they had me at french maid costume….in west vincent

I don’t visit West Vincent Meetings very often. But I am thinking we have all been missing out. This week brought us the mysterious caper of the sexy French Maid’s Outfit. Apparently, some employee or someone ordered this on a … Continue reading

the obstacle course survived the zoning stuff in west vincent for non-profit events?

Trying this again. THIS is a share of a public post from a public Facebook group or page. I can SEE this is a nonprofit event. What I do NOT understand is why events are still happening here? I thought … Continue reading

BREAKING: west vincent buries the lede with a last minute meeting and a manager going bye bye

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! But wait… Johnny Johnny Johnny where ya going now? Are you resigning or were you asked to resign? So I wonder who West Vincent will pick for the next manager. They certainly are … Continue reading

meet the busy beaver of west vincent township AND new garden township

Sometimes I forget about people. Take this guy John Granger, Township Manger for hire. I first heard about him in March, 2009 when he was appointed interim township manger in Radnor while manager in Solebury Township, Bucks County, after they … Continue reading

more trash talk

Well we broke up with A.J. Blosenski almost a month ago and they FINALLY picked up the cans yesterday…after the regular A.J. Blosenski trash truck emptied a can that had been empty for a month so I hope they don’t … Continue reading

careful who you vote for in west vincent

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing are sometimes just nasty hissing cats at the end of the day, but the keeper of tea and scones has tried a makeover to get into politics, so it’s time to talk about this. (And yes, … Continue reading

ex-supervisors in west vincent be like….seeing dead people

When there is an election coming in West Vincent you can always rest assured that the same old political bullsheit will surface. Oh yes, bad words…please alert the potty mouth police. (Yes, sarcasm, we are talking about West Vincent, after … Continue reading

where’s the poop….in willistown?

Where’s the poop? Why right here (see screenshot above.) “If I was a supervisor” he says? But he’s not, is he? Nor is he on sewer, is he? He’s on septic while trying to control the flow of township poop … Continue reading

really east goshen? you are going to play the eminent domain game?

I read local municipality agendas. It’s a very easy way to learn what’s going on around you. and when I read the most recent one for East Goshen Township warning bells went off in my head. So….let’s get to … Continue reading

apparently the crazy train has stopped in chester county

I can’t even with Chester County right now. It’s CRAZY. As in crazy train crazy. Where to start? Ok the first thing was the husband or partner of Caln Commissioner Lorraine Tindaro named Michael Bedrick who is all in with … Continue reading