#partylikeits1985 #novanation

 Well Villanova University is in the NCAA final which starts shortly. 

It’s so crazy to think that was 31 years ago.  So I figured if people were supposed to party like it’s 1985, someone should post some of the 1985 clippings! I found these a few months ago in a scrapbook!


The Inquirer ran a story the other day about 1985.
 It was crazy. I was in Bryn Mawr the night they won and walked with a few friends from then John Barleycorn’s in Bryn Mawr with this enormous sea of people up to Villanova’s campus. 
 Apparently in 1985 cars got flipped over but I never saw that. I just remember the surreal feeling of being in a sea of people moving up Lancaster Avenue with no cars on the road. I don’t know if anyone has photographs from 1985 but it was crazy.
It would be nice for the Villanova Wildcats to get this win tonight. I just saw Rollie Massimino on the news. He looks so frail and old it made me kind of sad – and the 1985 team was on the news too. 

So let’s go ‘Nova.  Do it again.