gosh the “professor” is pithy…

No, I don’t want to miss a word so allow me to quote the “professor”:

Today I was sent, what I consider, a very racist and sexist “blog article” apparently aimed at me… Oh well… Friends… In all seriousness. In a world filled with diverse perspectives and experiences, it’s inevitable that we encounter individuals who may not share our values or exhibit the same level of respect that we strive to maintain in our own lives. Such encounters can be challenging, especially when they involve hurtful comments or actions, such as racism or derogatory remarks. However, it’s during these moments that our capacity for forgiveness and a positive outlook can truly shine. Folks, you might think I am crazy, but I urge you to still treat these people with RESPECT and dignity. They are human… It’s OK… We do NOT need more screaming and insults… We need more forgiveness and understanding… Let’s talk and reason with each other and set a good example for the children/students. Now…Have a wonderful evening.

Gosh I love it when the “professor” opines. He’s a busy guy. When he’s not trying to co-opt issues like Save Lionville Station Farm, he loves his word salads.

Before we get to the “professor” and his latest word salad, a brief check in with the issue co-opt express. Bressi says he wants to save Lionville Station Farm from mega warehouses, and loves to use this issue for his personal political gain, but dude has been so busy tossing and serving up word salads that he has not even signed the pledge and taken the questionnaire put out by the Save Lionville Station Farm folks to politicians and elected officials. I mean, I know he likes to think big thoughts and ponder his navel but he’s had that long enough to get off the proverbial pot already, right?

So let’s get back to the “Professor“ at hand. Chris Bressi loves nothing more than trying to piggyback on an issue or social issue or whatever. I don’t think he has an original thought in his body. He acts like a Hallmark card yet this is the guy who wants to ban books and more so allow me to point out the latest which I believe is aimed at me? Political candidates love to keep up with trends, right? And now I am a sexist ? Duuude, that is truly hysterical 🤣🤣🤣

Apparently he seems like wants to call me a racist because I made fun of him posing for a photo op at a recent public event. What I said had zero to do with the event, and a person he was posing with from the event was blocked out because it wasn’t his fault Professor Smarmy wanted a photo op.

What I said was, I couldn’t decide to look that the “Professor“ was going for. Was he trying for goodfellas or the godfather?

So a fun fact “Professor“ is I am of Italian heritage. So if you’re saying I’m being racist to other Italians by poking fun at your outfit on a hot summer day I can’t help you, It is just another typical word salad from you to try to seek an advantage or attention.

And I’m not poking fun at the lovely event that a community threw, it’s all about how ridiculous and disingenuous you are…along with the Handmaidens of Donnie who help run your social media. I mean in for a penny, in for a pound, how come you didn’t pose with the one who likes to wear a gas mask to school board meetings? Would her gas mask clash or something?

It also wasn’t a blog post, it was a social media meme of a bad politician so maybe there’s something else out there that I’m missing? It was merely something a lot of us found funny because dude your outfit. I guess now I understand why you are actually kind of camera shy for a political candidate? and when you do get in a photo, you always seem uncomfortable/smarmy and why is that?

I also have to ask, did you think the Gilligan’s Island reference was racist? And if so, how so?

What’s really funny is the “professor” loves to quote Martin Luther King Jr. and Michelle Obama like farting, yet out of the other side of his mouth loves to chat about things like the evils of CRT, a favorite Trojan Horse of extremism politics which even a third grader knows isn’t taught in the public schools?

I could go on, but I won’t. It’s just too easy. I will also say out loud that the “Professor” give off the same ICK factor as county commissioner candidate David Sommers so I am surprised that they are not besties yet?

Whatever “professor”, you just keep flying high. If the voters of the Downingtown Area School District are very, very lucky you’ll hit a satellite or something and end up someplace else. 🤣

Anyway, I thought maybe he would like to sing better so enjoy “professor” smarmy, the musical.

enough already

Gosh, apparently I am a racist for questioning anything about the new Farmer in The Dell for Westtown?

Guess what? I am not a racist. I reject that as a label.

Everything doesn’t add up and water always seeks it’s own level.

This chick above wants to say that if you have questions you are tearing down a black owned business. I find that assertion on her part absolutely disgusting. And deliberately incendiary and divisive.

I have been tracking the comments. I watched on Instagram where they eviscerated a woman who not only lives in Chester County but lived a farming life for several years. She was not racist or anything remotely close, but Farmer in The Dell For Westtown allowed the people commenting to tear her apart and call her a racist .

I could post loads and loads of comments. Some good, some bad, some horrible. And there is a disturbing common theme with some comments: race baiting.

That’s wrong. I don’t care what your race, creed, or color is, it is wrong. And thanks but no, I don’t suffer from white fragility or white privilege. I can’t help the color of my skin, and that doesn’t make me bad or a racist. But it’s a great deflection tool in this scenario, isn’t it?

The message is clear even if that is not actually the intent: if you aren’t with Westtown’s New Farmer in the Dell, you’re against her. So is it you can only worship, you CANNOT raise or voice concerns about how things look (you know like the mowing issues), and you can’t say anything else? If you do, is there a shade of shade of inference none too subtly that anyone who has anything other than glowing praise and accolades is a racist? Come on, really?

And you wonder why I have zero desire to check out Farmer Jawn in Westtown and give them business at this point? I am not on the immediate bandwagon, therefore I am bad. And note, I am not saying racism doesn’t exist, it does. But I am not a practitioner.

I don’t see what this woman is actually bringing to Chester County that is positive in this moment. Hopefully it changes, and if it does that would actually and truthfully be pretty cool. The irony in ALL of this is I actually believe in her mission if it is indeed her mission. Food insecurity is a real is a real live issue, just ask Chester County Food Bank or People’s Pantry, or down on the Main Line, Narberth Community Food Bank and Ardmore Food Pantry just to name a handful of organizations who care and help.

And I actually support farmers in Chester County. But they are hard working men and women, and they spend a lot less time on Instagram telling everyone how fabulous they are. (Too much? ) And urban agriculture? It’s a good thing, just like regular gardening. But she’s in Chester County now, yes? Maybe as she asks we accept her, maybe she needs to work on some acceptance herself?

So screenshot chick and others, hope you didn’t turn blue on my account. That would be distressing. I also hope that your hate doesn’t eat you up inside. I can’t control how you feel, even if I feel it’s wrong, but you don’t have the right at attempting canceling other human beings because their opinions and questions don’t match yours, or perhaps neither their race, creed, and color.

And Grace? It’s earned. right now all y’all have earned is my disdain.

This is pretty much all I have today.

all aboard the crazy train in west whiteland

Sorry I have been busy, therefore remiss in reporting on stupid is as stupid does surfaced once again in West Whiteland Township. The August 9th, 2023 meeting was in part, ridiculous. Saint Theresa of the Lame Duck and Raj Kumbhardare were in charge because Chair of the Supervisors, Brian Dunn was on vacation.

Well suffice it to say, you can definitely tell the difference in a well run meeting and a joke. And what was one of the topics of discussion? Essentially legitimizing Theresa playing mall cop at West Whiteland Community Day this summer.

Theresa Hogan Santalucia was a whirling dervish of rude and cray cray. She flipped out on the Republicans and Democrats who had tables set up a community day. there was no active campaigning going on. Political parties are part of the community at these events. They will have information for registering to vote, and usually something to eat. We’re not talking active politicking or campaigning here.

Above is the sign that she objected to for the West Whiteland Democrats. It was there exactly as is in 2022. She is still part of them, correct? There was a high school kid manning the table. A high school kid. If that was my kid, I’d be on the phone to the township asking what gave her the right to harangue a kid for doing a volunteer job, wouldn’t you?

Again, it was reported that she also went after Republicans, including a sitting judge. The judge was getting a lobster roll from the food truck and walking around. Such a threat, right?

I have some experience in the planning of and volunteering at large community events. We used to do First Friday Main Line on a monthly basis for years. Politicians were always there and the local political committees had offices in Ardmore. They were part of the community and the understanding was be part of the community, just refrain from active campaigning.

It is not Lame Duck Saint Theresa’s job to police events and act like a rude and condescending harridan. Truthfully she is as always an embarrassment to her municipality. Truly deplorable. But she was in her element August 9th. But before we get to her interrupting Raj to be on top as it were, we can’t ignore him saying that they have to watch out for the Proud Boys asking for tables at West Whiteland Community Day.

Yes for real.

(Click HERE for entire meeting)

This is the theatre of the absurd. And between Raj and saying extremist groups are coming and Theresa mansplaining, it was quite the side show circus act. The community is only selectively allowed to participate going forward at West Whiteland community events is what I am hearing, which is why for ALL of the events I promote free of charge for communities, if this is what comes to pass I will never promote a community event EVER again in West Whiteland Township. I will also encourage vendors not to participate. Community events = community , not dollar days at the Pravda Circus.

Also, Supervisor Lame Duck Saint Theresa is a political loser. And she has targeted certain residents multiple times while a supervisor, hasn’t she? Remember sidewalk chalk-gate? I mean when when she attends a community event she always has to kick up a fuss doesn’t she?

501 (c)(3)s can allow political parties to participate in community events, as long as there are no endorsements or active politicking from the non-profits or the political parties. Providing information like voter registration etc and information in general on tables while giving out cookies or pretzels or painting faces is no big deal. NO ONE was endorsing anyone at this event as far as the political parties. The local political parties had information tables and offered treats for kids/community. The tables were manned by community volunteers from that community, sometimes kids.

And then there is the whole topic of political candidates attending community events. Well here is the truth: if the PUBLIC is invited to an event, there is right of association, and those pesky all-American things like First Amendment Rights. There were indeed candidates for public office mulling about at this event and at least one sitting judge. They were allowed to be there and wearing a simple button or sticker with their name on it is actually kosher. They were meeting people, hanging out at a public event. It was benign and nice.

Now I went to a lawyer whom I respect greatly for my questions about can political parties have tables at non-profit events as long as they aren’t politicking or endorsing, as well as are politicians and candidates allowed to be there wearing a badge or simple sticker identifying them? The lawyer I asked was Sam Stretton of West Chester.

The simple answer was yes and yes.

So regarding that whole right of association thing. In short, our US Supreme Court has long held that the First Amendment’s protection of free speech, assembly, and petition logically extends to include a “freedom of association.”

But today, politicians tend to overcomplicate the crap out of everything. And that is exactly what Mall Cop Saint Theresa of the Lame Duck did in West Whiteland. Which is yet another reason why once she is no longer a supervisor she should be out of township things altogether. And Raj needs to brush up on common sense.

Theresa before this meeting tried to justify her position of flipping out at the West Whiteland Community Day by posting this:

There were no booths selling Biden wear or Trump gear at West Whiteland Community Day. So again, meet the absurd. Theresa and Raj on this issue are indeed the living embodiment of a lack of knowledge is a dangerous thing. How embarrassing.

Well that’s it for this edition of How the West Whiteland Turns.

Perhaps Theresa could just resign now? But she won’t. She knows better than everyone, right?

Political stupidity is exhausting, but maybe that is why politicians like Theresa Hogan Santalucia does it again and again and again?

Calgon, please take Theresa away. She has free yard sales to plan after all…..

keep calm and play mall cop at community events…in west whiteland

Saint Teresa of West Whiteland loves to hear the sound of her own voice and loves to make a scene at community events doesn’t she? I mean it’s always a sidewalk chalk day somewhere, right?

Yesterday was West Whiteland’s Exton Park Community Day and Lame Duck Supervisor Saint Theresa was on patrol! Quack 🦆 🦆 quack.

I couldn’t believe it, yet I totally could believe it. A report I received that was first hand is as follows:

“Above all else be kind” was certainly not the theme of the day as far as our township supervisor Theresa Santalucia was concerned. On what was supposed to be a fun-filled event, she took it upon herself to police the grounds at Exton Community Day, searching for anything she perceived to be a break of the rules, set forth by the township, regarding political parties. The township rules for Community Day state: “Absolutely no political endorsements, petition signing, or candidate literature permitted.”

At a voter registration and face painting booth run by West Whiteland Democrats, she took it upon herself to storm up, tear a sign from its stand and inform the participants that she was taking it. By identifying themselves as West Whiteland Democrats, the rules were somehow broken. Were they supposed to offer three and a half hours of face painting anonymously?

She approached individuals, from both parties, who wore political buttons identifying themselves as candidates. She told them that they could not introduce themselves to attendees and demanded that they remove their buttons. Freedom of speech still applies to individuals attending a public event.

Theresa didn’t explain. She didn’t ask. She demanded. One has to wonder what families in attendance thought as they observed her ranting. Exton Community Day…an event to celebrate community…including, Democrats, Republicans and candidates for office.

A community day is about community. It is not Theresa Hogan Santalucia’s job to play Mall Cop. Oh the memories it brings back about sidewalk, chalk and Chalkgate in 2020.

Theresa Hogan Santalucia, Mall Cop. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? She’ll need something to do when she’s no longer a Supervisor, right? And remember the blarney about how bad her health was so she couldn’t run again? Apparently she seemed in fine fettle at community day yesterday.

So what I have been told by quite a few is, she flipped out on the Republicans and Democrats who had tables set up a community day. there was no active campaigning going on. Political parties are part of the community at these events. They will have information for registering to vote, and usually something to eat. We’re not talking active politicking here.

Above is the sign that she objected to for the West Whiteland Democrats. She is still part of them, correct? There was a high school kid manning the table. A high school kid. If that was my kid, I’d be on the phone to the township tomorrow asking what gave her the right to harangue a kid for doing a volunteer job, wouldn’t you?

Again, it was reported that she also went after Republicans, and they ignored her. (As well they should IMHO.) Too bad no one Facebook- lived her. She flipped out at a current school board member for WCASD named Darrel Durnell. He wasn’t campaigning.

Now I have some experience in the planning of and volunteering at large community events. We used to do First Friday Main Line on a monthly basis for years. Politicians were always there and the local political committees had offices in Ardmore. They were part of the community and the understanding was be part of the community, just refrain from active campaigning.

It was not Lame Duck Saint Theresa’s job to police this events and act like a rude and condescending harridan. Truthfully she is as always an embarrassment to her municipality. Truly deplorable.

In today’s highly charged political climate she could have ruined an entire and large community event completely. That is completely unacceptable and morally wrong. And yes I am allowed that opinion.

Quack quack, ducky. Stick to your free crap garage sales, emphasis on crap. Leave community events to the community.

door to door realtor sales on a sunday evening?

This woman rings my bell at 5:30 PM – new Realtor in the area. (Supposedly.) No visible soliciting permit. And again, 5:30 PM on a SUNDAY. Let’s start with she’s a stranger soliciting on a Sunday and I think that is rude.

She thought she would just introduce herself. I said “What in case I just wanted to sell my home on a whim and knew no other Realtors?”

I asked her if she looked for a no soliciting sign. (Somewhat blank stare which is surprising because it’s fairly large and metal.)

I did report to local police department because I feel quite strongly about door to door soliciting. And no visible permit.

I actually know a lot of Realtors, none I know are door to door solicitors. They also are more put together with regard to the first impression of it all.

And no, I most definitely was NOT Sister Mary Sunshine.

I will note that this woman was also with another person who was male, and I really didn’t know their age they appear to be someone with Down’s syndrome. Darkish hair as well, and sort of like a scruffy mustache beard thing.

I don’t like door-to-door solicitation, and when it’s more than one person and you’re one person answering the door, I don’t like the way that feels.

This person never identified which firm they were with or realty group within a firm, etc. and even though they said they were there soliciting for a real estate, they didn’t actually offer me a card. Which is probably just as well because I would’ve blasted it all over the Internet by now.

This person actually never said even their first name. So were they there to solicit for a real estate company with themselves as a realtor or they just casing my neighborhood?

So real estate companies, if this realtor belongs to you think twice before sending someone out door to door without a solicitation permit, visible, etc. Think twice about sending someone out around dinner time on a Sunday evening.

And above all else, if someone has a no soliciting sign posted clearly please pay attention to it.

narberth borough wants to develop sabine park? 🛑 stop the presses and stop narberth borough

Honestly I can’t even with this news. I can’t even. For years the tiny shiny Glocca Morra adjacent to the Magic Kingdom of Lower Merion Township in Montgomery County has told everyone how green they were , how into open space they are….and then the bomb drops: 201 Sabine Avenue…those asshats want to sell Sabine Park??? For real? Yup- see below ⬇️

Like I said I. Can’t. Even.

Where to start? Didn’t they research what happened when ummm….Downingtown tried to sell Kardon Park for development? (Hint see Friends of Kardon Park on Facebook. )

So Sabine Park has been a park for what? 100 years give or take?

What do I say (if it matters)?


So I got an email today which inspired this post:

SAVE SABINE! SAVE SABINE! Sabine Park/property was gifted to the community over 100 years ago.

Friends, organizations across our region have been formed to save and protect public land/land held in the public trust from local government attempts to seize and develop them. Narberth is no different. Please support this organization and help to preserve Narberth parks.

On June 15, 7pm, 80 Windsor Ave Narberth(attached to library building, next to ball fields). The Sabine Coalition will hold a meeting with their Attorney Phil Rosenzweig to address community concerns over Narberth Borough government attempts to harm this park. Rosenzweig has reiterated the state laws that protect this property to Narberth Borough leadership. Council has not responded to requests to meet with the public and have ignored Rosenzweig’s request to meet as well.

www.sabinecoalition.com This site provides background and information on this property. There is a meeting registration request on front page.

“It’s NOT about POLITICS, it’s about our PARKS”

Phil Rosenzweig doesn’t mess around and he plays to win. And Narberth Borough seems to have been ignoring him? (Oh and Narberth Borough is working with people out of Paoli called Real Estate Strategies Inc.)

Help Sabine Park STAY a PARK

Tell Narberth to go to hell with this plan. When did Narberth get so bad government AGAIN?


dear willistown, if someone dumped strange chemicals on my property, can guarantee happiness wouldn’t abound

So does anyone recognize that broad side of a barn or the logo on that tractor thing?

Well, apparently, if it’s something weird that will happen, it will happen in Willistown Township.

A friend has come to me asking if I recognized anything about this tractor like the logo and she knows it’s grainy because it’s from a security camera. Here is the tiny video. The video was taken May 3, 2023 at 9:50 AM. This video was taken on their property on Creek Road. They think that this vehicle came from Wildwood Drive.

The homeowners here were not home. They were out of town. They had not contracted with anyone for any sort of work on the property. And as far as they have been able to ascertain neither have their neighbors.

They went to the Willistown Police Department via phone because they were out of town when the security camera went off. They filed a police report right then, but right or wrong, recounted to me that they didn’t feel taken seriously, or the person taking the report didn’t understand how bad this could actually be.

Not only was their lawn completely turfed, and I have photos to post next, there is this smell emanating from where whoever this was dumped whatever it was and people need to know what the chemicals are! And yes the smell is still there! And it’s now days later!!

Now my friend does appreciate that Willistown sent an officer to check it out, however, this is something that is kind of a big deal potentially. Like many of us they are on a well. Like many of us, they have pets that could be potentially fatally sickened from whatever was tossed on their property. The officer who responded did not seem to get out of their vehicle?

This dumping event is SO not OK. Not only does this person not know what chemicals were dumped, but whoever the company is and employee totally ruined her lawn. She and her husband feel utterly VIOLATED and environmentally conscious Willistown Township needs to get on the stick here.

If you have any information, leave a comment, and or message any other kind of proof to this blog’s Facebook page. I will pass it along to the homeowner. If you saw the truck carrying this weird little tractor thing and Bubba in his big blue suit, also helpful information.

Illegal dumping is actually a crime. And this counts is illegal because they didn’t authorize any work or anything.

If you are media, and you would like to be connected to this person, you can similarly contact me and I will pass your information along to them.

We have enough environmental hazards on a daily basis without some thing that is intentionally bad news like this.

UPDATE – following screenshots sent by a Nancy Drew doing sleuthing- not me FYI:

oh my gosh “professor” you’ve been found out!!

There is this guy running for school board in the Downingtown Area School District. A nouveau politician who scrubbed all old social media and now he has a page where he’s like a drag version of Michelle Obama except more like her evil twin who is a member of Klanned Karenhood, right?

Well the professor from Gilligan’s Island has more credibility and now others are realizing it because why? Oh yes when politicians try to use local issues for political personal gain, well….people notice….and they don’t like it…..shocker, right?

People in DASD if you vote for him, you deserve what you get. That is all.

Politics is like spy vs. spy and the guy who always wants to tell you he’s by far the smartest guy in the room, generally speaking is not. And that’s something where he’ll say I am going low but last time I checked he wasn’t an air traffic controller.

Happy Sunday.

hey tredyffrin: remember mt. pleasant in the panhandle? it’s blue tarp party season.

Giant college party going on in Mt. Pleasant since 1 PM. Kids keep ubering in. Police as per residents have been called at least 5 times, and well here, read the screen shots off of social media:

Tredyffrin Police? Are you so busy you can’t deal with this, or is it you do not want to deal with it? Tredyffrin Supervisors? Do you have a collective pulse?

So Tredyffrin we KNOW you like to pretend Mt. Pleasant doesn’t exist, except when you and Upper Merion approve ridiculous land development that is. And is that development for college student rentals? Seems a little overpriced for that maybe?

I don’t want to say Tredyffrin is prejudiced or biased against some residents, but hey the optics? Sleazy at a minimum here? These people aren’t good enough to care for or something?

These people, as in the people raising kids and living like normal people in Mt. Pleasant have an expectation of quiet enjoyment legally, correct? I don’t think that includes blue tarps to block keg view for the neighbors etc is part of quiet enjoyment?

How about do your damn jobs Tredyffrin? And media? If you are interested in Mt. Pleasant I can hook you up. It is actually in Chester County, PA.

For years, virtually throughout it’s history, Mt. Pleasant is treated poorly, and poorly is a polite descriptive adjective.

Oh here’s a blue tarp party photo from September. Tredyffrin quite a few OUTSIDE of Mt. Pleasant have been keeping tabs. We want better for them. Even if you don’t give a good god damn.

don’t stop believing?

Is Instagram now really The Diary of a Malignant Narcissist? High on the hog of her Main Line Tonight interview, she’s back on Instagram proclaiming not sure exactly what?

My true unfettered amusement on this first screenshot is she still doesn’t get how the Main Line works. Not my job to educate. Also, what is she responding to? My opinion?

This above? Just wow, right? Words are cheap and she sure is slinging them like mud, oui? Like at our local journalist and all around wonderful lady, Caroline O’Halloran? For real? You are going after her too? All those court dockets are just lies too? Police reports? Does she live in an alternate universe or does Melissa Jacobs have it right when she refers to her as Hillary White Jean: The Main Line’s Anna Delvey? (Careful, Melissa, you are probably next. as everyone takes a turn in her blame game, don’t they?)

Certainly more to unpack, yes?

My post yesterday might explode if I added more, hence the new post.

Yesterday’s post:

Back to the screenshots:

I’m not quite sure what the point is with the posts about Tehrani brothers? She’s not exactly the wounded party here, is she? I mean this is just one of two retail store leases she skipped out on in Wayne isn’t it? Did they have to accept what she purportedly proposed?

I don’t really know Nancy Volpe Beringer, other than who she is and I watched her on Project Runway and cheered her on. But what do these posts prove? Because if you think about it, of course, Nancy can wear her own pieces. She either designed them, or actually owns them, correct?

And once again, she pivots back to a subject of some obsession doesn’t she? Why so obsessed with publicist, Sarah Doheny? After all, if you bounce checks to someone and stiffed them on the total amount of what you agreed to pay them, how is that other person supposed to feel? Wasn’t there someone different as a publicist down in Glen Mills? Seems a wee bit stalkeriffic as a whole, doesn’t it?

I don’t pretend to have the answers here, I am following along with popcorn like everyone else. But I just don’t get it and I have to wonder if victims are feeling victimized yet again?

First Savvy Main Line then Main Line Tonight seemed to have established that what happened in Wayne is a repeat pattern from other businesses in other places, right?

Also curious? Why she leaves out text messages like to her former publicist, Sarah Doheny? Like these two (she does all of the talking it seems except for a polite blue reply which is Doheny?) :

Curiouser and curiouser. Where are you hiding Keith Morrison?

Savvy Main Line: The swift rise and steep fall of a Wayne shopkeeper; Top-shelf shooting at Main Line Armory; Walk-in pet care; New Joey Chops & Thrillz adventure park; All-weather pickleball (!) & much more


Court and police records show that Jean:

  • has declared bankruptcy five times in three states since 2011, most recently on Jan. 30 of this year.
  • has been repeatedly sued for alleged nonpayment of bills and has had at least four court judgments entered against her since 2021.
  • has been arrested three times since arriving in Wayne: twice last summer for passing fraudulent checks and once three weeks ago for witness intimidation, harassment and other charges at her preliminary criminal hearing before Radnor District Judge Leon Hunter. The Delaware County DA and Radnor and Newtown police have all confirmed ongoing investigations of Jean.

To the public, she was a smart businesswoman, a former hairdresser from Haiti with a sharp eye for style and a winning personality who worked hard for the designer clothes she wore and the Range Rover she drove.

Jean marketed herself as both “the first black business owner in Wayne” and a fashion pioneer who was upping the Main Line’s style game. “We’re bringing Rodeo Drive to the Main Line,” she once told SAVVY with a 100-watt smile….

But court and police records and our interviews with multiple sources reveal a woman who repeatedly changed names, addresses and businesses and stiffed people and companies whose fashions she sold, whose space she rented, and whose services she engaged.

In the last two years, Hillary White Jean has opened and closed three stores: Lady M Boutique (M was for millionaire) in Glen Mills, HJ Boutique at 106 E. Lancaster Ave. in Wayne (now the home of Wheelhouse Cards) and JWH Boutique at 209 E. Lancaster Ave. at the former Mattress Factory/Tehrani Rug Co. building, also in Wayne…..In an early January email to customers dotted with all-caps exclamations, Jean called her time in Wayne “phenomenal … We MADE HISTORY. ASK SIRI … We were named the New Beverly Hills Fashion Boutique in Wayne.” She blamed “unfortunate unexpected circumstances” for her store’s closure and invited customers to shop online.

“Perhaps it’s just temporary,” she wrote. “We are in the middle of a renegotiation. We’re NOT sure how it will work out.”

But according to her Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy filing on January 30, 2023, she owes nearly $476,280.42 to her first Wayne landlord, School Lane Holdings Co., with whom she signed a five-year lease with a personal guarantee, and $67,103.42 to her second Wayne landlords, Reuben, Benjamin and Youda Tehrani.

~SAVVY MAIN LINE 2/28/2023