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Face it, I’m a gal with a few opinions on occasion and I have a natural curiosity about life.

So how did I begin blogging?

Well, it all started more than a few years ago (20 or so remarkably!) when small business owners in Ardmore who also happen to be friends of mine were being targeted by eminent domain for private gain.  I discovered in this David vs. Goliath world, you have to take opportunities where you find them, and so I became a blogger at Save Ardmore Coalition blog which ended a bunch of years ago. Prior to that I was a part of a wonderful early days blog called Philly Future, which is also retired now.

This is not however, the only writing I do.  I do freelance and occasional op-eds. You can read some of my published snippets HERE.

One thing I am really proud of with regard to making magic in media placement has to do with being part of First Friday Main Line and Operation Angel Wings.  And in February, 2010 I was one of the people honored by U.S. Congressman Jim Gerlach via H. Res 1045 – you can read it by clicking HERE.

Circling back to photography, if you want to check that out, please visit mainlineclicks on  Flickr.

If this isn’t enough for you, also note that I am proud to say I am a breast cancer survivor.  I have written about this journey in my life since my diagnosis – it’s called ihavebreastcancerblog. I also love to garden and write about it frequently on the nightgown gardener.

Writing is a passion, and this is the latest extension of that passion.  Enjoy the blog!

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  1. Hey Carla – thanks so much for the great posting on the EGFM – mind if I link our blog to it this week? Would love to meet you at the market – please stop by the EGFM tent next week. Thanks again!

  2. Hi! Found your blog on a google search. I’m the new chair of the East Goshen Park Commission. Wanted to make sure you knew about our community day on the 23rd and to see if you could also fill me in on more of our local blogging scene. I’ve got some ideas that have to do with social media and would like to learn more about our community. Thanks!


  3. Hi! Just found your blog – it’s really interesting! You have better news that the Daily Local (which isn’t that hard to do, I guess). Do you know the scoop on the building in your header? I always pass that and wonder what it’s about!

    • Thank you! I appreciate the compliment! As for the barn, Malvern Patch had something on it a few months ago. I heard that it was painted back in the day by a then young wife, and never painted over. Not sure why it was painted with that, I have always wondered if it was a battle of the sexes argument

      • The story on the barn is a good one!! However it is well guarded by the locals. If you would like to know it feel free to drop by my parents house, sit on the porch and ask them. They are wonderfully colorful people but very private. They are amazing parents who raised the five of us, as well as many more that crossed their path, with great love and taught us to be giving people just like them. Take some time to get to know them and you too will be blessed!!

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  5. I finally got to read your pear post. Just delightful. It certainly brought me back down memory lane.
    Thanks, Carla.

  6. Just found your blog via a link from Pattye Benson’s blog. Great stuff here – you’re RIGHT on the mnark with the questions surrounding the ZHB/BOS/Tredyffrin Township drama! I’ll be following your blog moving forward! Great stuff – keep it coming!!

  7. Thank you for the wonderful mention of Frazer Antiques on your blog. I have been a fan for 24 years – first as a customer and now as a customer and dealer in the store. It’s always exciting to hear that someone visiting our shop has had an enjoyable experience. Hope to see you again.

  8. I just helped organize the Conestoga Class of ’62 reuninion and want to start a Blog for our classmates to communicate with others and post news items. Could you please direct me to the Blog site you use as your template – it looks great!
    Thanks – Lee Calhoon

    • Lee, thanks for the compliments – it is just one of the free wordpress templates – the theme is “Twenty Eleven” and I customized where I could for colors, etc I like visually. Truthfully however as someone who has worked on high school reunions, a public Facebook page is more effective and less work. Cheers.

  9. Thanks Blog Lady,
    I think we are going to shy away from FaceBook as there would be too much information out there on all of us on the Net. And we couldn’t protect the prorietary apects of the posts compeletely. Will start to look into Word Press.

    • That is where you are wrong. A blog is even more public than Facebook. You can create a Facebook page that is in fact a private group and not public. You can invite classmates to join it, but it is not in the public view. A blog puts it out there, I have been at this for about 10 years now, so I know

  10. I’d argue with you if I could (as Seinfeld said)…. but I can’t… as I say. Will move into FB world then.

  11. Hello,

    Could you please contact me at Editor(at)TriCountyRecord.com to discuss Off The Track.

    Thank You,

    Justin Finneran

  12. Hi! Was hoping you come to the Yellow Springs art show and sale. It’s our fortieth year and we are very proud of our 175 artists. The show opens with a lively preview party on April 26th and continues through Mother’s Day on May 12th. Th proceeds from the show help to benefit the village, which, as you know, needs as much support as we can muster. So, hope you can help spread the word to help our efforts. This show is run by a core of thirty committee volunteer committee members and upwards of a hundred other volunteers. http://Www.yellowsprings.org. Thanks! Maureen Fendrick, Chair

  13. Dear Chester County Remblings: How do I start a stream of conversation on this website. I’m not a computer geek – yet. Is “Leave a Reply” the start of a conversation?

      • So nice to know there may be a forum for my concerns. You may know that PECO has contacted neighbors announcing they will be installing MANDATORY Smart Meters soon. I have done very basic internet research to find that this may not be the best thing for Chester County and PA. The purpose of the smart meter is to transmit electric useage to PECO. Eventually, this will result in controlling/restricting electric use. I believe, as do many others across the country, that this is an invasion of privacy. However, my greatest concern is for health reasons. There are RF (radio frequency) waves emitted from these meters. Radiation from the meter can be transmitted through walls. Geiger counters can pick up degrees of radioactivity. These RF waves are emitted 24/7. Utility companies compare the radioactivity to cell phones and microwave ovens. Of course we don’t use cells or microwaves 24/7. Some states have banned Smart Meters completely. I’ve been in touch with our legislators since these is slow moving legislation in the General Assembly. I’m hoping to speed up action on these bills (HB899 and HB 902) by inspiring civic interest. I am supplying informatin to the ACLU. My daughter has contacted her Pediatrian who plans to investigate through his professional organization, Pediatric Association of America. Various illness are reported related to RF waves….. headaches, general ill feeling, aching teeth, sleep disturbances, etc., etc. It’s harmful to pets and plants (can you imagine?) I predict that after a year or two, citizens will feel unwell – no one would ever imagine the problem would be RF waves from their new electric smart meter.
        You might be able to tell I’m very upset about this mandate. Do you think the residents of Chester County might be interested to hear about the “down” side of these meters? You website shows blissful photos of barns and other pleasantries. I don’t want to upset everyone – but everyone shoud be upset. Did you know about this? If you have any advice as to how we might proceed – either on your blog – or not, please share your thoughts. Thanks, jan
        No need to publish my ramblings……………….yet. If you think your blog might help us, I can consolidate my thoughts and concerns. Thanks again.

      • Thank you for your comments. I should tell you that this is my blog, so I reserve the right to publish or not publish any comment as I see fit. I have chosen to publish your comment, although I will not be taking this up as an issue. Smart meters are not an invasion of privacy. I have an uneasy relationship at best with Peco Energy because sometimes they just do stuff that annoys me. However in the big picture of things to fight about, this is not worth my time. The cost of energy, that is something worth fighting about. You of course can start your own blog and discuss whatever you choose on it. Or you can apply to be a blogger on one of the patch sites were or contact a local reporter and see if they are interested in your issue. Thanks for writing

  14. Thanks for giving me the space to share my concerns. I noticed some misspellings. Let me edit my note and resubmit it.

    • Ok look, what is it you don’t understand that once something hits MY blog it is mine??? I was trying to HELP and it is obvious you are not only nuts but a blithering idiot as well. You have absolutely NO idea the contacts I have that might actually be able to help you. You contacted me, I did not send out into the universe I was taking on a new cause. Be glad I do not publish your e-mail and IP address (because I can do that too).

      • Wow. That is harsh and uncalled for….nuts? idiot?? If you consent to printing an opinion or steam of conversation you might be kind . It is, however, your blog. My point was simple. I wanted to inspire comments from the citizens who may be unaware of the danger of smart meters. No more and no less. PECO will defend their actions — as energy reduction is mandated to them. If smart meters were such a good idea, everyone would jump on board voluntarily. To the public I say: over time, when the headaches begin or your pets are moaning and roaming the house – consiider that it could be your new, untested (over time) smart meters. Other states have banned them. Our State Assembly is proposing legislation to make smart meters optional. Gosh – no harm to express an opinion.

      • Not harsh, you madam, are a fruitcake. Now run along and either start your own blog or bother someone else. Of course if you had done your homework you would see there are sites dedicated to this topic. But I have to ask: are you going to run around with the smartmeter taped to your forehead?

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  16. Hi,

    Great job on the blog. I grew up in Lower Merion and am currently living in Lancaster. I’m looking to move my family to a better school district and was considering West Chester (specifically Henderson) because we love the area, it’s affordable, and the school appears to be doing well.

    However, between your blog and a friend of mine who works in union relations, I’m really calling the WCASD into question. My biggest beef with the public school system now is how much emphasis they place on testing– do you know how reliant WCASD is on funding?

    Or, more specifically, in your opinion, should I steer my kids clear of the whole school district? It looks like they’re cutting programs, fighting with their teachers and not managing money well. Is this an accurate view or is a student served well enough?

    • I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t think there are any easy answers when it comes to public school education anywhere today. I just don’t think of much of the West Chester area school District. I have friends with had positive experiences with the school district, but I have to be honest most of my friends have their children are in private schools or religious schools or charter schools at this point.

      I will tell you that the people I know who have children in the great Valley school District love it – So maybe that is an option for you.

  17. Hello…

    Very nice picture of the old fire truck. Can you send me the location of that truck so I can go take some more pic’s?.


    • I will have to figure out what road it’s on. It is a backcountry road and a more rural part of Montgomery County outside Schwenksville- it is the Barto Fire Company that used to own truck – They might be able to better assist you – because if you want to take good photos you’re going to have to get permission to go onto the property

  18. I’d like to have a conversation about using your image of the Malvern Train station for a project I’m involved in. I need the image in black and white and maybe some retouching done to remove the name of the coffee shop. Is the resolution sufficient if I want to blow it up to wall size? It’s OK if it gets a little fuzzy, it’ll work in the room decor just fine that way. Please feel free to email me. I’m excited about the image, let me know if we can work together on this.

      • Hi,
        I just came across this. My Grandfather was the Ticket/Frieght Agent for the Malvern P.R.R. Station up to the 1940’s. I have a Pen and Ink drawing of the station way before any ‘improvements’ were made.

      • Hi Bob! Thanks for visiting my blog! CCR has a Facebook page and if you want to post a photo of the pen and ink drawing of the station or if it is posted on a photo page online and you provide a link I would love to see it. And if there is anything you want to share about your grandfather maybe I could turn it into a post up here! Thanks!

  19. I just happened to find your blog because I was looking for photos of Hallman’s General Store in Chester Springs. I was a teacher and somewhat administrator of the Chester Springs Studio way back in the late 1970’s – 80’s. I was a young girl just out of art school at the time when several of the board members of the studio enticed me and my then boyfriend, who was a potter to come to the studio to teach. I left the area after a few years to pursue other dreams, and I am sorry to see that Yellow Springs has deteriorated in the manner you described. During my time at the studio, I initiated all kinds of programming that brought people to the village. We re-vamped the art studio classes and even partnered with Philadelphia College of Art professors who came to the studio to teach. We developed a classical dance program, visiting artists program, several community festivals, art exhibitions, and even held monthly square dances at the studio. I championed the idea that the village could be restored and maintained through some of the same notions that you implore in your essay. The history, beauty and charm of that little village is incredible. The hot springs were something that I felt should be resurrected. A history museum and a living museum were other concepts. I was seen as a smart-ass I am sure, by a few of the old guard. I was an interloper, and I was sassy. It didn’t go over well In spite of the success of many of the programs that I had initiated. Over the years there has been generosity by a few. Obviously, this has not been enough to even sustain the needs. It seems to me that the Historical and Museum Commission of the State of Pennsylvania needs intercede before it is too late.

    • Hi there! Tom Hickey told me about this page, and where I want you to post this is on the Chester County ramblings Facebook page. I’m a little pressed for time between now and Christmas, so my post something sort of on-the-fly, but if you could start by posting it there I would appreciate it.

  20. Hi ! Have really loved reading your blog for over a year. Would it be possible for our group, the Historic Birchrunville Neighborhood Association to link to our webpage promoting our Winter Celebration fundraiser? It’s a celebration of Birchrunville and saving the historic schoolhouse. Everyone is invited!

    • Sure! No problem! Some people in your group know me, and they have my email address and I would be happy to put something up. Send me a good photo of the village of Christmas and the details on everything for the celebration. I believe something was sent out via Google groups? Have them send that to me please. Thank you

      • Thank you! Your blog has become one of the best sources of Chester County news, I’ll send something out to you tommorrow. We’re very excited to share Birchrunville with the rest of the county!

  21. Nice blog! If you ever ramble into the southeastern corner of the County also known as the vast lands of “Count” Landenberg…. come and visit us at Meadowset Farm, as small family farm / sheep dairy. All the best!

  22. I just wanted to express solidarity with you all in Chester Co. Here in Dauphin Co. we are fighting the same battle as Sunoco threatens our neighborhoods and homes with the looming pipeline, pump stations and shut-off valve facilities.

    We are doing our best to inform the public about Sunoco’s underhanded shenanigans. Thank you for being another voice of opposition against their bullying tactics.

    • No I am not but contact the barn and see if you can sell it back or post it on a Chester county yard sale site – there are a couple that deal in vintage items

  23. Hi. I read your post about Seaside Daylily Farm on Martha’s Vineyard. I’m just curious whether you have any idea what happened to the business.

    I’d purchased from them online, and was very pleased with the plants. Those daylilies in fact have been in the same pots since 2012 or 2013, and have survived 3 moves.

    I took my mom to the farm in 2014, and we bought her 3 or 4 varieties that survived being dug up in August and transported to my home in NC.

    “Why all the info?” you may wonder. I’m just bummed that this awesome source seems to have disappeared. If you know anything, please share. Also, please let me know if you have found have new, similarly high quality source.


  24. Dearest CCR
    Thanks for your words, thoughts, uncoverings.
    Discovered few months back as per missing Anna.
    Viewing today, Nov Ramblin’s
    In particuliar, Barclay, bulbs and balls, meatballs. (Thought you may appreciate the alliteration)
    Barclay weighs heavy on my mind and heart after first learning morning after. Outcome thus far, amazing. Outporing of help and aid, tremendous. Hope is, all did make it out. Shame possessions lost, lives uprooted. However some solace to have and possess life, able to replace possessions, in part. In awe of devastation extent and not meant to discount but i hold in comparison to large scale disasters, all numbers multiplied – persons, homes, communities. I responded with Red Cross from Katrina and Rita, through San Diego Wildfires 2007, Mississippi tornadoes+flooding, Gustav/Ike/Sandy. An unfortunate incident for West Chester yielding a wonderful opportunity for community to respond, with run up to Thanksgiving. Today’s Daily Local News site reports donations being received today at Goodwill Fire House with distribution available beginning Monday.
    Your ramblings of your garden and efforts come as a nice salute to the typically thought growing season, yet you serve well guiding appreciation of beauty inherent within each season, items wintering over, seeds for birds while also fending off nature’s larger four legged, indiscriminate lanscaping machines.
    I’ve been in this area as a lettercarrier since 1986 so it’s fun travel the area with your words and stories. I wonder if you know of DutchGrowers, operating out of West Chester. I read you eliminated tulips efforts involved with subsidizing squirrel diets. This past week DG graced us with some nice Amaryllis bulbs, their stems working their way out. Would you like just one to pot and place and preen? I’d be happy to deliver.
    And last, thanks for sharing your meatball recipe resplindent with twists and turns of your experience and tastes. I am a subscriber to people making use of recipes as a guidebook, tweaking to taste and resources availabe versus to fierce adherence to words carved in stone.

    Thanks for enduring my ramblings. Feel free to take possession of one of the 3 near grapefruit size Amaryllis which seek a good home.


    • Dear Chris thank you for a very nice note. You know that if you are on Facebook you can join Chester county ramblings home cooking group and Chester county ramblings gardening group. I will ask my husband about the Amaryllis – right now it looks like a jungle inside LOL. But if I have a pot I will let you know!

  25. You are so ON POINT with all the building in East Whiteland. Is really is a shame, and needs to stop! Our schools and infrastructure can’t handle this. We should care more for our historic properties and respect the beautiful place we live. I understand it is a sought after place to live, but with all this change, I feel it’s going downhill fast. I really appreciate Charlestown Township’s restrictions and land conservation. Thanks for your insight.

  26. Carla,

    I do enjoy your blog because there should be a voice for people in this area who are against the excessive development of our communities and profiteering of the few at the expense of the many. I notice you’ve done a number of pieces regarding Eli Kahn and his development activities in Malvern. Will you write one about his next plan to develop the industrial area into 600 dwelling units? The area he just located his new headquarters at? What better way to ensure his plans than to setup shop right in the middle of it. It looks like he’s also living in Malvern, I think next to his brother in law who happens to get the construction contracts for his projects. I doubt anything can be done at this point, since those plans are a decade in the making and no residents of Malvern had much say in the planning either, but maybe you could provide some commentary on it. If you’ve already discussed this, please direct me to the posting.


      • http://www.mainlinemedianews.com/mainlinesuburbanlife/opinion/henry-briggs-say-hello-to-malvern-transit-oriented-development/article_ec31ea35-a64f-5ffa-a888-b12a41ad6665.html

        Kahn owns as a house at the development on Monument Avenue in Malvern where an old mansion once stood. One of the remaining holdouts of what Malvern once was I suppose. His brother in law, I believe, owns the house next door. For a while it was entirely empty, but maybe he actually lives in it now. Kahn usually has the blinds drawn. I bet he’s an asshole, but I can’t say I know for sure. He almost hit me pulling out of his street. He seemed a little impatient driving behind me as I kept him at 25 mph on his way to Harlan’s Beverage to exchange a propane tank. He was wearing a baseball cap instead of his signature flat ivy newsboy cap. I bet he only wears that for a certain look which helps win people over on his plans. Maybe it looks more honest or familiar to older people or something. Maybe he thinks he owns the place now and acts appropriately. This is pretty much true though. He built Eastside Flats, but sold it a little while later. He apparently owns the building that once hosted the Malvern farmers market for a while, but contains a number of businesses now. A new bar named Brick and Brew is moving in there soon. A liquor license was recently transferred to Malvern for it. I wonder if this transit oriented development will be one of his bigger or maybe biggest project. I guess it wouldn’t be too bad to plow down that industrial area. It is an eyesore and a mismash of buildings that has little rhyme or reason. It doesn’t really have much relevance to me or likely many other Malvern residents. Why doesn’t Kahn live in the penthouse of one of the new buildings he’s putting up in West Chester? Where his mentor Loew wanted to live? Like West Chester’s own Donald Trump? Is West Chester too busy, congested and impersonal now? Why does he have to live in Malvern? I guess if he doesn’t like what it becomes, he can just move on. It’s unfortunate that the older residents don’t really have that option. I’ve lived in Malvern my whole life and watched it change. My parents moved here from South Philly forty years ago. I’m glad they did. I am glad I didn’t grow up a city boy, staring st bricks and concrete all day. I enjoy nature, wildlife, rolling hills and greenery. The city seems to be coming back for us now though. The new frontier has moved farther west. It’s all about money for businesses and the tax base they generate I guess. Maybe small town officials want to move up to the big time and growing is how to get there I guess. I think more people in Malvern should be aware of his plans. I’m surprised many people aren’t. It’ll mean at least 600 more cars past the intersection near my house. 600 more people taking shortcuts past my parents’ and sister’s houses. I’m not sure of the exact figure, but I think Malvern has 3500 to 3700 people currently. This will be a 20% increase. I used to ride my bike down quiet streets with few cars. My sisters and I would go “down town” to grab a sandwich and drink at the deli. We’d stop by Kohlerman’s Phamarcy for penny and five cent candy. The Wawa used to be an IGA. It had carpeting and always smelled like pimento loaf. We were only seven or eight at the time. These days, I rarely patronize any of the boutiques in Malvern. Many of the newer stores don’t serve residents of Malvern, at least not long time residents. They’re too expensive and not relevant to them. You always hear the drone of traffic and people are always going too fast. I’m no longer a Malvern resident, but it’s still my home and always will be. I just hope it doesn’t change too much from what I remember as a kid.

  27. Hi! I am intrigued by the article that you wrote about Rachel Lynch: too young to die:chester county native was beautiful with whole life ahead of her
    Posted on March 2, 2016v)

    Rachel was one of my best friends through elementary school and middle school. As of recently, I’ve been researching more and more on what could of happened to her and the trail seems to end in 2016. I was wondering if there was any other information found?

  28. too young to die:chester county native was beautiful with whole life ahead of her
    Posted on March 2, 2016 –> follow up.

    Rachel was one of my closest friends all during elementary school and middle school. Since her death, I have been researching and researching on what could of happened to her and I keep hitting a dead end. Any updates or information on this case?

  29. I remember when the now abandoned house next to Clews and Strawbridge was occupied by the Clews family (1970). Their daughter Sylvan was one of my closest friends. The home was filled with art and antiques, as Sylvan’s father, Mancha, was the son of a noted sculptor, and her mother Margaret ( a member of the family that founded the Strawbridge and Clothier department store), was a painter. I lost touch with Sylvan, but was somewhat amused that when I met my current husband years later, he was living almost directly across the street from that house, in Westgate Village. Now, I pass that house on my way to work almost every day, and often think about what it was like when the family lived there (and I wonder what creatures might currently be in residence, from bats to squirrels?).

  30. Hello Carla.

    Found your blog by chance today. Well, actually it’s a long story. I’ve been living in Japan for twenty years, and recently returned to my mother’s home in Bucks County, PA to retrieve all of my belongings. Among those items were two pieces of art which had been hanging on our walls since I was a baby. Naturally, as a you g child I was only focused on the images. As I examined them more closely today, however, I found Margery Niblock’s name at the bottom, in pencil. One is titled “Orange Flower” and the other is “Skipping Rope”. I went to the internet immediately to find out more about her, and that led me to your page. I enjoyed your blog post about her very much. Thank you. I hope she would be happy to know that two of her pieces are now residing happily in Kyoto, the home of a different kind of woodblock print.

  31. I came across this page while researching something and was quite impressed with your page. I am a native Chester county person, from Coatesville. I have been documenting the area and outskirts in artistic photographs of the local historical gems that are and whats been and now gone by the wrecking ball. I have a vast collection of pictures dating back a decade or so. And I would like to share some.
    Thanks, Paul Kempest

    • Hi Paul! Thank you! We have a Facebook page for the blog and you can message through there including photos, just tell me how you would like to be credited

  32. Hi Carla,

    My name is Rich Breen. This afternoon I was speaking with my younger brother and he sent me old pictures of Avalon, NJ. So. now in the middle of the night trying to sleep, I googled images of the Avalon Theater and your blog popped up with the picture of the theater and boardwalk. This theater was my home away from home for much of my summer youth. I used to deliver movie cards from house to house for free passes, got a job as an usher and eventually became the manager in the summer of 1974 as a 19 year old. Your blog sparked a flood of memories. I live in Washington DC now after a 30 year career in the Army retiring as a Colonel. But still work in the communications field. Thanks for this piece of happiness. I can now sleep with happy thoughts in this Covid 19 world we live in today.
    Rich Breen

    • Aww thank you for the note. I loved the Avalon Theater. Loved Avalon as a kid. I still remember movies on rainy days and you could almost feel the waves outside. Be well!

  33. Hi! I recently moved to Philadelphia. And I’m looking for David Austin roses. Do you know any local nurseries that carry them?! Many thanks!

    • I buy mine bare root from David Austin but I would check BloomBox and Mostardi in Newtown Square and see if Terrain has any

  34. Hey!

    I came across your blog page on the Indian Run Farm:


    How can I send you a private link to a Google Photo album of some photo’s I took of the Indian Run Farm House I took earlier today? It looks like the roof has completely collapsed now. They took off some of the old plywood covering the windows. I didn’t get any good shot of inside the hose because there where several workers right there. I might drive back over the weekend and see if I can get some shots of the inside.

    At any rate, I have a Google Photo album link I’d like to share with you (or email you the photos) to save you a trip out there for an update.


  35. Why haven’t you posted about the resignation of Lori Broker from Phoenixville school board? There’s a huge story there.

  36. Hi Carla,
    Just want you to be aware and let others know that Bishop Tube is on East Whiteland Township’s planning commission agenda for September 29 2020.
    Best to you,

  37. You have such a talent for pollution and environmental problem reporting!! I am reading all of this Marsh Creek stuff so late and I am heartbroken reading about it. I love in NJ now, and its been probably 25 years since I’ve been to Marsh Creek. What is the latest?

    When you blogged about DanDan restaurant, you created a customer for life and thank you for that! Its the asian food I’d been looking for and I’ve spent over $1000 between both locations.

  38. Hi! I suppose your going to have to write a retraction now that dismissals are coming out for Cornell-Smith. Her husband was abusive, as provided by 3 court psych evals, Rob Smith has 5 CYF cases against him, the first person to “report” her was Smiths fucking mistress!!!! There is ALWAYS more to a story. Smith himself was found guilty in court 2 weeks ago so wtf? Do your research. Also, Cornell’s physician stated she DID suffer cervical cancer in 2018 she had a complete hysterectomy for and chemo. THEN 2nd physician admits they found reoccurrence in June 2019 AND the woman has a major bowel resection w/colostomy March of this year. I used to run w her and knew something wasn’t right because it was her.

    Hi, manipulated wife by an abuser. Fuuuuck everyone jumped that gun.

  39. Hello,
    I was reading your super helpful blog post about the Dansk Koben style pots and I was wondering if you could help me with your opinion on if one im looking to buy is authentic? I’m trying to get my mom the same one her mother had growing up for Christmas and the logo on the one I’m looking at is just ever so slightly different.

    • I am not an expert and the logos did change slightly over time and you can look on the Internet for a history of the logos and that should help you. I found it by using Google

  40. Interesting site!

    On your post dated Nov 25, 2020, you have a picture of some goblets with a purplish hue. Does that style have a particular name? Goblet always sounded good to me, but this other site calls them “Large Hoffman House style glass goblets”:


    I’m looking to re-complete a set I inherited from my parents. As kids, my brother broke at least one and I broke at least one. Fast forward 30 years… Now that I’m married with kids – no not the kids, but the dog broke one and my wife broke another. Long story short, another new dog and another broken goblet. Alas…

    After trying not to be livid after the untimely death of each one of these irreplaceable friends of mine, try to imagine my shock at finding 3 more at a small town gift shop … identical to mine in every way … while not even intending to buy anything that day! I have no idea why it took me more than 0.03 seconds to buy them, but eventually I bought them. Still not a set of 8, but it’s better than the 2 or 3 I had.

    So …

    1. What do you call these things?
    2. Do you know where I can buy some clear ones? I did an internet search and the gold band around the rim and colors at the site mentioned previously are SUPER NEAT, but my inherited set is clear with no gold band.

  41. Ebenezer AME Church cemetery on East Doe Run Rd behind Unionville HS. Do you have any info on it? I’m creating an audio tour of the Battle of Brandywine and would like to include a little story.

  42. Carla,

    Regarding your post on Jul 23, 2021, Francis H Gheen and the check that you found … he was my 2nd Great Grandfather! In doing some online research I just stumbled upon your post. I’d love to learn more. Please get back to me at your convenience.

    Thanks in advance!


    • Hi there! I posted everything I know. I had tucked the check away in a plastic sleeve in a drawer. If you want it it’s yours. Just message me contact information and I will not make that public

  43. Hello, I am interested in licensing one of your photos of the demolished La Ronda Estate. I’ll await your reply, some great photos in that set please let me know

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