about anything and everything. Unfortunately for them, every day it makes them look more sad, more stuck,  and more twisted.  They act as if I am a public figure, when in fact I am just a regular every day person.

Yes, cyber bullying is against the law, but some people feel that this is their God-given right, so it is not my job to dissuade them of that notion. The fact that adults older than I am can spend their days being eaten alive by envy, jealousy and anger is such a shame.  Think of all the good they could do if they used their energy for good or anything positive, right?

Am I upset by all of this? No not really.  I don’t need them for any self-validation and bullies of any age or stage of life are to be pitied.  What they do is a cry for help in their own stagnant and stale lives.  They should be pitied and prayed for. As should anyone dumb enough to buy into what they are desperately trying to peddle.

You see the biggest problem they have is that I am happy.  And no amount of negativity can rob me of that. I choose to share my thoughts and photos and whatnot on this blog, and I will continue to do so.  What is happening also makes me realize how very lucky I am and blessed.

So while I appreciate your concern my dear readers, I am fine.  But you should pray for people who are so unhappy that they do these things. What is that quote about people who love themselves don’t feel the need to hurt others? Sad, but true.

Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy the beautiful day.



lipstick on a pig: parody blogging

CCR1-001I am blessed with some really wonderful friends.  They alerted me to a parody page of my blog literally created in the past few days.  They found it when looking for my blog’s Facebook page.  It (the parody) is on Facebook. I thought I would share some screen shots for your amusement. I know I was amused!!


So apparently I have spawned a clone.  And while they don’t have it quite right, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?


I can’t be sure who the witty author is, but I have a vague idea. Especially since I saw the name of the one sole person who likes any of the posts.  I am very amused they still find me so fascinating. Or my life now so fascinating.

I am not going to apologize for being truly happy and taking joy in everyday things like keeping house, gardening, taking photos, writing,CCR3-001and living. So maybe if they continue the parody, maybe they will learn to be happy as well?

I like it when my writing and photography make people happy.  After all, life is too short to be miserable, right?

So check out the page.  The wit is razor sharp.  They don’t live in Chester County, though, so don’t be mad when they don’t get it.  They can’t help it. They are just jealous that they can’t live in Chester County.

If Chester County Ramblings can’t introduce Chester County Rantings to the world, who can? But wow I don’t get their pig obsession, do you?   I prefer horses, cows, goats, sheep, and chickens like you,my dear readers, know.  Pigs smell….anyway enjoy the parody!