talk to management…oh wait, that’s me!

Today has been a day of mansplaining and complaining because I spoke my mind, and in the lovely little minds of people I don’t know…complained. Yes, yes it is Mansplain Tuesday!!!

Well so what if I complained even if I don’t see it that way? My blog, right? As my friend Michael said (male and enlightened and he has an awesome wife) why does it matter if I want to point out something obvious? (This one mansplainer didn’t like contrasts in frazer.)

Womansplain time here: my blog.

And no I am not talking about comments left on my post meanwhile in exton by my dear friend Barry. I don’t agree with everything he wrote to me, although I do agree with most of his response to another person I know. And Barry’s comments are not obnoxious, they are thoughtful even when I disagree. (Oh and he also has a truly awesome wife).

My friends Michael and Barry are polar opposites politically, yet they share something called manners and they can have an actual conversation. They don’t speak down to me or any human being, they don’t mansplain.

As for these commenters I am about to post, they can’t have a conversation. They ironically accuse me of complaining yet what are they doing? Why complaining about my purported complaining, but because they mansplained it all so obviously, it’s ok. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Womansplain time: still my blog so you don’t mind that I block you, right?

Yes, I did. Life is too short for trolls. It’s why a lot of newspapers no longer allow comments online. I think that these darling trolls will probably be upset. Pish posh.

You don’t have to read what I write, you can just skip it, but you don’t…you have to mansplain. Darlings keep your mansplaining within your own four walls.

I don’t have to be your cup of tea or anyone else’s.

Kiss kiss from the Sarcasm Society.

Thanks for stopping by.

contrasts in frazer

There had to be brand spanking new apartments built and perched on Lancaster Avenue in Frazer.

They look like every other No Tell Motel architectural style apartments that are going up everywhere.

But one would think they would care about other housing that’s pre-existing along the same stretch of highway right?

Here is your contrast below. The photos of certain houses, which are apparently also cloaked with invisibility. It’s a shame those renters can’t live in thought to be swanky apartments, or even properties that are maintained decently, right?

meanwhile in exton…

Dear West Whiteland Township,

This is quite the contrast isn’t it? A pretentious A.F. Rolls Royce with a vanity plate and a beggar. A little after 8PM, or slightly before this evening.

A perfect storm of a photo.

Location? The shopping center where Giant, Sephora, and Home Sense are, just to name a few.

I don’t like city style begging in Chester County and for some reason people always seem to beg around this shopping center. I am surprised West Whiteland isn’t more on top of it.

However, looking at this photo kind of makes you think, doesn’t it?


honoring the fallen

Facebook photo

These photos moved me, so I am posting them. They are all from Facebook.

Lower Merion Township has now lost two firefighters from two different volunteer fire companies. This latest tragedy took Belmont Hills firefighter Thomas Royds. He died because of a drunk driver. Three other first responders remain hospitalized because of this driver, a Jacquelyn Walker of either Little Egg Harbor or Pemberton, NJ according to many media reports including The Morning Call. The three other first responders, a PA State Trooper and two other firefighters are at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in Philadelphia. Thomas Royds, may God rest his soul died at Paoli Hospital.

It was July 4th weekend when Lower Merion Township lost another firefighter, from Penn Wynne Fire Company named Sean W. DeMuynck. Sean died in a house fire.

Facebook photo

I lived in Lower Merion Township a long time and these two men passed so close together. I am so truly sorry for all of these men and women who are first responders in my former home township because, again, this is twice in a very brief amount of time.

Screen Shot from 6ABC –
follow THIS LINK for whole story.

I did not know Thomas Royds, but from what I read he was a guy who gave his all to being a fireman. I am in awe of these men and women because what they do is hard, and they just do it.

Facebook Photo

When I saw the photos of all the fire trucks at various places along 202, it literally made me tear up. I thought it was beautiful. I have never seen that before.

RIP Thomas Royds. I hope they throw the book at that woman.

Facebook photo

west chester borough this looks like dr. suess construction doesn’t it?

Of all the photos I took yesterday this is the one getting the most attention. I knew it was S. Walnut St. but I could not remember where until one of my readers wrote in that it was Walnut and Lacey.

This looks like Dr. Suess built it, doesn’t it?

So West Chester Borough: tag you are it. People seem super concerned about this construction project at S. Walnut and Lacey and are you all concerned as the borough?

I mean this SHOULD have gone to planning or something right?

Is this something that has gone through planning? And possibly zoning? Because doesn’t it look like an extra room is being added on?

I am not an engineer, I don’t pretend play an engineer or architect, but if you look at the building, is everything the way it should be?

Is this student housing? Because if it is don’t you want those kids to be safe?

Tag you are it, West Chester Borough.

have you been to frazer antiques lately?

Have you been to Frazer Antiques lately? I had not been since right before COVID19 hit. Well today we went and it was so much fun!

I took a bunch of photos and I am sharing them with all of you.

#ShopLocal #ShopSmall

Frazer Antiques. 351 Lancaster Avenue, Frazer, PA 19355. (610)- 651-8299. Open 10AM – 5PM.

today was a wonderful day to visit the west chester growers market!

I had not been to the West Chester Growers Market since COVID19 hit. Today we went back for the first time and it was awesome!

These are among the things that I missed during COVID19 and I was so happy to be there on such a pretty day! We had company in from out of town and we wanted to show her the market.

The West Chester Growers Market is the original producer only market in Chester County. Outside Saturdays 9AM – 1PM . May through December with some other limited hours in the off season. Always on the corner of North Church and West Chestnut Streets in downtown West Chester, PA.

amazing rug cleaning

One of the categories of vintage things I love are old rugs. Old Oriental rugs. I am notorious for picking them up at traditional auctions (like William Bunch, Alderfer, Converse, and Pook & Pook) and at secondhand stores like Resellers which used to be in Frazer, PA but closed a few years ago (and we all miss that store!)

I also have some that I have gotten from Caring Transitions auctions, and my first new old rug came from a house in Gladwyne that was a Sales by Helen house sale. I have even picked them out of barns!

I am not a wall to wall rug person. I am a hardwood floor and area rug person. But I like old orientals. They tell a story and like vintage quilts add warmth and charm to a home. They do however, require maintenance.

I decided to give a local business a try who cleans and repairs carpets. Museums and professional rug dealers use them as well as regular residential customers. Their name is Tribal Loom. They are located in Frazer, PA at 17 Coffman Avenue, Unit C. (610)-647-7802. They are open Monday through Friday 9AM – 5PM.

I have several friends who swear by them, but because this was the first time I was using them and they were getting used to me, I bought in five small scatter rugs. four of those rugs not only had to be cleaned but required repair.

Today we picked up the rugs. How many times can I say they did a fabulous job?

They did a fabulous job. They were also reasonably priced.

I am so pleased I decided to write about it.

bits of history

Bits of history can be as fascinating. I stumbled across this check from 1867 when I was looking for treasures at one of my favorite spots. This was drawn on the National Bank of Chester County.

The National Bank of Chester County was founded around 1814. In 1837 it’s iconic bank building opened at 17 N. High Street in West Chester, PA. And another fun fact? Until 1857 it was the only bank in Chester County. The bank no longer exists, but its location/building is on the National Register of Historic Places.

I found a little about Francis H. Gheen:

So that check was written to him two years before he got married. $300 was a larger sum in those days, I wonder what he was being paid for?

Thanks to a Find a Grave contributor, I can share his obituary from 1921:

📌Francis H. Gheen, son of Edward H. and Phebe J. (Hickman) Gheen, was married to Ann E. Brinton in Philadelphia, Pa. on February 25, 1869.

Daily Local News, West Chester, Chester County, Pa
January 25, 1921

Francis H. Gheen

After an illness lasting about ten days, Francis H. Gheen passed away last evening at his home on North High street. He was in the 85th year of his age.

The deceased was born July 6th, 1836, on the farm of his parents, Edward and Phoebe Hickman Gheen, in East Bradford, on the property purchased by the late Bayard Henry. He received his early education in the public schools of the township, and was then sent to a private school in Vermont, but came back home later, and remained on the farm. When his father ded he took possession of the place, making it a model farm. He afterward purchase a farm of his own.

It was n 1869 that he came to West Chester and started in the banking business, being located where the Farmers & Mechanics Trust Company now stands, the firm being known as Gheen, Morgan & Co. Later, Mr. Gheen decided to open an establishment for making wagons and selling the same, and established himself on East Chestnut street, where he continued in business for along time. Later, when he quit this line, being a fine judge of horses and cattle, he entered into a partnership with the late William Wells, which he continued until the death of Mr. Wells. Mr. Gheen then retired from active usiness life, and has since enjoyed remaining at his home or visiting his children at their homes.

Francis H. Gheen may be truly termed the “dean” of fox hunting in Chester County, for at the early age of ten years he possesed a pony which he rode to the hunts near his home, and later owned a fine pack of hounds. He loved the sport in a sense more than words can express, but any violation of ethics of clean sportsmanship brought his views to light quickly. He attended almost all hunts, and when not in the saddle he was on the hills and could tell nearly all the haunts of the foxes in the county. He believed that the younger foxes should be protected and taught to lead the hounds and as a result, frequently went to their dens and fed the little ones. His recountals of hunts of the past always brought a crowd of young and old listeners, for he know (sic) many incidents of great interest. For several years past he had been preparing for publication a book entitled “seventy Years a Fox Hunter” which will be published. He also enjoyed gunning and frequently went South, always returning with much game.

He was a devoted father and husband and will be sorely missed by those left behind. In 1869, he married Annie E. Brinton, of Thornbury Township, and she survives him, as do the following children: Gertrude (now Mrs. Robinson, of New York); Miss Marion H. Gheen, at home; Francis H. Jr., of New York; Mrs. Helen Hunsicker, at home, and Phoebe (now Mrs. A. H. Howard), of New York. John J. Gheen, Esq., is the only living brother, Admiral Edward Gheen having died two years ago. The only sister living is Mrs. Richard Strode, of West Miner street.

While not a member of any church, Mr. Gheen frequently attended meetings of the Society of Friends.

He was a member of the F. & A. M., of this place, the West Chester Club and the West Chester Golf Club. Summing up the life history of this man, a friend expresses the view: “He was a clean and honest sportsman, a friend to all, and agood citizen.”


GHEEN- On Jan. 24, 1921, Francis H. Gheen, in his 85th year.

Pretty cool, huh? You never know we’re a little slip of historical paper will take you. If there is anyone out there who is a relative of this man and can prove it to me I am happy to give you this quirky bit of history.

Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend!

can you help this woman?

This is not my story. I do not know this woman. But this could happen to anyone. If you saw anything, please call the state police.

I don’t know which State Police barracks responded, but I think it’s this one:


MontgomerySkippack2047C Bridge Road., Schwenksville, PA 19473610-584-1250610-410-2617 & 610-584-7243610-410-2610Lt. Michaelann Andrusiak
DelawareMedia1342 W. Baltimore Pike, Media, PA 19063484-840-1000484-840-1008484-840-1010Lt. Jonathan S. Sunderlin
PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia *2201 Belmont Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131215-452-5216215-452-5196215-452-5290Capt. James. B. Kemm