oh look, it’s sour grapes season…in west whiteland.

Where to begin? Well, it’s whining season, pity party of one pay attention to me over on Lame Duck Supervisor Theresa Hogan Santalucia’s “blog” page called “Politician in Chester County.”

Before I get to today’s dear diary of it all, can we talk about the profile photo? She looks like Darth Vader’s sister from another mother, doesn’t she?

But I digress.

This is a politician who is insecure and unpleasant, and that is being mild, and that is allowed to be said because wait for it….she’s a politician. She is prone to verbose word salad fits, and now she is calling herself a “blogger” via a Facebook page and here is today’s offering which DOES deserve comment:

Let’s talk about health issues.

This is just my story and in no way am I looking for sympathy. Just one person’s journey through a lifetime of a chronic disorder.

Why have I chosen to share this personal part of my life? Because when I announced I am not seeking reelection for Supervisor of West Whiteland, detractors decided that my reason of Health Issues is not true.

Let me be clear. No one speaks for me. I do not have a spokesperson and the only people I would ever give such a task to would be a close family member, my husband of almost 36 years, or one of my children.

For the second time in little over a year, Libby Madarasz has taken it upon herself to speak for me. She is not my friend, and she is certainly not nor ever was in any position to speak for me.

Despite my health issues and the prospect of another procedure. I was all set to run for reelection to prevent Libby Madarasz and her untruths from getting into office. I won’t even get into her campaign page and where she has stretched the truth or where it is outright fiction.

When I received a phone call that a highly qualified lawyer with a history of giving to the community was interested in running for the job, I felt a huge relief that I can concentrate on my health instead of a contentious campaign. Jo Ann Kelton is a very qualified individual and in the conversations, I have had with her I am confident she will serve the residents of West Whiteland with the highest integrity.

Here is my story, Again not looking for sympathy just offering clarity on my decision not to run and where I am today.

In 1986 while planning my wedding during a routine doctor’s appointment a nodule was discovered on my thyroid.

In early 1987 I went for my first thyroid surgery where the nodule and a small portion of my thyroid were removed. The only side effect at that time was a scar at the base of my neck and as I was wearing a high-collared wedding gown I didn’t let it bother me.

After the birth in 1988 of my eldest child, I started having difficulty staying awake and waking up. After some blood tests, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. It is an autoimmune disorder of the Thyroid gland. It seems to run in my family on my father’s side in many of the women of my generation.

I began seeing an endocrinologist and over the years have been on various levels of thyroid replacement medications.

In 2006 I started having difficulty swallowing, balance problems, and other signs of something wrong. After an ultrasound, I was sent to a surgeon and scheduled for my second thyroid surgery. In late winter 2007 I had the rest of my Thyroid and a goiter (that has permanently disfigured my face) removed. At that time, the lab results were micro cancer inside my thyroid that was causing the goiter to grow.

This surgery caused a permanent change to my voice and for the first three months, I had no voice.

I have had multiple changes to my medications and see my endocrinologist between every 6 months to once a year depending on where I am in medication dosages and overall health. I truly respect my doctor and everything he has done for me. I dread the day his last child graduates from medical school and he retires.

Over the years I have had increasing difficulties breathing. A trip to an ENT revealed That one of my vocal cords is frozen over my esophagus and the other side is atrophied.

Six years ago while running for the Board of Supervisors of West Whiteland, I walked most of the Township. I was mostly alone so I went at my pace and was able to get the job done.

As time has marched on I have had increasing difficulty breathing. I have added an ENT to my regimen of doctor’s appointments. I cannot even explain the dread a long flight of stairs gives me.

Fast forward to today. I have a permanent feeling of choking, at times it feels as if the insides of my throat are stuck together. My ENT has referred me to the University of Penn. I have an appointment and look forward to whatever help they can give me.

At this point, I am days away from my appointment at the University of Penn. I do not know what the future holds. I am hopeful that there is a resolution and that I will be back to my normal level of physical ability.

I hope this gives clarity on my reason for not seeking reelection. Nothing to do with being fearful of any political opponent or adversaries from neighboring communities. Just truly health issues that need addressing.

~A politician in chester county 1/22/23

Well that is a lot to unpack, right? Those are her words all word salad-y and verbatim. No embellishment except from her. Wonder what kind of toilet paper she prefers? She skipped that for some reason.

First thoughts: obviously no one speaks for her, who could get a word in edgewise? Related, is when exactly did Libby Madarasz speak for her? Why would she? WHO WOULD WANT TO?

She is right, Libby is not her friend. Most aren’t and don’t wish to be, she’s a toxic politician with boundary issues, yes? When she’s talking all about her health issues Saint Theresa left out political Tourette’s disorder with a side of potty mouth, didn’t she?

So now about her health issues. Does she think she is the only woman with health concerns or has family members with health concerns? Hardly. I have known women with thyroid issues and thyroid and throat cancer who never ever talked about it. If you knew them, you knew what they dealt with, but not thrown out there as a handy politician’s tool, you know what I mean? And of course, it shows you how little she knows her actual constituents, like Libby. If she did, she would know how brave Libby is and that is one reason why we respect her and love her so much. Everyone gets thrown curve balls in life, it’s how you live with them, how you rise to meet the challenges in life. We look to the POSITIVE examples of humankind and women in our lives, like Libby Madarasz.

If this woman had sought re-election for supervisor, she would LOSE. When you are getting primaried as an incumbent from within your own party, it’s not because they love you out there.

I was all set to run for reelection to prevent Libby Madarasz and her untruths from getting into office. I won’t even get into her campaign page and where she has stretched the truth or where it is outright fiction.

~ Politician in Chester COunty

Which of course is why it is hysterical that she put her imaginary super hero cape on to purportedly run so she could PROTECT West Whiteland from a woman who has already volunteered and sacrificed much to try to help protect residents and neighbors from pipelines. Besides, has Libby ever requested checks just get written in rather large amounts without approval?

Again, I literally have friends who live every day with serious thyroid issues, including nodules being removed, etc. All have scars. You don’t notice their scars. Two had cancers removed there. I had breast cancer. Radiation fried my thyroid a bit, so I have thyroid issues. Actually a great deal of people have thyroid issues, it’s fairly common. I took breast cancer meds and other meds for a decade. She’s a later middle aged woman. As we age, most of us have something, take something. It’s not a death sentence.

Why have I never believed health issues were never the reason for Theresa Hogan Santalucia not seeking re-election as West Whiteland Supervisor? Because if they truly were, wouldn’t she have publicly said something long before now, right? It’s more likely a case of riding the fence to test political waters and well, I am sure someone told her she wouldn’t make it again, and I am entitled to that opinion.

And every time she talks about running for office for her first election it’s like a tall tale of Little House on The Prairie. All that shoe leather, mostly alone on the windswept prairie in a blizzard, right? Oy vey woman, did you bring your light saber to defend from all those rabid villagers in your way too?

I will state I wish no one ill who has health issues, but I have little compassion for a local politician who has ruled like a petty tyrant and I am entitled to that opinion. I also have little compassion for someone who is essentially playing Fibber McGee about someone I know.

Libby has honor. Libby has a moral compass that is true. She is quite literally a good woman. Yes she is a friend of mine. And she is the kind of friend who paints you a little portrait of a beloved pet after an untimely death. Libby did that for me, and it’s something I look at every day and it makes me feel less sad. That people, is exactly the kind of woman Libby Madarascz is. A quiet doer, not an attention seeking glory hound.

As soon as Libby announced her candidacy, the political machine that should embrace and support candidates equally started rumbling. They couldn’t possibly have anyone independent running. These people are ridiculous. And predictable. THEY are the ones who found another candidate in Jo Ann Kelton in my humble opinion, not Theresa. But between these forces, and Theresa’s endorsement like the mafia kiss, I reserve the right to have concerns about HOW Jo Ann Kelton came to the party.

HOWEVER, it’s still a VICTORY because Theresa Hogan Santalucia is NOT running for re-election. I have a feeling no matter what happens, Theresa will take credit for Jo Ann Kelton’s candidacy and campaign. And if Mrs. (Ms.?) Kelton is elected Theresa will remind her as often as possible that SHE made this happen, not Kelton’s own abilities. Jo Ann Kelton has wisely kept her mouth shut thus far. However Jo Ann Kelton would be wise to say something publicly and thank Libby for being gracious. And she hasn’t yet. That is just good manners and costs nothing.

Now since this Lame Duck Supervisor has a lot to say about Libby and essentially called her a liar using other words, allow me to share Libby’s words most recently, and some other screenshots when she decided initially to announce a candidacy for supervisor. I challenge you to find “where she has stretched the truth or where it is outright fiction.” (HINT: IT DOESN’T EXIST.)

Anyway, let the sour grapes go rot somewhere. Talk to the hand, T-bird.

I close with Libby’s words. Libby has grace and style and class. She would have made a terrific supervisor. West Whiteland residents are lucky to have her in their corner. Residents should send her thank you notes, she did y’all a favor

Dear Friends,

The main reason I chose to run for West Whiteland Township Supervisor is that I care deeply about this township and I was concerned and unhappy with the supervisor whose term is ending.

When I threw my hat in the ring for supervisor, the outpouring of support and offers of assistance from friends, neighbors, fellow Democrats and even strangers, was so uplifting and encouraging. I am incredibly grateful and honored that so many have faith in me to do this important job.

With a tough race ahead and waning support from the community, the current supervisor withdrew her name from consideration. She will not be running for a second term.

In the meantime, another very capable and experienced member of the Democratic Committee, Jo Ann Kelton, decided that she would like to be considered for the open supervisor’s position. Jo Ann has served on the Planning Commission and the Zoning Hearing Board. She is a lawyer who represents the disadvantaged.

I have already accomplished the most important thing that I set out to do.

I will continue to bring my enthusiasm and energy to work for the betterment of West Whiteland Township. When issues arise that impact the health, happiness or safety of residents, I will stand up.

In the meantime, I am happy to withdraw my name from the race and get behind Jo Ann Kelton for West Whiteland Township Supervisor. I know she will do a fantastic job.

Thank you so much to all of the support you have offered!

~ Libby Madarasz 1/21/23

a victory for residents in west whiteland….for now

A victory for East and West Whiteland residents. However, a caveat: FOR NOW.

In my humble opinion this is far from over. This meeting is still a regular public meeting and it would behoove concerned residents to go and still express their opinions on this.

And as I was driving on Swedesford Road today near Malvern Hunt, I am still very curious as to how the approved data center in East Whiteland is not going to bother the development dwellers there and even possibly a little further up where the townhouse development is, that’s new.

I will also note that a certain stupidvisor in West Whiteland who is now a lame duck with a bad attitude dodged comment when asked by a reporter from the Daily Local about this. I wonder why she is being silent? Is it pure ignorance on the topic, or did someone tell her not to say anything? I think when it comes to these projects, there’s always more than meets the eye, and it’s not just local involvement, is it?

EAST WHITELAND — A 2-million-square-foot data center, at a cost of approximately $6 billion, is planned for the 100-acre former Foote Mineral site. Seventy-five acres sit in East Whiteland and 25 acres are located in West Whiteland Township.

Fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty partnered with Green Fig Land to obtain East Whiteland zoning variance changes that would allow for two separate million-square-foot, two-story structures and microwave towers, near the intersection of Valley Creek Boulevard and Swedesford Road.

Charlie Lyddane, who works with partner Greg Walters, of Green Fig Land, said on Monday that he wants eventually to also build on the adjacent 25-acre property in West Whiteland Township….The site abuts the heavily used Chester Valley Trail and Exton Park for what Lyddane said would be an “ancillary” use.

Data centers house equipment such as servers, and air conditioning and cooling equipment for storage of large amounts of data. Data centers run the systems that cell phones are connected to and it’s part of the internet. A data center is the building that houses all of that equipment.

Residents rallied to fight some of the uses after West Whiteland had set a January 25 date for a hearing on zoning changes in the existing office/lab district. Those changes would allow for the data center and a power generating facility to help run the data center. PECO has already agreed to supply a large amount of power. Lyddane said it was enough to fully run the East Whiteland facility as planned….The proposed West Whiteland zoning changes also call for a 60-foot height limit rather than the current limit of 35 feet.

“We are looking for flexibility,” Lyddane said.

The developer said that each of the two floors might measure 20 feet high, with equipment on the roof. He said that the facility would create 50 permanent “very good paying jobs” onsite and about 3,000 jobs during the construction period.

West Whiteland Supervisor Brian Dunn talked about the zoning changes that might lead to a data center and power plant in the township.

“I’m always skeptical about amending zoning ordinances,” Dunn said. “I’ve found through my experience that whenever a zoning ordinance is amended it’s not always what was proposed.

“A lot of times it opens up a can of worms for something worse.”

West Whiteland Supervisor Rajesh Kumbhardare said he wants to see the facts while noting that the site sits far from residences.

“I don’t see any issue with the zoning changes,” he said. “There is no power plant on the books….

West Whiteland Supervisor Theresa Santalucia preferred to not comment when reached by phone.

Libby Madarasz is running for the seat occupied by Santalucia on the West Whiteland board of supervisors.

“I’ve spent hours this past long weekend speaking with residents in their neighborhoods and out enjoying Exton Park and the Chester Valley Trail,” she said. “There was a resounding objection to these (proposed) changes in the zoning ordinances which would have such an impact to these treasured spaces.

~ Daily Local/ Bill Rettew

It’s a very big article in the Daily Local and it’s worth reading.

Residents take a victory lap, but don’t get complacent. Please. And why am I saying that? Because at the end of the day this also has a lot to do with politics. This is a battle won, not the war.

buh buh byeeee ?

It’s oddly Darth Vader -like this new “selfie”

BREAKING NEWS FROM WEST WHITELAND: Theresa Hogan Santalucia has announced she is NOT seeking re-election! However she is backing a pinch hitter. Sadly to me, that is the same as Theresa. Her name is Jo Ann P Kelton.

Pinch hitting for Theresa is a big “meh” – if I voted in West Whiteland, that would be a turn off.

So actual health issues or disdain for the plurality? Maybe that disdain for the plurality is a medical condition? Sorry not sorry, she’s not someone I have a great deal of compassion for .

Theresa Hogam Santalucia won’t go quietly into the night will she? Can we wonder how much havoc she will wreak between now and end of term?

She posted on her politician page a bunch of times. She means B-I-bizness. Thanks be to everything holy that she’s done. Here’s hoping she doesn’t get it into her head to run for State Rep if her gal pal Kristine Howard is indeed running for judge.

Let the (updated) games begin. Where is this one on the power plant/data center issue and pipelines?

Anyway, that’s all. Theresa Hogan Santalucia knows she can’t win another supervisor race, so she’s done.

once upon a time there was a female supervisor in west whiteland who stood up for the people

Once upon a time in West Whiteland Township, Chester County there was a female supervisor who was a lioness for the people. Hell no, I am definitely not speaking about Theresa Hogan Santalucia. That woman is a hamster stuck on a hamster wheel. I am speaking about Diane Snyder.

Diane Snyder was instrumental in stopping the Rouse Churchill plan in the 1990s and getting all those blessed acres saved. (That Greg Walters who was with Rouse somehow back then is now in this Green Fig Land Development along with Charles “Charlie” Lyddane, and isn’t that interesting?)

Back to Diane.

Diane was also instrumental in getting the West Whiteland Concerned Citizens group back then together. She stood up, got involved, rolled up her sleeves and look at what they accomplished? And now how many years later it’s all at risk again? Because I am not sure if all of the three West Whiteland Supervisors get it?

Yes, I am saying it out loud: I have reservations (right or wrong) that West Whiteland Supervisors Theresa Hogan Santalucia and Raj Kumbhardare don’t necessarily get it in this instance. And that concerns me because their decisions don’t happen on a tiny island in the middle of a vast ocean, and their decisions here affect more than West Whiteland residents.

Raj Kumbhardare will undoubtedly say it’s good for business because all he sees as a person with a career in database administration is the data center. He stands up for certain things, but here I just think his perspective would be different. He’s a good guy but sometimes things are lost on him. I fear this could be. He wasn’t here when the land was originally saved so he might not get the gravitas as it were.

Theresa Hogan Santalucia is not in my opinion a good person. And she is a terrible politician. Always volatile and insecure and just ignorant on so many issues. As opposed to Supervisors Raj Kumbhardare and Brian Dunn she is downright harmful. She also is not in fact particularly involved in the community she serves. And if you question her actual service and authenticity she goes on pity parties for one saying all she does is work. Well I have known lots of nurses who actually make time for volunteerism and most of us work, so that is just an excuse. Theresa IMHO would be a “yes” mind on this plan because she is unpleasant, often unknowledgeable, and seems to want to suck up to certain factions and curry favor.

Theresa Hogan Santalucia is SO unlike Diane Snyder, who did her job for the benefit of the residents, not to the detriment of residents. Diane Snyder paved the way for other female elected officials as well as putting her community first. She was a trailblazer and worked hard for the greater good.

Diane Snyder stood up. Here is a healthy excerpt of a 2008 article from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Exton Park projects moving forward – slowly

Fourteen years after the county and W. Whiteland bought the property, it’s still a work in progress.

By Don Beideman, Inquirer Staff Writer
Published June 22, 2008

Fourteen years ago this month, officials from Chester County and West Whiteland Township agreed to purchase more than 700 acres from the Church Farm School for $12 million to preserve it as parkland.

Three hundred acres were purchased by the township with a $4.7 million bond issue that had been overwhelmingly approved by township voters for open space. The county bought another 400 acres. Together the parcels are known as Exton Park.

When the agreement was signed, Joseph Kenna, then chairman of the county commissioners, called it a “home run” for all county residents.

So what’s been going on for the past 14 years? And why has it taken so long?

Subdivision, bureaucratic paperwork, design time and environmental issues have all slowed the process, but township and county officials say work is progressing. They say the park could take as much as another decade or more to complete.

In the interim, the school changed its name to CFS, the School at Church Farm.

Although formal subdivision of the large tract – what belongs to the township and what belongs to the county – has not been completed, the township portion of the park will be programmed for active recreation. This would include sports fields, courts, playgrounds and trails. Right now though, part of the land is leased to a farmer who grows corn there.

The county portion will be geared more to passive recreation and include an amphitheater. Nearly 100 acres have been set aside for potential spray irrigation use.

About two-thirds of the 700 acres are north of Swedesford Road. Ship Road is the western boundary with a line running between Old Valley and Valley Hill Road as the northern boundary. The southern boundary is the former Chester Valley rail line right of way.

On the east, the tract is bordered by the Valley Creek Corporate Center and the East Whiteland Township line….Each entity plans to develop its park, with completion as much as a decade or more down the road….It has been a slow process,” said West Whiteland Supervisor Diane Snyder. She was instrumental in organizing the West Whiteland Concerned Citizens in the early 1990s to oppose developer Willar Rouse’s proposal to buy the property and put a planned community of offices, shops and light industry on the site. The proposed development was to be called Churchill.

After a nearly three-year battle, the supervisors turned down Rouse’s plan. Snyder, who had been head of the township Historical Commission, was urged to run for the Board of Supervisors.

“It was so great to see the deal [for the tract] eventually made,” said Snyder, standing earlier this week at a barn on the township’s park property. The township uses the barn to store equipment….”I thought I’d love to have this as a park,” she added. “To me this is a living document. It’s so great to have this beautiful tract of undeveloped land. We needed the county and the county needed us to do this.”…The first phase for the county involves the western head of the Chester Valley Trail, which will connect with Upper Merion in Montgomery County. It’s to be in the south-central portion of the park.

Sorry not sorry if I feel like this is all about the money, honey. I am allowed to have these opinions. And I am also of the opinion that they already got into East Whiteland with approval for a data center there (which I believe is a mistake) so why so greedy? I am of the opinion this takes us back to the the whole Trojan Horse idea? You know, data centers as the path to the hydrogen power plant? Money money money?

Do I have the answers about the whole data center and hydrogen plant issue? Nope, but a grand indicator is one of the faces of the plan spent years as an investment banker so do we really feel that this is for the greater good or merely someone’s greater profit?

A former West Whiteland Supervisor put it on the line to preserve land and open space in this area, so why would any West Whiteland official be gung ho to change the zoning and open up the area to industrial? And why would any elected official want to open up the area to industrial that we really don’t know enough about?

I was ambivalent about data centers until I looked into Loudoun County, Virginia. Now I’m just thinking they’re a mistake in certain areas. I worry about the one approved in East Whiteland already because I don’t think anybody did enough homework with conditions of approval as far as HVAC systems and other things like potential environmental and power worries went, and isn’t that reasonable to be concerned? I mean do the residential residents near by even really know about this data center? And if it gets supersized via West Whiteland, how will all that affect them?

And not to go all conspiracy theory but what about interested parties above this local level? Is there a push coming from elsewhere that is not as yet self evident?

Thank you Diane Snyder for what you did for us all those years ago. Now I just hope West Whiteland doesn’t let you and everyone else down in the present.

say NO to data centers and a new power plant at exton park (*AT* does NOT mean IN, FYI)



These aren’t my words I am about to share, but I agree:

30 years ago residents of East and West Whiteland joined together to stop a “mini city” from being built on Church Farm School land. Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of residents and the township and county elected leaders at the time, we have the 700 acre Exton Park on that land instead.

Their legacy is our treasure, for current and future generations.

But now developers and fossil fuel interests want to put a power plant and massive data center hub on the eastern edge of our beloved park bisected by the Chester Valley Trail. They have lobbied in Harrisburg and won state tax breaks for data centers and billion of dollars in subsidies for “dirty” hydrogen power plants sourced from methane, a false climate solution pushed by the industry to prolong fracking.

In order for their plan to proceed, West Whiteland’s zoning ordinance would have to be amended to allow power plants and data centers in this Laboratory/Office zone. The developer has asked for this amendment and a public hearing has been scheduled for Jan 25, 6:30pm at the West Whiteland Township Building.

🔴 Mark your calendars for Jan 25 and make a plan to attend the hearing. Residents from all over must join together again to protect this space. It’s no place for a power plant and potentially 3 million square feet of data center, up to sixty feet high.

🔴 Join the FB group No Power Plant/Data Center Hub in Exton! To stay up-to-date.

More on the billions in subsidies for blue and grey hydrogen: https://www.pennlive.com/opinion/2022/10/the-hydrogen-bill-gifts-4-billion-to-the-fossil-fuel-industry-opinion.html

(Photo taken last weekend from Old Valley Rd, Exton looking east toward this tract of land beyond the row of trees).

~ Ginny Kerslake

Funny thing about history…does it repeat itself? All of the things going on in East Whiteland and West Whiteland regarding this whole data center as the second coming of Christ projects and it makes you look back to the past doesn’t it? Because isn’t some of this land that’s in play now part of what riled people up with Willard Rouse in the 1980s and 90s when Churchill or whatever was planned and then killed? Anyway all these clippings below are just a little history lesson. Because those who don’t look to the past are doomed to make the same mistakes in the present, right?

Quite seriously however, look lively West Whiteland Township and East Whiteland Township. This whole area is at risk again. And, it actually starts down off of S. Bacton Hill Road in East Whiteland where they want the data center plant. And the people behind all this include a former investment banker, and when did an investment banker, become an expert on new forms of energy or is it just about the bottom line?

So all of this IMHO? Better living or someone else’s bottom line that residents and taxpayers get to pay for? I am leaning towards the bottom line option, especially when everything old is new again. Mr. Chief Fig is partners with someone involved with Rouse’s mini city back then, correct? Is this whole thing just another form of another bite of that same old apple? Has that old apple been regurgitated? Reinvented?

And this whole thing about PARK land overlooking POWER plant? Mr. Chief Fig is an investment banker, or was for long enough so (again) what does he know from alternative power? Green power? Seems to me it is for one reason first and foremost: someone else’s gain at all of our expense. Seems like green hydrogen power plants are just the next Mariner East, don’t they? Also municipalities don’t know enough about them which is WHY and HOW years ago we all ended up with FOOTE MINERAL, BISHOP TUBE, and whatever actually lies beneath Knickerbocker, pipelines, etc., etc., correct?

And then there are the issues with data centers and things like bitcoin mining. And they go in under laboratory zoning. Well there is no data center zoning is there? I mean maybe if they would actually UPDATE the Municipalities Planning Code comprehensively (I mean the last time was like 1969 then giant developments in Chester County like Chesterbrook got built, right?) we would know where to truly put things like this and really know if they were good for our communities or not.

When I first started looking at data centers, I thought “well ok, maybe”. Then I heard about New York State and the crypto mining ban, and Louden County, Virginia and their data center problems, and I came to the conclusion that no, these are just headaches waiting to happen. WE DO NOT KNOW ENOUGH. And these are issues we don’t need to be sold a bill of goods on at a state level where lobbyists, etc. are pressuring elected officials this is the next best, greatest thing ever. We need to actually know and understand and have appropriate knowledge, ordinances, laws. And the quasi useless Chester County Planning Commission actually needs to do some work here.

All these interconnections here, old player in old issues now players in new issues, similar land locations? Do you believe in coincidences like this? I do not. At all. Like I said, another bite and old apple with a new spin. East Whiteland SHOULD HAVE SAID NO to the data center plan. THEY COULD HAVE.

And what do we really think in the case of another data center with the whole hydrogen plant in West Whiteland? Yeah umm, some of us feel, the data center there is A TROJAN HORSE. Part of the endgame is the power plant. Which as Ginny Kerslake said above, developers and fossil fuel interests want to put a power plant and massive data center hub on the eastern edge of our beloved park bisected by the Chester Valley Trail. They have lobbied in Harrisburg and won state tax breaks for data centers and billion of dollars in subsidies for “dirty” hydrogen power plants sourced from methane, a false climate solution pushed by the industry to prolong fracking.

Not about the environment, all about their profits. Kind of like the pipelines and every other developer who comes calling.

A final note is West Whiteland can say NO to the power plant and should. They also don’t have to say YES to the data center, after all they are already putting a giant one in East Whiteland. Oh and is it true East Whiteland already said NO to a power plant there? So West Whiteland can say NO, too, right? Of course a big problem in West Whiteland is Stupidvisor Theresa Hogan Santalucia and her buddies who are State Rep. Kristine Howard’s boy toys. But if Theresa in her endless invincible ignorance says YES to any of this, it’s as good a reason as any to say NO to her if she runs for re-election.

And remember about data centers:

Several other aspects of the data center industry harm the environment. These facilities are big users of batteries that require mining heavy metals like lead. Other common sources of data center pollution include diesel generators and electronic waste

And…Do data centers emit radiation? Sources say…Absolutely! They emit infrared and visual-frequency light radiation.

And…Data centers use water to cool their servers, which can impact local water supplies. Water is increasingly being recognized as a risk to data center operation as a decreasing supply can potentially disrupt our continuous access to data.

Here is hoping 2023 is the year some municipalities learn the power of NO with developers. And say “Sorry Charlie, no can do” for starters in West Whiteland…..right? And remember China wants this kind of electrical energy power and we KNOW they don’t give a rat’s ass about the environment.

Here are some articles to read:

Grist.org: How a new subsidy for ‘green hydrogen’ could set off a carbon bomb
Using electricity to make hydrogen could be an elegant climate solution — or it could prop up a dirty grid

CNBC: New York is the first state to ban certain types of crypto mining—here’s what to know
Published Fri, Nov 25 202212:

NY Times: Our Digital Lives Drive a Brick-and-Mortar Boom in Data Centers
Developers and investors see more opportunities in commercial real estate as businesses and consumers gobble up more data.

Virginia has a data center problem
Ivy Main for Virginia Mercury

Loudoun County puts limits on data center growth
County supervisors approve a plan that draws new lines round future development

October 06, 2022 By Peter Judge

Manassas neighborhood battles noise from data centers
By Jill Palermo/Prince Wi
lliam Times Staff Writer Aug 24, 2022 Updated Aug 24, 2022

Fights, floods, and fortunes when cloud giants roll into town
Small-town troubles go hyperscale in one Virginia county over land, resources, and noise

Brandon Vigliarolo
Wed 3 Aug 2022 // 13:30 UTC

Bipartisan opposition to Pageland data center plan emerges at Heritage Hunt meeting
By Nolan Stout Dec 16, 2021 Updated Jan 10, 2022

Fossil Fuels, Water, Crashing Data Center Sustainability Goals
This great reliance on natural resources challenges firms to achieve goals.

By Paul Bergeron | October 03, 2022 at 08:07 AM

politician watch monday in west whiteland: she’s a little bit country, she’s a little bit rock n’ roll? (oh theresa)

She’s coming out….as a blogger LOL

Oh dear readers, what a Monday! West Whiteland politician extraordinaire, Stupidvisor Theresa Hogan Santalucia was outed yesterday regarding her very amusing Facebook page “West Whiteland Supervisor.”

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Yestderday this was her page:

But like *MAGIC* , Theresa Hogan Santalucia thought by changing her page, would make it all go away. She’s just compounded her issues and made people wonder more what goes on inside her mind exactly.

Sunday she’s all “Government Official” right? Perfect song for her:

So now Theresa is a blogger? Ok umm and I am Mayor of Blogdom. Sheeesh totally so funny and co-mingled pathetic at the same time. I have to ask does West Whiteland have a social media policy for the township? Many do. Social media use by elected officials is something that is evolving. There is already case law about public officials blocking voters/constituents.

Theresa Hogan Santalucia blurs the lines between political and personal on social media, and you can’t say she is professional, mostly she always seems reactionary. She also now tells everyone she is a nurse, so does whomever she is employed by have policies on outside activities? Because politics is most definitely an outside activity.

So then in order to appear “chatty” our heroine posted this I guess overnight:

Ok, seriously? Honey, you are not a writer and so you wrote this when? Late? Haven’t you learned from posting late at night in the past? Grammatically your post is a hot mess, and you have this habit of CAPITALIZING WORDS WHEN THAT IS NOT THE PROPER USE.

Theresa has this rambling stream of her political consciousness, which is fine…if she actually were a blogger, but hasn’t she just changed her page West Whiteland Township Supervisor page from “Government Official” to “Blogger” to try to get out of whatever proverbial pickle her words have landed her in this time?

So obviously this post serves the function of setting her up to run for reelection. But when she says “She is a Democrat and believes in the Democratic process” it is like nails on the chalkboard because you just have to wonder, does she think that democratic process is only for Democrats? And she admits to voting for Barbara Hafer?

And honey, even when I was a Republican and a then employer was messing with her campaign, I didn’t vote for Barbara Hafer. That cracks me up because way back when Barbara Hafer was supposedly environmentally “aware”, yet people (myself included) saw her use aerosol Aquanet hair spray. I never forgot it. I was a little fly on the wall, part of an office admin staff (not political staff, just a body pressed into service for an event and at that age, well it was a free party and great people watching so of course I said yes) , so no one paid attention to what I or any other support peeps saw at an event back then. Actually that was the same event where I got to meet former Chief Justice Ron Castille, who was at that time District Attorney in Philadelphia. Barbara Hafer would have been running for Auditor General then, I believe. Meeting Castille was fascinating to watch in person, a total political animal. And he wasn’t a jerk when the lowly like myself met him. Very personable. But Barbara Hafer? Just didn’t like her. And since ol’ Babs Hafer was eventually indicted around 2016 on federal charges of lying about taking in more than $500,000 in consulting fees from a company that did business with her office, would you admit as a current politician with profile issues already that you even voted for her back in the day? And then there was that whole set of estate issues in 2010 or thereabouts?

But Barbara Hafer is always an amusing footnote in PA political history. She was a Republican until she thought it would be more politically advantageous to be a Democrat, or that has always been my theory. She also was a nurse before a politician so perhaps West Whiteland’s Supervisor Nurse Ratched sees a kinship. Now in case West Whiteland’s Supervisor Nurse Ratched says well she used to be a Republican, meaning me, yes I did, never hide it. But I have zero desire to be in public office and I stopped being a Republican when Donald Trump became the nominee, and my own personal voting record since I was able to vote was about splitting my ticket most of the time.

But I digress.

However, I find Theresa Hogan Santalucia’s record of edits on this Facebook post where she now calls herself a blogger yet she is a blogger without a website or evidence of regular or any blogging is also a weird thing to behold. I bet she doesn’t know people can check this stuff out:

Now she does this all of the time:

On that post, there is the all too frequent lament of what and why and wherefore she couldn’t do something…work. Does she think that she is the only person on the face of the earth who works hard or who had to work hard? I mean STFU with that already, unless of course she wants people to think she can’t handle a work/life/politics balance?

Back to the social media post editing. Everyone edits posts. But it’s what she takes out, puts in, takes out, puts in that can tell it’s own story. She’s been a politician now for enough time and around politics long enough that you would think she would be less invincible in her ignorance?

And all the talk about nursing, how long has she been an actual nurse? It has obviously been her vocation for many years, and I find no fault with that. Registered nurse is what she is now.

Again, no issue with her being a nurse, I was just curious so I looked. I would not want her as a nurse however, because given how I feel about her would she be able to be impartial if she did not like you or had beef and came across you as a patient? A practical nurse which she was for many years is also known as an LPN. LPNs usually provide more basic nursing care and are responsible for the comfort of the patient. RNs on the other hand, primarily administer medication, treatments, and offer educational advice to patients and the public. Nursing is hard work. At any level.

She tells people about her military career. Was she active duty or reserves? She never says. Either is admirable, just curiosity makes me ask.

And Theresa you don’t live in my head, but we know a lot of us live in yours. And you keep putting this weird stuff out there which makes people ask questions. And there is this whole thing seemingly with you about people finding you worthy. It comes across as majorly insecure. And a reminder that she is an elected official of not just one election cycle at this point, so with a lot of her behavior, one would again think she would know better?

But she doesn’t know better, which is why her politician days need to come to an end. This whole “Government Official Page” to “Blogger Page” and what she says on it is but the latest example. Poor West Whiteland Township.

However, all hope is not lost because she is indeed being primaried. And her competition is the real deal. I cannot speak highly enough of her. Libby Madarasz.

West Whiteland voters, it is up to you. You can get rid of Theresa in the primary. You will have to register as a Democrat to do so. May 1, 2023 is the LAST day to register or re-register BEFORE the May 16, 2023 election. Please for all of our sanity, lame duck Saint Theresa.

West Whiteland voters and residents you have a choice. You can get rid of the Marcia, Marcia, Marcia of Theresa, Theresa, Theresa. But you have to get out and vote in the primary.

And she should be censured by the Democrats IMHO.

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does she remember what happened to pinocchio? and boss tweed?

The world according to West Whiteland Stupidvisor Theresa Hogan Santalucia ,
but is her truth anyone else’s?

Saint Theresa of West Whiteland. What can we say about her that is not true? She’s unpleasant, a bad bullying politician, petty, a wannabe tyrant and more, correct? She is incredibly angry and insecure, takes no ownership of her behavior, does she? She is a professional victim after she melts down every single time, isn’t she?

And oh yes, politician darling, I can indeed express my opinions on you. And ask questions.

We all remember her behavior at the reorg meeting in West Whiteland last January, yes? And that the truth with her is always stranger than fiction, correct? So before we get to the present and her relatively new Facebook page of revisionist history essentially insinuating she is the sole supervisor in West Whiteland, Bossette Tweed needs a dose of reality, truth, and recent history as it actually happened, not as she wishes it to be.

And do we remember TEXT MESSAGEGATE?? (I can’t live through it again click on https://chestercountyramblings.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/text-messages-of-wwt-officials.pdf )

But I will share again a few things:

So every meeting or not even in meetings there are Theresaisms. Her clumsy, almost uncomfortable way of speaking. Her flipping out at residents and targeting whomever she feels is in her way, right?

Oh and the company she keeps. State Rep. Kristine Howard’s boys in particular are her BFFs and cheerleaders, correct? And Kristine Howard is a State Rep who only got reelected because her opposition was truly a nut bag, and now she wants to be a judge and does she even have courtroom experience? (But I digress.) Here lookee Lou at a recent T Bird post (which is PUBLIC note the globe):

In 2023 I am glad T Bird is suggesting reach across the “isle”, but I hope the islanders can swim, right? No you can’t make this stuff up, or her new page announcing her as West Whiteland Supervisor, like she’s the only freaking one, and how funny is that? Those sitting in Harrisburg and with aspirations in Harrisburg and who like to play at the power behind the throne, might wish to distance themselves, yes?

Now Madam doesn’t list her name or her bio. When she adds her bio I am sure Moses won’t have anything on her, right? And before I get to the next bit let’s seriously talk for a minute about what she has done while in office? Besides wreak havoc?

I’ll wait.

Does anything come to mind?

Yep, I can’t think of anything either and I know for a fact that residents prefer to go to Raj Kumbhardare or Brian Dunn. You see they are nice, they care, they listen. They are secure in who they are and are beloved by their friends and families. Guess she’s jealous, right? Sad, so sad. Pathetic, even.

So a brief segue to the recent 2023 reorganization meeting. I knew it seemed too civilized when compared to 2022. Nasty is as nasty does and please don’t jump ahead, I will get there.

To the public it looked like all were getting along up on the dais to begin 2023, right? Well let’s pull it apart. Theresa would not be elected chairwoman of the supervisors now, the jig is so very up, right? She undoubtedly in my opinion pushed for Brian Dunn to first of all punish Raj for essentially not being her boy toy. Sorry not sorry Theresa, grown men don’t gravitate towards your brand of leadership as it were. Besides supervisors generally rotate this position around within their board, and face it Raj was chairman through quite the difficult time, I am sure he doesn’t mind a break, does he? But why else Brian as chairman (and she was the one who nominated him)? Easy, she wants to set Brian up to fail in my humble opinion. She wants to say as she runs for reelection that only she can do the job. Blah blah blah.

So now I know you want to see what she is posting on her shiny new page that appears to only have one follower. She started the page November 18, 2022.

OK, OK you have been such good readers, so here are her first two and thus far only posts. And if they appear fuzzy on your screen, click on each screen shot individually or simply read the verbatim copied text:

Let’s talk December 2021. The week between Christmas 2021 and New Years 2022 I was summoned to a diner in Exton by the supervisor elect.

I found out that night that the supervisor elect and the chair of the supervisors had been colluding to fire the solicitor and replace him with a solicitor that had made campaign donations to both their campaigns. The solicitor they were planning to install had been turned down by the sitting supervisors in a 2-1 vote in January 2021 due to his heavy involvement in politics and heavy load of other townships. The solicitor that was in place had vowed to stay out of local politics to include donations to campaigns.

The discussion was started with, “ you are already outvoted,”. But out voted by who? The sitting Board of Supervisors didn’t have a vote or even a discussion.

Seems the chairperson and supervisor elect ( not sworn in) decided to fire the sitting Township Manager for reasons never explained.

The morning after the diner meeting the chairperson walked into the Township Building and fired the sitting Township Manager. She had a stellar reputation in Chester County, she was never written up or reprimanded in fact previous boards had given steady raises and bonuses to the Township Manager.

This all happened WITHOUT a vote by the sitting Board of Supervisors. This firing was illegal as was the replacement of the solicitor. The sitting BOS had installed a reputable honest solicitor and a supervisor elect and one member of the sitting board colluded to fire the Township Manager and solicitor for reasons still unclear.


What I asked for. Given that the supervisor elect ( not sworn in) and the Chairman fired the Township Manager without the required 90 days notice. I asked the than finance director to pay the Township Manager the 90 days pay.

Yes I both phoned and texted the than Finance Director to give the money to the now former Township Manager. Since this needed a vote and the time was fading away I had to wait for the 2023 Board to be seated. The figure I asked for was 3 months pay, $41,250.

Because the time ticked away and now the board consisted of me and the chairperson there was no vote,

The former manager got a lawyer. And what we ended up giving her was.

Three months pay $41,250

Three weeks vacation time $10,312.50

Plus her medical benefits for three months including her HSA contribution

So instead of giving her the 3 months pay and being finished. West Whiteland had a no show employee for the first quarter of 2022. All due to two men throwing their weight around in an illegal firing of an employee.



~Theresa Hogan SantaLUcia from her west whiteland supervisor page december 6, 2022

Let’s talk Trash:

In 2017 the then Board of Supervisors ran a survey to get an idea of where West Whiteland Residents stood on the Pay As You Throw (PAYT) program. The residents voted in a majority to continue with the PAYT program.

In the most recent local election in 2021, a new Supervisor was elected and he does not like the PAYT program. He wrote up a PowerPoint where he proposed getting rid of the PAYT program in favor of a more traditional program. One of the conditions of his program was a rebate program based on age. I would have qualified for that program. For the record I am against any rebates based on age, all rebate systems should be needs-based.

As a compromise, we distributed another survey to see where the residents of West Whiteland stood on staying with PAYT or going to a billing system and using any trash bag they want to use and putting out as much as they want for no extra charge.

The alternative for PAYT would start at $130 a year, the cost of one bag per week. Giving a break to those that put out 2 or more bags a week and costing more for those that put out 1-2 bags per month. Most smaller households either senior citizens or younger residents without children put out 1 or 2 bags per month costing between $30-$60 a year. The proposed non-PAYT system would have been an increase of $70-$100 a year.

In the 2022 Survey, we had 2032 residents on the PAYT system finish the survey. Of the 2032 responses, we had 1926 (94%) put out 1-3 bags. In the comments, some of the residents checked they use less than 1 bag a week but there wasn’t an option to say they use ½ to ¼ bag per week. The respondents voted 55% to 44% to stay with PAYT. That is an 11 point lead.

To be clear the newest supervisor wanted the survey and then claimed in the October 26, 2022 meeting that his son didn’t know about the survey. He also claimed the survey wasn’t the way to decide how to choose our trash collection system. Again, he was the one that wanted a new survey called the 2017 survey a joke.

~ Theresa Hogan SantaLUcia from her west whiteland supervisor page november 25, 2022

Umm yeah. OK Theresa. (dying laughing over here. Let’s talk trash or talk about your incessant trash talking, right? ) Don’t you just love, love, love revisionist history in politics on a Sunday morning? Blessed be.

There actually isn’t too much to say about her posts other than, Theresa, professional therapy is cheaper. I mean it’s already been established that Ms. Gleason, the former township manager of West Whiteland had her contract simply NOT renewed. Perfectly legal, happens all of the time. Sometimes, municipalities will give managers the opportunity to resign in lieu of a non renewal but it is not a written in stone thing, is it? And if they are given the opportunity to resign in lieu of non-renewal and don’t? And no I do not know what happened behind closed doors, but there are only so many ways this can go, right? And not renewing a completed contract is perfectly normal and it happens. Everywhere. Not just in West Whiteland.

And then there is the whole issue of what Theresa did which was hardly Kosher before the 2022 reorg meeting at the end of 2021, right? The whole ordering township employees to just write checks to the departing manager because she said so? It didn’t seem to matter then that she was even told by the former finance director who had also been a supervisor that this was not legal and not done, right?

But here she goes again with her revisionist history and version of truth, right? I mean is it safe to have someone obviously unhinged and delusional in public office? I mean yikes!

And let’s review: no votes, as in NO votes took place BEFORE the reorg meeting in 2022. That is the truth, and the beginning and end of it. At that same 2022 reorg meeting she not only threw then brand new supervisor Brian Dunn under the bus for essentially not going along with her, she also tried to besmirch the reputation of the new solicitor. She so doesn’t get how municipalities work and what is legal and not legal that West Whiteland should get back all the money they have shelled out so she could attend PSATs conferences, right? And Mimi Gleason is now a manager or interim manager in Lower Gwynedd in Montgomery County, maybe no matter what you think of her, the woman wants to get on with her life?

Around Ambler: New township manager on tap for Lower Gwynedd Township

Lower Gwynedd | Local News
July 24th,
2022 | By Kevin Tierney

On the agenda for the July 26th meeting of Lower Gwynedd Township’s Board of Supervisors are three items that involve a change in leadership of the township’s staff.

The first item is the consideration of a motion to accept the resignation of Township Manager Craig McAnally (pictured left) and to authorize the township’s solicitor to prepare a severance agreement. According to Linkedin, McAnally has severed as the township manager since April 2016 and was the assistant township manager for the 15 years prior.

Second is the consideration of a resolution to appoint Mimi Gleason (pictured right) to serve as the interim township manager and board secretary, treasurer, pension fund administrator, and assistant zoning officer. Gleason was most recently the township manager of West Whiteland Township, however, her contract was not renewed in a vote by the board of supervisors in January of 2022.

~Around Ambler

Of course I am amused to remember when Ms. Gleason retired from her job as township manager in Tredyffrin in 2012, declaring she had a life to live yadda yadda yadda and a “job is not a life” I have to wonder HOW she feels about Theresa right now…you know as she is trying to live her life now not after Tredyffrin, but West Whiteland? I mean you can almost feel for the woman because and old adage comes to mind — with friends like these, who needs enemies? Oy, Joey Adams, truer words were never spoken. Bossette Tweed, Saint Theresa of West Whiteland is such a liability politically and otherwise, right? If the Democrats were smart they would just formally censure her for behavior unbecoming of a public official and a Democrat.

So next let’s discuss Theresa’s Pyrrhic victory of 2022. Pyrrhic victory defined is:

Pyrrhic victory (plural Pyrrhic victories) A very costly victory, wherein the considerable losses outweigh the gain, so as to render the struggle not worth the cost.

Bossette Tweed carried on most of 2022. Her Pyrrhic victory of 2022 was the whole trash issue. Yawn. Supervisor Brian Dunn tried to offer alternatives to West Whiteland residents because at it’s simplest, SO MANY WEST WHITELAND RESIDENTS ASKED FOR AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE INEFFICIENT, RIDICULOUS TRASH BAG PLAN THAT SHE LOVES. That friends and readers, is called doing his job. She should try it sometime.

So next we go to how Bossette Tweed has her page set up for the public:

Oh yeah….that….Theresa Hogan Santalucia is an elected official. A politician. I guess she also doesn’t get that the plurality has rights. My blog has a Facebook page, and how many of us have our own personal Facebook pages? We can control our own pages because we are not politicians and elected officials. We can be as private or as public as we choose and can remove comments and block people if we so choose. Also we are all guests of social media platforms, so there is that aspect as well. Madam decided to be a politician and the rules for her are different. I will let the ACLU speak on the topic:


For generations, physical spaces – like public squares and town halls – have been critical forums for people to speak out on issues of public importance. But with the rise of social media, the avenues for members of the public to speak with their elected officials have expanded. Facebook comments and Twitter retweets are replacing the public meeting. In fact, the Supreme Court recently called these sites, “the modern public square,” where constituents can “petition their elected representatives and otherwise engage with them in a direct manner.”

If a public official uses their account to carry out their role as an elected official, then their page or account is subject to the First Amendment. That means they cannot engage in most forms of censorship such as blocking someone or deleting someone’s comments just because of their subject or opinion. It is also generally unacceptable for the official to ask the platform to delete comments for them.

How to determine if an official’s social media account is being used as an extension of their office:

  • The official identifies as a government official (e.g., includes their official title like @POTUS ) on the account.
  • The official posts announcements about their policies, responsibilities, or actions to communicate and interact with constituents and voters.
  • The official uses the account to seek or encourage comments about what legislation they should bring or support.
  • The official uses the account to call official meetings or declare orders within their authority.
  • The official encourages public discussion on their account or page.
  • The official allows users to ask for government services on their account.
  • The page lists or otherwise indicates the official’s title.

So don’t waste your breath telling her she is wrong to do this on her page other than to bring it up at a public meeting where in Public Comment you CAN challenge her on what she says and writes. That is your right as a resident of West Whiteland. I do not live in West Whiteland, so it is my right as a woman with a brain to say she is ridiculous and an embarrassment to the office she holds and to female politicians in general. She is no better than politicians like Marjorie Taylor Greene. She is a risk to the Democrats in Chester County and they should start distancing themselves now. West Whiteland Democrats and the Democrat Party of Chester County should truly consider censuring her. They ALL know her behavior is unhinged and a censure (sometimes referred to as condemnation or denouncement) does not remove her from office. However, it is a formal statement of disapproval. And necessary.

The removal of this politicians should come this election cycle. Republicans and Democrats alike in West Whiteland should unite in removing her. If they get their collective acts together they can oust her in the upcoming primary and put a stop to this by lame ducking her. For the sake of this township, this actually has to happen. Primary her ass.

As a politician, this woman also makes a mockery of local government. She wants to rule like old school back in the day Delco, only this is Chester County, and she forgets? Doesn’t care? Is that stupid?

Look West Whiteland, I am being completely transparent when I say I find this elected official’s behavior horrible. In my opinion they also lack humanity and sense of decency and that right and wrong is entirely subjective by her actions. But other than express my opinions, it is up to all of you as residents. And whether she is running or not, people should go every public meeting and at public comment speak up and speak out about this craziness and ongoing reign of terror and ask for her resignation. Maybe she won’t do it, but it is your collective right to ask.

Government is NOT supposed to be about politicians who don’t know how to do their job and what doing their job well and fairly actually entails. This is an elected official who doesn’t seem to like anyone or anything so why is she in office? Is her version of change and good government constantly projecting ugliness? Why does everyone on God’s green earth have to be continually punished because she is unhappy?

I am not an elected official, and I have no desire to be. But there are plenty of local officials who do a really good job, and there are others out there who wish to. Life is too short for ugliness, West Whiteland. Voters need to primary her this spring. And if you all do and she next plays West Vincent politics by running as a fake Republican or Independent, vote her down in the fall. Get her gone. I can’t speak for her abilities as a nurse, but I can offer my opinions on her as a politician and elected official.

Thank you for allowing an intrusion on a Sunday. I am sure this politician’s brain will explode when she reads this post, and undoubtedly she will say I am secretly running West Whiteland or something else ridiculous like she is living rent free in my head. And if you see her at a Starbucks, make sure to snap her photo.

Kiss Kiss T Bird.


they’ve come a long way baby….in exton

Ashbridge House/Indian Run Farm Exton at Main Street Bozzuto Photo

I had someone reach out to me very recently, who was a descendent of the Newlin family who once lived at Ashbridge house on Indian Run Farm in Exton/West Whiteland. His name is Nick Schade and he has shared some photos that I will share at the bottom of what this used to be but now a few words about what it has become.

This was one of the broken down old beautiful Chester County farm houses I have been obsessed with over the past few years. This was the one that when you went into Main Street, looked like it was shrink wrapped in plastic so it could be shipped somewhere like a package I don’t know how else to describe it. I have been writing about this place for a few years, the last time in 2020.

I will be completely honest, and I never thought that this would ever be restored. But it has been. This next photo is another one from Bozzuto who was the developer.

Bozzuto photo

Now I am not going to be a hypocrite, and change my tune and say I love the development around the farmhouse, because I most assuredly do not. First of all, I think there are too many apartment complexes being built out here and we don’t want to be at King of Prussia in Chester County. But it sure seems like that is the direction that everything is going, isn’t it? But I will say that I am honestly grateful that the rehab actually occurred.

It is so important for municipalities to see that adaptive reuse of old structures can occur. Like what finally happened here would be ideal for the Lloyd Farm House in Caln. Or the 18th century farmhouse on the property of the boat dealership that was Clews and Strawbridge in Frazer. Or what about the old farmhouse in Exton – you know 105 S. Whitford Road in Exton? Was part of Oaklands Estate originally and a familial/childhood home of a now retired and popular former Chester County State Representative?

I am also going to say that in spite of the insane amount of development in West Whiteland, it is also a municipality that has some mighty fine adaptive reuse and restoration of historic structures if they survive.

Back to Ashbridge House/Indian Run Farm. So the farmhouse is part of the development, and the old barn is World of Beer. The photos you will be seeing are from the Newlin family.

I am always grateful when these family members send me photos of these places I write about. Because when I see them as they were in my minds eye, and I imagine, it’s always so wonderful when I see actual photos if they exist to see that I wasn’t wrong in my imagining. It’s also cool since a lot of these families don’t have a lot of descendants left, or they don’t have descendants that know of once came from this area and lived in these great places.

The photos I am about to post start in the late 19th century and run through to the 1970s.

Thank you so much Nick for the photos and the prompt to post an update.


does miss congeniality live in west whiteland? (ummm…noooo)

Move over Marie Antoinette, Saint Theresa of West Whiteland is on the Zoom! Apparently people are being chastised for NOT going to the grocery store and using services like Instacart and Amazon? Nice. I found her interaction with this resident completely condescending, and did she go to the political graveyard of West Whiteland to dig up dead bodies to say they like the crappy and overpriced big W trash bags too?

Seriously, there were former officials speaking whose idea it probably was in the FIRST PLACE to do this whole trash bag thing! So of course they were good ol’ cheerleaders! (Full meeting video available HERE.)

Now I honestly couldn’t decide if Saint Theresa of West Whiteland should be Marie Antoinette for Halloween, or just a witch. So she has two costume options. Readers can decide on the best costume.

I will share video snippets of this public meeting and a word of warning to Supervisor Rajesh Kumbhardare. To Supervisor Raj, I caution you on your tone with residents at meetings. You are starting to sound dictatorial and combative. That is really unattractive and you can do and be better. Generally speaking, I think you are a good guy, hence the warning.

But Saint Theresa? Oy woman, just #resign already. You are an embarrassment to women, female politicians, and your own political party. Quit acting like Bossette Tweed of New Tammany Hall. How you grocery shop isn’t necessarily the golden rule of shopping is it? Who are you to judge every resident who essentially doesn’t agree with you? Ed the nice and friendly resident who spoke wasn’t the enemy. He expressed his opinion politely and in a non-threatening manner. You were rude. But then again you are always rude. You talk OVER everyone and CONSTANTLY interrupt. It’s like you are so damn afraid you won’t be paid attention to, and why is this always “The Theresa Show”? If the world revolves around YOU, lady then stop the spin so we can all jump off.

Why do you care where the guy gets his groceries? Why do you care where the man gets his toilet paper or paper towels? What does THAT have to do with West Whiteland’s over priced but cheap trash bags? And no, we all actually don’t have to go to the grocery store any longer. And however you parented and whatever you thought when you had school age kids way back when is not necessarily everyone else’s opinion and experience. We don’t care. You aren’t a shining example of anything other than an extraordinarily unpleasant politician. That, madam, will be your enduring legacy.

You want to complain constantly on social media about how hard you work, like you are the only one who has ever worked hard, right? Ok, we get it. One of my grandmothers would have called that poor mouthing.

No one is ever as good as you are in your estimation. But then again you were the one who wanted a finance person to just cut a big check at the beginning of the year, bypassing proper procedure, so is your personal estimation even one we should take into account? I guess that might be a conversation for another day. But hey what do I know, I am just a troll, right? (Your words, I also saved the screen shots before you deleted them but you haven’t deleted that post dated September 15th where you trash talk a resident you are threatened by, right?)

Back to the trash: I do not believe all of the people who say they only put out one little trash bag a week. I DO believe that people dump their trash elsewhere, I have seen it with my own eyes in East Whiteland where the walking trail goes behind some office complexes. I literally watched someone drive into the place from the road, stop their car, pop the trunk, dump trash into office complex dumpster and drive off. I have seen it in other places too. When I lived in Lower Merion there was once an apartment landlord that would pick up his trash in Lower Merion and take it to apartments they owned in Narberth.

I understand why people in developments don’t want trash cans. They don’t want trash cans because their neighbors now just leave the recycling bins out everywhere for days without bringing them back to their garages. But that is an issue with the association that runs their development, isn’t it? If the HOAs were proactive and said they were going to fine residents for leaving trash bins out all of the time and blocking sidewalks, don’t you think development residents would be more proactive?

And the quality of the trash bags is poor. Even residents who like the trash bags say that. And they also comment on how the price can jump around if the retail outlets are paying molly markup. Why can’t trash bags be delivered to residents like quarterly? Or have them available at the township building?

And as for the trash haulers making coin on the side? Cash is king, and if people are tipping them to just just make the trash go away, as long as there are bags, I think this will continue to happen. It’s human nature, sadly.

It’s a shame, really. This is really about politicians who want to govern by surveys. Not everyone will take a survey, some actually want people to TALK to them. But some won’t do surveys in addition because they fear retaliation. Some just don’t have time. I think the survey was set up to fail because two supervisors wanted this to fail. But that is on them and their future elections, isn’t it?

The other thing that is a shame is while certain things in West Whiteland seems to be improving, certain elected officials are not. Saint Theresa of West Whiteland is unpleasant essentially EVERY meeting. Sometimes she has public meeting wig outs, other times it’s on social media. And when she puts on the extra special Bossette Tweed outfit on election day, well look out?

Why does she have to be that way? The simple answer is she doesn’t. The more complicated answer is appears she is not capable of any other way to be and is just so utterly unhappy and angry a person, that it spills out in all directions. And I can wonder aloud about politicians, Theresa.

Anyway, just another trick and no treats meeting this week in West Whiteland. And that is not because trash bags won. It’s because SOME had issues with the public speaking out and not agreeing.