my darling ups, you SO screwed up AGAIN, let me count the ways….

UPS is one of those companies who make it literally impossible to get through to a live person who really speaks American Standard English or any form of English in the U.S. They have offshore call centers at their worst.

I do not use UPS if I can help it. They have lost too many packages over the years. Some companies only deliver with UPS however.

And one point of clarification: our local UPS drivers are wonderful. My beef is with corporate and their cheap ass ways and offshore lack of customer service.

Allow me to start with an email to corporate UPS this afternoon, it pretty much tells the story:

To whom it may concern (and hopefully you are actually located within the United States) ,

I am entirely too fed up with UPS.

In August, after my friend’s property had a horrible fire where they live.  My friend’s teenage daughter lost her favorite boots in said fire.  So as a surprise, I ordered a pair to replace them. 

Why am I telling you this? Simple, because from this moment forward, my friend’s UPS deliveries have been attached to MY email address. I first realized this when I received notification of a mysterious package delivered to Phoenixville PA September 2nd, 2022.

I called UPS because I do not actually live in Phoenixville PA.  I spent and excruciating 45 minutes on the phone with your offshore inept “customer service” whose best advice was “Don’t worry.” Don’t worry? In the day and age of identity theft etc.?

Today I received yet another tracking number notification for UPS for a package to Phoenixville. So I got on your equally inadequate online customer service “chat.” They asked if I knew a particular person, and I said yes, but we don’t live together or share a UPS account.

So next I contacted my friend they mentioned and we worked out the common denominator was I ordered her daughter a present and the company used UPS to ship. 

A few minutes ago I tried futilely to actually get a live customer service agent to help me.  I even tried calling your corporate offices.  Did you know that you actually cannot get to a live person in the U.S. to speak with unless you have some secret inside number? Sorry rhetorical question, of course you know this as it is deliberate.

And don’t tell me to lookey lou inside my own UPS account, because what shows up is MY email address and MY home address.  You all accomplished this bit of stupidity elsewhere.

Well I am seriously peeved as a consumer.  It should NOT be so difficult to speak with an intelligent person and  not someone in an offshore call center. I doubt this is what your founders wanted. 

What I want is simple: 

1.  Remove MY email address from being associated with an address in Phoenixville, PA

2.  My email address should ONLY be affiliated with MY actual address.

3.  You need to return to ACTUAL REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE that ordinary folks can access easily.  Your offshore “chats” sucks and it is impossible to reach your customer service and if you can they can’t understand you and you can’t understand them.  Don’t know where offshore centers are located, and it doesn’t matter, it sucks.

Mine are simple requests, and for all of the money you make this should be no big deal.

Next are the email addresses I sent this to:,,,,,,,,,

Form this list I have had no bounces yet, but I did get a literal out of office for customer service:

So yes, they admit to a lack of customer service in their own customer service emails. And I also got a reply from the former Chairman, retired two years but still retains corporate email address. So yes, I will remove him from the list, but I guess he doesn’t realize I didn’t dream up his email address, it was on the Internet? So how retired is that? And if he was a GOOD retired CEO he could just forward my e-mail to someone to help, right? We will have to see if he is a good retired CEO.

Seriously, this would make a great Saturday Night Live skit. And allow me to share part of the “chat” today with Lucky G, who was lucky they weren’t in front of me:

Above is UPS’s idea of “customer service” and I think that is more like customer aggravation. Remember the good old days, when you called customer service and they answered and helped you???

As I said somewhere else on here, our local UPS drivers are so good, and always nice, but they aren’t customer service. No, they are just the guys who get to listen when we tell them how bad customer service is.

So UPS, this post is for you. For what your earnings are, you should be able to manage a little actual U.S. based customer service. I have waning respect for U.S. companies who take jobs that should be U.S. based, offshore.