billboards are ugly

Billboards are ugly. I was struck by that once again as we were driving back from the flower show. That first photo above? It is a “monument” sign. Not sure a monument to other than ugliness. Smile More? Sure if … Continue reading

east whiteland: billboard hearing january 15, 2020 at 7 pm. be there or be a billboard.

The news came down early from the East Whiteland Planning Commission where this was supposed to be discussed: Now we already established that East Whiteland Outdoor was Catalyst. As in wants billboards in Lower Merion, Haverford Township, West Whiteland Township, … Continue reading

the billboard of it all: file under why governments don’t negotiate with terrorists?

I received a note today and like Alice down the Billboard hole I went, reading what is posted towards end of post which was sent with: 📌”East Whiteland Township is proposing to rezone the Township’s 19.45 acre open space and … Continue reading

no billboards for christmas please, east whiteland

Just when you think more headaches can’t possibly arise for East Whiteland residents, along comes the possibility of…..BILLBOARDS…BIG ELECTRONIC ones. So riddle me this East Whiteland— why did you spend ridiculous amounts of taxpayer money on a Route 30 Corridor … Continue reading

big anti-billboard turnout in east whiteland

It was a packed room with people standing on the sides of the room for the Billboard hearings in East Whiteland tonight. Tonight was about establishing party status for people with regard to each individual hearing for each individual application. … Continue reading

pandemic rescheduling: billboard hearing postponement in east whiteland township

One good thing we can thank coronavirus or COVID-19 for is the postponement of unpleasant land and other development plans. Accordingly, because the expanded Pennsylvania “stay at home“ orders now run through May 8, the billboard hearings scheduled in East … Continue reading

is the billboard baron trying to return to lower merion for a do-over?

I am stepping out of Chester County to write about something I still hate: BILLBOARDS. I grew to truly hate billboards while living in Lower Merion Township. (You can read all the old Main Line Media News articles by hitting … Continue reading

no billboards in bryn mawr…haverford township…lower merion township…tredyffrin township….east whiteland township…and MORE

In 2009, lots of people (myself included) started going to billboard hearings in Haverford Township. And in Lower Merion Township. Sometimes we numbered in the 150+ per meeting. We all also used to protest regularly. The two townships and their … Continue reading


Back to billboards. Happy Holidays affected residents, the issue that never seems to go away is back again. May, 2009. That was the first billboard hearing about billboards in Haverford Township. This includes the two ginormous billboards proposed for Lancaster … Continue reading