pi (π) day and other fun tales

Yesterday for Pi (π) Day, I made a dinner pie. I made a chicken sausage pot pie with a mashed potato top crust.

Now that we have the pleasantries out-of-the-way, let’s dive into the Stepford wives for totalitarianism. They don’t love me this week because I kind of object to their gender phobias when it comes to kids in school along with everything else they are phobic or rabid about.

There is an issue going on in the Great Valley School District. It was highlighted by a website.

📌If you are the parent of a child questioning their gender identity in the Great Valley School District, their teacher is not allowed to tell you.

In fact, under district policy, the teacher is required to keep that information secret from parents. And the teacher must also call your child by the name they choose and refer to them by the pronouns they wish.

“It seems to be a very disturbing thing to me, keeping this information from parents,” a long-time Great Valley school teacher told Delaware Valley Journal. DVJournal is withholding the teacher’s name at their request, to allow them to speak freely without the fear of backlash.📌

I don’t have a child who has dealt with gender or questioning their sexual identity. But I am not closing my mind to it, just because we didn’t experience it. Our child did have a classmate in high school who did work through gender identity. The school and the class were very supportive. I know it was hard for this kid even with support.

I have friends whose kids are figuring it out. Two identify as non-binary. They are both lovely kids, one of whom I first met when they were a toddler. These are kids who are lucky because their families are supportive, and their schools seem supportive.

I also don’t pretend to be a person who can get all the pronouns and how they relate straight. I screw them up all of the time because it’s not something I’m familiar with. It’s beyond my realm of personal experience, and I don’t see the world that way. However, I’m not going to criticize anyone who sees things via different gender identities and or sexual preferences. And learning about it doesn’t make me a bad person, because to some if you are tolerant with regard to these issues or try to be understanding that makes you the enemy. But a lot of these people are the same ones who don’t want special needs kids mainstreamed, either.

However for any of these children school can be a very hard place. Home can also be a difficult place. I remember years ago back to when I was in high school. I had friends who are gay who were afraid to come out as such back then. It was very hard for them to feel accepted in this world and to learn to speak their truth. None of us ever loved them any less. As their friends we supported them and we figured when they were ready to tell the world, they would. And eventually they did.

The problem I have with this whistleblower teacher is they don’t even understand these kids nor do they seem capable of trying.

This whole informing the parents issue has missed a rather large point. Legally speaking, certain occupations are mandatory reporters (ie medical personnel in an ER must report a dog bite, teachers must report abuse.) They want teachers to be required to report gender issues? Perhaps consider that FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ) exists to protect students privacy? The relationship is between the student and the teacher is it not?

Also if they (a teacher) did report gender issues to the parents and it led to any type of abuse at home then the school district could be held liable in a civil case. And if a teacher doesn’t actually know how mandatory reporting works, that’s a little frightening.

So now that they have their Pyrrhic victory over masking in schools they have moved on to basically thinking it’s OK to belittle people who are still wearing masks because they are still uncomfortable after the two years of living with La Vida COVID. They are also working on their book banning list, which also has a lot to do with their fear over gender identity and the sexuality of teenagers essentially.

To these parents who live in this fear is it because you think you will be less of a person somehow if you have a kid who has a different gender identity or sexual preference? Are you saying it’s bad to be gay or to identify as other than the traditional male/female? Or are you just saying it’s bad to be different from what you are or understand?

I have to be honest and say I don’t understand these people. We all try not to judge them but they feel free to judge us and tell all of us that their rights supersede ours always. And we are supposed to just sit there while they spread misinformation and prejudice?

At this point because my views are uncomfortable for these people, I take a daily flogging or stoning. I am a bad woman, I am evil, I’m nasty, I am unhappy, I have problems. Essentially they bully and harass me every single day. But I am the one who is doing the bullying and harassing if I stand up for myself or something I believe in. (Pretzel logic.)

OK we all have problems. No one‘s life is perfect, but honestly? I’m not an unhappy person and it is quite all right if I do not think the way everyone else does. It makes me an individual. I am not mean, unhappy, or troubled because my thought process does not mimic the Sheeple.

I am also not going to apologize for posting about a dysfunctional national group trying to infiltrate every school district and community in our area in hopes of controlling them. Most of these people in these groups are not from our area. And for all the locals that belong to their local “chapters” they don’t even realize that they are the ones being indoctrinated and literally brainwashed. If you look at those groups the national group keeps a hand in every local chapter. These people worry about control and undue influence and they are perfect studies of the topic.

We are put on this earth as individuals, capable of independent thought. We live in a messy world and given all that we are facing globally now, I kind of can’t get over these people who are literally concerned about what the neighbors might think if their children don’t identify exactly as little mini me versions of who they are.

I remember a time when everyone used to be able to coexist a little better. We didn’t always agree, but it wasn’t a death star battle if we did disagree. And again I remind these purported adults, that when they complain to their school districts about bullying in their schools, this is where it comes from: THEM.

Try to go out and enjoy the sunshine today.