tale of little dog found

On Saturday we had to rush one of our animals to the emergency vet. We go to West Chester Vet which also has one of the best emergency clinics around. As my sweet man was checking our critter in for … Continue reading

judgement day

Gabriel Pilotti has faced his punishment on his animal cruelty conviction. Judge Nagle a short while ago gave Pilotti 2 years probation, 90 days on a monitor, restitution $800 per dog, $1000 fine, no guns , 200 hrs community service. … Continue reading

deliberation has begun…

We heard closing arguments this morning and the jury has been charged with the task at hand. The photo is a street scene in front of the courthouse. I realized when I was cropping it that the people standing outside … Continue reading

justice for argus & fiona: pilotti trial day 2

Another long and emotional day in West Chester.  A bunch of us sat in support with Mary Bock and later Mary and Bill Bock (they both had to be released by the court as they had both testified the previous day). … Continue reading

media advisory: justice for argus & fiona trial set for jury selection monday, sept. 9

It’s to be a very dog-centric week on this blog, apparently. The day of justice is nigh.  We received word via the Bock family this morning that jury selection begins Monday, September 9th: This odyssey began for me on February … Continue reading

back in the saddle

Snapped this photo while on vacation in Amagansett, NY recently.  If I were a horse I would want to live at Stony Hill Stables.  That place is immaculate and the animals so happy.  And yes, they have a few retired … Continue reading

justice for argus & fiona: pilotti trial day 1

I now understand why reporters say sometimes what they see in a court room haunts them.  I will be haunted a long time by the crime scene photos which were shown of the slain Bernese Mountain Dog puppies Argus & … Continue reading

this and that

The nature of humans and writing is a weird and complicated process, often because of what the reader expects from the writer. Some posts write themselves in the middle of the night.  That is the genesis of this post. Sometimes … Continue reading


Last September 11th I was up in a hot air balloon shaped like a flag floating over Chester County.  This September 11th I spent all day in a court house. Almost two hours ago the jury came back. Sorry for not … Continue reading