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      • Carla, that response was completely uncalled for. You are being rude and hurtful in a way that my comment did not necessitate and is literally the kind of incivility you often criticize others for. Yes, after weeks of calls for the public to look for and even engage with Jonathan, I found it odd that the news he was found came from a blog and after two days had not been reported by the DLN, the township, any of the other papers and TV stations that covered this. I did not see the tweet but I looked on the state police’s website and did not find anything. I am glad he was been found but it surprises me that a more official statement from the family (though they certainly do not owe anyone details) and the police was not issued beyond a blog post and a single tweet after such high levels of public concern and involvement. Forgive me for asking a question on your blog.

      • I felt more than a little offended that you would presume that I would post something on this blog about a missing kid being found safe if they weren’t found or safe.

        So yeah to me it was a little like a lack of reading comprehension.

        Your response implied that I was posting something inaccurate about a missing kid.

        This is a family that is an ordinary American family that doesn’t have a spokesperson at their disposal, so there was no statement other than he was found and he was safe and they were beyond happy. She told me I told everyone.

        The fact the TV stations and the Daily Local didn’t pick it up first well…really? That is a whole different conversation and part of that whole different conversation is do you have any idea how short staffed the Daily Local is? How short staffed the television stations are? Or how short staffed any media outlet is today?

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