miles to go before we sleep.

It is a valid question to ask a Republican candidate like Guy Ciarrocchi or any candidate where they stand on what happened January 6, 2021.

Candidates who do not answer that clearly, or try to create a smokescreen by telling you where they were but not where they stand and then pander to local extremist groups, or attacking local residents and women like myself are NOT fit for serious consideration as a candidate for public office either local, state, or federal. Electing them means as a region, state, and country we will all still be at risk.

Extremism in politics is ruining this country. It doesn’t really matter which side the extremism comes from, either.

When you watch snippets of video inserted below, remember the people who are part of extremist groups and running them on Facebook like #AnonymousAda Ada Nestor who actually was there in DC on January 6th, and she still doesn’t get it, does she? I mean do we really think that people like her actually understand that they could’ve ruined their entire lives being down there on January 6, 2021?

Remember other political candidates in Pennsylvania like State Senator Doug Mastriano running for Governor, who had buses for purported “patriots” to go and be part of the assault on our nation’s capital, and who now is trying to pervert history and the story of William Penn and why/how he came to Pennsylvania and can you believe it?

I mean face it, William Penn and his followers came to this country to escape people like the Mastrianos of their day. ( )

So #whereisGuy on January 6th for example? Where is Oz? Where is Mastriano now?

And then there were people who committed a crime who are committee people for the Republican party? How are there not laws to prevent that? The Republican party in particular is all gung ho about election integrity and so on and so forth, so how can they trust people who essentially got caught with essentially their hands in the cookie jar?

Also to be noted is the fact that the Republican Committee of Chester County shares events via their social media that extremist groups are holding and how is that OK? Are we to wonder now that the new regime which just threw out the old regime is going to be worse than they were?

Politics is national, but it’s also very very local.

There is a lot to think about between now and November, but the most important thing I can impart to all of you right now if you have to get out and vote. It is our civic duty to protect our region, state, and country from these people.

Here is a snippet of a closing statement I took today. I watched part of the January 6 earrings today and it was very hard to watch. why it was hard to watch is because of everything you learned about that day and leading up to that day.

And for those of you who like to send threatening or menacing comments or worse, just remember law-enforcement does follow this blog. I am just one woman with an opinion and it’s my first amendment right to speak my piece.

3 thoughts on “miles to go before we sleep.

  1. We are free to speak our minds but in so doing, we must be mindful of our words and deeds. Each one of us is responsible for our thoughts and actions that can be harmful to others. How America has come to this after we have struggled through a world war that was close to annihilating our freedoms of race or religion is horrific. We have taken for granted that our government is run by integrity and justice for all. We have become too complacent in our daily lives to be bothered to investigate who is representing our communities. The loudest voices, the biggest money backers and corporations need to be accountable for in there lies is their motivation, and that is usually greed. Wake up America and listen before it is too late. Vote for your freedoms that are your constitutional rights as a proud citizen. Only complaining doesn’t count.

  2. You are a bully pig. Liberal moron that attacks people that have opposing views than you do. Sit around all day and eat. Get fatter

  3. Crazy to not respond to the question regarding their views on January 6th. Why should that be any different than any other question asked of any candidate? Anyone refusing to respond or deflecting (from any party) is doing so either to hide or to appease by omission, and how can we trust someone who is dishonest to be any different if elected to office?

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