simple shots

Simple Shots  is me, so like my page on Facebook!

I adore photography as an art form.  I am a semi-professional freelance digital photographer whose work has been featured in publications locally as well as nationally.   I began taking photos as a child, and then put down my camera for many years.  When I became a community activist as an adult I picked up the camera again as an adult and haven’t put it down since!

What I am not is a wedding photographer.  I can do small to mid sized events, but weddings are an art form unto themselves. Contact me for things like  an informal family portrait; photos of the kids/pets for friends and loved ones (and the annual holiday card!), photos of your home either for personal use or as a realtor for a listing, flyers, brochures; small non-profits needing photos of their historic sites or event days.

I believe in the magic of ordinary days.