hate votes at sugartown elementary in willistown

A friend of mine went to vote short while ago. They vote at Sugartown Elementary which is located at 611 Sugartown Road in Malvern- Willistown to be precise.

Can’t see the sign? Here is a better photo:

A clear violation of election law.

If you see this crap going on, and yes it is crap, use your phone to Google voter services where you live. This is the crap that needs to be reported.

I am absolutely disgusted by this. This is not being an American, it’s hate mongering.

Residents of Chester County, WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS.

If you haven’t gotten out and voted yet, let this hate mongering be your motivation.

It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you vote for, behavior like this and things like this going on at your local neighborhood polling place is abhorrent, and any voter should be outraged.

#VOTE today to vote out the hate. Don’t let hate win.

11 thoughts on “hate votes at sugartown elementary in willistown

    • Oh it was reported there, and to the board of elections. Someone at the poll reportedly shrugged their shoulders and said “well it looks 10 feet away”…it was not only INSIDE it was not a canadiate sanctioned or official party sign. So ummm doesn’t that violate election laws?

  1. This not only violates election laws but says “something” about the school and teacher who would allow just a sign. Question- did the teacher/class/school condone this or was it done by an outsider without educators’ knowledge. Should be removed, regardless

  2. Boy… someone’s triggered early this morning. And this is why I am afraid to let my 19 year old vote alone. God forbid we don’t vote liberal the way weve been told! Walk away. We gave Obama 8 years to fix our country and instead, he added more debt than every single president before him COMBINED.
    So after the debacle with now revealed lies and false allegations to try to regain power, and the incredible booming economy, I’m thinking that while people may not be saying who they’re voting for out loud, many once alone in that booth are going to silently vote for the right, to keep this boom going.

    • Hey Ada I’m allowing your comment but you’re dead wrong. As a matter fact your comment is actually offensive. I’m sorry that you are among the brainwashed and can’t use the brain God gave you, but you missed the point entirely of this post. This was illegal behavior. And the economy is only blooming because they are telling you it it is it’s not actually booming and the national debt is so off the charts that it will take decades to undo what the current president has done.

      I hope your 19-year-old has more common sense than you do.

      This kind of sign in at polling place is illegal. It’s not party sanctioned it’s not candidate sanctioned, it’s not official signage. It’s the kind you keep on your own front lawn if you feel the need to publicly display your ignorance like this.

  3. As an educator, I feel that this is a deep reflection on what we may be teaching in our schools- still would like to believe that it was an outsider and not a student, teacher or other school personnel. We need to teach tolerance, justice and the law- not a parody of any of those ideas.

    • Students are off in this district today and tomorrow so it wasn’t a student. Teachers are in conferences at the high school so it wasn’t one of them either. Probably some voter who thought they were funny but didn’t realize they were just a loser.

      • Oh thank you. Restores my faith and admiration for educators and their students.

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