chester county news: disgusting on two fronts

Both of these articles just skeeve me out.  It makes one question one’s faith in human kind.

Posted: Tue, Feb. 21, 2012, 8:51 PM 

No jail for Chesco woman accused of selling horses for slaughter


HARRISBURG – A Chester County woman accused of selling thoroughbreds for slaughter after promising to put them up for adoption will avoid prison by agreeing to enter a first-offender program.

Kelsey Lefever, 24, of Honeybrook, abruptly waived her preliminary hearing on four counts of theft by deception Tuesday in a Dauphin County district court. Prosecutors withdrew a fifth charge, that she had engaged in deceptive business practices…..

Lefever was charged last November after a state police investigation found she had sold four retired racehorses to an individual contracted by a slaughter plant in Quebec after having promised the horses’ previous owners she would retrain the horses and find them new homes, according to police documents.

One of the owners, Kevin Patterson, told an investigator that he gave his racehorse, a five-year-old thoroughbred named Beau Jaques, to Lefever with the understanding that the horse – which had suffered a career-ending injury – would be rehabilitated and placed for adoption. He also gave her $200 and 10 bags of feed to help care for the horse until it had a permanent home.

Lefever, who promoted herself at racetracks as a horse rescuer, assured Patterson that she never sent horses to slaughter, authorities said. They said Patterson later learned that Beau Jaques had been sold to a “kill buyer” outside the New Holland auction in Lancaster County.

Posted: Tue, Feb. 21, 2012, 7:18 PM  Are Chester County occultists into dog sacrifices?    BY VINNY VELLA Philadelphia Daily News  215-854-5926

 When it comes to pagan religions like Voodoo, Santeria and Palo Mayombe, sacrificing and eating chickens, goats and other livestock is no big deal.’

“It’s virtually the same thing as having Easter Sunday dinner, only you’re killing and preparing the animal yourself instead of buying it,” said Eric Lee, co-owner of Mystickal Tymes, an occult store in New Hope.

But it seems that some occultists in Chester County might have taken their celebration too far. According to evidence found by the county’s SPCA, their menu may have included dog, a big no-no in the animal-sacrificing community.

Chester County SPCA spokesperson Rich Britton said that investigators found knives, books on witchcraft and skulls that appeared to be canine in the freezer and kitchen of a home in Caln Township Monday night.