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This looker lives in the Hamptons

This looker lives in the Hamptons

You know something? I am not particularly naïve.  Even if I do want to believe in the goodness of mankind sometimes.  And I have a lot of friends involved in animal rescue.  I have seen the good, the bad, and the very ugly when it comes to that.  And I have known all along the bigger the animal the nastier it can get.

When it comes to horse country out here I am an ausländer.  I don’t own horses, don’t ride any more.  I do love horses. I find them magnificent and regal, which is why I love to photograph them.

I am one of those people who doesn’t patronize those people in cities like Philadelphia and New York City who have the carriage ride companies because I have never seen a horse hitched up to one of those rigs that looks happy and I want to throw up every time an abuse case linked to that part of the tourism industry surfaces. I also don’t go to race tracks.  No offense, I find them seedy.  I find almost anything having to do with gambling seedy and déclassé. Different strokes for different folks, but not my cup of tea.

When it comes to horses, I like to do things like watch dressage and polo.  And my friends’ kids doing pony club and things like Devon.  I also think carriaging is cool.  Growing up, we had a neighbor who was a carriager, and I loved looking at all his carriages, carts, and even sleighs in his barn.

When I wrote my first post wading into a potential manure pile I had no idea it would lead to a second post (the funny thing about asking questions about horse rescue) and ALL the comments.

I think given ALL the comments some part of the system of horse rescue in Chester County is broken. And as a result I am calling upon the Chester County SPCA, LAPS, ASPCA, and The Humane Society to do whatever they have to do to check this out thoroughly and put this issue to rest.

And I don’t mean polite let’s have tea and check out horse rescues, I mean inspect them, look at paperwork, match paperwork up to horses, any kind of identifying marks horses might have (someone said they can be tattooed or microchipped?), and treat it like the rescues I know more about which are dog rescues. Put them through their paces. People with nothing to hide, won’t mind, will they? They will understand, won’t they as it is about the welfare of the animals, right?  Dog rescues go out and check out potential forever homes and often do follow up once a dog is adopted out, does this happen with horse rescue? It should if it doesn’t.

I get that rescue is an often ugly business and again I feel the the bigger the animal the uglier it gets.

The volume of comments on this stuff has blown me away.  But I am just a blogger who found something weird and asked some questions.  I literally do not have a horse in this race.

But what I don’t understand (among other things) why there is a thing called Large Animal Protection if they aren’t doing any protecting?  It’s their job, they have the jurisdiction, it’s their raison d’être, yes? They receive funding to not muck about, yes?

I am not going to go out and inspect barns, I am not going to rescue a horse.  I might not know all the lingo but I know what an abused or miscared for animal looks like and I know what filth looks like.  But I am not the authorities.  So leaving comments on a blog post are just that: leaving comments.

What should you do if you have proof something is a non-profit and they are not? Call the State Charities inspectors and complain. Here are the numbers: 717-783-1720 or 800-732-0999.  What should you do if someone is abusing an animal? Call any of the groups I have referenced above.  And call the media.  Go to the police. Let professionals handle it.

If you people are seeing things that are wrong, it won’t stop unless people come forward. On their own. I believe some of the people who have left comments are trying to do just that and God bless them for it. Sometimes the courage of convictions comes at personal cost, especially when something is of a sensitive, difficult, or emotionally charged nature.  And when it comes to animal rescue issues, I find them often as emotionally loaded as issues involving children.

craigslist_001My curiousity with this began with odd Craigslist postings that  continue to go tb_001up every day.  I don’t know who you are who is doing this, but I think you need to contact authorities or media.  Or both. You wanted attention? You got it, now take the other step.

I want to have faith in mankind this Christmas season, and animals that give us unconditional love and companionship should be protected.  If you want to get all religious on me, that is indeed what Jesus would do. Period.

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  1. I am hoping that I am not being a complete moron writing you. I am REALLY hoping that you will not post this anywhere. I wanted you to know that I have been harassed by a Glenmoore family for the last 4 months. The daughter who used to work with me posted every single one of those Craigslist ads. Her and her Mother made up horrific lies and spread them like wildfire. They were the IP addresses I kept asking for. That was them. I bet I could tell you the IP address. They called LAPS on me over 20 times. To the point where the agent was being harassed by them. They called the State Police. I met with them and had all my horse records, adoption records and financial records. They saw nothing.
    I fund it with my own money. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband. I also get $1,000-$2,500 per horse from Turning for Home and have 6 boarders and 2 leases. This all helps me pay for everything. Barely but I do it. I have my non-profit status in PA but not my Federal as I pulled the application due to all the harassment and under the advice of my attorney. I am willing to show you EVERYTHING. Including all of the posts on Craiglist, the fake facebook accounts they opened specifically to bash me. The daughter is clearly unstable. She does not work and still lives at home. Spends all her time defaming me.
    My life has been hell for the last 4 months. I do not go to my barn as much, spend nights worrying about what people think of me. Worry about my children being affected by it. I have been given a second chance at life and decided that the plan for me was the horses. I never rode horses, never even was around them until 5 years ago. I fell so in love I completely threw myself into it 100%. Now I fear that the worry has made my health and happiness deteriorate and I am considering giving it all up.
    The lady Lisa who said things about me adopted 2 horses from me and was so happy with them. She then talked to this Mother and Daughter over facebook. She then started calling LAPS and the State Police saying EXACTLY what this family did.
    Carol had adopted a horse from me and then left it in a round pen in the middle of an empty field his first night on the property. The next day she called me and told me that he was severely injured. Had a broken stifle (can’t tell without x-rays). I felt awful, told her to bring him right back and I would call the vet. Her husband said that he didn’t know what happened but he would pay for the vet bill and take the horse back if he was ok. I asked Carol to come out the next morning to see the vet, the vet tried calling her, wrote a letter re: the soft tissue injury Moose had on his leg. Most likely because he got frantic and fell sometime in the night. She told me that the vet can’t tell when a horse is drugged and she would not take him back. The vet bill was over $300. Her husband said he would pay for it if Moose was ok. He was injured in their care. I stopped payment on the check. Oh, and it was a special treat for her daughter that they bought. Not something that she bought with her own money like Carol keeps saying. I have all of the texts and the letter from the vet.
    I am telling you all of this because it absolutely kills me that people think that I am such a monster.
    I am also telling you bc if you may have noticed the Craigslist ads have stopped. That is because the police, 12 of them to be exact, executed a search warrant on the house of this family Thursday morning. They are being accused of hacking my email and committing a crime via a public venue (verizon). They are also being accused of 5 charges of harassment. They do not have the phones, computers or any other device that could get them on line bc the police took them. After the forensics are done they are going to be officially charged.
    Please, I beg of you, do not post this or repeat it until the police are done. They have ruined my reputation, security and faith in the human race. I don’t want to give them anything else.

    ~Jessica Basciano

    • Too funny! I never once called LAPS or the State Police on Jessica! The state police did call me though! Unbelievable the crap she makes up to make herself look like a victim!

      Maybe I should post the message I have from her when I asked about Wildcat being shipped so far away without the proper leg protection for the haul! I never did get an answer just a bunch of crazy mumbo jumbo being puked forth from this woman! Real professional, don’t you think? (sarcasm)

      The worst part is Barbara Luna knows about all of this and still allows Jessica to have horses!

      As for me being happy about my horses, yeah I am happy with them, but my first horse was not gotten through Jessica, but from a craigslist ad selling him for $300. I only found out about him being at Jessica’s so called rescue, after I googled his name and it popped up more info on him!

      The girl Heather, who replied to me on another post as to having nothing to do with any of this, is the one who sold him to me. I would have never known he had been at Jessica’s “rescue”, if I hadn’t done some research on the matter!

      This poor horse had no paperwork, not even a coggins! Heather had to take him to get one, so I could take him off the property. Kind of odd, since he was at a boarding facility with no coggins. I do believe almost all boarding facilities require a coggins for a horse to be able to stay. I even paid for the coggins, because she told me she owed money to other vets and I felt sorry for her!

      Oh and by the way, I didn’t fill out any questionaire asking for references of any kind to purchase this horse! In fact I didn’t get adoption papers, at the time, but a sales receipt. I did finally get adoption papers for both the horses I have, but those came later! So did I purchase a horse or did I adopt one? I have both a sales receipt and adoption papers for him!

      Now, let’s talk about the condition he was in! He was thin with his ribs showing. He also was very mellow, at least that is what I thought at the time. His feet were also in bad condition. Jessica had him from December 2011 to around May 2012, at least I was told by Heather that she had him for only a few weeks, so I am assuming Jessica had him up until sometime in May, as I purchased him in June.

      I took him right at the beginning of July. So I have had him now for 5 almost 6 months now and he doesn’t even look or act the same. He is fat and has a more alertness to him. His hooves are now in way better condition! Not cracking or peeling up, like they were. My farrier told me they are doing so well, because he is getting the nutrition he needs to have healthy hooves!

      I want to know how come I could fatten him up in actually less then 5 months time and Jessica couldn’t? I want to know why his teeth hadn’t been done, because they needed to be? I want to know why his hooves were in such bad shape? I seriously doubt I will get any answers to any of the questions I have asked., More likely I will be attacked once again for stating the facts as far as I know them to be and asking questions that should not be that hard to answer, if things were on the up and up with this rescue! Most rescues, I am finding out, do all of this and will willingly hand over medical records!

      The other fellow I got I have spent a small fortune getting his teeth done! He actually had to have a tooth pulled and his teeth were so bad that when he ate he was puffing up his cheeks like a chipmunk! Most rescues get the horses in their care teeth done, along with shots, coggins and whatever else needs to be done for them to make them healthy and happy!

      I’d like to know where the hell the money she is getting for these horses is going too, because it doesn’t appear to me to be going toward the care and well being of these animals? Don’t talk to me about using your own money! I’ve been doing that, minus the $1000 to $2500 that she gets for them as well!

      I was told via Barbara Luna that Christina and Heather were not suppose to have these horses, nor were they to be advertised on Craigslist! Once again Barbara Luna knows about all of this and does nothing!

      Point blank is this and excuse my french, but all of this pisses me off! Somebody needs to stand up for the horses and be their voice in all of this bullshit!

      The state of PA should also be ashamed of themselves for even allowing this to be able to happen! Get some laws in place for equines Pennsylvania! Quit allowing so called rescues to get away with harming horses and taking advantage of unsuspecting people who adopt these horses!

    • Moron seems to be an understatement!! Looks like the poster from one of the other related blogs mentioned this ‘request not to post anywhere’ tactic? Thank you VERY MUCH for putting this all in writing !!

  2. *Someone* left me a comment that I have not decided what to do with yet. I found the comment somewhat upsetting. I feel the need to remind people that *IF* you do not want me to post a comment, don’t write it. I reserve the right to publish ANYTHING that is written to my blog.

  3. PLEASE do not post the comment. I am not sure what was upsetting but I feel that it again must be a negative against me. I am sorry that I wrote you. Just wanted to be able to explain things re: the craigslist ads. Please, I can not go through another day of the hateful comments. PLEASE.

  4. Dear person who keeps writing me – I don’t know what I am going to post or not. I am not doing anything. I find this all to be a rather dirty business. I will suggest that those who tell the truth here have nothing to fear- people respect those who tell the truth. I will also suggest this is not number one on my priority list, so have a glass of wine and relax. Nothing is happening.

  5. This Christmas my one wish for those who have been so used and abused by the ‘horse rescue’ business is peace. Peace of mind knowing that whatever decision you make is the right one for you and your family. I feel very passionate about ending the dishonest and dangerous dealings of some horse rescues. But at what cost? We all like to believe that right is right and life should be fair. We all watch what is going on at the horse farm in Oxford and feel angry knowing that poor woman is being taken advantage of. Being responsible horse owners we cringe when we see truck loads of horses being dumped in a field and cared for by young women barely out of high school. We call the police, we scream, we beg and we play detective trying to save these poor animals . And yet the horse money train goes on and on. We all want to believe that good always wins. Those poor children at Sandy Hook were good…they did not win. There is no logic, no fair and no right and wrong when it comes to people who just don’t have the capasity to empathize. Adam L. didn’t have it and Jessica B. doesn’t have it either. Do we allow her to continue to put her wants and needs above those of her “rescue horses” and the stray kids and young adults she continues to con or do we stand up for whats right and fight…….even when it means great personal sacrifice and heartache? I have struggled greatly with this question for the better part of a year now and I know others have as well. I hope you all find peace with whatever you choose.

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