morning ride

Snapped this in West Vincent.  So perfectly peaceful and beautiful to watch riders go by in their full (and correct) attire.  Except if development keeps on being the gift that keeps on giving, how long do you think we will have the privilege of seeing such things?

They used to ride like this in Gladwyne.  They used to ride like this in a lot of places. And not too long ago.  There is not room for cookie cutter development and horses and farms.  Choices must be made.  What is your choice where you live in Chester County?


1 thought on “morning ride

  1. That would be Kimberton Hunt, I believe, and that gentleman’s name is Ben, and he is riding one of Melanie McCartney’s finest hunters. I hunted with them on Saturday, and the fall foliage was superior and glistening from the previous day’s rain…not to mention the hounds were in full cry for most of the hunt…

    The elected officials in Chester County should be ashamed of what they have let the developers get away with, not to mention with little to no benefit to the long-time citizens who chose Chester County because of the open land (don’t get me started on the McMansion owners who call the police if they find a hoofprint on their lawns)…however, I’m sure there were more than few pockets were well stuffed along the way.

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