more random thoughts on #covid19

Some people are coming to the great realization that ummm….this COVID19 stuff is serious. Oh my …no sheit Sherlock.

Yes, dear readers, it’s time for another flowing stream of consciousness. Partially tongue in cheek, sometimes not so much. You don’t have to read this unless you really want to. The cartoons have been chosen at random they’re all over the Internet right now.

People who are having Corona parties SHOULD be fined out the wazoo. (My favorite is the one all over the news from Rumson NJ – a Pink Floyd cover band porch and lawn party no less and the dude is apparently a lawyer? And he didn’t expect people to show up ? 😂 I could go on about a lawyer with time for a cover band but I won’t…. 🤣)

People who are jackasses on social media in regular times are EXTRA special EXTRA right now. Bless their hearts.

I also love the people who have to criticize the people making homemade masks for not thinking they are sanitized enough. Can’t you just say thank you wash your hands and wash your masks? I mean WTF you are getting it for free if you need it in a lot of cases.

I sit here every day and I wonder if the toilet paper and chicken hoarders are related.

I’m really, really glad I stopped coloring my hair after I got my breast cancer diagnosis a few years ago. Because I am sure there are some who are in a large state of panic right now who are picking really really bad available hair colors off of Amazon. As for manicures? What are they? I read about them once… massages they are urban legend right now (but you can support some of the local businesses in these categories by buying gift cards can’t you?)

Let’s talk all the development that goes on. As in housing developments. I’m starting to see more and more people wish to do YOU a favor by letting you rent that overpriced new McBox they won’t be going into that sits adjacent to a quarry and an asphalt place. Might be something to do with it’s hard to practice social distancing when you are squished in like lemmings?

The pipeline companies. Will someone kindly explain to me why Sunoco Logistics/Energy Transfer/Sunoco whatever you want to call them are still out there? They aren’t taking the precautions of social distancing (people photograph every day in Chester county alone), and why are they necessary? They’re taking everything and pumping it through the ground and shipping it overseas to make plastics so why can’t they take a pause? What would happen in this time of a global pandemic if they caused a serious problem? And you can’t say they don’t cause problems because they do all the time, don’t they?

Trump. Don’t tell me how well he’s leading. He is a bigger narcissistic nut job than ever. His staff has to work twice as hard because of the way he acts, he doesn’t practice social distancing. He is the do as I say, not as I do President. We wear masks, he won’t. And so we’re clear? I’m not anti-Republican, I’m anti-Trump. Hope he washes his hands after Tweeting….

While we are on the topic of politics how about the whole thing of political conventions? This is the year not to have them why do we even have to have them virtually? Can you imagine the size of the zoom conference call? Why can’t delegates just vote for whoever they want to choose via secure email or a secure server they log into? Would that make too much sense? I realize it deprives a lot of politicians from spewing from a podium/stage, but well, different times call for different ideas.… I personally would be happy if Governor Andrew Cuomo just came in and took the whole shebang over. Or Queen Elizabeth II.

Those going on about the over-reach of government with regard to church services. D’oh God does not expect all of us to die of a pandemic of biblical proportions so stay the hell home. And for those who insist on going inside church and congregating? People should reserve the right to lock them all in until this is all over.

General hypocrisy. It abounds. It’s plentiful. Sometimes it’s downright amusing. It falls in line with the great bloviators we see on social media every damn day. I know we all want to tell them they are ridiculous but it’s easier to scroll past them. Their inner narcissist dies a little every time someone ignores them.

Kids and teens and those old enough to know better: do you think municipalities all over have the time to go around taking down every basketball hoop? Stay the hell home. Contact sports of ANY kind will indeed spread coronavirus. No one likes telling kids no, heck adults don’t like being told no, but stay the hell home. Parent your children, we can’t, you gave birth to them.

First responders. Do you know any? Say thank you.

Delivery people except for that Amazon driver without a mask who handed my husband a package not wearing gloves or a mask…say thank you.

Plastic disposable gloves are the new litterbug’s delight. Feel free to personally shame anyone you see doing that in any parking lot or sidewalk anywhere. “Excuse me you dropped your disposable gloves!” should suffice.

I will admit I hate cleaning my own house right now. Mostly because no one helps me. No worries, the house will magically clean itself. Why? Because the crazy clean Italian genes won’t allow anything else.

I like to cook so I have a little sympathy for those who do not. It’s good for you to try something new and if you can read you can cook.

Gardening. It might just keep us all sane. So garden away and a lot of places will deliver plants right to you.

Lysol and Clorox are running all these tug at the heartstring ads….only you can’t really find their products anywhere. It’s kind of like the Instacart, Peapod, and Shipt ads. The deliveries happening on TV are such a nice daydream. And going to the grocery store wouldn’t be so scary if people weren’t hoarding and were actually doing social distancing, etc. In some places they do, in other places, it’s business as usual.

Price gouging. The struggle is real. Shop local if you can, those merchants care because they are us.

But we’re all alive to complain about all of this so that is the silver lining. Times are tough for a lot of people. So count your blessings and stay the hell home.

Rant over.

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