america the beautiful…and dysfunctional

Silly me, I thought it would all start to calm down after the inauguration. Nope. Social media remains the great abyss self righteous political indignation and vitriol….and crazy misinformation.

Cast your memories back four years to when Trump was sworn in. Were we all this crazy? No. But we were already mocking his coloring outside the lines with the “biggest, best inauguration” of it all. But as a nation, we hadn’t gotten so ugly yet.

We will start today with thoughts on the NUTBAG Congresswoman from Georgia who has the most fascinatingly red beak of a nose, Stepford Wife Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has already been suspended from Twitter once for crazy harassment of a Georgia election official according to Forbes. She is also one of the Trump girls CNN loves to fact check.

I wonder seriously if Greene is mentally stable enough to hold office? She is supposed to represent the entire 14th district of Georgia, and well is she actually doing that by announcing she filed articles of impeachment against President Biden? Even her own party thinks she’s a NUTBAG according to this Yahoo report.

A little closer to home, I sadly unfriended someone else locally I know because of the tone of her political posts on Facebook. And that’s what people don’t get – it’s the tone and attitude that gets me. I don’t necessarily mind the opposing opinion but even from those who share similar opinions to mine, it’s the tone and attitude. Remember when we used to be able to have actual reasonable conversations?

With this person there was this crazy bit of literally fake news they posted about the inauguration that made me say “enough already.” And also I couldn’t deal with the crazy comments from many including the person I unfriended and one other I know.

All this crap about the supposed symbolism of how Vice President Harris didn’t completely rest her hand on the Bible (hello COVID19 makes us not want to touch anything right?) and how Biden’s Bible (a 19th century family bible he has used for swearings in since his early US Senate days) had an upside down cross. I mean hello? Fact check much? In a couple of photos I have seen people holding this massive bible and cradling it essentially wrong end up, which doesn’t make it a satanic book. Oh and saying he did not have his hand firmly enough on the Bible and did you notice in photos their eyes were all black? Yes, seriously, this was the conversation. I mean hello are you people living in an episode of Charmed or The Magicians? I was very happy to not comment and merely leave that party.

I have always found it fascinating to watch the cult like devotion to the now ex President. People standing for hours to see a man who didn’t actually help them or anyone else in their socioeconomic class. People who emigrated here as immigrants and watched the horror show of immigration under his administration, yet think he’s God-like. No y’all he’s a world class narcissistic political grifter and he rooked all of you. Every single one of you. Like that whole thing of the man behind the curtain, the great and powerful Oz. Smoke and mirrors is not reality.

But then again, on the other hand I also find it almost comical the people who are the epitome of white privilege, yet who post about it on social media like they are reformers. I guess living on mommy and daddy’s money and trust funds makes them feel guilty or something?

And then there are the people posting photos of Melania posing in front of the First Lady’s desk. So she was a model, right? She knows how, to pose but what did she actually do while First Lady? She was never even comfortable in the role and spent four years looking like a miserable Stepford Wife Barbie doll. Oh wait, she ruined the rose garden, so she did do something.

Why can’t these people give a new administration a chance like we were asked to give the last new administration a chance? Why can’t we all literally give peace a chance? Is it possible the entire country needs therapy?

I don’t know who is going to agree and disagree with my musings this morning. It’s just what I woke up thinking about and decided to write about. People are fascinating to observe even in sheer dysfunction. It’s kind of like watching who follows my blog here and on Facebook. People who used to describe my writing as self aggrandizing who haven’t been in my life thankfully for over a decade. Yet they still follow me? Why?

Please enjoy the sun this morning. Try to find something positive in your life to celebrate. Celebrate the every day. Celebrate surviving a year of COVID19. Celebrate jettisoning ugliness out of your life to make it a more positive experience. And pray for those who can’t find peace. It must be terrible to love in their heads, yes? And why are they joining Telegraph?

Thanks for stopping by.

3 thoughts on “america the beautiful…and dysfunctional

  1. FYI, Melania Trump had very little to do with the Rose Garden renovation. I know one of the executives of the Trust for the Nat’l Mall, which was involved in the renovation (along with other organizations). The trees in the Rose Garden were dying and the drainage underground was completely clogged after almost 50 years. What was done there was necessary to retain any of the plantings. The news media (ALL of the news media), as usual, was biased and didn’t provide all of the details. I am not defending the former occupants of the White House, just giving you the facts. I’ve found that, if one has intimate knowledge of the subject that the news media is talking about, one finds that they usually provide some incorrect info or leave things out that would clarify the issue.

    • She took credit for it or her husband took credit for it for her. So don’t chide me. Yes perhaps some of the trees had probably reached the end of their lifespan but a lot of rose bushes disappeared too.

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