happy mother’s day!

mother and child

It’s almost Mother’s Day so I thought I would share a rather iconic image of mine from 2009.  “Mother and Baby” is one of my favorite photos that I ever took.  And for those upset by my Amish photos (who aren’t Amish interestingly enough), this woman actually posed for this for me.  I asked, which technically I did not have to do since there is no expectation of privacy with regard to photos taken in a public space.

I had a Pennsylvania Dutch Grandmother and my family has had several Mennonite friends over the years (old and new order), so I am also quite familiar with the Amish (old and new order). Some will allow photos to be taken and will interact more with “English” than others.

To me she represented that incredible bond between mothers and their babies – it is something I think is so truly beautiful to see. To me this picture represents pure joy. When I see this photo I think of how big this little baby is now and hope they are all doing well!

Happy Mother’s Day to all those mothers out there I know (that sounded a little funny but you know what I mean!)