oh look, it’s sour grapes season…in west whiteland.

Where to begin? Well, it’s whining season, pity party of one pay attention to me over on Lame Duck Supervisor Theresa Hogan Santalucia’s “blog” page called “Politician in Chester County.”

Before I get to today’s dear diary of it all, can we talk about the profile photo? She looks like Darth Vader’s sister from another mother, doesn’t she?

But I digress.

This is a politician who is insecure and unpleasant, and that is being mild, and that is allowed to be said because wait for it….she’s a politician. She is prone to verbose word salad fits, and now she is calling herself a “blogger” via a Facebook page and here is today’s offering which DOES deserve comment:

Let’s talk about health issues.

This is just my story and in no way am I looking for sympathy. Just one person’s journey through a lifetime of a chronic disorder.

Why have I chosen to share this personal part of my life? Because when I announced I am not seeking reelection for Supervisor of West Whiteland, detractors decided that my reason of Health Issues is not true.

Let me be clear. No one speaks for me. I do not have a spokesperson and the only people I would ever give such a task to would be a close family member, my husband of almost 36 years, or one of my children.

For the second time in little over a year, Libby Madarasz has taken it upon herself to speak for me. She is not my friend, and she is certainly not nor ever was in any position to speak for me.

Despite my health issues and the prospect of another procedure. I was all set to run for reelection to prevent Libby Madarasz and her untruths from getting into office. I won’t even get into her campaign page and where she has stretched the truth or where it is outright fiction.

When I received a phone call that a highly qualified lawyer with a history of giving to the community was interested in running for the job, I felt a huge relief that I can concentrate on my health instead of a contentious campaign. Jo Ann Kelton is a very qualified individual and in the conversations, I have had with her I am confident she will serve the residents of West Whiteland with the highest integrity.

Here is my story, Again not looking for sympathy just offering clarity on my decision not to run and where I am today.

In 1986 while planning my wedding during a routine doctor’s appointment a nodule was discovered on my thyroid.

In early 1987 I went for my first thyroid surgery where the nodule and a small portion of my thyroid were removed. The only side effect at that time was a scar at the base of my neck and as I was wearing a high-collared wedding gown I didn’t let it bother me.

After the birth in 1988 of my eldest child, I started having difficulty staying awake and waking up. After some blood tests, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. It is an autoimmune disorder of the Thyroid gland. It seems to run in my family on my father’s side in many of the women of my generation.

I began seeing an endocrinologist and over the years have been on various levels of thyroid replacement medications.

In 2006 I started having difficulty swallowing, balance problems, and other signs of something wrong. After an ultrasound, I was sent to a surgeon and scheduled for my second thyroid surgery. In late winter 2007 I had the rest of my Thyroid and a goiter (that has permanently disfigured my face) removed. At that time, the lab results were micro cancer inside my thyroid that was causing the goiter to grow.

This surgery caused a permanent change to my voice and for the first three months, I had no voice.

I have had multiple changes to my medications and see my endocrinologist between every 6 months to once a year depending on where I am in medication dosages and overall health. I truly respect my doctor and everything he has done for me. I dread the day his last child graduates from medical school and he retires.

Over the years I have had increasing difficulties breathing. A trip to an ENT revealed That one of my vocal cords is frozen over my esophagus and the other side is atrophied.

Six years ago while running for the Board of Supervisors of West Whiteland, I walked most of the Township. I was mostly alone so I went at my pace and was able to get the job done.

As time has marched on I have had increasing difficulty breathing. I have added an ENT to my regimen of doctor’s appointments. I cannot even explain the dread a long flight of stairs gives me.

Fast forward to today. I have a permanent feeling of choking, at times it feels as if the insides of my throat are stuck together. My ENT has referred me to the University of Penn. I have an appointment and look forward to whatever help they can give me.

At this point, I am days away from my appointment at the University of Penn. I do not know what the future holds. I am hopeful that there is a resolution and that I will be back to my normal level of physical ability.

I hope this gives clarity on my reason for not seeking reelection. Nothing to do with being fearful of any political opponent or adversaries from neighboring communities. Just truly health issues that need addressing.

~A politician in chester county 1/22/23

Well that is a lot to unpack, right? Those are her words all word salad-y and verbatim. No embellishment except from her. Wonder what kind of toilet paper she prefers? She skipped that for some reason.

First thoughts: obviously no one speaks for her, who could get a word in edgewise? Related, is when exactly did Libby Madarasz speak for her? Why would she? WHO WOULD WANT TO?

She is right, Libby is not her friend. Most aren’t and don’t wish to be, she’s a toxic politician with boundary issues, yes? When she’s talking all about her health issues Saint Theresa left out political Tourette’s disorder with a side of potty mouth, didn’t she?

So now about her health issues. Does she think she is the only woman with health concerns or has family members with health concerns? Hardly. I have known women with thyroid issues and thyroid and throat cancer who never ever talked about it. If you knew them, you knew what they dealt with, but not thrown out there as a handy politician’s tool, you know what I mean? And of course, it shows you how little she knows her actual constituents, like Libby. If she did, she would know how brave Libby is and that is one reason why we respect her and love her so much. Everyone gets thrown curve balls in life, it’s how you live with them, how you rise to meet the challenges in life. We look to the POSITIVE examples of humankind and women in our lives, like Libby Madarasz.

If this woman had sought re-election for supervisor, she would LOSE. When you are getting primaried as an incumbent from within your own party, it’s not because they love you out there.

I was all set to run for reelection to prevent Libby Madarasz and her untruths from getting into office. I won’t even get into her campaign page and where she has stretched the truth or where it is outright fiction.

~ Politician in Chester COunty

Which of course is why it is hysterical that she put her imaginary super hero cape on to purportedly run so she could PROTECT West Whiteland from a woman who has already volunteered and sacrificed much to try to help protect residents and neighbors from pipelines. Besides, has Libby ever requested checks just get written in rather large amounts without approval?

Again, I literally have friends who live every day with serious thyroid issues, including nodules being removed, etc. All have scars. You don’t notice their scars. Two had cancers removed there. I had breast cancer. Radiation fried my thyroid a bit, so I have thyroid issues. Actually a great deal of people have thyroid issues, it’s fairly common. I took breast cancer meds and other meds for a decade. She’s a later middle aged woman. As we age, most of us have something, take something. It’s not a death sentence.

Why have I never believed health issues were never the reason for Theresa Hogan Santalucia not seeking re-election as West Whiteland Supervisor? Because if they truly were, wouldn’t she have publicly said something long before now, right? It’s more likely a case of riding the fence to test political waters and well, I am sure someone told her she wouldn’t make it again, and I am entitled to that opinion.

And every time she talks about running for office for her first election it’s like a tall tale of Little House on The Prairie. All that shoe leather, mostly alone on the windswept prairie in a blizzard, right? Oy vey woman, did you bring your light saber to defend from all those rabid villagers in your way too?

I will state I wish no one ill who has health issues, but I have little compassion for a local politician who has ruled like a petty tyrant and I am entitled to that opinion. I also have little compassion for someone who is essentially playing Fibber McGee about someone I know.

Libby has honor. Libby has a moral compass that is true. She is quite literally a good woman. Yes she is a friend of mine. And she is the kind of friend who paints you a little portrait of a beloved pet after an untimely death. Libby did that for me, and it’s something I look at every day and it makes me feel less sad. That people, is exactly the kind of woman Libby Madarascz is. A quiet doer, not an attention seeking glory hound.

As soon as Libby announced her candidacy, the political machine that should embrace and support candidates equally started rumbling. They couldn’t possibly have anyone independent running. These people are ridiculous. And predictable. THEY are the ones who found another candidate in Jo Ann Kelton in my humble opinion, not Theresa. But between these forces, and Theresa’s endorsement like the mafia kiss, I reserve the right to have concerns about HOW Jo Ann Kelton came to the party.

HOWEVER, it’s still a VICTORY because Theresa Hogan Santalucia is NOT running for re-election. I have a feeling no matter what happens, Theresa will take credit for Jo Ann Kelton’s candidacy and campaign. And if Mrs. (Ms.?) Kelton is elected Theresa will remind her as often as possible that SHE made this happen, not Kelton’s own abilities. Jo Ann Kelton has wisely kept her mouth shut thus far. However Jo Ann Kelton would be wise to say something publicly and thank Libby for being gracious. And she hasn’t yet. That is just good manners and costs nothing.

Now since this Lame Duck Supervisor has a lot to say about Libby and essentially called her a liar using other words, allow me to share Libby’s words most recently, and some other screenshots when she decided initially to announce a candidacy for supervisor. I challenge you to find “where she has stretched the truth or where it is outright fiction.” (HINT: IT DOESN’T EXIST.)

Anyway, let the sour grapes go rot somewhere. Talk to the hand, T-bird.

I close with Libby’s words. Libby has grace and style and class. She would have made a terrific supervisor. West Whiteland residents are lucky to have her in their corner. Residents should send her thank you notes, she did y’all a favor

Dear Friends,

The main reason I chose to run for West Whiteland Township Supervisor is that I care deeply about this township and I was concerned and unhappy with the supervisor whose term is ending.

When I threw my hat in the ring for supervisor, the outpouring of support and offers of assistance from friends, neighbors, fellow Democrats and even strangers, was so uplifting and encouraging. I am incredibly grateful and honored that so many have faith in me to do this important job.

With a tough race ahead and waning support from the community, the current supervisor withdrew her name from consideration. She will not be running for a second term.

In the meantime, another very capable and experienced member of the Democratic Committee, Jo Ann Kelton, decided that she would like to be considered for the open supervisor’s position. Jo Ann has served on the Planning Commission and the Zoning Hearing Board. She is a lawyer who represents the disadvantaged.

I have already accomplished the most important thing that I set out to do.

I will continue to bring my enthusiasm and energy to work for the betterment of West Whiteland Township. When issues arise that impact the health, happiness or safety of residents, I will stand up.

In the meantime, I am happy to withdraw my name from the race and get behind Jo Ann Kelton for West Whiteland Township Supervisor. I know she will do a fantastic job.

Thank you so much to all of the support you have offered!

~ Libby Madarasz 1/21/23