hit and run coward sends 5 year old to hospital: have you seen the truck responsible?

WPVIYesterday on the news I heard about a hit and run in Bryn Mawr, in Lower Merion Township where I used to live.  At an intersection where I almost got hit several times over the years.  The intersection is the big one at Lancaster Avenue and Bryn Mawr Avenue right where Bryn Mawr Trust Company is and across from Ludington Library. I held my breath every time I crossed, and played chicken with cars ignoring the stopped traffic and pedestrian crossing signal more than once.  I hate that intersection for pedestrians.

This is a busy pedestrian intersection and on weekends there are things like the Bryn Mawr Farmers Market in the big municipal parking lot. Lots of the vendors who serve that Farmers Market hail from Chester County, incidentally.

This light has signals which are supposed to stop traffic in ALL directions for pedestrians.  Only I have discovered that many impatient Main Line and other drivers often disregard this.

So why am I writing about this in Chester County?  Because the truck that mowed down a mom and her twin children headed WEST on Route 30/ Lancaster Avenue, so who knows who may have seen the truck.

And this mom is part of a group I belong to called Philadelphia Social Media Moms.  They sent out an e-blast a while ago asking people to tweet out the following:

Here is a tweet you can copy and paste. We are trying to raise awareness so the perpetrator will be caught:
6yr old in hospital, Black Ford F150 still at
large. See something? Call police. #PSMM4Janeane http://ow.ly/ks5hi


By my calculations, 24 hours have passed since this incident. This mom has one child at home and one at DuPont in Wilmington.

This is not ol, and what this mom wrote to those of us who are part of this group chilled me to the bone.  I will share an excerpt only:

It is a terrible thing to see your child hit so hard [they are ] knocked out of [their] shoes. Please know we appreciate all your kindness and help

This is one of the things I disliked most about living on the Main Line, and in particular, Lower Merion.  They always talk a good game about pedestrian friendly communities and business districts, but the reality is often quite different. Like now.

This intersection is no stranger to horrific accidents, either.  Here is a photo from July 2007.  A woman named Maryjo Delvescovo, 43 died from her injuries in this accident.  I remember at the time the media saying she left behind a child. This photo taken by a friend of mine is pretty raw:

2007 accident

Accident at same intersection in 2007

If you know anything about this accident, please call police ASAP! Police are asking for witnesses or anyone with information to contact them at (610) 649-1000 or (610) 645-6260.

It would be nice if the driver of this black pick up truck were to come forward on their own of course.

This is why I wish more municipalities around here enforced pedestrian cross-walks more like they do in other places including New York State and Washington, D.C.

I am just sitting here shaking my head as I type.  I remember having conversations with one local politician in particular about this very intersection in the past.  I said at the time I was afraid a pedestrian would get hit.  Mind you, I completely expect this politician to have a large case of political Alzheimer’s when it comes to this.

Please…if you know anything come forward.  Everyone else, please say a prayer for this family whose children and mom were hit.

Update: Police looking for driver of Bryn Mawr hit-and-run that left a 5-year-old in hospital

Published: Friday, April 26, 2013

By Richard Ilgenfritz rilgenfritz@mainlinemedianews.com
LMTLower Merion police are asking for the public’s help with information on the truck or the driver who stuck a woman and her two children crossing Lancaster and Bryn Mawr avenues Thursday afternoon. One of those children remains hospitalized in Delaware with head injuries.

According to police, the woman and her five-year-old twins were crossing Lancaster when the driver of a black pickup truck going north from Bryn Mawr onto west on Lancaster Avenue stuck them.

….One of the children was taken to Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Del., overnight Thursday for a head injury….The driver failed to stop and continued going west on Lancaster Avenue toward Villanova. The vehicle was described as a full-sized black pickup truck similar to a Ford F-150.

Police & Fire

Hit-and-Run Injures Bryn Mawr Mother and Children; Police Seek Black Truck

The accident happened at Lancaster and Bryn Mawr avenues in Bryn Mawr.

ByBryn Mawr-Gladwyne Patch Staff and Sam Strike  April 25, 2013



adaptive reuse?

Will the big red barn on the corner of Planebrook and Swedesford in East Whiteland rise again?  In February I was wondering the fate of this really big, red barn, and look at what I snapped yesterday:


So nice to see since an apparent adaptive reuse in progress, especially East Whiteland seems to have preservation issues (as in actually seeing that things are preserved).

Things I do not like in East Whiteland right now include the closing of the movie theater in Frazer for a used car or car dealership, the replacement adult whatever toy store next to the King Street Grill, the closing of Newbury Gifts  in May and the Wedding Touch closing on April 27th.

The commercial district of East Whiteland along Lancaster Avenue is a hodge podge, and if they cared, it could at least look better.  If all these “high end” stores are either in the Vahalla know as Uptown Worthington (whose advertising on their website is well worth mocking it is so absurd) or coming to Uptown Worthington, hello, has anyone looked at Route 30 as it runs through East Whiteland?  What is decent is drowned out by seriously ugly so why not improve it?  Why not attempt to attract other than car dealerships, mobile home parks, self storage and adult novelty stores? And yes I know those aren’t the ONLY things along Route 30 in East Whiteland, but that is what the public perception is.

Soon Uptown Worthington will be as crowded as Mall World in Exton so why not start thinking about giving people attractive shopping alternatives and fix it up on Route 30? To me it just seems to be common sense to draw on the popularity of Uptown Worthington and Mall World in Exton and to make the in-between look better and have stores people would like to patronize, preferably independent retailers and not more big box stores. I am not saying some new urbanist fairy tale of a walkable business district (it would never happen safely here), but a more cohesive and better looking few miles.

Also on my wish list for East Whiteland? I would love to see Linden Hall and Loch Aerie preserved too.

I would also really appreciate  it if Whitelands Chiropractic on the corner of Church and Lancaster in Frazer would trim the complete bent elbow of hedges so drivers could see better from both roads.

Business districts are important.  Uniformity and neatness and design of business districts are equally important.



farmer’s road drive thru, chadds ford: try it!

Courtney Rozsas, Owner of Farmer's Drive Thru (center)

Courtney Rozsas, Owner of Farmer’s Drive Thru (center)

Today we were invited to the grand opening celebration of Farmer’s Road Drive Thru.  It is located in the Painter’s Crossing Shopping Center at 210 Wilmington Pike in Chadds Ford. It used to be a KFC there.

5Anyway, this is the brain child of Courtney Rozsas and Executive Chef Ryan Sulikowski the fine people behind Lotus Farm to Table in Media.

It was a beautiful afternoon to take a ride down to Chadds Ford and well worth the trip.


The decor is total reclaimed chic. Old barn wood and other recycled materials. Simple, open and pretty.  Terrain at Styers provided the landscaping – which is also eco-friendly including carbon reducing plants in the outside cafe area.  There is also a drive thru.

21The staff was pleasant, knowledgable and well spoken.  Inside on the wall was a giant chalkboard listing the farmers and purveyors (and all farms are ones you know or wish to patronize and we’ll leave it at that! I like them ALL). All the meat is locally produced, and 80% or everything else will be locally sourced as well.

Farmer’s Road takes the locavore movement and marries it to a healthy alternative to fast food.  There will be traditional fun burgers and hot dogs as well as heart healthy, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options, along with seasonal offerings to highlight what is available depending upon the time of year.

Chef Ryan Sulikowski

Chef Ryan Sulikowski

I admit it, I am a carnivore so I loved the little slider version of their grass-fed beef burger they served at the grand opening – their grand opening featured mini sizes of their menu items – more than an amuse bouche, so I can’t say that.

They also have sodas from New Hope Soda Fountain. They will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner six days a week.  Sundays they will be open for breakfast and lunch only. Breakfast will include an oatmeal bar and fun things like french toast sticks.

Their menu is one of clean and fresh flavors – nothing overly complicated 10and a fresh taste we crave when dining out.  This is fresh food served fast, a far cry from fast food as we know it now.  I mean think about it, ever known a McDonald’s or KFC that had fresh flowers? Sells local honey? Uses fresh herbs? Uses non-toxic cleaning products and has a recycling station?

They open tomorrow for a regular day at 7 a.m. They are open until 9 p.m.

I think they will be a welcome addition to the local food scene, and I wish them much success as that could mean expansion into other areas.  It’s a great idea – and their food tastes as good as it looks! Kids and adults alike will love this place!

You can like them on Facebook too!



to the owners of the “woman’s lib” barn


Dear Owners of the “Woman’s Lib Barn”,

Your youngest son (or maybe it’s daughter – not sure as they post under “youngest of five”) has posted a couple of comments about my photos of the barn. At  first he or she seemed  happy I was photographing it, now he or she seems angry.  So I thought I would just lay it out:

This is my favorite barn in Chester County.  It is the first one I really noticed when I moved here.  It spoke to me.  As a woman I find myself often torn between the old and new, and the old roles of women versus the women of today. It also speaks to me because to me it also represents the uniqueness, individuality, and independence of the people of Chester County – traits I admire and respect.

I love photographing barns, have been doing that for years.

But I never go on anyone’s property without an invitation, so to put your son or daughter’s  mind at ease, I thought I should tell you that straight up. All photos were taken from the public street.

In addition he or she is upset because I repeated some of the speculation as to why the barn is painted the way it is. That isn’t creative license, it is conversation on something that is a community conversation piece.  I imagine that if you were uncomfortable with any of the speculation you would have painted the barn over years ago, obliterating the statement “this is women’s lib?”

But you didn’t.  So I imagine on some level it amuses you. If I were you, the wondering by those who don’t know would make me smile as much as having such a cool old barn to call my own.

In my humble opinion, photographing your barn shows no disrespect, only love of an awesome barn that makes me smile every time I go past it.

I get that I am new to Chester County, but I think your son or daughter is taking umbrage where none is needed, because no disrespect or malice is intended.  I admire he or she going to the mat for family, it shows great love. But I am not the only one who has ever photographed, commented, or written about the barn.  I have seen it in local media too.

Anyway, would love to meet y’all sometime, but hopefully under pleasant circumstances.

Thank you for having such a cool barn.

back to the dogs

Argus FionaArgus & Fiona the beautiful puppies gunned down in West Vincent are never far from our minds.  We are so happy that the generosity of so many have helped the Bock family begin to heal, but we sit and we wait for justice to be served. (and the photo is from one of the folks on the Justice For Argus & Fiona Page – isn’t it cute? Thanks Lynne!)

Surely intolerable cruelty will not go unanswered, right?

I can report that as per the Bock family,  Mr. Pilotti was arraigned yesterday – it was scheduled for today originally. The DA told Mary Bock that the trial will be within 180 days, except I pulled the docket and see a trial date for mid-May so I do not know what to think.  In my opinion I see these dates as fluid, but I am not a lawyer.

I was distressed to hear that perhaps the District Attorney’s office is unhappy with all the media attention? If true, what did they expect? The beloved puppies of a family with a bunch of small kids got shot in cold blood, so is the public NOT supposed to be outraged?

I also hear that Mr. Pilotti’s gun has not yet been confiscated, and shouldn’t it have been? (things are much easier when you just watch Law & Order on TV, right?) And I have been told by those who know better than I that the weapon he used to shoot those dogs should have been confiscated pending the outcome of the trial quite a while ago, so why hasn’t it? Does he dress it up and call it Bessie or something?

So here is the docket – it lists the ADA assigned as a Kevin Pierce .  I will also provide the link to where I downloaded it – on the PA Unified Judicial System Web site.

Please keep those letters, calls and e-mails going to elected officials about changing the laws and this case BUT we remain firm on we don’t want hate speech on the Facebook page or here, and cannot condone violence or inappropriate behavior.

This issue will soon have a day in court and we hope PEACEABLY many will join the Bocks on that day.  But until then, please give Chester Springs a break.  There should be no sight-seeing tour, that is gruesome.

You will note one other thing on the docket I am about to post. And that is Mr. Pilotti has applied for ARD. ARD is Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition. It is a program in PA designed for first-time non-violent offenders.  People who get DUIs the first time often go through this if accepted.

I hate to split hairs or be mean about it, but how is it Mr. Pilotti considers himself non-violent?  Wouldn’t you think it would be quite embarrassing and impossible for the District Attorney to allow this?  Does someone who shoots dogs and then leaves voice mails for neighbors about it qualify as non-violent?  Please note this isn’t a gun thing – this is a HOW he used the gun thing.

The docket currently lists May 15th for the court date of the criminal trial.  However, like I said, if the District Attorney’s office has suddenly grown media shy, there may be another incidence of hidey-case and they might quick move it again, but we hope for the best, right?  We would hate to think that the District Attorney doesn’t really care about this, right?