it’s 2020 why does pennsylvania still allow this crap?

It started innocently enough. A friend of mine shared a horse needing a home on her Facebook timeline. It seemed like the horse was in rather dire straits. So I shared the post. And someone steered me towards this article: … Continue reading

after the storm: destruction in berwyn (easttown township)

Last night was a hell of a storm. And no one can say “Oh they are just 100 year storms” or whatever. We are getting these destructive storms out of Mother Nature more and more often. You can thank climate … Continue reading


Yesterday was a day. It started extremely happily as I was doing something I really love to do. I had a wonderful time… until sadly I didn’t. I encountered a woman, a total stranger, who upset me enough that I … Continue reading

requiem for a farmhouse

There she sits like a ghost on Bacton Hill Road in Frazer, East Whiteland Township. I I have photographed her in varying stages of decay over the past few years. Her end is near, she lived a hard life, not … Continue reading

neigh it isn’t so! rumors abound about horse rescue?

Wow, I haven’t written about horse rescue in forever (I mean what is the point it is not regulated in PA  is it and does anyone in elected office even care about horses?) Anyway…. Is it true she who shall … Continue reading

the stolen berks county horse “caz” is still missing!

Last week I told you about Caz the beautiful horse that was stolen for spite in Berks County. Fox 29 Philadelphia featured a story on him the other day – Hamburg Police Need Help Finding Stolen Horse Posted: Nov 15, … Continue reading

stolen horse alert! have you seen caz?

This comes to me from a friend in neighboring Berks County.  A horse was stolen out of a barn where people she knows keep horses and has asked people to spread the word.  The two photos were accompanied by this information: Hanoverian … Continue reading

the worm turns in horse rescue?

Is it true what they are saying on the Thoroughbred Breeders/Owners/Trainers Hall of Shame Facebook Page? Has there been a cat fight over horses and has Barbara Luna from Turning for Home really removed all the rescued race horses she doled … Continue reading

feds raid a horse rescue and dog tales too

Someone told me months ago they heard the feds (as in law enforcement) were looking at horse rescues in PA.  Can’t for the life of me remember who said this, it was too long ago. Well lo and behold, that … Continue reading

justice for argus & fiona: pilotti trial day 1

I now understand why reporters say sometimes what they see in a court room haunts them.  I will be haunted a long time by the crime scene photos which were shown of the slain Bernese Mountain Dog puppies Argus & … Continue reading