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DSC_0029I was at the East Goshen Farmers Market taking photos (and shopping!) yesterday.  It was a fabulous market and the layout is even better than last year (it would remind you of more of an European market)  and I really liked that there were more actual farmers and fewer prepared meals people.  I like to cook, so that is my preference.

The East Goshen Farmers Market is under new management which I am very excited about because they are so nice and working so hard for everyone – East Goshen’s market is township sponsored.  Some of the new faces I saw yesterday included North Star Orchards whom I visit on Saturdays in the summer at the West Chester Growers Market. Of course I also had to visit Carmen of Carmen B’s Honey which is pretty much the best local honey available!


Anyway, in spite of the many silly rumors that East Goshen wasn’t having an outdoor market this season, it had a large crowd yesterday and many new vendors.  And it’s all about the farmers (or should be) so I hope you check them out!

If you were on LAST year’s market list for notifications and what not, you will need to register again.  Apparently something corrupted the old list, which happens.  Send an e-mail to or click on their website and follow their site for the same thing. Or your third choice is to message them through their Facebook page.


I know it gets a little confusing because the former market manager who left to form her for profit business with a model oddly similar to my friend Janet’s Clover Market has somehow forgotten to take down the OLD East Goshen Farmers Market website/blog ( ) can you believe it?  Anyway, I heard there is a lot of drama going on with that new Malvern market and I don’t understand why that Market Manager can’t live and let live?

I really want to support all three markets, but heck even with Kimberton Whole Foods as a named lead sponsor, until they work out those issues, how can I?  I attend these markets to support (and follow) certain farms whose products I like and I don’t have time for middle school turf wars do you?


Anyway enough of the vinegar, enjoy these first photos.  I snapped them of the Amish children who were playing as their parents worked their booths.  These kids were just so lovely and I loved the fact they could enjoy the simple pleasures of a nice afternoon without having their heads in an iPhone or video game.

I call the photos Simple Joys.  I will have more market photos later. Support your local farmers markets wherever you live – it supports local farmers and we need them in our communities!

Enjoy the beautiful weather today!




4 thoughts on “simple joys

  1. I love your blog and am a faithful follower. Sometimes I agree with you and sometimes I don’t — but that’s why the good Lord made vanilla and chocolate. I do have to say however, that the photos you’ve been taking of Amish are rather distressing to me. Out of respect for their religion, photos of Amish should never include the individual’s face; the face must be hidden so the person cannot be recognized.

    • With all due respect, I have been photographing Amish for years. If they do not want a photo taken, they tell me. I even have had them pose for me by their own decision. If the photos bother you, don’t look at them. Thanks

  2. My maiden name is Umble. My father was Amish; born. and buried in Whitehorse, Lancaster County. He left the order at 18. I am only parroting what was taught to me as a child so if your experiences have been different then I acquiesce. Even though my father left the order, until the day he died it was extremely difficult for him to have his photo taken.

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