time for de joy to de go

Things I was thinking about this morning before I saw the breaking news I am about to relay is my vote literally did NOT count in the recent election. I am on a mail in ballot and opted to stay that way one more election because I live immunocompromised and at that point hadn’t had my 2nd shot for that long. I also did not want to deal with the Trumpublican nut bags who were indeed at our polls like the psycho mommy who was seen yelling at those she thought were Democrats, but may or may not have been….and then telling people to vote for her daughter who is not only barely old enough to vote but who isn’t out of college, doesn’t live on her own, etc.

But guess what? Although I returned my ballot right away, I have to date never received notice that my ballot was counted or received by Chester County, so although I voted, my vote doesn’t count. And that was exactly WHY Louis De Joy was appointed Postmaster General: to disenfranchise the American people and ensure our votes didn’t count especially if we weren’t voting for his boy Donnie.

Our mail was already a mess around here before DeJoy. When Southeastern went bye bye, our mail went to Wilmington, Delaware before returning to Chester County, PA if we are lucky. Recently it was announce that first class stamps were going to like 58 cents each. Yep De Joy is going to possibly take down USPS faster than Washington DC can get off it’s ass and give him the boot. But today, a glimmer of hope:

Washington Post: National Security
FBI investigating Postmaster General Louis DeJoy in connection with past political fundraising

But will they act in time? That remains to be seen.

And for those who want to say I am “left wing”, I am not. I am a moderate who left the Republican party because I felt I had no other choice. And the politics of extremism is so bad for this country and among the things it is killing is USPS.

Also appearing today is this letter from some (to me) rando congressman. I think it’s time for less posturing and more actual governing. Democrat or Republican, you have to see Louis De Joy needs immediate removal.