the epicurious cookbook is out!!!

As of October 30, released their first cookbook, and one of my recipes is in it!

You can order cookbook direct from or Amazon.  I am thrilled to be included, and they even feature a blurb about my recipe inside the back cover, which I also think is very cool.

I received my advance copy from the publishers about a week ago, and it is a terrific cookbook.  Truthfully, if my recipe wasn’t in the book, I would still buy it!


post sandy: downed wires in glenmoore, upper uwchland

I promised that I would post Sandy photos if they were sent to sandysnaps @ spamex . com

Here are a couple from Glenmoore.  They come from Dawn and Ed Mourar with the following message:

“As of 2 pm on 10/31, these lines remain untouched and on the ground.”

Now I know PECO is slammed, but I sent the photos to a contact anyway (and of course out that way, it might not be PECO, it might be PPL).  What I don’t understand is why Upper Uwchland has not at least hazard taped this area off? They could be live wires, right?

Glenmoore isn’t that big, so hopefully someone knows where this is. The one drawback for me is a location other than Glenmoore did not come with the photos. If anyone knows the exact location, please post a comment.

Remember – PLEASE DON’T TOUCH DOWNED WIRES.  Leave it to the professionals.

sayonara, sandy

Indian River Bridge in DE

Indian River Bridge in DE

Mind you I think the other shoe has yet to fall on many trees around here – the ground is so saturated and those winds yesterday were fierce.  I thought at times the wind sounded like a freight train.

The mandatory evacuation remains in effect. No entry to Avalon is permitted until further notice.
Photo taken Tuesday by Avalon Public Information Officer Scott Wahl.

Dewey Beach DE

We are very fortunate that we are not in DE,  NJ or NY (Long Island and NY especially).

I have friends and family in all of those places and I am glad they are safe, although many have no power.

The photos I have found here and there.

Cars swimming in the financial district of NYC post Sandy

Atlantic City, NJ

Outside my friend’s apartment in Jersey City, NJ

From Main Line Media News – death of a Penn Oak :<(