to cowards who run over dogs and keep driving 


Dear Cowards who hit the dog on W. King Road this afternoon:

Here is the dog you hit.  She’s a pretty little girl isn’t she? She is beloved to her humans and right now she’s at an emergency vet fighting to stay with her people.

Yes, she got out. It was an accident, it happens. But you hit this precious little dog and kept driving! How can anyone with a heart or soul or a conscience do that? How could you have not stopped and pulled over?

What is wrong with you that you did not stop? 

Everyone else around you stopped.

You know you hit this dog and you kept on driving.  

Accidents happen, it’s how you deal with them that makes all the difference.

Please contact East Whiteland Police Department and own up to this. At least to apologize to the family. 

To anyone else who is reading this post:

This little dog was hit on W. King Rd. mid afternoon this afternoon. If you know anything or you have any details on whomever it is that hit this dog please contact East Whiteland Police Department. 

It was an accident, a horrible accident but the kids who went into the road to get the dog could have been hit by traffic if other people hadn’t stopped.

God bless the nice couple who stopped and helped the mom and her children get the dog to an emergency vet.

We are all hoping that St. Francis is watching  over this beloved pet and she continues to hold her own. We asked that any animal lovers out there whisper a little prayer for this sweet little dog.

And to those who travel back-and-forth on W. King Rd. please slow down. No one pays enough attention to the speed limit and it is so easy to fly from the edge of Immaculata’s  campus out past the Little League field. Next time it might be a human being who is hit and we don’t want that.

Now that the weather is nice W. King Rd. is dangerously busy seven days a week, especially when there are activities like all the Little League games. 

People are in too much of a hurry. 

Slow down… please.

And again, if anyone knows who hit this poor little dog please contact East Whiteland Police Department. It’s the right thing to do. We should still live in a world where occasionally people do the right thing.

Thank you.

francisvale home for smaller animals has got issues

UPDATE 11/11/2015 12:56 PM : Francisvale’s Executive Director has contacted me. In the spirit of keeping things civil our discussion remains off record. I consider this at an end.

This is Elsie. She is a dacshund mix. She has been living in an office at Francisvale for I think four years. Recently she was sprung from an awful kind of of animal purgatory by one of my dearest friends who agreed to be a foster mom to her.

Elsie has been with my friend for a month and a half and has made great strides. She is finally almost completely house trained (dachshunds are stubborn!) and she is a good dog who has had a crappy life.

this is Elsie’s photo off the rescue’s website. Note the way they have her harness and leash and collar hooked up. Guaranteed to hurt a dog shoulder right? That is their photo, not the rescue mom’s living eith her.

I have spent quite a bit of time with Elsie and my friend and really like her. I think she’s a great dog. But she does have some fear based aggression which is not unusual for rescues. Today even though she  has been around me, something in her switched and well, she bit me. Through my clothes, yes broke skin, but clothes didn’t tear. She made a mistake. It happens. I have to admit it was somewhat startling because I’ve never been bitten by a dog before.

My friend had to call Francisvale to report this as a foster mom. The executive director was terse with my friend. All my friend asked was for permission and the money they said was there to take her to behavior training at What A Good Dog in Malvern. What A Good Dog is amazing with these issues.

But no, no conversation, just bring the dog back. They have an endowment, correct? Why not pay for the training? Why are they in the rescue business? To act a non profit hoarding situation?

The executive director did NOT even ask my friend for my name and phone number at the time to see if I was ok. How is that for a caring rescue? Professionalism is optional?

So I called the executive director twice. I did not want Elsie removed from a caring foster situation, just get her the help she needs and keep her out of the kennel and get her to a furever home. But the woman would not take my call. “Too busy” was what I was told by whomever answered the phone—I got this woman who was practically reading from a script about how to patronize people while calming them down.

I am now in tears and so is my friend as she takes Elsie back to life in a cage. Or worse.

I am so upset and technically I am the aggrieved party with a dog bite. But the reason I am upset is I know Elsie is a good dog. Not vicious, just scared. She made a mistake and they are a rescue that can afford behavior modification training. Her foster mom is willing to devote the time to do this – Francisvale just needs to pay for the training which is what they are supposed to do dogs and a foster situation aren’t they?

You know years ago I considered  rescuing from them. I even was one of the people who supported them the last time their neighbors are nearby streets complained about noise coming from the kennels.

I am being public with this post because I think Elsie and my friend are getting the short end of the stick.

The phone number to Francisvale is 610 688-1018. Their address is 328 Upper Gulph Rd., Radnor PA 19087

I think they pretty much suck  right now.

Again let me reiterate: I got bitten. I know it was an accident and I know this is a good dog. I also know that any rescue worth it’s salt doesn’t like dogs coming back into a kennel once they have gotten out as it can ruin a dog.

It makes me very very sad that I now wonder if this rescue is actually living its mission.

Elsie is getting the short end of things right now.  She is a victim of stupid human tricks.  I hope St. Francis looks out for her.

FV prefaceFV1

human shaming in phoenixville

This is August. So cars heat up fast, don’t they? Especially in parking lots open to the sun, right?  And as you see that is a dog in a hot SUV earlier today. It was taken by a friend at the Redner’s parking lot in Phoenixville.  These people who own this Ford SUV should be ashamed of themselves!!!

 I wish the people who sent me the photos had taken photos with the license plate showing! This photo and the one below came with the following message:

We went shopping at Phoenixville Redner’s today. I waited in the car while the wife got a few things.

Some jerk left a poodle in a parked car. Driver window was open a couple inches, but the dog was frantic at first, then just laying on the seat panting like hell. 

A local cop came through, and I got his attention. He looked, and said “the window is open a little, and it’s a white car, it won’t get hot, besides this is private property, I have no jurisdiction”. The windows were heavily tinted, and too hot to put your hand on. 

I was about to break the glass when a young couple (about 6 people gathered by now) said they would go inside and have the manager put the vehicle, license plate, and business name on the P.A. system that their window was about to be broken. A volunteer firefighter had a rescue tool, and said he would give them 5 minutes. A girl with a water bottle squirted water through the cracked window on the dog, and it got up, and got a little. 

 Don’t know the final outcome. Even through the heavily tinted glass you can see the dog with it’s mouth wide open. 

So Redner’s in Phoenixville is in which township?  I would like to commend their officer who stopped for showing such caring and concern, wouldn’t you? Do you sense my sarcasm ? If  the officer was loath to break a window why couldn’t said officer have gone into the store to check for the irresponsible owner? Wow.

Kudos goes to the volunteer firefighter and others who sprang into action to try to help the dog.

Dogs give us unconditional love and devotion so it is really upsetting when you see stupid human tricks in action. 

There is a law being proposed in PA regarding keeping pets out of hot cars. Contact your legislators in PA ASAP about getting it passed!

New bill focused on keeping pets out of hot cars

Carolyn Blackburne 08/05/2015 06:54 PM08/05/2015 07:29 PM

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — A new bill proposed in the Pennsylvania legislature is focused on keeping animals out of hot cars. 

Farm manager at Greener Pasture’s Animal Shelter, Ryan Jacobs, said leaving a pet inside a car on a hot day can be a matter of life and death. Cats and dogs that are left in cars can die within five to ten minutes on days above 110 degrees.

“We already have laws like this for children, so I think it is important you take your dog out of the car when you go somewhere,” Jacobs said.

If an animal is left unattended in a car for more than five minutes, it can go into heat stroke.


UPDATE: the power of the Internet. Another person sent me a partial plate (missing one letter or digit) and told me that this shopping center is on the edge of Phoenixville Borough and apparently it was an unmarked police car and three police departments can be found on patrol around here (Phoenixville Borough, East Pikeland, and Schulkill Twp). And the static decal in the window is for a company called Unlimited Restoration which has an office in Pottstown.


“adult” moments…

  The great thing about social media is that there are groups for just about everything. Dogs, parenting, garage sales, women’s groups, cancer support, cooking, gardening, collecting certain things, you name it. I belong to some parenting groups because, well, I am more of a late stage parent as a step parent, so it’s a great way to learn.

In one parenting group, a post caught my eye. The poster was one of those women whose profile photo was like a head shot. Perfectly coifed hair, professionally done make up and wearing a strapless dress like she was auditioning for a Real Housevives show.

The post was crowd sourcing where to get a dog and bashing a rescue which had turned her down. There were a ton of comments including from her. She was exhibiting shall we say potty mouth. Kind of ironic on a parenting page where there are often comments about how can people get their kids to not curse and not exhibit aggressive and unpleasant behaviors.


This woman goes on and on about how wonderful she is and how wronged she was and bashes the rescue some more. When challenged about rescue bashing and potty mouth in a place about parenting and mostly parenting small children, wowza. Super classy…..not. More like a bare knuckles brawler with an expensive manicure.

 If I was a rescue having to decide on her, lordy I feel sorry for them. But truthfully (based upon her comments), her issue seems to be that somewhere in the application and interview process she did not meet their criteria.  Ok pretty simple: rescues and even shelters have rules for a reason. If you don’t meet their criteria move onto a rescue you have better chemistry with or try to politely work it out. Lord knows there are a lot of homeless animals out there.

But the whole thing about a woman who puts forth an image of super coiffed and living on the Main Line and not being able to use their words well enough that they can’t avoid expletives of any level on a group page they don’t own or control where they are basically a guest like everyone else? Unnecessary and poor form. And somewhat distasteful. If they want to do that on their personal page, well that is one thing and basically dumb. But on a group page? Come on and grow up. 

And I also don’t know what it is about dog rescue conversations online but aren’t you sick of them going from zero to nasty in a blink of an eye ?  There are so many animals needing homes, yet some people have to start this controversy constantly basically because they do not like being told in essence,  “no”. Why not try to work with these rescues ? Work through their reservations? Or (again) if you don’t have chemistry with one rescue, move onto another?

And truthfully for me what I don’t care for about these conversations other than the acrimony is the cursing in a public forum like that. Surely other words can be chosen? Or does that also go hand in hand with being told “no” or anything else they don’t want to hear?

How can we teach our children well when the adults in the room are behaving like idiots?

Just saying.

good-bye oogy 

I see the news is making the social media rounds so…..

Sad news to share. My friend Sherry just called and one of our favorite fur pals has gone over the rainbow bridge. Oogy

Yes, that Oogy.


His humans were friends of Sherry’s so I was lucky to see Oogy at a lot of First Friday Main Lines. He would come and hang out in Sherry’s store, Past*Present*Future in Ardmore, PA.


Before he was a doglebrity, he was just a big lovable dog with really nice humans. And an amazing story.

If you ever need a reason as to why animal rescue is so important, look no further then Oogy. The photos I am sharing are ones I took of Oogy at different First Friday Main Lines.

Oogy you were a big love of a dog and I am glad on a few occasions I got to hang out with you 

RIP Oogy.

saying no, asking for peace


I didn’t want to say anything, but I feel I must. I am NOT getting involved with the whole brew-ha-ha over Flash the beagle. Please STOP posting comments about THAT issue to my blog and the CCR Facebook page.

This is my blog and my page and I reserve the right to NOT be involved with every animal issue in the tri-state area. I am taking a break from dog rescue issues. I am tired of all the extremes of emotion and how nasty human beings are to one and other under the banner of saving animals.

I am sorry if that disappoints some of my readers, but please respect that I don’t want to be involved. Yes, that family is connecting all the dots when it comes to guerrilla social media tactics, but what is it they hope to accomplish by totally destroying a non-profit? And can it be said it is all well an good to say publicly on their page that they want people to be respectful but what happens out of the eyes of social media is different isn’t it?

Some might find this confusing, but let me make it simple: yes I have written about the Chester County SPCA’s issues a few times. However, I have never said I want the organization shut down and would not support such efforts. What I want for the CCSPCA is reform. I am hopeful with Pat Biswanger at the helm of their board it will happen.

I am not going to speak negatively of Main Line Animal Rescue. I am not going to speak negatively of Bill Smith. He has devoted his life to animals. I am NOT getting involved other than to say destroying a non-profit with a proven track record of saving at risk animals is wrong. Attacking people who chose to support this rescue is as wrong as attacking those who support rescues like the Chester County SPCA, Morris Animal Rescue, the Humane Society, the ASPCA, North Shore Animal League, Finding Shelter, ARC of the Hamptons and all the smaller pure-breed and cat rescues that work hard every day for animals.

I urge everyone involved here to calm down and try to work it out because big picture is if you support animal rescues and their missions you will try to work it out.

But I do not care to be a party to this negativity. I believe in animal rescue. Asking for reforms is one thing, destroying a good organization is entirely another. They are out for scorched earth, and that makes it about them, not the animals….even the dog they are protesting the removal of.

Thank you

have you seen “joey”?


This is Joey. He is a five-year old shibu inu. He is from Malvern over near Malvern Prep but got out for the first and only time March 28 when a door blew open. He has been seen as far away as Hershey’s Mill to Boot Road to Airport Road to Morstein, Collegeview and so on.

His owners know he is alive and his mom works at Canine Creature Comforts. He was seen yesterday around Nottingham Road.

He is scared out of his wits. He looks like a fox. Please help him come home. Call owners if you see him and if you get him in a fenced in back yard please call owners – BUT use caution when approaching because he is scared and skittish.