phil arballo running for congress in cali has a campaign that lacks reading comprehension.

This will be a post that will piss off Democrats everywhere and truthfully? I don’t give a damn. When you ask NOT to be solicited for campaign donations and you are ignored, don’t care what political party you are, it’s ridiculous.

I followed this guy Phil Arballo on Twitter last year after liking a few of his tweets. What happened almost immediately? I got a private message on Twitter thanking me for following him and asking for money:

So I responded politely:

As you can see above I said I do not donate to political campaigns. And I do not donate to political campaigns. You can ask anyone who has run who knows me and I do not donate to political campaigns. I never have, I never will, I don’t believe in it.

The Phil Arballo campaign should have added me to a DO NOT SOLICIT list a year ago, but did not.

Why don’t I give to political campaigns? I am a blogger among other things, and an equal opportunity offender as a blogger so I don’t want it being said a blogger is “buying” a candidate. I mean there is already a certain Stupidvisor in West Whiteland who is so neurotic can it be said she has intimated in the past that I run her township? (But I digress.)

And from a practical and personal standpoint, I think these politicians should be grateful that any of us are voting for them. It’s not my job to support them financially.

So I saw a message pop up on Twitter from this guy’s Twitter and I went to check it. Unbelievably it’s this guy’s campaign again a year after I told them I do not give to political campaigns.

Rush a donation? How about BITE ME Phil Arballo? I told your twelve year olds running your campaign LAST YEAR NO.

No means no, Phil.

I guess women saying no doesn’t mean anything to Phil Arballo? This time I blocked them and reported the campaign handle as spam, because that is essentially what they are doing. I don’t know them, I’m not in his district. All I did was like a couple of tweets a year ago, and now I am supposed to donate to his campaign?

Ironically he mentioned Devin Nunes in his solicitation last year. Devin Nunes was a member of Congress until 2022. He is now CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group. Devin Nunes was a turd of a Republican whose campaign wouldn’t stop soliciting me essentially until… well I called around to my Congresswoman’s office to ask what it took to get them to stop calling sometimes several times a day for a couple of years.

There must be something in the water in that part of California I am guessing.

No means No, Phil…even as far as soliciting donations. And yes, politician campaign school is always in session. And local politicians? Don’t get me started about all of your signs that still need to come down everywhere.

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  1. Why do they all need money? With t v and news, candidates don’t need $ to fly and travel all over our country. Say what needs to be said about what a candidate is wanting to achieve on live t v broadcasts. So much $ spent when people in our country are destitute…I don’t get it. How did A. Lincoln campaign?

  2. I had made a donation last year to Chrissy Houlahan. Donation went to Act Blue. (..what?)
    Starting in 2022, I received requests from Reps and Senators in Georgia, California (not Arballo) and a couple other states.

    I wrote a nasty note to Act Blue:

    ” … I’ve received donation requests from US House and Senate Democrats from other states. I am in Pennsylvania. I would definitely like to see a Democrat replace Sen. Toomey and keep Chrissy Houlahan in the House. I’m also receiving surveys with donation requests from presumed political nonprofits AND environmental nonprofits I’d never heard of…

    …I find it very irritating that Political and nonprofit organizations assume every adult has extra spending money…Supplemental cash. It’s not happening here.
    ’nuff said?…”

    I don’t get political donation requests anymore.

  3. I have to correct-adjust my previous post re: receiving political donation requests.

    Over the past 4 days, I have received requests fromPublic Citizen, A series of or for Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada. 7 in total. The others:
    Biden: 2 Obama:1 Mr & Mrs Obama: 1 and Jame Carville: 1

    I deleted several the other day from Marcus Flowers in Georgia. Today, so far, I’ve received 2
    11:12 AM “Thank you – ”
    11:46 AM “Marjorie Taylor Greene raffled off a rifle to her supporters -”

    I will again click the STOP RECEIVING link.
    I again saw the note: “Paid for by ActBlue ( and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Contributions or gifts to ActBlue are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes.”
    …But ActBlue doesn’t give out donors’ email addresses…..
    …uh huh…

    • And I never donate yet they all seem to have my email – I also don’t sign up for campaign etc information

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