it’s time for willistown supervisor candidates to comment publicly on the issue of ruffled rooster feathers don’t you think?

Roostergate II is very active and one of the many issues plaguing Willistown Township. There are two women vying for supervisor, Molly Perrin and Cindi Myers. Where are they on the CURRENT issues in Willistown? I am not including the sewer sale in this, because Willistown broke up with AQUA already and a couple of the original sewer rats are creating ridiculous issues over not quite sure what so they don’t count…although it was amusing to see them taken to task for essentially “fake news” at this evening’s meeting…but I digress…sorry not sorry.

Anyway, one of the BIG BIG issues again are roosters. And not just on one street although the Martyrrific Rooster Mommy of Laurel Circle does seem to draw attention to herself, doesn’t she?

So in the spirit of KYC or KNOW YOUR CANDIDATE, where are Molly Perrin and Cindi Myers on Roosters and potential abuse of ASA (Agricultural Security Areas)? This rooster issue has been going on since 2019 the first time, right?

Therefore ladies vying for votes, let’s have it. You have Facebook pages as candidates, so let’s git r’ done. This is a local issue, ergo a should be discussed election issue.



Cock a doodle do ladies, cock a doodle do. I don’t have a proverbial horse (or rooster) in this race, but your fellow residents want to know what you are planning on doing. One of you will be elected in November and there is no hiding behind the other supervisors on this and other issues, there can’t be and shouldn’t be ….. Your constituency wants to hear the sound of your voices. Right now you aren’t saying much of anything about anything and well, speak up, find your voices…or why are you even running?

Not trying to be mean because I like you both, but neither of you say much of anything publicly about issues and it’s quite frankly perplexing.


the rooster daily

Just a lot of cock a doodle do. Gosh I love this. Wonder if original author of above is from Willistown? I haven’t said much about roosters lately especially because every time you say something, rooster “mommy” has like a version of Rooster Tourette’s, yes?

Well, the neighbors of this neighborhood in Willistown don’t live with a farm in the middle of the street. But a farm animal collector essentially wants to be a farm but it is confusing isn’t it? Under 3 acres with what? About a dozen goats of which are 2 non-neutered Billy goats, 2 donkeys, a bunch of chickens, dogs, and an obnoxious rooster, right? And only a tiny portion of the less than 3 acres is for all those farm animals on a suburban cul de sac, right?

And we can’t forget the odd assortment of sort of shed things designed by Fred Sanford for Jed Clampett, right?

Again, not a farm, not farm adjacent, a suburban cul de sac. Maybe if everything was good farm tidy and the rooster housed in a small barn at night and it was like 5 acres this would be a different conversation, right?

And in spite of all of those OTHER animals, the only thing bothering the neighbors besides a rooster mommy is the actual rooster. And last time there was a rooster issue, it was so misrepresented that even I thought it was merely a chicken issue, right? But it wasn’t and if when obnoxious rooster #1 went to the great stew pot in the sky and wasn’t supposed to be replaced, why after a considerable amount of time did a rooster via the lawnmower man arrive?

So I have people that I know that went to the hearing that occurred like at the end of the summer about this rooster at District Court. And it was described as a zoo and a free-for-all. The rooster mommy apparently was playing Perry Mason, or Matlock take your pick except it came off rather ummm comedic, right? And that’s being kind right?

Back to what constitutes a farm and farm animals. So this woman doesn’t live on a farm doesn’t have a farm but wants to have a farm, do I have this right?

So that means rooster mommy wants to legitimize the rooster, all the chickens, the numerous goats including 2 intact billy goats plus the two donkeys that may or may not be grandfathered or whatever?

Sadly every single time something comes up about roostergate In Willistown, it’s like neighbors on this street are being punished doesn’t it?

And once again, I reiterate, this is not the only rooster issue in Willistown at all which is why Willistown needs an ordinance. Eventually, these issues with roosters are going to detrimentally affect responsible backyard chickens owners, and I don’t think that’s fair.

So I hear that Roostergate II is continuing to heat up? So if she wants to play Farmer in the Dell, why does everything look like Fred Sanford designing for Jed Clampett? I actually had a friend who had a goat farm. I remember the sheds and the nice run ins and an actual barn…but wait I forgot that was an actual farm. And I know other actual farmers with livestock and well the livestock has better quarters and only one has a rooster and it (shocker) goes in a barn at night.

So the neighbors on Laurel Circle in Willistown want to have this issue dealt with. They are not the only people with rooster issues in Willistown and what about the rooster or roosters that you can hear around Forest Lane too? That’s Willistown too, correct? And low and behold there was a draft ordinance that Willistown never acted on in 2019 so how long will we have ostrich imitations before they deal with this? Do I think roosters need 10 acres or more? I’m not a farm animal expert so I can’t say, but farmers I asked said 5 acres or more and proper housing like in a barn or small shed barn, not a chicken coop. The farmers I asked said if the roosters see any light they will crow. One farmer who keeps chickens not roosters told me that until they rehome roosters they keep them in a barn at night with an extra large dog crate with a cover – they described it as people who have other birds who cover bird cages at night. Seems to make sense but again I am not an expert. I have neighbors around me who have chickens. Beautiful clean coops, well cared for, no roosters.

Someone has an email set up so NEIGHBORS can connect on the issue, only the first email above comes from someone who didn’t live on a farm when they lived here, and they actually reside presently in Montgomery County.

I covered up the majority of this person’s name and email address as a courtesy but I was forwarded this email and asked for my thoughts. And my thoughts are simple: It’s a pretty long way from Springfield Township, Montgomery County to Willistown Township, Chester County.

This person speaks snottily to these poor neighbors, who are quite beleaguered thanks to Roostergate II on Laurel Circle like they are evil for wishing to have their legal rights of reasonable expectations of quiet enjoyment.

These are people that bought houses on a street that’s essentially a mid century subdivision originally, correct? I don’t see lots of people cutting down lots of trees on Laurel Circle, and they are just regular people. They are not developers putting up tract homes. So this letter is just plain ignorant.

Seemingly, according to this expert from Montgomery County, the residents who don’t like out of control roosters in Chester County are bad bad people.

And Ms. Montco, the people who are not happy about roosters on Laurel Circle and elsewhere NOT on farms are NOT Toll Brothers or other developers gobbling up farm land, they are for the most part people who have resided in Willistown a few decades. These people would not disagree with the farm preservation of it all. Or less development would be better. But that’s not the topic of conversation. The topic is roosters.

Bottom line? If these roosters were on farms, actual farms they would not be having problems with them. But these roosters aren’t on farms or 5 acres or better. And in the case of Laurel Circle, the rooster lives in animal shantytown. And yes, I can have that opinion.

If people want to have meaningful conversations with the people on Laurel about roosters, that’s fine but the hate mail? It will be exposed and it’s not privileged conversion, so no one is under any obligation to not disclose the identities and email addresses of the hate mail senders. Hope that helps you and clears it up Jennifer from Montgomery County? Enjoy Oreland and your all public utilities, ok?

I am not sure what happened with the recent planning commission meeting but the rooster issue seems to be like kick the can? Roosters belong on actual farms. Not Laurel Circle or Forest Lane etc.

So that is all from As The Willistown Turns. Hate mail and Roostergate II. Tomorrow they will all be back to lecturing supervisors at meetings, nudist colonies, and hating flower farms or something….

it’s a bird, it’s a plane: roostergate 2 in willistown is baaaacccck…

From August Court Hand Outs

I don’t know. Maybe this applicant should have tried out for ABC’s The Golden Bachelor and she would not be a rooster mommy wishing to create a fake farm?

Before we begin I will note that this is a public issue and that notice is publicly visible and posted.

Crazy fowl issues once again roosting in Willistown Township.

As you know, I am in favor of legitimate agricultural zones and farms and uses. This is under 3 acres. It’s on a very residential street and my opinion is it’s BS. Also in my humble opinion the only reason this is going to zoning for a mythical agricultural use is because she wants to keep a rooster, although now it draws attention to the entire menagerie.

(And all her buddies can roll up here and tell me what a terrible person I am, but it doesn’t change my opinion, which I am allowed to have.)

I have gone out of my way to not really post photos of the shantytown shed arrangement on this property. It was definitely designed by Fred Sanford for the Clampetts. That is part of what makes this laughable. I will note this applicant was handing out hand outs when this went to the Magisterial District Justice not so long ago which was public, so now the hand outs are too, right? Comforters as rooster baffles really?

I’ve also seen a recent email exchange between this person and someone they had problems with regarding roosters last time. And if you disagrees with this woman with this notice, you’re a bad bad person? Well, I don’t need a Christmas card from her and I don’t need a cocktail as part of the follow car circuit for Radnor Hunt so I must be extra bad right?

(Newsflash I love watching the Radnor Hunt go by and the other Hunt clubs that still exist in Chester County. I think they’re marvelous)

Back to what constitutes a farm and farm animals. So this woman doesn’t live on a farm doesn’t have a farm but wants to have a farm, do I have this right?

So that means she wants to legitimize the rooster, all the chickens, the numerous goats including intact billy goats plus the two donkeys that I really don’t think are grandfathered or whatever?

People will often fill up empty places in their lives with animals. That’s part of the human condition. No judging there.

Sadly every single time something comes up about roostergate In Willistown, it’s like neighbors on this street are being punished doesn’t it?

And once again, I reiterate, this is not the only rooster issue in Willistown at all which is why Willistown needs an ordinance. Eventually, these issues with roosters are going to detrimentally affect responsible backyard chickens owners, and I don’t think that’s fair.

Wounds on a person’s leg after a peck attack from a rooster elsewhere in Willistown.

Here go ahead now- those of you who are going to attack me, attack me now get it out of your system. This is now a very PUBLIC issue with a PUBLIC notice so you can go down a PUBLIC street and see for yourselves. (CLICK HERE for link on Willistown website.)

What is the actual agricultural use? Selling goats and chickens live as a breeding operation? Or selling goats milk or goat meat, or butchered, chickens, or eggs?

Putting on a pair of cute overalls doesn’t make you a farmer, does it? So having a collection of dumpy sheds on a suburban NOT country street and a menagerie of farm animals doesn’t mean you are a farmer or have a farm either, does it ?

Grab your popcorn Chester County. This is going to be amusing. And it starts with Willistown Planning Commission 10/4/23, Zoning 10/25/23 and if there is enough of a wailing wall like the applicant bought to court recently, there is another potential Planning Commission date of 10/18/23.

pa dep holding public meeting on bishop tube 9/12/23 at general wayne elementary in malvern

  • On Tuesday, September 12, 2023, DEP will host an in person public meeting to discuss the Site and the implementation of the response action.
    Location: General Wayne Elementary School – Auditorium
    20 Devon Road, Malvern, PA 19355
    Time: 6:30 pm -8:30 pm
  • Planning for additional pre-design investigation activities.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you should have heard of Bishop Tube, that delightful toxic playground on Malin Road in East Whiteland. It is remarkably still up for residential development. Same guy as Rock Hill Farm proposed development in Willistown for you all new to this.


Media and Chester County Residents take note of this meeting.

so willistown natives, how would you feel about a nudist colony?

Dyer Woods in Rhode Island – a Nudist Colony – Look it up

So where would we be if yet another School for Scandal wasn’t brewing in Willistown? Well the latest is no recreational use on properties zoned recreational use. An example of recreational use in Willistown would be Rushton Farm, for example. But that is a holy grail of Willistown Conservation Trust so I probably am not actually allowed to say “Rushton Farm” according to the ton from Willistown. I mean a lot of them act like they’re the landed gentry of 18th and 19th century England, so might as well use the lingo that they actually wouldn’t even get the reference to. (But I digress, which is easy, it’s Willistown.)

So up pops this flyer. Completely and utterly true to form from the school of A.O.K poorly written anonymous hatchet job:

Ahhh yes the Horrible Heenan mantra….again….will there be color flyers mailed
with a postage permit again with a matching website?

Or just garden variety hate mail and drive bys? Too much?

Then of course the comments were priceless. And I am waiting for the return of Horrible Heenan Mail. And yes the Heenans ARE my friends. I always giggle when certain cow wranglers tried to say they were planning a massive party barn, but hey there are party barns and then there are look the other way party barns, right? Sadly one of the biggest issues in Willistown is the varying degree of cronyism (and I actually hate to have that opinion.) I get people love where they live, but it’s kind of like that mystical 4 acre zoning and will they be challenged some day as practicing exclusionary zoning some day? (Sorry, digressing again…it’s Willistown and this is rather amusing.)

Gosh you know they are all hating my opinions in search of irony and sarcasm now, right? Hey charter member of the International Sarcasm Society Life We Need Your Support….sorry…opinions and sarcasm occasionally go hand in hand….

So the screenshots:

Anywhoo, here is the actual submitted plan:

Ok sooooo…other things. A lot of the people flipping out live in the Willistown Woods development. Willistown Woods is well….very developy and dated and I have yet to figure out how these people are actually affected by this plan? The other people flipping out are on the OTHER side of Route 3 from this. So they literally cannot see it and technically from a Zoning Hearing Board perspective, aren’t actually potentially affected residents, are they?

Is this because the Heenans thought of it?

Yes, I am going there because I think if this wasn’t the Heenans, a lot of people wouldn’t say anything. I love the Heenans and I like creative ways to use properties that don’t involve ticky tacky McMansions, townhomes and cluster F’s of fake “carriage homes” and apartment buildings.

So this idea? Everyone is so sure it’s going to be a bring your wife beater T’s , cheap beer, and mobile homes. It’s not. It’s a clever idea with nature, close to Ridley Creek State Park, almost a tiny house but a little bigger staycation even with this cute little modular A Frame houses. So cool.

And then there is this thing that there are places in Chester County which always used to do like little vacation cabins or small motels…on farms. One was in East Whiteland:

TE History/ Excerpted from Vol. 45 No. 3 of the
Tredyffrin Easttown History Quarterly

The zoning in Willistown is a bit of a puzzle to many. But recreational use is well just that? Why is this such a bad use? South of Route 3 (West Chester Pike) from the majority of the township and literally ONE house from 926 and a Septa bus stop? (And I am still trying to figure out how it’s a threat to Willistown Woods or anyone? I mean those A Frames are much cuter than a dated townhouse, right?)

What do I really really really really really really think?

  1. Anything new and creative in Willistown is immediately suspect.
  2. Oh it’s those Wildflower Farm people, let’s pummel them again so they learn their place.
  3. Willistown, yo it’s about your zoning.
  4. Maybe y’all with your subdivision pitchforks should be worried more about that issue on Goshen Road with the auditorium and some other things?
  5. Roosters anyone? Heard they are pecking up a storm in LOTS of places?
  6. Elmer Fudd is still hunting wascally sewer issuws?

A creative way to use land that is zoned recreational use is bad? Alrighty but is it really about who is asking? Seems a little obnoxious, yes?

But hey y’all sip your cocktails, pat yourselves on the back. Whatevs. I think it is something that could be cool and what if their wildflower meadow area ends up getting designed by someone really cool? And why wouldn’t nature lovers and birders like this? And they are such a threat how?

It’s going to be what it’s going to be. Can’t see it from my window. But I like the Heenans and I think this is creative. If I was facing potential infill development versus something kind of seasonal, I would choose this. Just my opinion which isn’t illegal yet….even in Willistown.

Remember….nudist colony. A nudist colony is a potential recreational use. Gosh that just tickles my funnybone…get out the popcorn….

Oh and very important….this thing is not longer on that July 12th Agenda….look at the Willistown Township website….


cluck off.

So bless her heart, she really thinks she is the Queen of Willistown or something?

Here allow me if the typeface of screen shot is too small:

Wow – so much for privacy when you fill out the form to reply?
Guess when it’s your blog, you can do what you want and say what you want ….

after one replies to your blog, my reply form says at the bottom:

Email (required)
(Address never made public)

I can’t reply to your rambling rantings- because that’s poking a sleeping tiger I see! And as others have told me – you delete what you don’t like.
But isn’t it funny how sometimes when people say things that they aren’t – they really are?
“No Offense, but….”

All the things you said about yourself are your words – not mine – and are making the situation worse. But guess you think it’s your calling in life to comment on other peoples problems and tell them to “cluck off”. Just who I would want for a neighbor.

The truth can be twisted many ways – adding an “s” to neighbor makes people reading think no one likes ROO but me, when in reality the other neighborS like having a ROO. I’m done with your “anonymous” blog – reply all you want, but know I am trying to figure out a solution – we don’t need your gasoline on the fire.
PS – Please try and Get the facts – Roosters crow in the Barn too – it’s the start of the day wherever they roost, and has been that way since the start of the world – they don’t “wait to crow until they’re let out in their runs.”

~rooster mommy 6/22/23

I’m very confused because when you write to a public website (blog, newspaper, magazine, etc), you expect people can do whatever they wish with said comment and data ? It’s like if you comment on a public social media page you’re not private there either.

And yes, if I wish to delete a comment because it is my website I can. There is no law that I have to publish comments and give anyone a platform. Given Rooster Mommy’s run on comment this morning she seemed like she wanted said platform? I showed where the comment came from earlier and now because it is germane to the conversation and they were in essence outing themselves, correct?

Regarding deleting comments, when it comes to what I delete, it’s my choice to delete comments I feel are repetitive or spam or for whatever reason. It’s not an inalienable right to leave a comment on any website, just like with different kinds of social media pages and groups, if it’s not yours, you are a guest. Get over yourselves.

So she is “done” with my blog? Bless her heart that doesn’t mean anything to me and I’m not anonymous. Who is she to my life? Does that mean I will never serve cocktails in a follow car when Radnor Hunt is out doing their thing? I love watching the various hunts go by on occasion depending where I am, but I don’t need to be a follow car.

And I actually have done my research about roosters and she actually doesn’t have a barn she has a configuration of sheds. And the people who told me about how they kept their roosters quiet were rather specific, and they said when it’s dark their roosters feel like they should be quiet. When they see light, they crow. So maybe I am not farmerette in the dell over here about roosters, but that is what I was told. I also wouldn’t have roosters if I did not live on a farm with some acreage around it because I think that would be unfair to my neighbors. And maybe she thinks she has neighbors who love her rooster but maybe they don’t in fact love the rooster, they just don’t want to deal with her?

She doesn’t live on a farm, she lives in a suburban neighborhood, and she is making it more difficult for people who wish to be responsible, chicken owners in suburban neighborhoods because they look at situations like this and then wonder if somebody’s going to get a rooster.

Truly, the misplaced sense of entitlement with some people these days is astounding. Especially when you have the use of the Royal “we.” That just makes you laugh out loud.

Yeah ok we’ll never be besties who go for spa days. I can live with that.

Cluck off.

oh just rambling…about roosters

Apparently ROOSTERS were conducting this morning’s crazy train in Chester County. You know, I probably WASN’T going to talk about ROOSTERS in Willistown AGAIN, until the Rooster Mommy left a comment on this blog this morning identifying herself, and opening the door to further discussion and opinions. I had not identified her previously as a courtesy, even if I kept receiving lovely (yes I am being sarcastic) messages from her friends since I wrote the first post. But she outed herself name and all, so in the effort to be accurate I am going to show you dear readers the clucking (you may have to click on the screenshot in order to read it):

Comment received 2 hours ago which would be approximately 7:20 A.M. today

So this is “Mr. Roo’s” owner. She is a realtor given her email. I don’t know, maybe some clients would like a rooster as a closing gift? (Just asking for a couple of friends on her street.)

Here is what she said when she wrote to the blog this morning in case you can’t see the screenshot. I will note it is copied exactly the way it was written so here you go rooster fans:

Time to start the day with a few facts – and not just ramblings.
1. When Mr ROO was rescued, he was disoriented and unfamiliar with his
territory and crowed early. He has since started around 6:45 – and is a “country alarm clock” for almost all of us that can hear him. He can’t crow non stop- it’s a 2 second crow, and another but not non stop. The rooster has been doing this since the start of the world.
2. When the person was bothered – instead of calling the owner, they called the police – as “anonymous” so the owner thought it was the original complainer from years ago who was trying to get her land to build another Mc Chateau. Then the person being bothered went to social media – who not only didn’t have their facts right about the situation, but they blasted the fine police and people of Willistown. So to answer your question – who needs attention? I may be old school, but what happened to calling someone and discussing ways to make things better?
3. The Rooster is put in his little barn every nite. The owner of MR ROO has done many things to muffle the crow- like stuffing towels in the window cracks, covering the door with a towel and 2 comforters, and is looking into other ideas.
4. You don’t live in Willistown – we do !
For reasons like we can grow our own food and flowers, crack an egg for breakfast and share eggs with people who care about what’s in their food. @ 35% of this area is under some kind of conservation easement, deed restriction, or parkland. You all come here to enjoy our views and walk our trails. And another fact – There are many levels of “residential” neighborhoods. The area where this rooster is on is almost 3 acres, has a 14 acre property, 8+ acre property and 10+ acre property in a stones throw. The rooster is not free ranging and right outside her window. Do you want to know how far away her window is? The only person complaining may be having trouble sleeping because of other problems in their life, and may need to evaluate the real cause of not being able to sleep? As I write this at 7:30 am, I can hear chain saws and leaf blowers, but was awakened by just birds loudly chirping – Long before the rooster crowed to announce the start of a new day.
Could I close my window- sure, but then I would miss the best part of the day – for me- When the phone is not ringing and people don’t need my help ….
A cup of coffee, a rooster crow – starts my day the best way.

Mr. Roo’s Owner
No website

Hmmmm facts…. facts like what happened the LAST time she had a rooster? And isn’t 6:45 AM still too early according to most noise ordinances?

Oh and this:

Facts are important, I agree. So if you call someone on June 9, 2023 and it’s now June 22, 2023 and rooster is still LOUD A.F., is that being a good neighbor?

Since facts are important, I offer up the rooster confessional shared with permission from “person” being woken up:

Facts include the public comment at the most recent Board of Supervisors meeting about Mr. Roo:

So Mr. Roo has his “own little barn?” And regarding like “like stuffing towels in the window cracks, covering the door with a towel and 2 comforters, and is looking into other ideas.” So many mental pictures there, so many.

Ok first there is that visual of towels and blankets. Sorry not sorry but that sounds like the Clampetts thought that up? And I have checked with people who live on LARGER properties who do own roosters. Some have essentially like extra large dog crates for them inside their barns that they cover with a thin breathable cover that blocks the light much like people do with parrots etcetera to tell them it’s time for sleep. And if “Mr. Roo” is crowing THAT loud through “his own little barn” with the Clampett arrangement of comforters (are they Laura Ashley so he at least looks at little flowers?) and what is the thread count on the towel, maybe Mr. Roo is just complaining about the linen choices? Maybe try blackout shades or rehoming the rooster like you indicated you would in your voicemail message?

And in your message (recording above), you reference wanting to be “a good neighbor” or something along those lines, yet you say something this morning that is a little less than nice? This:

The only person complaining may be having trouble sleeping because of other problems in their life, and may need to evaluate the real cause of not being able to sleep?

~Mr. Roo’s Mommy 6/22/23

Wow just wow. That’s really being a good neighbor, huh? Clap, clap for 10 on the Bitch-O-Meter, right?

So if said rooster is being put inside (although no one can actually see that or they would be trespassing) and if Mr. Rooster is still being loud enough to wake your neighbors, your chickens, your goats and your donkeys, what does THAT tell you, Rooster Mommy? That your neighbors must all be horrible people? So because a rooster keeps waking up any neighbors THIS time around, they have problems in their life? Really? Wow. Are you so perfect?

Facts from last time:

I will remind everyone that Rooster Mommy opened this door by identifying herself by leaving a comment. I have not said her name personally, I only identify her as Rooster Mommy.

Roostergate 2 continues yet, I am a bad person for commenting about it? And wait, my favorite next to the bucolic marketing spin about fresh eggs (which of course begs the comment of wow that is some rooster if they can lay an egg), is that I don’t live in Willistown. Well Rooster Mommy thank sweet baby Jesus for that because there is something in the water and y’all didn’t even sell the sewer. You know what draws people’s attention to Willistown? How about how nasty people can be to their neighbors?

And oh yes the condescending talking down to me is so special and I feel so loved:

You all come here to enjoy our views and walk our trails.

~ Rooster Mommy 6/22/23

Oh my gosh can I carry your parasol too? Lady, I come to Willistown to visit my friends. And you would be surprised to know whom I know besides your two neighbors who would prefer your rooster NOT CROW SO DAMN EARLY EVERY SINGLE DAY. They let me into polite society and into Willistown shocking as that might seem to you. I get it I am a peon, a peasant. Whatever. That’s pretty funny actually.

Shared with permission from “person” being woken up

You say:

The area where this rooster is on is almost 3 acres, has a 14 acre property, 8+ acre property and 10+ acre property in a stones throw. The rooster is not free ranging and right outside her window.

~Rooster mommy 6/22/23

But you aren’t on 3 acres are you and what does that have to do with the proverbial price of eggs? How much pasture do all of your animals have? How many animals do you have? I don’t really care and I like goats and chickens, just curious. And while you have larger properties a stone’s throw away (you dropped your apostrophe by the way), you aren’t disturbing them because they have larger properties. That’s the point you seem to be missing.

2. When the person was bothered – instead of calling the owner, they called the police – as “anonymous” so the owner thought it was the original complainer from years ago who was trying to get her land to build another Mc Chateau. Then the person being bothered went to social media – who not only didn’t have their facts right about the situation, but they blasted the fine police and people of Willistown.

~ rooster mommy 6/22/23

After the last time Rooster Mommy had a rooster and the kerfuffle that ensued, can you blame “person” for just calling the police? Sadly since it’s Rooster Groundhog Day over on your street maybe they felt there was no option? And given the tone of this comment towards a woman who yes is a friend well hmmm I don’t know?

Also when you call the police you are not anonymous. They take down your name and address and phone number. When the police come out to address a situation like this they are trying to de-escalate and find a solution, so perhaps they just didn’t feel they had to tell you her name at that juncturet?

Not to put too fine a point on it I was on the Zoom side of the recent Board of Supervisors Meeting and heard public comment. Your neighbor neither blasted the police or people in Willistown. She calmly discussed what she felt were the issues, and even Willistown will tell you this is not the only poultry issue cropping up. AND SHE THANKED THE POLICE.

And I am amused that you view me as all of social media. This is a topic that interests me and and I followed Roostergate 1 but didn’t say much, but well, since it’s Roostergate Groundhog Day and the issues is also in other places of the same township, I am following this. There is no crime in that and again, my opinion is roosters belong on farms.

Well I could go on, but I have things to do, so let’s move along with this next part of your comment (I want to ensure you feel “heard”):

Could I close my window- sure, but then I would miss the best part of the day – for me- When the phone is not ringing and people don’t need my help ….
A cup of coffee, a rooster crow – starts my day the best way.

~ rooster mommy 6/22/23

I get it, I get it, I am a horrible, terrible person in your eyes because I think roosters belong on actual farms. And while you don’t like my opinions, I am entitled to them. Even if I do not live in Willistown.

Your email indicates you are a realtor, and I looked you up but won’t mention your firm, but let’s look at it from a realtor selling a property. If you were selling a house next door to yours how would you make a prospective buyer, purchasing a house in a residential neighborhood, see your property? As a realtor when people want a suburban vibe, does that fit it? And would you tell them about that Air B-n-B that is supposedly there on your street? If you had identified your property as being larger than not quite 3 acres, honestly I wouldn’t have even written about the rooster most likely. But my opinion is you are asking a lot of your neighbors.

I will go further and point out that your personal Waterloo over keeping roosters when you already went through this once is WHY keeping chickens gets a bad rap in many municipalities which I think is a shame because again, I like chickens and find their laying songs both happy and oddly soothing. But this whole thing? It will eventually cause Willistown to stop being an ostrich and enact an ordinance over chickens and such, which may not be to the liking of a lot of people in your township. And maybe you can’t hear your rooster over your phone ringing all of the time with people asking for help, but what about those neighbors you want to be a good neighbor to? Don’t they matter at all?

Lots of people around me have chickens, they are lovely animals. Lots of my friends have chickens, goats, horses, cows. But anyone I have even known that has had a rooster has had them on actual FARMS, and the properties are 5 acres or more….and the roosters are kept inside the barn and do not crow until let out into their runs or whatever in the morning.

Here’s a thought: you could just be a grown up and rehome the latest rooster to an actual farm and visit it. If you really want to be a good neighbor, that is. I mean why put yourself through all of this again? But hey, just my “rambling” thoughts and opinions, right? In the meantime, cluck off sister and have a wonderful day, bless your heart.


conundrum anyone?

I love Willistown, don’t misunderstand me, but the way things happen and the way things are done sometimes makes a person wonder about life’s little conundrums, doesn’t it?

One of the weaknesses and Willistown has to do with their zoning department. They have made a few missteps there and will leave it at that and that includes personnel. I’ll be polite and not point them out, including from past mistakes.

I started wondering about zoning there again when Wildflower Farm opened. They invited the zoning officer to come make sure they were doing everything right. And then we all know what happened there after that, yes? It was a couple years of round robin and when it’s zoned a farm but it’s not supposed to be a farm yet it is a farm, right? And this was over growing flowers. It was not all the NOFIMBY neighbors was it?

So there is this agricultural zoning, right and there are 2 acre lots, correct? A couple of years ago there was this hullabaloo about chickens that really wasn’t about chickens at all it was about roosters. And roosters can be a pain in the ass if you’re not on a really big property because they’re noisy birds it’s in their nature to crow.

But when you’re living close to other people, it would be common sense to make sure your rooster stayed inside until a reasonable hour every morning, and I know people that do that they keep them in large pens, and they even keep them in areas where they put covers/curtains over things, so the roosters still think it’s dark outside. It actually works. I was talking with someone who has had to do it and another person remarked how this is the time of year where they have to figure out if they have hens or roosters and if they have roosters, they get rehomed to larger properties.

So there is this rooster in Willistown again. He kinda starts before 5 AM some mornings, and before 6 AM other mornings. He also wakes up other animals where he lives as well as neighbors. Goats and chickens don’t bother me particularly, but wow donkeys are also noisy!

Maybe the rooster owner is a heavy sleeper. Or maybe the rooster is far enough away from their bedroom window that they don’t hear it. Next I have to ask are they actually a farm or they just a residential property? Because in this township it does get confusing, doesn’t it ?

Willistown actually has a rooster ordinance and this stood out:

adding a new §139-97.D, as follows:

139-97.D The keeping of guineafowl, peacocks, or roosters is prohibited except in the RU Zoning District on lots of ten acres or greater when associated with a farm use pursuant to §139-12.D. Any structure or building for the housing of guineafowl, peacocks, or roosters shall be no less than 500 feet from any occupied structure on a neighboring lot. Non-conforming animals may not be replaced and the non-conformity must be resolved no more than 5 (five) years from the date of enactment of this Ordinance.

So if this isn’t a 10 acre property why does it have a rooster at all? I would hate to say this is a case of it depends who you know, but is this a case of it depends who you know? I will note someone else said this ordinance with the 10 acre thing didn’t actually pass and apparently roosters are allowed on 4 acres or more in this RA or RU zoning? (I get confused because it seems like both are in play here and I could be wrong about that but that’s what it seems like?) And this is yet another slightly weird thing here?

And again, I really love Willistown, but there are all these conundrums aren’t there? Come on, Willistown level the playing field maybe like maybe you need a new zoning officer again? Willistown seems to go through zoning people don’t they?

Since I wrote this post I have been accused of bullying and told to “stay in my lane”. This is about a loud rooster. Not about disliking chickens, donkeys, goats, other farm animals, etc. Or any people in particular. And as always, I am only golden if I have an opinion on what people want me to have an opinion on?

Chickens are a weird thing on their own in PA as a whole. Some municipalities want to forbid them but instead ignore them. Some municipalities just say no altogether. Some municipalities limit the numbers of chickens depending on property size. I actually have an opinion that loud roosters are what stirs the pot against chickens in municipalities.

I like chickens and their sounds and their laying songs, and have neighbors all around who have them but guess what no roosters, so it’s all very pleasant. I also happen to like goats. Donkeys I have no real opinion on other than they always sound indignant and like goats they smell kind of rank at times. I have friends that have all of these animals, but interestingly enough, never roosters. Hope that clears things up.

The last time roosters came up it wreaked havoc in this township, didn’t it? So excuse the hell out of me wondering WHY there is Groundhog Day over roosters again? And is it wrong to feel for people who don’t wish to be woken up super freaking early every day? Isn’t there that reasonable expectation of quiet enjoyment thing?

Cock-A-Doodle-Do y’all. Never a dull moment.

gracious, it’s been forever since there was a NEW willistown issue…

Well, is it going to burble over again and Willistown like NOFIMBY (No Farm in My Back Yard) or bad septic and sewer? People say that there is an issue brewing over 8044 Goshen Rd. in Malvern. It’s a very windy and busy road. And now it seems a religious institution wants to turn this into some sort of religious institution property. I mean there?

No, I don’t quite get this whole thing. It’s not something I’ve paid attention to. I think it’s an extraordinarily unattractive house as it stands. It’s not exactly a house where I would say that it would be a crying shame to tear it down and start over, but is this an area where do you actually want other than residential and since it’s residential does that mean it needs a zoning exception? And was it really listed by a realtor in Jenkintown? Jenkintown is the other side of everywhere from here what do they know from Chester County?

This property at 8044 Goshen seems like it was a mention at a February Planning Meeting? And it is some sort of a zoning thing now or since, December, right? I’ve seen it mentioned on a few agendas, but what are they actually doing about it? Are they actually discussing it or are they afraid to discuss it?

Why does Willistown always seem to be growing zoning issues? Maybe they hire the wrong zoning officers for the township? And what about this new manager? Does she ever open her mouth about anything? Willistown is a wonderful area but it seems like it’s having growing pains or something?

Well, that’s also another plan in front of Willistown with this law firm, isn’t it? Aren’t they the Rock Hill Farm attorneys too? They’re good.

And this is yet another seeming zoning issue and land-use issue in front of Willistown? Willistown you’re beautiful, but maybe you need to up your legal game as a municipality, huh? And neighbors, it’s really great that you all been together, but banding together alone isn’t going to do it y’all better find yourselves good land-use lawyers, don’t you think? T-shirts and lawn signs and flyers are not going to solve these issues.

8044 Goshen Road is listed on the current zoning things on Willistown’s website .

And now the neighbors are also passing out flyers or something? I am glad they are doing that but they will need to be a little more vocal about this I think. I think it’s just a really odd location for an institutional use and it’s not going to be a passive institutional use is it? It could be pretty busy and how will that affect the neighbors?

I think it’s a weird location for a new institutional use, and I’m curious as to why this religious organization thought they were just going to be able to buy this property in a residential area and do this? There are plenty of religious institutions and churches, and what not that co-exist in residential areas but this road is kind of busy and I just wonder how this would work?

Wednesday, March 22, 2023 at 7 PM is the next zoning hearing board meeting. And I have to be honest I think this is one of those issues where they might need more than the little Willistown board room don’t you? And that’s where it’s scheduled, that meeting.

It’s like a Catch 22 because it’s not another cram plan housing development, but it’s also contemplating a use of a property that would require a zoning change, right? So I guess my biggest question of all is because zoning doesn’t happen in a vacuum, what happens if you change the zoning here and this current project goes forward but doesn’t last and survive in this location? Then what would be next, what could be next?

I think this is something worth watching. And if other municipalities are smart, they will also pay attention to this. It’s interesting.

If the “concerned” neighbors are smart they would hire a lawyer who could handle this. I would actually suggest a lawyer other Willistown residents hired a while back, the same one I mentioned the other day. Philip Rosensweig. And no I am not getting anything for saying this, he’s a fabulous land use attorney. And he was a good commissioner for many years in Lower Merion Township even when we didn’t agree.

I think this is a really weird place for something like this because of the road, and how an institutional use will potentially affect this are is also a valid concern, isn’t it?

Get the popcorn ready in Willistown….