scam call hits for 8/11/2020 (click into post to listen to actual call recordings)

Latest Phone Call Scams: How to Stop & Report Them

Like everything else in Washington DC these days apparently the FCC is unable to do their jobs. It doesn’t matter HOW many calls you report, you might get an acknowledgement of a receipt of your complaint, but after that? It falls into the big black hole of screwed up bureaucracy.

And in the office of the Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate you don’t fare much better, as they essentially are a name and an office where people must get paid to take perpetual coffee breaks or something, right? I mean what else could possibly explain why they can’t get these scam calls which plague our everyday existence under control. I mean how many times does one have to verify they are on DO NOT CALL LISTS?

Today I got annoyed with the scammers du jour which were MORE calls from Electronic Olivia from Apple Support. The other call came from a Medicare Support Line (“Medicare Verification Department”) via Mumbai or someplace.

Fake Medicare Scam Spam Call 8/11/2020
Fake Apple Call from Electronic Olivia # 2
Fake Apple Call from Electronic Olivia

It is very petty, yes I know, but I totally enjoyed screwing with these people. Next up again should be Officer Brown from the Fake Social Security Administration calls. I have recorded those calls in the past as well but never clicked through to the call center but I might. I would love to see what they said.

I am sharing these recordings so people can hear how ridiculous they are. They prey especially on the vulnerable like senior citizens. Below are two of the numbers that called me today. Now I will note I knew these did not belong to anyone I know but I wanted to record the calls so I answered.

Normally I just block each one of these numbers of spammer/scammers that come into our landline and cell phones. And if I do not recognize the number as a general rule of thumb I do not answer any longer. That’s kind of a sad commentary on the world in which we live however.

Anyway, I am sorry not sorry I amused myself at the expense of the spammer/scammers. The calls have magically stopped for the time being. Blowing a loud whistle in the phone when they call also works wonders and is instant stress relief!

Take back our phone lines!

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3 thoughts on “scam call hits for 8/11/2020 (click into post to listen to actual call recordings)

  1. I also love playing with these people, though our scammers in Australia still come from India, and oddly all of them sound foreign and you can barely understand them. Then, lately we’ve been getting American voices, and yes, like you, I sometimes get through to the person on the end of the line, and once washed why they were scamming. Those that don’t just hang up tell you, we are stupid people who deserve to be parted from our money. I guess they wouldn’t keep calling if everyone just ignored them.

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