gail newman sees straight white people only?

All Hail Gail, she sees straight white peoples apparently?

What, don’t believe me? See below and I also included screenshots. Oh and her campaign page deletes comments which campaign pages are not supposed to do, are they?

Please Donate!
Dear Friends,
Just to let you know, I will fight for us. My opponent, and the current incumbent of the State House of Representatives for District 167, is Kristine Howard. Kristine voted no on the bill that requires school districts to post all their curriculum on its publicly accessible website and update the information each time a new or revised curriculum is used by the school entity. Kristine also voted no on a bill that prohibits transgender female students from competing in women’s sports. Please know that I will totally support PA parents if elected. But I could use fundraising help. We need to work as a team in order to win. We can do it. If you are able to contribute ANY amount, it is greatly appreciated. Please go to my website to donate

~ Gail Newman Candidate Facebook Page June 16, 2022

This woman is pretty much everything phobic. She always seems to be running for something. She’s kind of like a slightly better put together Sallie Campbell who ran for school board. That is not saying much. In 2019 she was a Mrs. Malaprop of facts:

  1. I was not a HUGE Bill Clinton fan but Monica Lewinsky was about 22 when she worked as an intern in the White House NOT 18. Clinton was 49.
  2. Was she personally participating in the White House orgies when Kennedy was President? We have heard MANY things about those years but nothing that was such an outright fantasy or lie.

Harrisburg has enough problems already.

Her political Facebook page often reads like a highschooler is running it for her. I hope a highschooler isn’t running it for her.

Where is she on Roe vs. Wade? Mastriano? Next is where the Chester County Republicans are on the issues, and she’s one of them correct? They are endorsing her, aren’t they? Yes a rhetorical question because yes they are. However, it was a question back in 2019, wasn’t it?

Then we take a little way back look to 2019. June 28, 2019 to be precise. It is just coincidence that today is June 28, 2022

Back then I posted about Gail Newman’s premature candidacy announcement for state rep. THEN. She bothered every person who was a moderator or admin on wherever it was I commented (all they have to do is look in filtered messages.)

Then she literally kept trying to call me via Facebook Messenger to the point that I had to set her to IGNORE on messenger after she attempted multiple calls via Facebook Messenger rapid fire.

That is NOT normal behavior and any opinions pro or con on her very crazily premature candidacy back then are allowed AND now that she is a candidate for public office again. Just like anyone can comment about her now because she is once again a political candidate for this same seat.

I saved screenshots, and this whole thing is quite possibly still lodged in my messenger archive I haven’t checked.

Pre-2020, maybe 2019?

Also I did hang onto this other thing she posted in the past. So you judge for yourself is this who you want representing you in Harrisburg? I don’t.

#resigntheresa and other tales from west whiteland

It looks like Hollywood Squares for municipalities doesn’t it? At least West Whiteland is recording the meetings, however. Last evening’s meeting was a bang your head on the wall kind of experience.

So there is the new assisted living facility planned for Boot Road and Ship Rd. It has to be close to West Goshen I guess. It’s 930-936 E. Boot Road, West Chester. The road is pretty narrow back there and it’s close to that odd little strip mall that once upon a time had a pizza place that never seemed to have many customers.

So about this site. Only a couple of hundred feet from Mariner East, so what happens in an emergency if this thing gets built? A crafty cottage style warehouse for often immobile senior citizens?

Apparently Bossette Tweed is an expert of what you cannot do, always from her phone screen, and never seemingly prepared ahead of time? Shall we call her Saint Theresa of No-No? Yes Supervisor Saint Theresa Hogan Santalucia, I am referring to you. And yes I can have the continued opinion that you are an unpleasant, sometimes foul mouthed, obstreperous, and useless git of a politician. The First Amendment allows it.

You are the font of NO. And you don’t really know what you are talking about, have incredibly poor speaking skills, and if you actually did your damn job you would realize that although local elected officials have to say no at times because they are hampered by bad advice and crap zoning, there are those lovely state and federally elected officials you kowtow too and pose for photos with who CAN help sometimes with sticky wickets.

Like State Reps and State Senators. Now we all know State Rep Kristine Howard is another useless git of a politician, but she is up for re-election. So Saint Theresa of No-No, Bossette Tweed, have you bothered to figured out the last time the Municipalities Planning Code of the Commonwealth of PA was comprehensively updated? Try late 1960s early 1970s. HAVE YOU EVER PRESSED THESE STATE ELECTED OFFICIALS TO ENACT AN ACT OF THE STATE CONSTITUTION TO UPDATE THIS BEFORE EVERY AREA IN PA IS DESTROYED BY OUTDATED AND OUTMODED ZONING? Instead of sitting like a blob at meetings with your nasal no-no tone, have you ever actually done what you were elected to do? Or are you still confusing West Whiteland with Upper Darby of the bad old days?

Yes, it’s not a great recording and No No Nannette mumbles and tries to hide from the camera BUT you can’t hear Supervisor Raj really either, since he often talks away from the microphone. Why did this application have to get approved preliminarily last night? Why couldn’t they have postponed a decision for a month or so? Why not TABLE for a little bit? Even until the next meeting?

It is not always an easy thing to say NO to a project as an elected official. But there are things you can do like TABLE something for a specified duration, even if just until the next meeting. Which should have been done here, somehow. But nooooo they rolled over except for Brian Dunn who just does what is right, even if not politically popular because he GETS that he was elected to serve the plurality, not special interests. I expected Theresa to be Theresa because she’s always just Theresa, but Rajesh Kumbhardare, the Chair of the Supervisors seriously disappointed residents last evening. He was hard to hear and just rolled over like a good boy. Hope they scratched his ears and gave him a cookie?

West Whiteland is still to me a huge, hot mess. This senior living facility being built deep in the blast zone of Mariner getting approved is just the latest example. If West Whiteland is SO concerned about residential safety, why not table it if you don’t have the municipal balls to say no thank you?

Now allow me to quote West Whiteland Residents for Public Safety:

How is this business owner and our township EMC, neither of whom have a background in developing emergency plans for HVL pipelines, to accomplish this when Chester County Department of Emergency Services and others have not? How can they possibly develop a plan to quickly evacuate 80 residents who cannot travel a half mile upwind on foot unassisted?

In addition to this condition, the applicant stated in the conditional use hearing on 05/25/22 that the Emergency Plan must be approved by the Township before the facility can get a license. To hear that, go to 1:17:55 at (previously recorded West Whiteland Township Meeting)

When this emergency plan is submitted by the applicant how will the WWT Supervisors possibly be able to approve it? Here is Tom Boyce, Delaware County’s Director of Emergency Services in 2019 testifying about the inability to evacuate those who cannot “get up and walk away” when Mariner East leaks. Theresa Santalucia was at the hearing and yet she, along with Rajesh Kumbhadare voted to approve this conditional use last might.

~West Whiteland Residents for public safety 6/23/22

Here also is a written form of comment by West Whiteland resident Ginny Kerslake:

This Decision and Order before you tonight contains a reference to a public comment I made at a previous meeting. It gets a couple things from my comment and about Mariner East wrong. These are significant so I emailed them to you last night and wish to repeat them now publicly.

Mariner East 2 and Mariner East 2X are NOT natural gas pipelines. They are natural gas liquids (NGL) pipelines. This is a critical point. NGLs are denser than air so in the event of a leak they do not dissipate upward like natural gas but rather form a low-lying vapor cloud. They are more explosive and have a larger blast radius. And in the case of Mariner East, they do not have an odorant added. All of this, in addition to their size, makes Mariner East uniquely more dangerous than the other pipelines we have in West Whiteland Township.

Secondly, I did not “inquire about the applicant’s evacuation strategy” but rather spoke to the impossibility of a credible strategy to evacuate these residents who cannot quickly walk or run a half mile upwind, unassisted as is required for a leak on Mariner East.

You have included in this conditional use approval a condition #9 that states: “The Applicant shall work with the Township’s Emergency Management Coordinator to develop a satisfactory strategy in the event of a pipeline-related emergency”

How will this applicant, a senior care facility developer and our township’s Emergency Manager Coordinator possibly be able to come up with a credible plan to protect these 80 residents incapable of self-evacuation when our county and other counties, our township and other townships have failed to come up with an Emergency Plan for Mariner East even for the general public, because it is an impossible plan?

Last night Edgmont Township voted NO on building another school in the blast zone of Mariner East. This was the right thing to do. I ask you again tonight to use your authority and honor your duty to ensure public safety and vote NO on granting conditional use approval for an assisted living facility at this location

~ginny kerslake

West Whiteland likes to pretend they don’t see what is in front of them. It’s wrong. I think a lot of things would have the room to grow and change however if Supervisor Theresa Hogan Santalucia RESIGNED.


On right is proposed site of the granny and grand pop go BOOM senior living facility .

more historic properties that aren’t so historically cared for in west whiteland? take a peek at 105 s. whitford road, for example.

105 S. Whitford this morning June 17, 2022

Driving by you wouldn’t know that this place in photo above on South Whitford Road actually had a historic house back there. All you would see were really, really high weeds. And this photo doesn’t even do how high the weeds are in places justice.

The address is 105 S. Whitford Rd.

Here is a 2019 Internet photo:

Apparently this house is something that the historic commission of West Whiteland Township is aware of. It appears to be on their inventory. Interestingly enough the supervisor who is the liaison to the historic commission is none other than Saint Theresa Hogan Santalucia. So is she aware of the condition of this property?

Apparently it changed hands recently or within the past few months?

It’s like the grass hasn’t been cut and I’m not exaggerating, it hasn’t been cut since who knows when if at all this year. So if this is a historic house, what is going on? I mean there’s already some wicked demolition by neglect going on at the Joseph Price House, on the same stretch of road, right?

So another question would be West Whiteland has a codes department right? I don’t know the Director of Codes (Codes Barbie) who is also the Fire Marshall but I always see her on the West Whiteland zoom meetings with lots of make up and flipping her hair …. so is she aware of this? What’s her name? I have to ask in her dual role why she does she look at or inspect these properties? Or does she? Or is she just a selective stones buster? I mean you would think that properties like this or the Joseph Price House would be an issue given shall we say certain conditions? So does demolition by neglect count for anything according to these people?

I mean we’ve got Bossette Tweed posting her merit certificates publicly on social media but ummm what else???

Wouldn’t you say that the way certain properties are treated with historic value qualify as a “difficult situation” in West Whiteland Township? Again, this address in on the West Whiteland historic resources map?

And then there are the two business entities I found on the deed file:

And then you go to the property records:

And then you pull the things uploaded as deeds:

So obviously someone owns the property actively, so what is happening there? It’s 9 acres give or take, right? Will house be preserved? Will a business go there? Will it be subject to development? I ask about development because of an old listing for the property from a couple of years ago. Showing screen shots below this, and another embedded document.

So what’s the plan? Demolition by neglect until someone submits a plan? I was told the house had tenants until not THAT long ago?

What started me being curious? A note and photos I received. I already have inserted a couple of the photos, but here’s part of the note from one of my readers:

What is West Whiteland now doing with historical properties? The house at 105 S. Whitford road was just recently sold. It’s been months the grass is very high. This house was not too long ago inhabited. It is now owned by 105 Whitford Rd llc. If you Google can’t really find much. The only mention of it was when the daycare was being built and if there was any impact….It’s a historic house and WW recognizes it as that….They sold it and it hasn’t been taken care of since January…the grass looks like it would be way above my knees, maybe close to my waist in spots!!

~ West Whiteland resident who drives by location often

So I realized I literally drive past there at least once a week en route to PT. I can tell you it’s overgrown enough that I forgot there was a house there. Personally I keep noticing trash along the curb of what may or may not be part of the property. There was also a car repair place at the corner with a sale sign.

In any event, West Whiteland is NOT the only township that turns a blind eye to neglected properties and/or empty or seemingly empty but falling apart historic properties. It just is always a puzzle when these townships act like they can’t SEE some of these properties.

West Whiteland is a mess, and it will be for a while given what they have been through. But people hired by the last manager maybe should be trying a little harder now? And politicians who love to talk about how they love the historic properties in their township who can’t seemingly see things like this? Or when they are pointed out, “didn’t know”? I mean COME ON, you are an elected official in this township and you live there!

This parcel is seemingly the old tenant farm for “Oaklands”. It is referenced in the Revised History of West Whiteland I found uploaded on the West Whiteland Township website that I downloaded to read.

If you live in West Whiteland, please get familiar with your history. It’s not all commercial and a sea of new apartment and townhouse developments. And this post is most definitely NOT a criticism of the West Whiteland Historic Commission because they do a very good job. Their supervisor liaison, not so much a good job doer, and this post is also an additional criticism of her. In my humble opinion, she one of the wonkiest local politicians out here and an embarrassment to her township as well as Chester County Democrats. Why doesn’t she just resign already?

This post is also quite simply a “what is going on here and what will happen to the property and structures on it and why?” That is very important. I am a realist, and not all historic properties can be saved. But when you see demolition by neglect that has been ongoing (Joseph Price house corner of S. Whitford and Clover Mill Road) and newly emerging issues with 105 S. Whitford Rd and identified as the tenant farm to Oaklands, there should be a community conversation sometimes, shouldn’t there be?

Well who knows, but this is what intrigued me today in the ever evolving As The West Whiteland Turns.

Have a great Father’s Day Weekend everyone!

105 S. Whitford circa 2019.

in case devon horse show has any rain/thunderstorm delays and you need something to read… served with devon popcorn (naturellement)….

Well here we are, I guess a good way through Devon Horse Show and low and behold I received an email gift today: the filing against Eastown Township by The Devon Horse Show. The Right to Know Requests are being answered. Here is the original filing:

But it’s been a minute so I also checked the Chester County court docket. And guess what? Found something interesting. “Removal to U.S. District Court”?

So what does this mean? The term “Removal” is the process of transferring a lawsuit filed in state court (or in this case, Chester County Court) to the United States District Court with jurisdiction over the same area. A defendant can remove a case from state to federal court by filing a notice of removal in federal court and then notifying the state court and the other parties. That means….yup….this Devon Case is now in fed court. Probably makes it more expensive too?

Yes, I have the filing, and will post it. But first the judge. The Honorable Nitza I. Quiñones Alejandro. It will be very interesting to see what she thinks of Devon’s litigation, don’t you think? She was nominated by President Barack Obama in 2012. She was confirmed in June, 2013. Here is a little video of her induction day:

From Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts:

Nitza Ileana Quiñones Alejandro is a judge on the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. She is the first openly lesbian Latina to serve as a United States federal judge. She was also the first Latina to serve on the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas.

Quiñones was born in Puerto Rico and lived on various military bases throughout her childhood, as her father was a First Sergeant in the United States Army. She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Puerto Rico, after attending Central Michigan University as an exchange student. She went on to attend the University of Puerto Rico School of Law…Quiñones’ judicial career began in 1990. At the time, the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas had a surprising lack of diversity, despite Philadelphia being one of the most diverse cities in the United States. In an effort to increase Hispanic representation in the judiciary, the Hispanic Bar Association of Pennsylvania met with representatives from Governor Robert Casey’s staff to urge the governor to consider the HBA’s recommendation for a judicial vacancy…. Quiñones believed that her experience on the Court of Common Pleas, combined with her experience as a federal employee, would make her well-suited for a federal judgeship. In 2012, President Barack Obama nominated Quiñones to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and her nomination was confirmed in 2013. 

In A Personal Essay published in the Duke Law Scholarship Repository in 2020, Quiñones reflected on the obstacles she has overcome in her career…..While reflecting on the challenges she has overcome, Quiñones wrote “I feel fortunate to have seen such an evolution of acceptance and equality in the legal profession. The world we work in today feels so different from the world in which I spent the first formative years of my career…I delight in the victories, big and small, that have opened the door to this profession a little wider for women, Latinos, ethnic and racial minorities, and people of different sexual orientations. 

~ Pennsylvanians for modern courts

She is an interesting judge, and from what I have seen from researching her cases, fair, thoughtful, and equitable. I can’t help but wonder what she will think of Devon Horse Show’s litigation against Easttown. Will she see it as first world problems?

The thing about this case that I find curious me is the assertion by Devon Horse Show that Easttown Township has violated the 1st Amendment vis-à-vis the freedom of assembly and speech, and am I the only one? For me it is also amusing because one of Devon’s lawyers in this case is the very same person who wanted to deprive me of my 1st Amendment Rights in the Bishop Tube SLAPP suit where I was the named resident. (Eventually that was tossed. In county court and superior court.)

So how has Easttown Township actually violated the 1st Amendment? Are they saying to Devon Horse Show no you can’t have the horse show? I mean obviously not, because Devon is going on now, right? Is this in fact, all about what Devon has to pay for Easttown Township goods and services? How is asking an organization to pay for the municipal services it will be using for a special event wrong? Are the taxpayers of Easttown just supposed to foot the really big bill?

Get your Devon Horse Show Popcorn ready, this will be interesting….

phil arballo running for congress in cali has a campaign that lacks reading comprehension.

This will be a post that will piss off Democrats everywhere and truthfully? I don’t give a damn. When you ask NOT to be solicited for campaign donations and you are ignored, don’t care what political party you are, it’s ridiculous.

I followed this guy Phil Arballo on Twitter last year after liking a few of his tweets. What happened almost immediately? I got a private message on Twitter thanking me for following him and asking for money:

So I responded politely:

As you can see above I said I do not donate to political campaigns. And I do not donate to political campaigns. You can ask anyone who has run who knows me and I do not donate to political campaigns. I never have, I never will, I don’t believe in it.

The Phil Arballo campaign should have added me to a DO NOT SOLICIT list a year ago, but did not.

Why don’t I give to political campaigns? I am a blogger among other things, and an equal opportunity offender as a blogger so I don’t want it being said a blogger is “buying” a candidate. I mean there is already a certain Stupidvisor in West Whiteland who is so neurotic can it be said she has intimated in the past that I run her township? (But I digress.)

And from a practical and personal standpoint, I think these politicians should be grateful that any of us are voting for them. It’s not my job to support them financially.

So I saw a message pop up on Twitter from this guy’s Twitter and I went to check it. Unbelievably it’s this guy’s campaign again a year after I told them I do not give to political campaigns.

Rush a donation? How about BITE ME Phil Arballo? I told your twelve year olds running your campaign LAST YEAR NO.

No means no, Phil.

I guess women saying no doesn’t mean anything to Phil Arballo? This time I blocked them and reported the campaign handle as spam, because that is essentially what they are doing. I don’t know them, I’m not in his district. All I did was like a couple of tweets a year ago, and now I am supposed to donate to his campaign?

Ironically he mentioned Devin Nunes in his solicitation last year. Devin Nunes was a member of Congress until 2022. He is now CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group. Devin Nunes was a turd of a Republican whose campaign wouldn’t stop soliciting me essentially until… well I called around to my Congresswoman’s office to ask what it took to get them to stop calling sometimes several times a day for a couple of years.

There must be something in the water in that part of California I am guessing.

No means No, Phil…even as far as soliciting donations. And yes, politician campaign school is always in session. And local politicians? Don’t get me started about all of your signs that still need to come down everywhere.

apparently caln township believes in selectively “public” meetings?

As the Saturday Night Live Church Lady would say “Isn’t that special?”

Do you see that screenshot above? That was sent to me by a Caln Township resident. They tried to join their municipality’s public meeting via Zoom and even via Zoom audio several times.

They are homeowners and taxpayers and they were denied access. And actually REMOVED when they briefly got it? Why were they denied access? That’s a very good question isn’t it?

Caln Township will undoubtedly claim a technical glitch, but I think they should just own their Pennsyltucky nasty politics, don’t you?

I have to ask how a meeting advertised as a PUBLIC meeting deny anyone admittance? I mean I have heard of people being removed from meetings AFTER causing a scene, but a member of the public, let alone a taxpayer and resident and dare I say it, senior citizen no less? So exclusionary practices, NOT open meetings, ageism, and sexism? My my my, right?

Dear readers has Caln just regained her title as among the most sleazy and dirty of Chester County municipalities?

#dirty #sleazy Caln….and magically at 8:20 PM when meeting is mostly over all of a sudden like magic they are allowed in? Come on now good citizens of Caln, do we REALLY believe this was an accident?

And now I hate to be repetitive, but the eyes of the area are once again peeking at Caln.

Taa Taa for now.

always running for something, gail loves signs

Well you know it’s election season when Gail Newman is running for something. I mean she’s always running for something isn’t she?

You can always count on Gail to be sign spam. If they are blocking sightlines I hope someone takes them down.

Gail, I hope you pick up all your little signs at the end of the election and you can keep putting the signs up I don’t think anyone wants to vote for you. If for some strange reason unknown to anyone with sanity or a brain, you make it onto the ballot for fall, I am going to laugh my way all the way to Election Day in November. Why? I didn’t think there was anyone that could make Kristine Howard look good. Who knew?

saint theresa of west whiteland needs to go.

Saint Theresa is Theresa Hogan Santalucia is a Supervisor of West Whiteland. She’s a Democrat, and a bad one at that. She is what they call in the trade, a DemoCRAP.

And before we go any further, she is a POLITICIAN and I can utilize my First Amendment Rights to criticize her as a politician.

She has left herself wide open to criticism because of HER OWN ACTIONS. She’s been covered before, and I love how she contacts people at night. See this post. Maybe she’s a vampire? Also see this other post.

She goes on social media rants occasionally, and she doesn’t get the difference between public posts on Facebook (little globe) and private posts, but given how she wigs out, people take screen shots. Then she goes all pitiful pearl on people. See next screen shot as an example:

She is literally a bully as a local politician to people’s faces and at public meetings, yet ALL criticism of her is she is being bullied? The plurality, the public can criticize, berate, or compliment her. And let’s talk about HER behavior. The latest? GARBAGE GATE.

This presentation was done by new Supervisor Brian Dunn. It is a common sense approach to why in the Sam hell does West Whiteland think the residents still want cheap plastic trash bags that aren’t readily available, are cheap quality that break, and places like Wawa and other store JACK the prices to gouge residents? And have you ever driven on West Whiteland Roads and wondered why there is littler in lots of places? These bags. But oh no, Theresa can’t listen she has to make a scene at the meetings and then COMMENT into the night on Brian Dunn’s supervisor Facebook page? And Mr. Solicitor Darling, she is a PUBLIC official commenting, a politician. Just like she was when she tried to stop you from becoming solicitor in West Whiteland and basically called Brian Dunn a crook, so what gives? We know you don’t want to babysit a post menopausal child, but hey someone has to, right?

#GarbageGate also begs the question of does this woman, an elected official, actually READ her Supervisor packets before meetings? Because she is remarkably ill prepared every single meeting isn’t she? And what is her relationship to staff like for example that codes person who wears biker chick makeup and likes to fluff her hair on Zoom? And does Saint Theresa demand staff do her bidding? If various Rights to Know were submitted to their knows everything Right to Know person regarding Theresa’s correspondence, text messages, etc, to others, what ALL would turn up? I mean that whole write me a check now Bethy of it all that came out sure was interesting?

Here are various screen shots including one where she calls a resident a liar even if she can’t spell it:

So she went to the Supervisors State conference. She talked about it:

I thought for that thing you could sign up ahead of time? Doesn’t seem like she planned very well did it? Or was she too busy having a mini-break on West Whiteland Township and her residents? Hey she posted the badges indicating it was play time, so the door is wide open to ask and doesn’t it seem like she was there for HER and not West Whiteland? And her badge says “veteran” so how come she doesn’t seem to know so much? And oh apparently she did not like her accommodations.

Saint Theresa should not be in public office. #RESIGNTheresa

help wanted

The “ladies” have posted a help wanted sign. I thought it would be nice to share so everyone had this opportunity. After all I don’t know about you but are you comfortable with ballots being scanned by people that think January 6, 2021 was OK? Are you comfortable with people with their perspectives scanning your vote properly?

Anyway in case any of you are interested here’s the information in the screenshot above. And more accurately below.

I did find the actual job description and here are screenshots:

ronnie has been officially censured, so now what?

Ronnie the Rep, Ronnie the Realtor, whatever he wants to call himself has been OFFICIALLY censured. By the Chester County Republican Party as of end of last week.

Yet he still appears to be running as a Republican? So now he is a fake Republican? Or what? And look who loves him? Jerry from the Great Valley School Board meetings? HA! (Figures!)

And to those who think Daily Local Reporter Michael Rellehan is basing articles on what I wrote? Better read again. He did not. I don’t secretly run townships or newspapers, and wow don’t some of you have anything better to do? He is a journalist who has been a journalist for years. Trust me, he doesn’t create articles off of what bloggers write, let alone ME. Be glad there are still local journalists writing. I am.

Here is an excerpt from Michael Rellehan’s latest article. Read it.

It’s official: GOP censures Vogel over posts, reaction

PUBLISHED: May 2, 2022 at 11:50 a.m. | UPDATED: May 2, 2022 at 12:38 p.m.

WEST CHESTER — Ron Vogel, a Republican candidate for the 6th Congressional District seat, told the chairman of the Chester County GOP that social media posts attributed to him that are of questionable taste were “no big deal,” and that his intention was to deny their authenticity to reporters asking them — even as he acknowledged that they were his……According to a copy of the censure obtained by the MediaNews Group, the party’s executive committee under the auspices of Chairman Dr. Gordon Eck, demanded that Vogel immediately terminate his campaign and forgo any and all benefits and support that the party was supposed to provide him as one of two recommended candidates for the seat now held by Democratic U.S. Rep. Chrissy Houlahan…..No such action has ever been taken against a local GOP candidate for such high office in recent memory.

Meanwhile, Vogel went on the offensive over the weekend, posting a nearly five-minute-long video on his campaign website saying that criticism against his past social media posts as anti-semitic, sexist and racist were based on “half-truths” promoted by his political opponents……In a conversation that month with committee members and its vice chairwoman, Vogel admitted to sending or receiving the posts many years ago, but that his “political advisors” advised him to “just ignore the situation.” Those he spoke with urged him not to ignore the issue and to address it. But it was not until a reporter from the MediaNews Group began asking questions about the posts in late April that Eck personally spoke to the candidate about the matter, according to the resolution.

~michael rellehan Daily Local news 5/2/22

However, the Republican Party in Chester County needs to deal with it’s dysfunction. Starting over with new people in West Chester would be a start. It is populated with types who do things there because they seek an office elsewhere, correct? Like you know certain employees who have an eye on a judicial seat after they couldn’t get another office? (Hey don’t shoot the messenger, people talk.)

Even PoliticsPA is talking.

So I have said it before and I am saying it again: The Chester County Republican Party needs to own their part in candidates like this. We saw it LAST year with the school board races. They have very few actual quality candidates, so it’s anyone with a pulse running it seems. (Truthfully, sometimes not much better on the Democrat side where I ask for the primary, does State Rep. Kristine Howard have a pulse?)

People are attracted to candidates like Ron Vogel for all sorts of reasons. A lot of it is people don’t do their own research and seem to act like they have a mental capacity of a gnat. Others, and this has been happening for years in Chester County, feel disenfranchised by their county party so they pick less than stellar candidates to get behind as a way of almost making a dumb ass statement.

At least Chester County Republicans took this step, but Ron isn’t done with them, after all look who he emulates?

I would say at least this ugly chapter of Chester County politics is closed, but reality is “but wait, there’s more.” (We just haven’t seen it all unfold yet.)