after election day

The final tallies aren’t out there although we can see how some races are going. It’s going to be a mixed bag in Chester County, and across this country.

In Chester County, when all the votes are counted I think it is possible at a minimum the Democrats will not have 100% control of county row any longer. Or if they maintain control, it will be a squeaker.

A friend said to me this morning that the Democrats have a lot of reflecting to do, and they also underestimated the anger driving Republicans to the polls.

So like everyone else, I will sit back and wait for the official results.

I also will remark once again about how disgusted I am with both main political parties. Once again I have to think about do I remain in the one I am currently or do I go back to being an Independent? I am thinking Independent, but time will tell.

The reason I am thinking Independent is because of the uneven way the Democrat Party of Chester County treats candidates. They don’t really support candidates equally, and they don’t truly seem to embrace the more independent Democrat candidates.

And while I know I am no longer a Republican, I need to point out that in Chester County no matter HOW unsuitable some of their candidates are, they get behind them. And what I will say about the school board races in this county is when the dust settles, you are going to see that reflected right there. There are going to be plenty of candidates who were Republican endorsed who should not be dogcatcher get onto the school boards.

This was a brutal off year election and turn out was low. And low voter turn out is nothing new, because people talk a good game about who they want elected, but then they just don’t go and vote.

Anyway these are my thoughts this morning. You can like them, or you can hate them. It’s entirely up to you and won’t make a wrinkle in my world.

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  2. Hey “Bob”-

    Online keyword warriors … sounds like you!

    I’m sure you contribute so much to our communities and country.

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