u.s. postal service: they deliver for who?

USPSWhat is your mail delivery like? The only thing I like about my mail delivery are our mail carriers. And our postmaster is really nice. But that is where the liking of the U.S. Postal service ends.


I have a great post office and mail carriers BUT the US Postal Service  changed how our mail gets routed to our post office to deliver to me! My mail used to go through Southeastern PA and now they route my mail through a different state— my mail routes through Wilmington, DE!

A lot of our mail goes missing.  One person mailed me something almost 2 weeks ago at this point…and I should have had it in like 3 days. And yes, they had the correct address and so on.

A lot of mail is damaged or arrives partially opened like someone was taking a peek.

And sometimes it smells like the bottom of an ash tray.

And when I call to ask, well what can they do? All of the local mail gets routed out of state so it can come back in state. (Or so my postmaster tells me.)

Unacceptable. (But so is much of anything else which has born the touch of the US Government…..)


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  1. Perhaps you need to learn something about the USPS … it has to sustain itself since it does not receive US tax dollars. However, it has Congress critters who are determined to kill it since USPS has to ask Congressional permission for virtually any action to become more efficient or to streamline. On top of it, USPS is the ONLY entity that has to prepay retirement liabilities for retirees decades in advance … for future employees who are not even born yet. That was a bon-bon that Congress enacted during the Reagan years on the march to privatizing the USPS. Of course, private companies are not going to maintain service to Podunk USA. After all, for those places,UPS hands off the packages to USPS since USPS, by law, must deliver to Podunk.

    • Maybe you need to understand something: this has nothing to do with what I posted. This is merely a political ploy and I guess you work for the post office. The bottom line is the service is lacking.

  2. I Think you exaggerate. My mail order prescriptions arrive within 2-3 days, bills are on time. Personal mail timely. Plenty of junk mail, but that is the bulk of their business.

    • Really? I exaggerate? You are lucky your mail arrives ok and your prescriptions arrive unmolested. I tried doing mail order prescriptions but they were NOT arriving in a timely fashion and I’m on breast cancer meds.

      • My wife is also a breast cancer survivor. Her meds arrive on time also. Netflix turn around is 3 days. I still think you exxagerate.

      • I’m not exaggerating. Also don’t have to debate this with you. Your experience is more fortunate than a lot of other people’s when it comes to the United States Postal Service.

        Mail being sent to me even LOCALLY goes OUT of state to be sorted before it comes back. I have been making a list of things that are missing. And my mailman knows his entire route, and so does his back up. I’m not that interesting that my mail should go missing consistently. And yesterday I received a package marked fragile that look like somebody stepped on it.

        The United States Postal Service is a travesty. For a while they were talking about no Saturday deliveries so they could improve other areas of service. I’m all for that if it means I might have a chance of getting my mail in a more timely fashion. And less damaged

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