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maybe radnor should spin another fairy tale about how wonderful all of the development gobbling up wayne is?

I liked it better with the old growth garden plants and trees and the beautiful Wayne Bed & Breakfast. Now it will soon be a naked acres homogenous row of McMansions. Location is Strafford Ave. and Eagle Road.

Radnor Township should wake up, but they won’t. None of these municipalities wake up until it’s too late. It’s the same situation on Radnor Street Road where the land is stripped bare for another homogenous row of McMansions. Every time I drive by I am astounded at the rape of the land. Beautiful and old trees just bulldozed away.

Add to this the planned development of downtown Wayne. Between what is being proposed for Lancaster Avenue and then the AT&T lot, every bit of what makes Wayne special is getting developed away.

It’s so very sad.

well that was fun! wish we could do it again tomorrow!

So my Christmas present to one of my really close friends from forever and a day was to gift her a golden ticket for the Surrey Services Holiday Tour & Shops. Not since we were in high school has there been a great Main Line -centric Christmas house tour essentially. One such tour used to be done by Agnes Irwin, and it was called Christmas in the Country. And then, of course, there were the tours of the Fairmount Park houses and you went around in one of those fun trolleys to each house.

Surrey Services should take a bow. The house tour and shops were an amazing experience. Of course I could kick myself, because I meant to bid on a couple of the trees in the enchanted forest before I was leaving, and I completely forgot. But that’s probably my subconscious telling me I have enough new Christmas stuff for this year!

We started out our day in Bryn Mawr and from there we moved to Villanova. We sadly we didn’t get into that Villanova house because the road was quite narrow and the property next-door to the house we were visiting was in some form of construction mayhem, and there were contractor trucks and landscaper trucks all over a very narrow road so there was no place to move to park and we gave up. that is some thing that was beyond that poor homeowners control and certainly beyond Surrey Services control. It’s one of my favorite roads, but truthfully, I had forgotten how narrow it was in spots.

I don’t know what it is about landscaper trucks on the Main Line, but none of them seem to be able to park. And I’m sorry not sorry that I find that incredibly irksome that the homeowner has a perfectly good driveway and you can see that there’s a house tour going on across the road and they can’t pull their truck in the driveway!

The next two houses were in Berwyn, and they were spectacular! We ended our day with another Radnor Township property, which was my favorite house and not just because it was my friend’s home.

All of these homeowners knocked themselves out for all of us on the tour, and the tour sold out quickly. All of the houses were festive and different. One of the things I liked best about each and every house was the fact that I was in homes that aren’t afraid of art and color. I am not a person who lives in a beige, beige world, so I appreciated the vibrancy in these homes. All of these homes had amazing kitchens, incidentally. And I cook so to see these kitchens was just so much fun for me.

My friend, who was on the tour had the most old-school traditional, beautiful and imaginative Christmas ornaments. He is definitely a kindred spirit as to types of ornaments that I personally love.

From all of the houses, I gathered little ideas to tuck away. I have a very small and simple house by comparison, but all of these houses, even if they were bigger than mine had warmth.

As part of the ticket price, we got a wonderful box lunch from Classic Diner. My friend and I had a turkey BLT. There was no room inside Eisenhower Hall at Valley Forge Military to eat when we got there, but it was such a nice day that we literally sat outside on the edge of the bleachers and had a little picnic. And I thought that was fun.

Parking was a bit of an issue at Valley Forge Military . This is the inaugural year for this event and I think they will figure it out but I think the people that were the ticket holders for the whole day should have had primary access to Eisenhower Hall, and when we couldn’t get into the lot, the police officer directing traffic who told us we couldn’t go into the lot was kind of not so nice and all we did was ask was where should we go to park because we didn’t know.

I completely understand how frustrated the officer must have been personally because it was a lot of cars in that area, but I think next year they should have somebody working the gate that only lets people with passes for the full day or whom require handicap access into that lot right there and people that are just shopping at the shops park at the other lot, which I think was across Radnor Street Road.

We ended up parking in a little lot we accessed from further down Eagle Road and the employees from the school couldn’t have been nicer. I will also note that parking would have been easier as well if some people hadn’t literally taken two spaces for one car —-that’s just bad manners.

Now, although I bitched about this a little right here in this post, I also know that because it was a crush it means this event was a huge success! Surrey has created something fantastic!

The enchanted forest, which I had previewed yesterday was amazing. There is literally nothing better to me than being in a great big room, full of fabulous Christmas trees fully decorated! And in the center of the room was a wonderful table, set for a Christmas feast. And the little bar at the end of the room, where the trees were, was serving, mocktails for people to try.

When you went up the steps to the second floor of Eisenhower Hall, you found yourself in a giant room full of fabulously curated vendors. I was thrilled to see some of my friends and their small businesses there, along with getting an opportunity to see and meet other vendors and local small businesses like Main Point Books.

It was just such a wonderful day. As I’m sitting here writing this, I still feel the happy vibe from the day. And that’s how you know you had a really good day.

This event proves to me that the best kinds of events during the holiday season or ones that give you something pretty and do something good. Surrey Services is a favorite in my family. They do such good work and important work. And they have the nicest volunteers and paid staff that you will meet pretty much anywhere. And if you are still looking for Christmas fun, I would suggest their consignment shop in Berwyn. Last time I was in which was a couple of weeks ago the place totally blew my mind because it was so full of so much awesomeness for Christmas and the holidays.

Hey Surrey, sign me up for the 2024 holiday tour !

an adaptive reuse and historic preservation that looks great!

You remember for years if you’ve been following my blog that I was concerned about what we know as Indian Run Farm or Ashbridge house in Exton. It literally sat shrink, wrapped in plastic for years.

I was honestly afraid it’s not so long that it would never be restored. I’m pleased to say it has been. It’s more of a modern interpretation than the old farmhouse at once was inside but it’s still has its pieces of the past and I think it works. I still do not like the new development that was built around it because that’s not my jam and there’s too much of that Cran plant stuff everywhere but I think the old gal doesn’t look bad now and here are some interior pictures a friend of mine took:

Below, this are the posts I wrote over the years about this place, because I really was afraid it was going to either rot or get torn down. I will admit, I am beyond pleasantly surprised, and I’m very happy I just wish they were less townhouse apartment things around it.

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did the grinch visit lionville beverage?

A friend just sent me a photo they took outside Lionville Beverage. I haven’t seen anything on social media. I didn’t see anything on CrimeWatch, etc.

So if anyone has any information, please post. This is the kind of thing that really sucks for small businesses. And isis it just me or does this sound like what happened to Locust Lane Brewery not so long ago?

Locust Lane Brewery robbery (story reported 11/16/23)

Given the sign on the door, it sounds like the Grinch made off with the entire cash register. Hopefully they have security cameras that can tell them something?

crazy reigns supreme: what is in lower merion’s water this week?

I really can’t even with this bullshit. And it is bullshit and it’s a hate crime… and once again, it’s happening in Lower Merion Township.

This hit social media today and late last night and somebody has been going around sticking stickers on stuff in grocery stores, and then this case the person who posted this photo who also did alert the store, and I thinkq the police said it was the Narberth ACME in Narberth, PA. Of course, this is the same vicinity where that female doctor set that grandmother’s porch on fire.

I don’t know how this is a township where all you see are #HateHasNOHome signs , yet you see this as well.

I’m going to allow the words of a resident to speak for themselves, because I think they are quite profound and on point:

It’s unpopular to say what you think or have an opinion. It will always make you unpopular with someone… and while I am sickened by the slaughter of Palestinian children. I think we are beyond an eye for an eye and I long for another solution or response to Hamas’ unthinkable attacks.

I am equally appalled by the antisemetism and blatant hatred shown for Jews and Israelis and the obvious ignorance of so many protestors. This example here is in our neighborhood. This is our grocery store. If you see someone acting out like this please call them out. They need an education — and some humanity. There is no place for this in our community. We can’t tolerate it.

This ugly ugly war in the Middle East has so much hate going around communities in our area and across the country that it just gives you pause. The holidays are upon us, and that would be Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or whatever you celebrate, and however you celebrate.

I would say, why can’t we all get along but I know we all can’t get along. I haven’t seen this hatred displayed in Chester County yet. Maybe it’s because we are more of a melting pot out here, I don’t know. All I know is I’m glad that where I live this isn’t happening yet, but I am ashamed of where I used to call home has these incidents.

Please stop madness like this. And if you know anything about this, please call the police.

Hate begets more hate. Break the cycle.

west whiteland planning commission and weston

Well last evening’s West Whiteland Planning Commission regarding the Weston Tract was a revelation for sure. And sometimes being at one of these meetings you feel like a squirrel up in the tree watching. In this case, watching so as a resident you can get your comments in. Which is not as easy as you think if you are an affected resident of a neighboring township.

First were the planning commission members who were essentially saying that they should just be able to decide things not the supervisors, and the supervisors were essentially idiots for not approving the zoning changes for HIGH density housing on the Weston property just up W. King Road which would detrimentally many. That was astounding to me and out of line. The Planning Commission also acts as an advisory body, not end-game decision maker.

What surprised me even more is that they were not checked on this running commentary by the supervisor who was present, Raj Kumbhardare because although merely a conversation, they should have been at least corrected as to their role that they signed up for. But in fairness to Raj Kumbhardare, it could have been a pick your battles thing, but to me the comments also smacked of arrogance and ego and that’s not why you supposedly sign up for these committees.

Then there was Weston’s lawyer who was saying essentially high density is what the market wants blah blah blah and that of course just makes you wonder because he is representing Weston the seller not the developer buyer?

I wasn’t rude but this is what I said:

My statement and sentiments are simple. I know nothing is being decided tonight and this is a discussion, but I am also not naïve as to how things work.

The Weston Tract being developed is inevitable. I wish it was otherwise, but I am being realistic.

This development won’t just affect West Whiteland residents, it will affect East Whiteland residents, and given the connectivity of roads off of West King, will also affect East Goshen residents and perhaps even West Goshen residents.

Municipalities do not exist as independent island nations. We are interconnected.

This development will need a traffic signal at West King and Weston Way no matter what.

Also just so you get an idea of just a regular few days of traffic, I asked East Whiteland if they could do an informal study next time they had the you’re- speed up on West King near my road. The time frame was between October 25th and October 30th and for that time frame specifically and most simplistically they counted 31,000 cars in total over 6 days which is about 5000 cars per day, fairly evenly split at 2500 in east direction.

That is not insignificant traffic and it can be and has been heavier. We know, we live here.

Please say NO to high density housing. This is not the location for it.

And you also all probably know that in West Whiteland there is a developer who was doing something like perc testing maybe behind houses on Old Phoenixville Pike and correct me if I am wrong but isn’t it the guy who is the reason thee is the mess on Ship at 30 adjacent to the new couplet which is also a mess? All that one does is high density, correct? And you don’t want data centers or hydrogen hubs.

If this gets developed, it would be great if it was a school because that would mean a use that wouldn’t harm the area as much. But if it is residential how about single family, 1 acre and ½ acre lots? As in both. They do sell although developers prefer cram plans because they care about only their bottom lines, not the communities they disrupt.

You are a municipality who is getting the short end of the development stick and like everywhere else it’s all too dense and looks the same. Apartments and townhouses contribute to a more transient society as they are more likely to either be all rentals or have a lot of rentals.

You have the chance to guide a developer to do something better. And if this area gets zoned Residential with 1 acre and ½ acre single family, that would be beneficial to across King where Johnson Matthey has that chuck of land for sale, and possibly it could better protect your residents on Old Phoenixville Pike because in my humble opinion if that went high density, you would be potentially looking at another Meadowbrook Manor situation.

Thank you.

The planning commission member who could indeed inspire the public to be rude because he is so unctuous is Mark Gordon. Mark Gordon WAS also the paid zoning / codes guy in East Goshen and well I think he was asleep there half of the time there but he sure likes to be king of his anthill on the West Whiteland Planning Commission. Ironically he lives close to Weston, so one would think he would care more about how this affects people. I remember him from when East Goshen was trying to take part of the Hicks Farm via eminent domain for private gain for the trail to nowhere. And another planning guy who gives me pause? Raymond McKeeman who for years worked for West Goshen as a facilities manager/zoning officer. He also lives close to Weston so what’s his horse in the race that he’s pretty non-supportive of the residents near Weston?

I mean, I guess you could say one connection for both of these planning commission members is the law firm representing Weston also used to do the solicitor work for West Goshen and East Goshen and I think they’re back at West Goshen, so is it all just too cozy on this bus? Should these two planning commission members actually recuse themselves when this law firm has things before the planning commission? I’m neither inferring or stating any impropriety, but it’s often the appearance of things which are worse than the actuality isn’t that correct? And yes as an American under the Constitution I am allowed to ask these questions aren’t I? I’m allowed to question government and have opinions, correct?

Now I know this is the planning commission set in place by the dearly departed township manager, who is now in Montgomery County, correct? So are a lot of the current members of the West Whiteland planning commission shall we say strategic to whatever was going on before?

When it comes to politics and local government , I don’t necessarily believe in coincidence.

And something else I want to address that was brought up by Mark Gordon the planning commission guy in West Whiteland. He interjected the West Whiteland tax increase into the conversation about development. First of all the reason West Whiteland has a tax increase is because of things like all the development over the past multiple decades, as well as 30 years of prior administrations playing kick the can down the road with regard to taxes, correct? And he said something along the lines that the tax increase is 300%. It’s not, it’s actually more like 180% because no increases occurred in about 30 years. What that comes out to on average is about $150-$200 a year so it’s about $10-$12 a month. And for the record, nobody likes a tax increase, but sometimes you can’t avoid it, especially when prior administrations weren’t looking after residents the way they should have been, right? If you look at neighboring municipalities, all this increase does is bring this up to the level of neighboring municipalities.

Does Mr. Gordon of the Planning Commission in West Whiteland think development and the cost of development are free long term to municipalities and residents? If so, what’s he doing on the planning commission? Part of the reason they need to do a tax increase has to do with infrastructure, and a lot of that infrastructure is the human variety as in first responders, etc. so is Mr. Gordon saying they don’t need police and fire in West Whiteland?

Also, curious as to how Mr. Gordon thinks more than one ingress and egress out of this development onto W. King Rd. is going to work? Especially because he lives near there? The one good thing about the Weston property being developed is Weston Way the road in and out of Weston is wide. It needs a traffic light for sure, but they don’t need to open up the back of the property onto other little streets or add more ins and outs on W. King Rd.

I think the West Whiteland Planning Commission needs to remember that they are an advisory committee which means they are acting in an advisory capacity. They should be there to work in the best interest of the township and residents as a whole, not developers, right? They aren’t the decision makers and dealmakers. And last night as they were lamenting the fact that the board of supervisors didn’t agree with what they had suggested was very eye-opening to me. They don’t make the rules, but they want to make the rules? And given relationships on that board to other factors in this plan, I really think we should all be grateful that the supervisors actually are the ones who are the decision-makers.

There were many West Whiteland residents who spoke up last night. Among them are the residents over on Old Phoenixville Pike who are also trying to figure out exactly what a developer is doing back behind their neighborhood since he keeps doing perc tests or something. Some poor older gentleman spoke about getting his property torn up every time they send an excavator through, and I think that’s horrible. No plans have been filed and that’s what the John Weller from West Whiteland Township said last night, but obviously something is going on if a developer is doing testing.

John Weller also made a comment about Phoenixville Pike being narrow where those former helicopter warehouses are. The other side of West King, where those people in that small neighborhood on Old Phoenixville Pike also have a very narrow street, perhaps not even as wide as Phoenixville Pike across King. Another thing to note is neighbors are also concerned there about development happening because the land that’s being tested apparently also has 5 acres that are actually in East Goshen.

These people on Old Phoenixville Pike are worried and justifiably so. Car lights right in their windows where that never existed and traffic turning at the tangent point of their road close to driveways, more stormwater issues, etc. Right now they have a developer being inconsiderate dragging equipment in and out and tearing up their yards like the pipeline people have in other neighborhoods, so you know that doesn’t bode well for whatever is to come if that developer proceeds right?

This West Whiteland residents and residents from other communities were abundantly clear about development NOT being high density. And it is also clear that no one from any township that lives back near Weston wants apartments townhouses, or carriage homes. What fits the area and is suitable for the area if it goes residential are single-family homes literally on half acre and 1 acre lots.

If a school came in and they didn’t have to change the zoning for Weston, that would be great but you still have to worry about who would buy the Johnson Matthey land across from Weston (and one would hope they would do significant environmental testing on that parcel), or what might get shoehorned in behind those homes on Old Phoenixville Pike.

The residents from multiple municipalities should be proud of the way they turned out last night, and I hope they keep the momentum going. Because the more people go to meetings on issues like this the better the conversation. That way my hope is whatever happens on that tract of land doesn’t actually hurt the community that Weston is in.

I am sure this issue will pick up again in the new year. And hopefully at that point, the planning commission won’t be shaking their heads “no” when residents were speaking which is disappointing, dismissive, and piss poor decorum. And I hope the planning commission in West Whiteland learn that their personal taste (or lack thereof) is not necessarily what matters here. I was on zoom, and people were messaging me this who were in the audience. Residents had a right to speak, and they did speak. And for the most part, they were a lot nicer to that planning commission than certain members of planning commission deserved. With the exception of the lady named Mary Fran, or Mary Frances. She was fair and thoughtful in her comments.

Stay vigilant. After all these are our communities, not the developers. We live here. We have a right to be heard and we have the right to want to preserve where we call home.

Good job once again, residents. Planning Commission in West Whiteland? We’ve got your number on this project.

Old coverage:

fifty shades of crazy in lower merion township

I don’t pretend to understand why someone snaps. But this is horrifying, crazy, and sad all at once.

This is not only just horrifying for what happened, but that someone is so sick that they did this. If women are honest, there are some break-ups that make you do the full Walter Mitty on what you would love to say if you had the opportunity or that is to say you day dream or fantasize that you got to pour a drink over an ex’s head but do we act on it? Ummm NOOOO …..But this? A doctor, ok D.O. but still a doctor with oodles of education, harasses someone’s 99 year old GRANDMOTHER and tries to burn their house? WHO DOES THAT???

It also makes me wonder how stressed out doctors are today who are relatively young in their careers?

People have gone surfing on socials…so what happens to her dog while she is in jail?


Alleged ‘love triangle’ pushes Narberth doctor to distribute antisemitic flyers, set fire to 99-year-old’s porch
Amy Cohen, 35, is charged with first-degree attempted murder, arson, and ethnic intimidation

LOWER MERION (KYW Newsradio) — Lower Merion police say a Narberth doctor is in police custody and facing charges after some sort of “love triangle” drove her to leave antisemitic flyers, then light a fire on a 99-year-old woman’s porch.

“What we could deduce was that her former boyfriend is involved with one of the victim’s granddaughters,” said Lieutenant Jim Baitinger.

Baitinger said, after the 99-year-old and other family members in the area found the flyers 35-year-old Amy Cohen placed on their doorsteps, they installed security cameras.

Sergeant Mike Keenan says the flyers weren’t specifically harassing or attacking their faith, but accusing them of Islamophobia and related activities

Then, around 1:30 a.m. on Nov. 30, Cohen was caught on camera setting fire to Brodo’s porch.

The fire extinguished itself despite Cohen repeatedly spraying an accelerant at it. They say the door and porch were damaged.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Doctor charged with attempted murder and arson after allegedly setting fire at Montgomery County home

Authorities say Amy L. Cohen set the blaze at the home of the grandmother of an ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend.

by Nick Vadala

Published Dec. 4, 2023, 2:32 p.m. ET

Authorities have charged a Narberth-based doctor with attempted murder and related offenses after she allegedly set fire to a home in Montgomery County last month, Lower Merion Police said.

Amy L. Cohen, 35, is also facing arson, terroristic threats, stalking, reckless endangerment, ethnic intimidation, and simple assault charges in connection with the incident at the home of the grandmother of an ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend, court records indicate.

Authorities said an investigation began Nov. 24 after Lower Merion Police found a threatening flier that referenced antisemitic language and the victim’s Merion home. The flier made threats against the elderly female resident’s granddaughters, who do not live at the home.

Similar fliers had also been found at homes of the victim’s family members in Philadelphia and elsewhere in Montgomery county, police said.

The fire burned out before moving beyond the home’s porch. Authorities did not say whether anyone was injured.

The Lower Merion and Norristown fire departments, Pennsylvania State Police, and FBI processed the scene, and investigators identified a suspect who authorities said was previously involved in a relationship with a boyfriend of one of the victim’s granddaughters. That suspect was Cohen, police allege…She has since been arraigned, and is being held at Montgomery County Correctional Facility in lieu of $5 million cash bail.

DECEMBER 04, 2023

Main Line doctor allegedly lit Lower Merion home on fire after threatening family, police say

Amy L. Cohen, 35, of Narberth, is accused of burning the property’s front door and intimidating the owner and her relatives

Michael Tanenbaum Headshot

PhillyVoice Staff

not being a grinch, so stop criticizing my commentary

I posted a post about free parking at YuleTide at Devon Sunday and some of the hall monitors came crawling out of the woodwork. The specific comment was weren’t Clover Market and Christkindlmarkt also shopping events?

People are getting a little twitchy tetchy because I don’t share the same opinions as some about Yuletide at Devon.

Sorry not sorry.

Clover Market doesn’t charge you for parking or entry. It’s not just businesses on Route 30 near the horse show, it’s a curated show of highly talented craftspeople and antiques and vintage dealers. Also much like many of the in season farmers markets, you will often find non-profit tables set up.

I have been around Clover since the literal beginning and the founder is a personal friend. Also interesting to note that much like former DHS volunteers, she suggested years ago that DHS do something holiday and the response to former volunteers was akin to shock and horrors DHS would never ever do something like that. I should be clear because there is confusion with what I wrote that former volunteers who suggested a winter use were the ones told no so are we clear on that?

Christkindlmarkt is an over 30 + year old tradition in Bethlehem that helped with the renaissance of the town. It is actually one of the TOP Christmas markets in the COUNTRY. So if some of you had actually been or were familiar with it’s history, you wouldn’t be snotful about this event OR Clover Market.

Christkindlmarkt has actual German ornament/decoration artisans and if you hunt traditionally made European ornaments and regional crafts people. Also tied to Christkindlmarkt is ArtsQuest.org a 501(c)(3) with a mission is to provide access to exceptional artistic, cultural and educational experiences using arts and culture as key elements of economic development. Also Christkindlmarkt is tied into the other happenings in the Moravian Historic District and the arts district. Christkindlmarkt is actually representative of a European Christmas market .

These events promote artisans, craftspeople, small businesses, the area around them. They don’t feel like shameless self promotion.

YuleTide at Devon is about YuleTide at Devon so far. And that would be fine if the parking was more reasonable and the ticket prices more human. Christmas and the holiday season should be a little more inclusive, shouldn’t they?

I will note YuleTide at Devon’s present formula is not working.

Take this past Wednesday evening when Life’s Patina at Willowbrook Farm had their holiday barn market evening preview, and the Life’s Patina event was packed, similarly at the same time since I had friends who went, YuleTide had about 15 to 20 guests in total. I actually felt sorry for them. Now Life’s Patina had a charge for the preview, but they were donating some proceeds towards a non-profit (St. Mary’s Franciscan Shelter in Phoenixville), they fed their guests, and parking was free. Also this event also has live music at some of them.

YuleTide at Devon has dropped the price points on parking. It’s now up to $30 and not up to $50. That’s a clear signal to me that my opinions have not been off base. If they just had a charity/philanthropic component it would help people justify the entry price point and parking.

YuleTide at Devon is not a bad concept, but the core execution needs work. From what I hear it’s pretty but expensive once you’re inside the event. Also everyone I speak to who has gone have said it’s pretty, but too expensive, and it’s a one and done.

YuleTide has until the end of the year to figure it out. I hope they do figure it out actually. It takes more than aspiring influencers and PR reels etc. to get people to an event, especially a new event. It takes community and a sense of community, and right now YuleTide at Devon is in the community not yet of it.

That’s the difference.

It’s not just about making a profit off of your neighbors.

Have a good night.

historic preservation + christmas

This is the old Hershey’s Mill. Literally on the corner of Hershey’s Mill Road in East Goshen Township. She’s been restored, a new family is living there, and she’s decked out for Christmas.

Seriously how beautiful does this look? How quintessentially Chester County?

Historic preservation and Christmas are perfect together.

clover market holiday market going on now at the westtown school!!!

Clover 🍀 Market is open for their extra special totally fabulous holiday market this weekend December 2 & 3 from 10 AM – 4 PM on the campus of The Westtown School. They have the entire athletic center. There are over 100 curated vendors. It’s so much fun!

It’s free entrance and free parking and the setting is just spectacular if you have never been to the Westtown School!

We went to the preview this morning, and the place was filling up as we were leaving. And it was totally worth it going to the preview and we will totally do that again!

I hope you go and find yourself something spectacular to give us a gift for Christmas or a little something for yourself!

I will note that I did not get anything for writing this post. I am an avid Clover Market fan and was an early Clover Market supporter.