ex-supervisors in west vincent be like….seeing dead people

When there is an election coming in West Vincent you can always rest assured that the same old political bullsheit will surface. Oh yes, bad words…please alert the potty mouth police. (Yes, sarcasm, we are talking about West Vincent, after all.)

Take the letter above. Written by Vomitorious Ralph err…that suave Country Squire former Lower Merion Township resident and political operative , former West Vincent Supervisor…David Brown.

Hence, elections in West Vincent are like seeing dead people…err former politicians desperately seeking relevance.

(Yessss people…..Buckle up West Vincent between now and Election Day it will be CRAY CRAY…..)

Time to resurrect Chickenman archives?

The largest irony about reading this letter? Wondering if it’s autobiographical to the author’s cronies and their days gone by?

I mean come on now really Mr. Brown? My goodness. If you were Pinocchio ūü§• would you be able to hold your head up now?

You can always count on West Vincent to be super nasty at election time. I have experienced it personally and have saved the screen shots to prove it. Cyber bullying, cyber harassing, the dickitude factor runs high.

I fully expect they will attack me again because oh my gosh my golly I don’t like the crap that spews out of West Vincent every single election season.

If you want the tea and scones administration to return, by all means be of the sheeple and for the sheeple and vote sheeple. Sara Shirk is your gal.

But if you want a nice man who is thoughtful and caring and honest, then vote for George Dulchinos.

Otherwise it’s the Handmaids Tale….

election season cowards in west vincent


Vandalism? Really?

Come on now all you fine folks of West Vincent Township Chester County, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t lather and fluff up the fighting feathers at me demanding I stop blogging about the sordid underbelly of West Vincent Township when you as adults vandalize private property and send out harassing emails from  johnsmith@yahoo.com like they can’t be traced and you can’t be found.


You can be found, West Vincent isn’t such a big place. What will you all do when you are unveiled? How will you explain it to the people you have been shoving phony baloney horse manure at for years?

I know the twisted psychology and reasoning and it doesn’t wash. Vandalism and harassing emails are against the law.

To the other residents of West Vincent: this is why you need to retire Supervisor Roadmaster Farmer KenOcrat Miller. Any individuals who would do THIS to keep some lower level life form of the lowest tier local yokel politician in office is yet another  valid reason why the tyranny and dictatorship need to come to an end. This isn’t medieval Europe, it is the 21st century. We live in Chester County, Pennsylvania and wow isn’t this why Quakers and others settled here in the first place? To escape mob mentality and behavior such as this?

It should not be acceptable  to anyone that your friends, fellow residents, and neighbors should  be subjected to cowardly acts of petty vandalism and other harassment.

Vote to end this behavior.

 Vote Miller OUT of office. 

Retire him, and you remove their power. It’s that simple.

You know it wouldn’t take much to visit every hardware or home improvement store in the area asking who had bought spray paint recently. Most of the stores keep track of who buys spray paint because of vandalism. 


it’s not easy being green….


It’s not easy being green…poor, poor West Vincent Township.¬† So much darn odd stuff happens within the township boundaries, you just can’t make it up.

The latest is a gargantuan pot bust.¬† Yes marijuana is apparently the new crop in that part of Chester County.¬† I can’t see it from my window and that is good.

Before I post the article I would mention that West Vincent residents have an AWESOME and not connected to the current regime candidate for supervisor РJohn Jacobs.  Given the odd things that happen to West Vincent residents  have an interest in cleaning up local government, can it be said this man puts himself at great risk to run?  Well of he can do that, you all should be able to vote for him.  West Vincent residents all say they want change, well the only way to get that is to break the death grip the current network has with a new supervisor.

You want change, people?¬† Vote the old out and vote in the new.¬† John Jacobs has a website.¬† ¬†Here is a link to other endorsed candidates if you are interested. Yes it is GOP and I would put up the Democratic info if I could find it. But the truth is who is representative of them in West Vincent? Clare Quinn?¬† Lordy that isn’t something to brag about and are you all still paying her benefits? Also worth noting? Another fabulous upstanding and honest person that I think would be marvy is running for West Vincent Township Auditor – Maria Holderness. Seriously people, it is time for change in your neck of the woods. After all what does it hurt to consider people whose hands AREN’T in some cookie jar somewhere?

Here is the article and yes, it’s not easy being green:

DA: major West Vincent pot grow operation busted

Posted: Thursday, 05/09/13 01:24 pm Updated: Thursday, 05/09/13 07:14 pm

WEST VINCENT ‚ÄĒ Over 180 marijuana plants were seized and one man was arrested Tuesday after police discovered a ‚Äúsophisticated‚ÄĚ grow operation at a home in the 1200 block of Jaine Lane in Spring City.

“Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan announced the arrest of Christian Titone of Spring City Thursday for allegedly running what police said was a sophisticated hydroponic grow operation and that housed over 180 live marijuana plants .”;
According to the Chester County District Attorney’s Office, 53-year-old Christian Titone was arrested after police executed a search warrant at his home. Officials said the home was located in a secluded area of the township.

“Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan announced the arrest of Christian Titone of Spring City Thursday for allegedly running what police said was a sophisticated hydroponic grow operation and that housed over 180 live marijuana plants .”;
“The defendant thought he could outsmart the police trying to grow marijuana in a secluded section of Chester County. He was wrong,‚ÄĚ said District Attorney Tom Hogan. ‚ÄúWe have confiscated his drugs arrested him, and now will move to forfeit everything associated with his drug dealing.‚ÄĚ

photo courtesy of The Daily Local News via Chester County DAs Office

photo courtesy of The Daily Local News via Chester County DAs Office

“A large number of grow lights removed from the West Vincent home of Christian Titone, who is charged with a large-scale marijuana growing operation.

Police said investigators executed a search warrant at Titone‚Äôs home during Tuesday‚Äôs early morning hours. Inside, they found a sophisticated hydroponic grow operation…also found processed marijuana ready for sale…Titone‚Äôs home also had a ‚Äústate of the art‚ÄĚ surveillance system…After the search, executed by the Chester County Detectives and the county‚Äôs High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Strike Force, members of the state police‚Äôs Clandestine Laboratory Team removed the marijuana and all of the growing equipment, officials said.

I notice the Daily Local lists a rather long list of law enforcement involved.¬† Basically everyone except West Vincent’s own police department and why?¬† Was West Vincent’s Chief out collecting Gabe Pilotti’s gun or something?¬† Pilotti is the one who shot the dogs in cold blood, remember?¬†¬† One would have thought that the West Vincent police would have confiscated the weapon pending the outcome of the court case, right?¬† But we’re not here to discuss dog killers today.

Anyway just chalk it up to more unpleasant spotlights shining down on West Vincent.

Also found coverage in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

POSTED: Thursday, May 9, 2013, 4:07  PM

Aubrey Whelan Philadelphia Inquirer

Chester County detectives have arrested a West Vincent man who, they say, was¬† running “a major marijuana grow operation” in his house.

On Tuesday evening, detectives entered the home of Christian Titone, 54, on a¬† search warrant. Inside, they found 188 marijuana plants — part of what Chester¬† County prosecutors called a “sophisticated hydroponic grow operation” that¬† included lights, ventilation and an irrigation system, according to court¬† documents.

Titone had also set up a high-tech surveillance system that allowed him to¬† monitor everything inside and outside the house from HD monitors, detectives¬† said. The detectives also found processed, ready-to-sell marijuana in 12¬† different strains — with names like “Afrodite Mother” and “Ace of Spades,” they¬† said

Kudos to the Kennett Times for a catchy article title that cracked me up.

The Kennett Times: Plethora of pot plants lead to drug bust

W. Vincent resident accused of  marijuana-growing operation

By Kathleen Brady Shea, Managing Editor, The Times

Authorities said an alleged marijuana grower thought his remote location and sophisticated surveillance system would protect him from police….‚ÄúA high-tech, high-end drug operation like this would be providing drugs to suppliers from Phoenixville to Kennett Square and points beyond,‚ÄĚ said Hogan….Titone has been charged with several drug-dealing offenses, including possession with the intent to distribute controlled substances and possession of drug paraphernalia, the criminal complaint said.¬† Hogan said Titone was released after ‚Äúpromptly‚ÄĚ paying $100,000 cash bail. He said a preliminary hearing would be scheduled in the near future.

these aren’t the salem witch trials west vincent are they?

DSC_0069The problem with small towns is among other things, gossip.  Can that be said to be a huge issue in West Vincent Township?

As an auslander observing how these small Chester County Hamlets like West Vincent work, it can often be described as with fear and loathing can’t it? He said, she said with an unhealthy dose of incestuous politics, right?

So many I know¬†would never live in West Vincent because of the convenient and batting of the eye inexplicable crap that happens to ordinary people who aren’t even doing anything half the time, right?

Want to know what I have noticed going through West Vincent of late?  The number of properties for sale on every road and dirt lane imaginable.  It is a small place and it seems that in it and abutting it, homes are going up for sale.  Some of them incredibly beautiful, slice of heaven worthy properties. Can that all be because of the economy?  Or is it deeper, darker, more sinister?  Could part of what is wrong also have to do with fears of unecessary development? (see letter here called 2February2013Bville ) Or taxes? Or how tax monies are spent? Township services?

But part and parcel of what is wrong with West Vincent is fear and loathing and whisper down the lane, correct? Political retribution?  Persecution of innocents?


Bullies come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and socio-economic levels.  Real Christian people abhor bullying.

So West Vincent officials of course you know nothing about this, right? But can it be said you might never lift a finger if you knew who was doing this?

So West Vincent, here is the 411: Do you want to be on my radar again?  Do you want to be under the microscope of media? 

We realize you are still obsessed and live in fear of Chickens¬†and mobs of Birchrunville People but let’s grow up, shall we?¬† Not every one of your residents is going to agree with you.¬† You are not gods.¬† You were put there by the people and can be removed by the people, yes?¬† You are not immune to ethics inquiries and state investigations, either, are you?¬† Is that what you are trying to avoid?

The times they are a changing and it is time for twisted Mayberry to get with the program. Persecution and gossip are so Salem Witch Trials and February 1692 right?

And here is an idea to lay on the general public: accountability.¬† If you know who leaves persecution missives around town in this country hamlet, feel freee to speak up.¬† God don’t like ugly after all.

A final thought to file under God don’t like ugly and accountability are some flyers I have held onto, and in some cases for months.¬† People have been sending them to me for months.¬† They show up in places like the US Post Office in a couple of locations.¬† I believe Birchrunville and maybe Chester Springs.

It is of course damn stupid to harass private citizens via the US Postal Service – and FYI it doesn’t matter if you are posting on post office property or sending through the mail it can and all should be given to US Postal Inspectors, shouldn’t it?¬† They throw stuff like that through crime labs for prints and whatnot – sometimes state labs, but often Federal labs and would¬†you want YOUR finger prints or DNA on them? And this isn’t CSI, they actually do this stuff. And if my name was on one of those flyers being left in post offices I certainly would contact the postal inspectors.

I have redacted the names but it is all obviously political in West Vincent because the citizen targets include¬†one person who ran for supervisor and someone else was an honest Republican Committeeman.¬† And the type face¬† and phrasing is similar enough to give anyone with a brain pause that it is the same author or authoress as the notice above.¬†But again, anyone with a brain wouldn’t do something this stupid because eventually it all comes out. And these people are doing this because they are obsessed with Chickenman.¬† As in who the writer Chickenman is.

And what are they going to “prosecute” Chickenman for anyway?¬† Telling the truth? (In that case Viva La Chicken, right?)Having First Amendment Rights? Exercising a very American tradition of having a pen name? (I will also note they tried this a few years ago in Delaware County with a blogger called¬†Delco Tom Paine or something close to that.¬† He was never exposed, never prosecuted, and much of what he wrote about came to pass.)

Bottom line: government corruption is like mold until it sees the light of day.  And shame on whomever for persecuting private citizens for having two brain cells to rub together. And if these flyers end up being discovered as being created by West Vincent elected officials, appointed officials or with the knowledge of either well that might be a problem for a lot of people, huh?

West Vincent, it is 2013.  Knock it off.  The more you try to slide stuff by the more people seem to come forward and ask questions.  Trying to silence, bully, harass, initimidate, and harrangue residents is not working in your favor so why not try a little honesty instead of croneyism?

chickfilet 1


final dumbass flyer

And now for the ultimate in Paranoia.¬† (And oh the irony they are ankle biting Jim Gerlach, eh? I bet the Congressman loves being up on post office walls next to the FBI most wanted, huh?) And at the end of the day is Chickenman silent? I still get mailings, don’t all of you?


If I was an elected or appointed or connected¬†person in West Vincent I sure wouldn’t want to be caught along with whomever is putting harassing flyers up in US Post offices around West Vincent, would you? LOL this is some kind of truth for West Vincent isn’t it? And my final thing on this post is to post the list of “contributors” to two blogs no one reads (they are possibly vegan and at the very least chicken-free LOL):

Truth for West Vincent

I am a West Vincent resident and I set up this blog in 2009 to invite my neighbors to share information and enter a discussion about our township, what’s working and what’s not. Please continue to share your thoughts.


WVT Open Forum

This is a place to post signed messages, no hidden authors, no unsubstantiated allegations.  Please speak your piece and share your opinion. We ask posters and commenters to identify themselves; we would like this to be a discussion forum for West Vincent Township residents only.  Thank you.


Twisted Mayberry….there is no substitute.¬† You people would eat your young if it meant having your own way, don’t you all think so?

hint to clare: buy a nespresso machine

https://i0.wp.com/chestercountyramblings.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/tacie-1.jpg?resize=306%2C246So a while ago I wrote that West Vincent Supervisor Clare Quinn was going into the cafe-hospitality-bakery business.

Well, apparently Tacie’s is open.¬† I encourage everyone to go because West Vincent taxpayers are still paying Supervisor Clare’s health benefits, right? (If they aren’t and she is once again self-supporting in that area, by all means leave a comment so I can correct the post!)

Unfortunately for our burgeoning Chester County Barefoot Contessa¬†the first review is *not* so good.¬† It’s a yelp that yelps¬†alrighty.¬† ONLY 1 star given? Yikes!

Here is what the Yelp reviewer said:

Tacie’s Cafe and Bakery

Categories: Coffee & Tea, Breakfast & Brunch, Bakeries


Terribly disapointing…Build up and PR led one to expect a comfortable coffee cafe with free wifi where sitting with your computer, having a cup of fine coffee and a homemade pastry or sandwich would fill a huge void in this area (The only other close spot of this sort is St Peters Cafe and they have very limited hours)
The atmosphere is NO different from¬†the old, dowdy, church-lady style of the former Coventry Tearoom. Coffee was awful—as¬†bad as Wawa¬†and no one even knew what roaster¬†they were using which made it clear that it was just standard Aramark type coffee.
I was given the tiniest cup I’ve ever had in my life for a takeaway. Sticky bun which I took home was ok, nothing special.
But the main disappointment¬†is that this place opened as if we were in 1965 and that the population out here hasn’t changed since then. Not even an attempt in a comfortable decor or even any current great background music.
Completely unsophisticated and mediocre. Youd at least think that with Kimberton¬†Roaster¬†so close by they’d make an effort to have a great coffee if nothing else!!
With all the money being saved on quality/decor and such, the should hire a consultant to bring them into the 21st Century! Being cosy in the country is not the same as being cultural crap…..and according to the review above, obviously no one in the kitchen realizes that we now ( those of us who care in any case) eat with a thought to our heart health. The last thing this area needs is more fat fried in fat disguised as ‘food’.
Really , really a shame…..

Now I won’t ever go to Pottstown just for coffee and a bun, so honestly it is doubtful I would ever darken her door.¬† Also doubtful because much like Farmer Ken she supported eminent domain for private gain a year ago at Ludwig’s Corner¬†Horse Show. How can I support a business that has an owner who supported even the thought of eminent domain for private gain? It’s a personal thing with me, but it is how I feel.

However, don’t let me stop you from going to Tacie’s because if she makes money she gets off the dole in West Vincent for health benefits, right?¬† Even if we all know she and some other petty people in West Vincent are not so supportive of fellow West Vincent residents and their businesses, right?¬† Even if they see magical¬† chickens behind every bush and tree, right? (I am somewhat disappointed as she has never accused me of being Chickenman¬†– LOL it makes one feel left out of the fowl club!!!)

But Clare, wow, maybe you should just buy a Nespresso machine. They make fabulous coffee.  There are few things worse than a bad cup of coffee in a cafe.

As for the rest of it, you either have style or you don’t.¬† You can either cook and bake or you can’t. You are either hospitable with a generous spirit or you aren’t. ¬†Maybe you can fake it til you make it? And a Yellowbook coupon? really?

I wish her luck, but the truth is so many people who don’t know boo about running a cafe or restaurant open them up.¬† I love to cook for example, am very good at it, but I know that doesn’t make me Julia Child.

morning ride

Snapped this in West Vincent.  So perfectly peaceful and beautiful to watch riders go by in their full (and correct) attire.  Except if development keeps on being the gift that keeps on giving, how long do you think we will have the privilege of seeing such things?

They used to ride like this in Gladwyne.  They used to ride like this in a lot of places. And not too long ago.  There is not room for cookie cutter development and horses and farms.  Choices must be made.  What is your choice where you live in Chester County?


sigh…..more drama in the hinterlands

On the news today they announced that the FBI has a new toll-free government corruption hotline.  The toll-free hotline number is 855-FBI-TIPS (855-324-8477). They did it for Philadelphia, but will accept tips for any municipalities and see where they lead.  File under food for thought. Not saying anything, not accusing anyone of anything, it is public information released today and I found it interesting.

Now onto other curiosities du jour:¬† quizzle me this: how does a property owner in Chester County not get notified at a potential zoning change they describe as “40 feet” from their front door?

Calling West Vincent, your slip is showing again.

The long and short of it is some chef wants to open a BYOB.  Not only is there residential to be considered, but it is in a school zone too, apparently? Funny thing is people love quaint country BYOBs, but hey proper notification is key, correct?

Now I have a resident’s permission to post this drama in a country beat, but I am afraid they will be retaliated against for speaking up, let alone speaking to a blogger. And well this blogger hopes that West Vincent shows some style here and just tidies up their mess in a legitimate, above board, sunshine-friendly fashion, ok?

So this nice guy named Kevin Miller is a little upset.¬† Mostly because he says he never received a written notice of this proposed use and how is that possible? ¬†Was it just an innocent oops that they skipped notifying this property owner? Wasn’t anything posted at the property in question for people to see?¬† Are there innocent oopsie daisies in West Vincent?¬† If only a couple of properties within this little stretch were being zoned commercial is that spot zoning?¬† (I am not a planner or land use specialist or zoning guru, so I am just asking.)

Here is the e-mail this nice man sent to his supervisors:

————————-email to claire quinn and kenneth miller—–

I am the property owner next to Elaine’s flower shop ([HOUSE NUMBER REDACTED] Conestoga rd.).  Last week a neighbor informed me that there was a planning commission meeting in which a proposed change to the zoning map was being considered that included my property.   Apparently Elaine Horton is attempting to sell her barn to a person who wishes to open a BYOB restaurant 40 feet from my house.

I must say that when I attended this meeting to express deep concern over this, I was even more shocked that apparently, this was pretty much mapped out and set to be approved by the planning commission.¬† Maybe I am na√Įve in not randomly checking the West Vincent website to see if someone‚Äôs trying to rezone my house, but I‚Äôm beyond shocked that no one from the township made any effort whatsoever to communicate this to me, in any form.

The concerns I expressed to the planning commission were as follows:

  1. ¬†You‚Äôre basically approving to open a BYOB restaurant in a school zone ‚Äď directly across the street from an elementary school.
  2. I assume this restaurant will be open at night?  Which mean I and my family with 3 small children will have to deals with parking lot lights, noise…etc at night now?
  3. The proposed map was basically spot zoning by skipping over the property at 2735 and its frontage
  4. Concern over the viability of a restaurant in a less-than-optimal retail location given the amount of construction work it would take to get the building up to code.

Fortunately, it appears the planning commission at least paused on approving this until November.  I and a number of neighbors in the immediate area think the idea of a restaurant at this location is bad in many ways.  I’ve communicated my concern over a BYOB restaurant, which will be open during school hours, to the West Vincent PTA and the initial reaction from them was what I would classify as quit negative.

I did not email you today to complain about a proposed restaurant next to my house because frankly, the notion of changing that bat-ridden barn in a place where is food is served is laughable.  What I am taking issue with is the simple fact that the township knowingly made zero effort to communicate with me that you were you going to re-zone my house.

Thankfully, and unlike  elected officials, my neighbors cared enough to bring this to my attention.

I would like an explanation as to why the township made no effort to communicate with  me on  this.   I received multiple communications about the proposed sidewalk from Jim Wendleglass and that’s not even close to happening from what I understand.  My house was basically mapped out with Elaine’s to be spot zoned commercial!  The fact that I didn’t know about this is nuts.

Here is the e-mail that Kevin Miller sent to me that his wife got from the real estate agent when she inquired about the property:

Hi – Unfortunately, there was no attachment indicating which listing you are referring to but it might be the florist business located on RT. 401 called “Elaine’s Flowers”. It has a commercial variance for a gift shop relating to the floral business. There are many uses under the current zoning. Currently, an offer is on the table regarding an organic restaurant. West Vincent is discussing change a “block” of parcels into a commercial district. We are currently involved in those meetings. Please call me at (610) 952-3600.

Barb Kondrath

So this involves Elaine’s Flowers.¬† Now interestingly enough I found a Prudential Page about this address.

Seems to me that West Vincent has done everyone a disservice here and put backs up all the way around, yes? These things are ALWAYS 100% worse when municipalities don’t take the little steps to ensure comfort, yes?

See PDFs of WVT documents: 001, 2, 3 (incidentally these were NOT sent to me by the potentially affected resident.) I guess they are applicable here?

It is indeed a shame that it appears that West Vincent has screwed a lot of stuff up for a lot of people? I mean don’t you also feel sorry for this woman trying to sell her florist shop?

this chicken dinner will keep them coming back for more

Any vegans in the room need to turn away from the page now.¬† We’re talking chicken.¬† And I love chickens. I am also ¬†a fan of Chickenman in West Vincent and am hoping he doesn’t get run over by the road master of West Vincent or the peace love and eminent domain lady and¬†the lawyer of reinvention¬†either.

But I digress. And besides, I bet Chickenman would love my home cooking as well as witty political repartee n’est‚Äďce pas?

Back to cluck…so easy to wander down a rutty path towards politics when discussing chicken dinners.¬† After all chicken dinners are the staple of most politicians.

(If you were hoping for The Pioneer Woman or Barefoot Contessa , sorry, it’s just me)

And yes, as per above photo I do know where chickens come from.  No, I will not be doing my version of Little House on The Prairie and fetching a chicken and slaying it for dinner.  Mine came from the market.

It’s summer I don’t want to stuff anything except maybe the occasional tomato or deviled egg.¬† But today has been thunderstorm city¬† and who knows if it will keep on not raining or not, so oven it is.

I love roast chicken and this is the plan B roast chicken when you don’t feel like stuffing.

First I clean out my chicken and remove the gizzards (which I freeze for homemade stock another time.)

Then I June Cleaver it with my cleaver.¬† Oh ok: translation: I place my raw chicken breast side down on a non-wooden cutting board and cleave her open (see photos).¬† Then I place her breast side up and spread out on a little roasting rack in a pan I have lined with that half parchment half foil paper, foil side up (easier clean up – sorry – it is Friday and I don’t want to be slave to kitchen.)

Then I look for two little skin pockets that I help along with a little paring knife (see photo) and I stuff 4 cloves of garlic sliced under the skin (evenly on each side) along with the herbs I have handy and fresh outside Рoregano, mint, thyme, rosemary, 2 bay leaves.

Then I channel my inner Julia Child but not to the point of Paula Deen and I rub the chicken with a pat of butter (ok so maybe it is like a tablespoon plus a smidgen.)

Then I rub on the skin¬† salt, pepper, a little garlic powder, oregano, basil, smoked paprika, regular paprika, tarragon, cumin, and dried Valencia orange peel.¬† Look, I don’t go THAT overboard, a dash or this and a dash of that until it smells good going in the oven.¬† Omit what you don’t like.

Into a pre-heated 350 degree oven it goes.¬† I have seen recipes that say different things with regard to the internal temperature and doneness, but I just let my meat thermometer do the thinking and when it says done for poultry I haul it out of the oven and rest the cluck for at least 15 minutes with foil on top.¬† Tonight’s bird is 6.74 lbs. so it will cook about 2 to 2 1/2 hours at 350 degrees.

A note is halfway through I always sour a roast, whether it is chicken, turkey, pork, beef, etc.¬† I sour it with whatever wine is open.¬† I don’t drown it, just refresh it.

Tonight I have fresh corn and a salad to accompany my cluck. 

I will post a roasted completion photo later.

Happy cooking!

daily salvo: eye on west vincent….again

This is just excellent!¬† Feel free to share and to¬†“LIKE” ¬†Daily Salvo on Facebook (and comment there if you like!).¬† Daily Salvo is on 1180 WFYL.com every day somewhere around 8 a.m. and they have a website too.¬† Smile West Vincent Township, tales of your escapades are spreading….just as bad news is wont to do….

Daily Salvo has also touched on West Vincent’s issues in two other pieces of commentary: