back to ebenezer…again…


I received an e-mail today from the National Trust for Historic Preservation: Preservation is about community. Now is a time for us to come together as we have so many times before, but with a new sense of urgency and … Continue reading

gone but not forgotten

This old Chester County farmhouse was once considered historic. It was listed on a historic inventory too. And it was demolished anyway for development. In 2018 in East Whiteland Township. The house was on Bacton Hill Road across from the … Continue reading

remains of the day…on bacton hill

The other day I wrote one my last big post on Ebenezer AME on Bacton Hill Road in Frazer, PA. I told you my faithful readers and local history buffs why I was giving up, and there is no need … Continue reading

a new tale of ebenezer a.m.e. – an oral history

I have not written about the ruins of Ebenezer AME in a long time. But here we are on the eve of Thanksgiving and I have a wonderful story to share. It was sent to me by a former Chester … Continue reading

giving up on ebenezer

In February, 2018 I wrote a post titled will 2018 mark the year of history at risk at the ruins of ebenezer on bacton hill road, frazer in east whiteland? Well I am back to tell you sadly, I think I … Continue reading

my heart is happy. ebenezer is getting help.

Ever since my last go round with those fine folk at the AME Church (national and Mother Bethel in Philadelphia), I will admit I had somewhat lost faith in yet another organized religion.  After all, every time I or most … Continue reading

remembering the soldiers at ebenezer at christmas 

My friend Cathy messaged me yesterday: “Hey do the soldiers at Ebenezer have wreaths for Christmas?” I said no, and look what she did yesterday? Isn’t that awesome? I also thought I should mention we did have a licensed structural … Continue reading

sometimes….it takes a really BIG and extended village

Ebenezer AME on Bacton Hill Road has been my passion project the past few years as most of my friends and family  and readers know.   If my sweet man hadn’t stopped that winter’s day so I could take photos, I … Continue reading

name that park!!! (on bacton hill road)

I love parks.  And a park naming contest is just good fun!  East Whiteland Township is having a park naming contest through March 8th.  And two of the finalist names involve parts of Chester County history right in East Whiteland … Continue reading