meanwhile in exton…

Dear West Whiteland Township,

This is quite the contrast isn’t it? A pretentious A.F. Rolls Royce with a vanity plate and a beggar. A little after 8PM, or slightly before this evening.

A perfect storm of a photo.

Location? The shopping center where Giant, Sephora, and Home Sense are, just to name a few.

I don’t like city style begging in Chester County and for some reason people always seem to beg around this shopping center. I am surprised West Whiteland isn’t more on top of it.

However, looking at this photo kind of makes you think, doesn’t it?


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  1. Always be careful about judging. Nobody know the history of either of those people. Contrasts sometimes do not tell the true story.

    • I am not judging except for the fact that a rolls with a vanity plate driving around a shopping center parking lot is indeed pretentious AF.

      It is a fact and not judging that begging like that makes me uncomfortable and they have people begging fairly regularly at this shopping center. One beggar is a woman who has someone drop her off and pick her up.

      It is a fact that seeing a contrast like that gives you pause no matter what the story.

      Thanks for commenting 😘

      • Ahhhhhh, but you are indeed judging. The man that owns that Rolls is in the wholesale car business. He built it from nothing and the plate states what he does for a living. Wholesale cannot fit on a PA plate, only 7 letters are allowed. There is nothing pretentious about it. Now, you did say he was “driving around the parking lot”. If he was making rounds in the parking lot for 30 minutes just so people see his rolls Royce and not because he lost his little dog, maybe you have something there. With all that being said, I have no idea what he does or doesn’t do for charity but I wouldn’t want to assume either way.

      • There is everything pretentious about that car and that vanity plate and I am entitled to my opinion. But thanks for judging me 😘

      • I’ll send a note right away and tell Rolls Royce they need to shut down…..

  2. Our country is no better off than it was 100 years ago…the poor stay poor and the rich get richer.

    • That statement sounds good but just isn’t true. In this land of opportunity, I can literally show you hundreds of people that started from nothing and became wealthy. My great grandfather came to the US because he said that as a young man in Italy, he could work at the apple cart. If he was lucky, in the end he would own the apple cart. He went on to say, in America, you can be anything you want to be if you truly want to (meaning you have to have the absolute drive). And that is true. Conversely, I know people that were millionaires that lost everything in economic crashes and were no longer rich. So again, what you say sounds good, but the fact is that minimum wage isn’t meant to be a living wage, 40 hours a week will not get you ahead, If one enjoys to only work 8 hours a day and isn’t willing to scrimp , save and sacrifice, then do not expect any reward other than survival.

  3. Just took another look at that vanity tag. Think it means “House Sale”? Maybe a realtor? If that’s the case, I was in the wrong profession for many years.

  4. We frequently see beggars at the Gateway shopping center near Chesterbrook as well. I expect to see this kind of behavior when I’m in the city, not Chester County. I’ve spoken with the regional manager for the company that owns the shopping center to inform him of the situation.

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