so willistown natives, how would you feel about a nudist colony?

Dyer Woods in Rhode Island – a Nudist Colony – Look it up

So where would we be if yet another School for Scandal wasn’t brewing in Willistown? Well the latest is no recreational use on properties zoned recreational use. An example of recreational use in Willistown would be Rushton Farm, for example. But that is a holy grail of Willistown Conservation Trust so I probably am not actually allowed to say “Rushton Farm” according to the ton from Willistown. I mean a lot of them act like they’re the landed gentry of 18th and 19th century England, so might as well use the lingo that they actually wouldn’t even get the reference to. (But I digress, which is easy, it’s Willistown.)

So up pops this flyer. Completely and utterly true to form from the school of A.O.K poorly written anonymous hatchet job:

Ahhh yes the Horrible Heenan mantra….again….will there be color flyers mailed
with a postage permit again with a matching website?

Or just garden variety hate mail and drive bys? Too much?

Then of course the comments were priceless. And I am waiting for the return of Horrible Heenan Mail. And yes the Heenans ARE my friends. I always giggle when certain cow wranglers tried to say they were planning a massive party barn, but hey there are party barns and then there are look the other way party barns, right? Sadly one of the biggest issues in Willistown is the varying degree of cronyism (and I actually hate to have that opinion.) I get people love where they live, but it’s kind of like that mystical 4 acre zoning and will they be challenged some day as practicing exclusionary zoning some day? (Sorry, digressing again…it’s Willistown and this is rather amusing.)

Gosh you know they are all hating my opinions in search of irony and sarcasm now, right? Hey charter member of the International Sarcasm Society Life We Need Your Support….sorry…opinions and sarcasm occasionally go hand in hand….

So the screenshots:

Anywhoo, here is the actual submitted plan:

Ok sooooo…other things. A lot of the people flipping out live in the Willistown Woods development. Willistown Woods is well….very developy and dated and I have yet to figure out how these people are actually affected by this plan? The other people flipping out are on the OTHER side of Route 3 from this. So they literally cannot see it and technically from a Zoning Hearing Board perspective, aren’t actually potentially affected residents, are they?

Is this because the Heenans thought of it?

Yes, I am going there because I think if this wasn’t the Heenans, a lot of people wouldn’t say anything. I love the Heenans and I like creative ways to use properties that don’t involve ticky tacky McMansions, townhomes and cluster F’s of fake “carriage homes” and apartment buildings.

So this idea? Everyone is so sure it’s going to be a bring your wife beater T’s , cheap beer, and mobile homes. It’s not. It’s a clever idea with nature, close to Ridley Creek State Park, almost a tiny house but a little bigger staycation even with this cute little modular A Frame houses. So cool.

And then there is this thing that there are places in Chester County which always used to do like little vacation cabins or small motels…on farms. One was in East Whiteland:

TE History/ Excerpted from Vol. 45 No. 3 of the
Tredyffrin Easttown History Quarterly

The zoning in Willistown is a bit of a puzzle to many. But recreational use is well just that? Why is this such a bad use? South of Route 3 (West Chester Pike) from the majority of the township and literally ONE house from 926 and a Septa bus stop? (And I am still trying to figure out how it’s a threat to Willistown Woods or anyone? I mean those A Frames are much cuter than a dated townhouse, right?)

What do I really really really really really really think?

  1. Anything new and creative in Willistown is immediately suspect.
  2. Oh it’s those Wildflower Farm people, let’s pummel them again so they learn their place.
  3. Willistown, yo it’s about your zoning.
  4. Maybe y’all with your subdivision pitchforks should be worried more about that issue on Goshen Road with the auditorium and some other things?
  5. Roosters anyone? Heard they are pecking up a storm in LOTS of places?
  6. Elmer Fudd is still hunting wascally sewer issuws?

A creative way to use land that is zoned recreational use is bad? Alrighty but is it really about who is asking? Seems a little obnoxious, yes?

But hey y’all sip your cocktails, pat yourselves on the back. Whatevs. I think it is something that could be cool and what if their wildflower meadow area ends up getting designed by someone really cool? And why wouldn’t nature lovers and birders like this? And they are such a threat how?

It’s going to be what it’s going to be. Can’t see it from my window. But I like the Heenans and I think this is creative. If I was facing potential infill development versus something kind of seasonal, I would choose this. Just my opinion which isn’t illegal yet….even in Willistown.

Remember….nudist colony. A nudist colony is a potential recreational use. Gosh that just tickles my funnybone…get out the popcorn….

Oh and very important….this thing is not longer on that July 12th Agenda….look at the Willistown Township website….


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