it’s not easy being green….


It’s not easy being green…poor, poor West Vincent Township.  So much darn odd stuff happens within the township boundaries, you just can’t make it up.

The latest is a gargantuan pot bust.  Yes marijuana is apparently the new crop in that part of Chester County.  I can’t see it from my window and that is good.

Before I post the article I would mention that West Vincent residents have an AWESOME and not connected to the current regime candidate for supervisor – John Jacobs.  Given the odd things that happen to West Vincent residents  have an interest in cleaning up local government, can it be said this man puts himself at great risk to run?  Well of he can do that, you all should be able to vote for him.  West Vincent residents all say they want change, well the only way to get that is to break the death grip the current network has with a new supervisor.

You want change, people?  Vote the old out and vote in the new.  John Jacobs has a website.   Here is a link to other endorsed candidates if you are interested. Yes it is GOP and I would put up the Democratic info if I could find it. But the truth is who is representative of them in West Vincent? Clare Quinn?  Lordy that isn’t something to brag about and are you all still paying her benefits? Also worth noting? Another fabulous upstanding and honest person that I think would be marvy is running for West Vincent Township Auditor – Maria Holderness. Seriously people, it is time for change in your neck of the woods. After all what does it hurt to consider people whose hands AREN’T in some cookie jar somewhere?

Here is the article and yes, it’s not easy being green:

DA: major West Vincent pot grow operation busted

Posted: Thursday, 05/09/13 01:24 pm Updated: Thursday, 05/09/13 07:14 pm

WEST VINCENT — Over 180 marijuana plants were seized and one man was arrested Tuesday after police discovered a “sophisticated” grow operation at a home in the 1200 block of Jaine Lane in Spring City.

“Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan announced the arrest of Christian Titone of Spring City Thursday for allegedly running what police said was a sophisticated hydroponic grow operation and that housed over 180 live marijuana plants .”;
According to the Chester County District Attorney’s Office, 53-year-old Christian Titone was arrested after police executed a search warrant at his home. Officials said the home was located in a secluded area of the township.

“Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan announced the arrest of Christian Titone of Spring City Thursday for allegedly running what police said was a sophisticated hydroponic grow operation and that housed over 180 live marijuana plants .”;
“The defendant thought he could outsmart the police trying to grow marijuana in a secluded section of Chester County. He was wrong,” said District Attorney Tom Hogan. “We have confiscated his drugs arrested him, and now will move to forfeit everything associated with his drug dealing.”

photo courtesy of The Daily Local News via Chester County DAs Office

photo courtesy of The Daily Local News via Chester County DAs Office

“A large number of grow lights removed from the West Vincent home of Christian Titone, who is charged with a large-scale marijuana growing operation.

Police said investigators executed a search warrant at Titone’s home during Tuesday’s early morning hours. Inside, they found a sophisticated hydroponic grow operation…also found processed marijuana ready for sale…Titone’s home also had a “state of the art” surveillance system…After the search, executed by the Chester County Detectives and the county’s High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Strike Force, members of the state police’s Clandestine Laboratory Team removed the marijuana and all of the growing equipment, officials said.

I notice the Daily Local lists a rather long list of law enforcement involved.  Basically everyone except West Vincent’s own police department and why?  Was West Vincent’s Chief out collecting Gabe Pilotti’s gun or something?  Pilotti is the one who shot the dogs in cold blood, remember?   One would have thought that the West Vincent police would have confiscated the weapon pending the outcome of the court case, right?  But we’re not here to discuss dog killers today.

Anyway just chalk it up to more unpleasant spotlights shining down on West Vincent.

Also found coverage in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

POSTED: Thursday, May 9, 2013, 4:07  PM

Aubrey Whelan Philadelphia Inquirer

Chester County detectives have arrested a West Vincent man who, they say, was  running “a major marijuana grow operation” in his house.

On Tuesday evening, detectives entered the home of Christian Titone, 54, on a  search warrant. Inside, they found 188 marijuana plants — part of what Chester  County prosecutors called a “sophisticated hydroponic grow operation” that  included lights, ventilation and an irrigation system, according to court  documents.

Titone had also set up a high-tech surveillance system that allowed him to  monitor everything inside and outside the house from HD monitors, detectives  said. The detectives also found processed, ready-to-sell marijuana in 12  different strains — with names like “Afrodite Mother” and “Ace of Spades,” they  said

Kudos to the Kennett Times for a catchy article title that cracked me up.

The Kennett Times: Plethora of pot plants lead to drug bust

W. Vincent resident accused of  marijuana-growing operation

By Kathleen Brady Shea, Managing Editor, The Times

Authorities said an alleged marijuana grower thought his remote location and sophisticated surveillance system would protect him from police….“A high-tech, high-end drug operation like this would be providing drugs to suppliers from Phoenixville to Kennett Square and points beyond,” said Hogan….Titone has been charged with several drug-dealing offenses, including possession with the intent to distribute controlled substances and possession of drug paraphernalia, the criminal complaint said.  Hogan said Titone was released after “promptly” paying $100,000 cash bail. He said a preliminary hearing would be scheduled in the near future.

6 thoughts on “it’s not easy being green….

  1. I find this site very lopsided……who says John Jacobs and others are the only suitable candidates for WVT…sounds like a Barry DiLibertate speech (he who lied and was removed as a WVT Supervisor!)..John Jacobs is the Republican Committee person who decided to appoint himself as the Republican candidate for WVT Supervisor….did any of us Republicans agree to this?
    No!!! We were not given a choice! John decided he was the best choice! Excuse me, where is my vote as a Republican in WVT? I guess I don’t count! King John rules!
    Please tell me why I am wrong? Barry?

    • Readers, let me introduce you to my new fan: Larry Westfall

      So Larry, you were up reading my blog at 2:30 am I notice from the other comments. So I guess you are one of Ken Millers little bitches sent to school the silly female blogger? Don’t answer that, already know you are.

      You are not addressing Barry here, although I know him. I know quite a few folks in West Vincent. So I have known as long as they have lived there which is over 30 years.

      I draw my own conclusions and I check things out. And blog is opinion and opinion equals First Amendment rights so a good Republican you should get that.

      Your ilk fears anyone and anything that lets sunshine in. I started following West Vincent when they attempted to take Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show grounds via eminent domain.

      John Jacobs wouldn’t be liked by you because he isn’t part of the old boy network, which is exactly why I like him. Out with the old and in with the new. Spring is the season of new growth and renewal so in my mind he is perfect. If you don’t like him, don’t vote for him, I am sure he won’t mind.

      Please note it is a privilege not a right that I allow your comment to be posted. I might toy with you a little, but at the end of the day, who are you? The answer is nobody just another big bag of wind that can’t deal with opinion that isn’t exactly like yours. I also note you did not address the criminal acts mentioned in this post whicd were uncovered by mainstream media? So you are ok with a guy that shoots dogs and grows drug crops?

      • It is wonderful to see that Barry Derangement Syndrome is still alive and well in West Vincent! The effect that my husband still has on these people is astounding since he hasn’t been a public official for a couple of years now. I guess they feel the need to have at least one boogie man to make themselves feel better. By the way, the judge never said Barry lied. Never. If he had, it would have been shouted across all of the rooftops in Chesco.
        Teri D.

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