now a word about election deniers

When Trump won his presidential election I thought it sucked. Can’t stand him, never could. It had nothing to do with him being a politician. I thought he was a crook and a schemer and kind of nuts. Truthfully, him being President only confirmed my original feelings.

Did I love Hilary Clinton? Honestly, no. But him? Trump? He was the exact reason as a woman I knew as soon as he became the nominee, the Republican Party was no longer the party of Lincoln, but it was also no longer the party who cared about regular, everyday people period.

Are all Republicans bad? Nope. But good Republicans are hiding. They don’t want to be part of this nonsense. And it’s a shame they hide, because our country is a democracy based on a two party system. And our democracy is at risk.

Now back to election deniers.

When Trump won, I didn’t run around with my friends screaming the election was rigged. He won by being the snake oil salesman, fanatical cheating tent revival charlatan that he has always been. But the thing about Trump is there is always something lacking about the Wizard behind the curtain, so when he ran again, he lost.

When he lost, along came the election deniers to say it was wrong. Then came the January 6th assault on democracy and our nation’s capital. And there has been every day since then that has been an assault on democracy and what it is to actually BE an American, what it MEANS to be an American.

No one stole the 2020 election. Donald Trump lost the election all by himself. And obviously enough Republicans felt he was a corrupt Boss Tweed S.O.B. for that to happen.

I am tired of the barrage of misinformation from the sea of unqualified, nasty, potentially corrupt, apply your own pejorative term candidates the Republican Party is trying to shove down our throats. Allow me to point out a few: Oz, Mastriano, Napoleon “#whereisGuy” Ciarrocchi, Sarah Marvin, Gail Newman, Jessica Florio, Heidi VanderWaal, and the virtually mute Kyle Scribner. These people are not running for any of us. Truthfully I am not sure why any of them are running at all, and they are basically one step removed from digging up corpses out of the cemetery to run as Republican candidates. And all of these candidates cater to extremist groups and in some cases belong to them.

The Republican Party locally, regionally, statewide, and nationally have latched onto election deniers and election denying simply because that is all they have got. There is nothing based in reality, it’s all airbrushed for lock stepping sound bytes. And Trump still controls them, and he does nothing for the greater good, it’s all about doing things that benefit him, and that is the way it has always been. Trump is a corrupt malignant narcissist.

So if you out there want to believe the scams they are selling, that is on you. And I pity you all because if people like this prevail, we all lose. It’s that simple.

Truthfully I wish real Republicans would come out of the shadows. And send the deniers packing.

Also a friendly reminder that this is my opinion and until they repeal the first amendment I am allowed to have it. You don’t have to agree with me, and I have the right to choose not to engage including with threats and harassment.

6 thoughts on “now a word about election deniers

  1. There are no “good” or “real” Republicans. They are all enablers of liars and conspiracy theorists.

  2. I think you are right on. I pity them too. They have dug their hole so deep there is no way out. If they piss off Trump by telling the truth they are done. If they stick with the lie they are liars and they will have to live with themselves for the rest of their lives, knowing they have hurt so many in the process. But it matters to the rest of us, so we carry on, trying to enlighten the cult. Thank goodness there are only a few days left to this nonsense. But the nightmare that awaits based on the outcome is what keeps me up at night.

  3. There ARE good Republicans but they are afraid to be harassed. In the 60’s I was one, but chose to vote with common sense and for the good of the country, not just my personal pocket book or gain. Our country is headed down a slippery slope with fake news and lazy minds. It takes effort to be an enlightened citizen, starting with local government in our own back yard.

  4. Dear Carla,
    I’m delighted to read your e-mails today. I agree with you in much of your comments. I too like what I’ve seen of Daniel Friel-Otten. I also fight against pipelines.
    I have family, many of whom who are Republicans, and Libertarians. I think they are afraid, and I think they are hoping that their traditional positions will save them. I have one brother-in-law who thinks he can protect his way of life and nest-egg by voting Republican.
    I was born into a Republican family, My father was a “Goldwater Republican” during the Vietnam War. He was also, strangely, a Quaker, but, a well-healed Quaker. This was in honor of his financial inheritance, more than his spiritual one, I’m sorry to say. He died in 1970, never to see Nixon disgrace the party. I hope he taught me the great value of his spiritual beliefs.
    I ceased being a Republican when Dan Quail stood before the NAACP and said: “A brain was a terrible thing to loose, or never have at all.” I’m paraphrasing here. because it’s from distant memory. I couldn’t tolerate the disrespect. This recently stacked Supreme Court’s rulings have set the path of deceit and betrayal that is another bridge too far. From Citizen United, to fig-leaf voting to defend Catholic beliefs when our constitution requires religious blindness, to destruction of our precious ecosystem, and demoting women to mere objects to produce children and comfort male egos is repulsive. Many will die because of the Dobbs’ decision. For shame! How can we trust a word that’s spoken by these people? How is it possible that we are watching our country’s principles collapse before our eyes?

  5. I’m not afraid.

    Hey deniers – you want to kill the Bushes (yeah – you do). That’s a federal crime. Not that you care. Same with the Cheneys. Violence against police officers on Jan. 6, 2021 just isn’t enough for you.

    Funny how you were all so vocal when George W. Bush – the man many of you love to hate – took our country to war twice. Proud moment for our country. Even though your god now (that would be Trump) was kissing the demonic a** of Saddam Hussein. Practice for puckering up to killer Vlad Putin.

    Yes – you are hypocrites of the worst kind.

    You are not the party of John Heinz or Tom Ridge.

    You are the party of coward Gym Jordan, molester Dennis Hastert, and holier-than-thou 3X married cheaters (Trump, Ghouliani, Gingrich).

    No shiny optimism of Ronald Reagan.

    No principles, just hate. And you know it.

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