o tannenbaum

Why is it every year when I am either baking Christmas cookies or we are decorating the Christmas tree it seems like whatever music I am listening to is all the more vibrant and special ? I’m guessing it’s just the act of doing something happy for your friends and family that makes it so.
The Christmas tree is up. It’s such a happy feeling to decorate a tree! How can you not help but smile?

I love my vintage ornaments collected here and there over the years. I love opening the boxes of ornaments from my childhood with my father’s handwriting on the top of the boxes. So many memories of Christmas trees past go into the creation of the current tree.

I love Christmas. I feel very sorry for the people who can’t see the beauty and joy of the season. There is so much to be happy for that I just don’t get the people that are so miserable this time of year. They are missing so much.

This Christmas season I am not only grateful and happy for my loved ones, but for my friends old and new. And I think somehow, that Christmas is all the more magical and beautiful due to living in Chester County.

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May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace, The gladness of Christmas give you hope, The warmth of Christmas grant you love.