no is my favoirite billboard word

I have been meaning and meaning to post this but life got in the way. PennDOT said NO to Outfront Media chopping down more trees. Outfront is who bought the Catalyst 202 billboard site in East Whiteland where the tree … Continue reading

oh goody another billboard application for east whiteland said NO resident ever….

Too much? I don’t think so. How many of these GIANT ELECTRONIC OUTDOOR TV’s are supposed to light up our nights? We aren’t I-95. But now Outfront Advertising wants us to think so. Yes, that is right, ANOTHER billboard application … Continue reading

we knew this billboard was coming and can it be seen from space ?

This looks terrible and is it actually dangerous ? This was taken last evening 10:30 PM or there abouts. A friend asked if PENNDot was going to add strobes to the regular lights like they have on Route 100 so … Continue reading

hey lower merion residents, is this your billboard future?

The secret is out. Once again the billboard baron is on the march. A reminder of what they did in East Whiteland Township, Chester County: Oh and these are the trees they weren’t allowed to take in East Whiteland because … Continue reading

file under clear cutting is never a community hit, billboard company

I do not like billboards, I can’t even pretend to think this abominations to our landscape are okay. East Whiteland is one of many communities in the region who was in the opinion of residents bullied into billboards. Soooo….you can … Continue reading

file under “catalyst” for change: my goodness east whiteland, it looks like penndot spanked the billboard baron?

In July, I wrote about the clear cutting of a billboard site that essentially wasn’t supposed to happen that way. See: So….residents weren’t happy, and neither was the township. PennDOT was contacted. Also before all that there was this letter … Continue reading

it’s not times square in nyc jeff d’ambrosio…it’s malvern.

Dear Jeff D’Ambrosio, Congratulations you can be seen from space. Maybe you think spending ad money to blind motorists from this insanely bright sign is the way to get new customers but you are selling cars so why aren’t you … Continue reading

billboards are ugly

Billboards are ugly. I was struck by that once again as we were driving back from the flower show. That first photo above? It is a “monument” sign. Not sure a monument to other than ugliness. Smile More? Sure if … Continue reading