apparently it is “fugly” out there with horse rescue?

Someone sent me the link to a site called “FuglyBlog” and more specifically a link: But there is something fugly and funky going on about this website because for a few minutes it came up and then it went down. So … Continue reading

more ad naseum about horse rescue: along came a comment from oklahoma

I will admit up front I am waaay past cranky.  I have been sick for a week and I am tired of being sick.  Anyway between being sick and life in general I did not pay much attention to some … Continue reading

this and that

The nature of humans and writing is a weird and complicated process, often because of what the reader expects from the writer. Some posts write themselves in the middle of the night.  That is the genesis of this post. Sometimes … Continue reading

back in the saddle

Snapped this photo while on vacation in Amagansett, NY recently.  If I were a horse I would want to live at Stony Hill Stables.  That place is immaculate and the animals so happy.  And yes, they have a few retired … Continue reading

the funny thing about asking questions about horse rescue…

……The funny thing is this….a lot of people are talking.  And yesterday I found a fresh ad on Craigslist dated 12/1/2012 so I tweeted it out at a couple folks on twitter to ask if THEY knew what was up … Continue reading

UPDATE! they found the missing little pony…

3.20.2013 MISSING PONY FOUND – This is up on (they posted this on their Facebook page ) I am very happy the innocent pony has been found….in Port Jervis, NY which I learned is on the Delaware River in … Continue reading

carol’s story

So way back in late October and early November when a friend saw these kooky Craig’s List ads and then I started looking on my own and asking questions about horse rescue, I have said it before, but it is … Continue reading

back to the horses

Lest we forget out here in Chester County, it is not just dogs that need the kindness and caring of the public, horses do too. So I am circling back to the topic of horse rescue.  Briefly.  It is my hope … Continue reading

you know I can’t pass up the possibility of a good yard sale!

Well people are still talking about those horse rescues….and sources say that Barbara Luna from Turning for Home is not happy that people keep asking her questions but gosh good golly, she doles out the horses to rescues with stipends … Continue reading

a blogger for barbara? neigh it isn’t so?

How very amusing. Is this a blog created to deflect the questions this blog and readers of this blog have on horse rescue? Is this meant to deflect from Barbara Luna and Turning for Home being able to answer questions … Continue reading