does penndot CARE about all the accidents on route 202 near boot road?

A couple of days ago, on June 16th a woman was killed on Route 202 near Boot Road.:

Crash kills woman, closes Rt 202 for 9 hours

June 16, 2012|Breaking News Desk

An overnight crash involving a box truck and a car has left a 25-year-old woman dead and closed the southbound lanes of Route 202 near the 30 Bypass in Chester County for nine hours today, reopening only after the morning rush hour ended.


The crash occurred about 1 a.m. on the highway near Boot Road in West Whiteland Township.

A 25-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene of that accident.

Today, the accident involved a pregnant woman in a hit and run, trapped in her car.

Pregnant Woman Victim in Rt. 202 Hit-and-Run

Police want to talk to the driver of the SUV that fled the scene and to any witnesses

By   Karen Araiza NBC10
|  Tuesday, Jun 19, 2012  |  Updated 9:34 PM EDT

A pregnant woman is the victim in Tuesday’s hit-and-run accident on Route 202 in West Goshen Township, Chester County, Pa.

The accident happened at noon on the Northbound side of the highway near Boot Road.

The victim’s SUV rolled over after hitting a guide rail and she had to be extricated from her car. She was taken to Paoli Hospital. Police told NBC10 the woman is 7-months pregnant.

I first saw this accident news on the Daily Local’s website and felt nauseous when I read:

Police said emergency crews arrived at the scene to find the pregnant driver of a 2004 Honda CR-V trapped in her vehicle, which had rolled following a collision with a guard rail.


Members of the Goshen Fire Company cut the roof off the vehicle to free the driver…Police said witnesses saw a white SUV entering the CR-V’s lane just prior to the crash, causing the driver to swerve suddenly to avoid a collision. The driver of the white SUV briefly pulled off the shoulder after the CR-V crashed, but then left the scene.


Police did not provide the name of the victim.


The Westtown-East Goshen Police Department is attempting to locate the driver of the white SUV, who can contact police at 610-692-5100. Any witnesses who saw the accident are also asked to contact police.


A pregnant woman could have lost her baby today.

I don’t like Route 202.  I don’t like how games are played with highway repairs on Route 202.  I don’t like the GIANT digital billboard along 202 in Westtown.

But what I don’t like even more are the stretches of 202 that are constant and chronic accident zones.  And the one I hate the most is the cattle chute that runs by Boot Road.

There are too many accidents.

Since I became a Chester County resident, I feel like all I hear about are accidents on this stretch of Route 202. In fair weather and foul.  During the day and at night.

So why are there all these accidents?  Is it just there are THAT many awful drivers? Or should the design and design flaws of a PennDOT responsible road be considered?

One of the things I love about PennDOT is if you have ever driven up to Harrisburg, you should check out their glowing edifices to themselves.  PennDOT seems to spare no expense for their offices and buildings up around the state capital.  Yet, they never seem to make many of our roads quite as safe as they should be.

I think this stretch of Route 202 is one of those stretches of road, PennDOT needs to look at.  Our highway system is multifaceted and multi-flawed.  Many roads have outlived their original engineering design because there are just that many more cars on the road – the best example around here for that would be Schyulkill Expressway.

Incidentally, I just discovered the name of the woman killed on 202 near Boot on June 16th.  Her name was Meghan McGuire of Berwyn.

It’s time to make PennDOT look at this section of road.   There are just too many accidents in this one particular stretch.

And please, if you were on 202 today and saw this accident and have any information on the driver who hit and ran, please call the police.  That mama to be and her baby deserve better than they got today.  Who is the State Senator around here?  Is it Andrew Dinniman?

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7 thoughts on “does penndot CARE about all the accidents on route 202 near boot road?

  1. Things have gotten very bad. I also think there’s been a cascading effect on that part of 202 from some other local road closures causing more traffic that would not normally even take the highway to essentially be forced to. We are having a slew of accidents by me (Pottstown Pike near the SuperWaWa on Sunset Hollow) now that Grove Road is closed, due to people cutting over to Pottstown via Burke Road (that’s a hellish left onto the Pike from Burke!). The intersection by the Wawa has a fender-bender every other day now. Everywhere I go this summer it’s road construction!

  2. While I agree with your point, and the death of a young woman in the first accident is tragic, many of the articles regarding that accident suggest that the young woman was traveling NB in the SB lanes of 202. I have not been able to find updates that confirm the cause of that accident.

    Unfortunately, the poor design of 202 may not be at fault for that one. I don’t like PennDOT and more than you, they “maintain” another stretch of road in Chester County where several people have died because of PennDOT’s laziness.

    • I do not disagree with you. Feel free to list the other roads out here under PennDOT control that you think need attention. I find PennDOT lazy and sloppy and they need to be accountable to the residents they are supposed to serve ONCE in a while

  3. To answer your question in your article, are there just more awful drivers on the roads?, As a truck driver that runs over 500 miles a night I can answer that question. YES!!!. People need to consantrate on the roads. Stop watching your nose and look at your surroundings at all times. Stop thinking you are a driver for nascar. People always in a hurry cutting others off. Like one more car length is going to make a difference. You only actually arrive 5-10 minutes earlier. Don’t think driving wrecklessly for that little time is worth it.

  4. Route 401 in one of your favotire places…. West Vincent!!! The 4 mile stretch between 100 and 113 (specifically Chester Springs Rd to St. Matthew’s). Higher than 7 times the average accident rate for a road of its size. All the cops/state does is clean up the carnage. No interest in slowing the traffic down to the posted 35 MPH speed limit.

    Ludwigs used to take care of posting pics for us, but stopped in March. Now we just email everything to Dinnimen’s office, who could seem to care less about the death and destruction in our sleepy little town. But threaten the horse show, and watch him react!!!!

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