lordy, warped mayberry has their feathers in a bunch

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“Chickenman Posse”?   Seriously?  The Farmer-Supervisor needs to do something about his bride.  She seems positively off her meds.  Who wears the pants in that family, anyway?


I don’t know who Chickenman is, but I know who he ISN’T.  And truthfully, having been a blogger for a few years, what’s with all the positively medieval who shot J.R. over who a blogger is underneath the handle?


Anonymous writing, or a nom de plume, a pen name is as old a tradition in this country as 1776.  Let’s see, who of our founding fathers had pen names….ahhh yes, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and  Thomas Paine come to mind.   And why did they do it?  I think they were fighting corruption and tyranny or something like that, right? Aaron Cometbus, Silence Dogood, Alice Addertongue, Sui Juris,Novanglus….


In any event, from what I have seen of Chickenman, his documents either come from West Vincent or from Chester County’s website, so I don’t get the uproar or the call for taxpayer money to be used to unmask a resident?


Wowee.  I realize I am new to the party of watching the soap opera in Chester County affectionately dubbed the “As the West Vincent Turns”, but they had me at attempted eminent domain for private gain….


And you wonder why I don’t care to purchase products from Birchrun Hills Farms.

Sign me eyes rolling and not Chickenman, just a Chickenman Fan.  Guess that means she’ll be talking about me, a non-resident at the next meeting? And here I am watching Hatfields & McCoys on the History Channel….and this is so much more backwoods Gothic.

West Vincent is a truly warped Mayberry.  These people are quackers.