sexy lettuce

DSC_0188That got your attention, right?  The East Goshen Farmers Market was fab in spite of the heat yesterday….keep wondering when the former market manager (now manager of Malvern) will stop sending people to shop her old market, right?

I mean what is so difficult to comprehend that (a) there is more than enough demand for multiple markets  (b) that the East Goshen Market is better than it was last year ? I mean we are all adults, right?

So why not just stop the petty middle school lunch table competition?  And why did I hear again how farmers interested in being in both East Goshen and Malvern’s markets because they are Thursday and Saturday respectively had to choose ONE market by one of Malvern’s market managers?  And what is this thing about how the Malvern Market is using some vendor contract that is used by Farm to City farmers and how that is apparent justification for this “choose a market” scenario? If that was actually true then why is it so many of the vendors in the Farm to City Farmers Market in Bryn Mawr are also in the Malvern Farmers Market? And both on the same day no less according to their respective websites?

It seems to me that the ladies of the Malvern Farmers Market need to live and let live.  It is supposed to be about the farm and farmer not petty prom queen meets PTA mom brownie bake-off competition, right?

Support whichever market suits your fancy and is convenient to you.  Or be like myself and some of my friends – we patronize different markets so we can follow our favorite farms – it is super convenient to say go find your farm on a Saturday if you miss them at a market another day of the week.

I would also encourage all of you to show your support for the mama of all the markets – the West Chester Growers Market! No one wants them going anywhere and the Borough of West Chester should let them be where they are!


this is living?

Snapped these two photos as a passenger on Route 202.  These developments are perched right on the highway.  As a matter of fact the second photo shows an additional phase of one of these developments where you could literally open your front door if you lived here and spit on cars going by on Route 202.

I have to ask: this is living?  Seems kind of gross and very sad to me.  I don’t get the whole move-out-to-the-country-and-hear-the-highway thing…



do banks actually offer good old fashioned customer service any longer?

PNC PNC Bank this post is for you.

I am super cranky this morning.  I have come to the realization that perhaps non-millionaire (i.e. average) customers are not valued by America’s banks after all, which makes you understand why some people keep their money in their proverbial mattresses.

hippiesSo over the Memorial Day Weekend I went out to Milkhouse Antiques, which just had a name change and ownership change to Antiques at Silver Bell Farms  (and yes that is confusing right now because there are TWO Facebook Pages – the former Milkhouse page and the newer Good Ol’ Days- Antiques at Silver Bell Farm).  Anyway, I purchased a couple of things for my garden including this crazy funny sign that says “Hippies Use Side Door” (and not to grouse, but I discovered I could have purchased online for significantly less but am happy I was able to patronize a local business).

When I went to check out and to pay for my items, inadvertently another item was added to my bill so they had to void my original sale and re-ring my items.  They gave me all the receipts and I did not think another thing about it.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday I went to check my bank account to discover that the correct charge and the erroneous charge were still on my account. I called up the store and the new owner was super nice to me but said my bank needed to remove the incorrect charge.

So this morning I checked my account again and it was still there so I decided to call up PNC Bank.  I spent a frustrating 30 minutes trying to navigate the new auto attendant before I could reach a LIVE customer service person.  When I did they were perfectly pleasant but told me basically I was S.O.L. until it magically falls off (which after in essence five business days it has not) and there was nothing that PNC could do for me.

Basically my only choice is to  have this small business write and fax a letter to PNC on their letterhead asking for charge to be released or removed.  Her justification was “they placed it there” , meaning the small business.

Yeah and nevermind the fact they control the account and I spent over two decades working in bank and brokerage and know that exceptions can be made and accounts adjusted on the end of the bank.

Yeah and nevermind they have no idea how this can disrupt the day of a small business which would then in turn make that business not value me as a customer.

So I have sent all of this along to the small business in the hopes that maybe their bank can talk to my bank.

What I want to know is what happened to customer service?  I know I am not a huge customer but I have been a long-term customer.

Sign me frustrated.

So what kind of customer service do you get at your bank?


the hat thing

Hats2A friend asked me this morning if I was going to Ladies’ Hat Day at Devon this year.  Last year I had returned to the event after years of not being able to go due to work conflicts.  But oh my word, remember the dust-up when I commented on how I did not care for ready to wear taxidermy and salad bowls? Yikes!

Unfortunately, that left a bad taste in my mouth and while I appreciate all the work the lovely women of the Ladies’ Hat Day Committee put into a truly beautiful event I find a lot of who goes these days not so beautiful. So I will skip it this year.

Today once again, Ladies’ Hat Day will be on a day that is a scorcher.  I hope they have a lovely event.  But the traditionalist in me misses the hat days when salad bowls and taxidermy were left in cupboards and on walls, respectively.hats

Back in the day my friends and I did a lot of steeplechase and what not (Point to Point, Willowdale, Virginia Gold Cup, FoxFields just to name a few) so we have always done hats.  Hats are an art form. To me art should be beautiful and sorry I did not get some of those hats last year.

As a personal choice I also am one who appreciates more traditional hats as I think there is nothing so lovely (think about the fabulous hats worn by women like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly).  I just don’t get the ones that I would reserve for Halloween…to each their own, quite simply not my cup of tea.

Stay cool today at Devon and I hope everyone enjoys the Ladies’ Hat Day!