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Hats2A friend asked me this morning if I was going to Ladies’ Hat Day at Devon this year.  Last year I had returned to the event after years of not being able to go due to work conflicts.  But oh my word, remember the dust-up when I commented on how I did not care for ready to wear taxidermy and salad bowls? Yikes!

Unfortunately, that left a bad taste in my mouth and while I appreciate all the work the lovely women of the Ladies’ Hat Day Committee put into a truly beautiful event I find a lot of who goes these days not so beautiful. So I will skip it this year.

Today once again, Ladies’ Hat Day will be on a day that is a scorcher.  I hope they have a lovely event.  But the traditionalist in me misses the hat days when salad bowls and taxidermy were left in cupboards and on walls, respectively.hats

Back in the day my friends and I did a lot of steeplechase and what not (Point to Point, Willowdale, Virginia Gold Cup, FoxFields just to name a few) so we have always done hats.  Hats are an art form. To me art should be beautiful and sorry I did not get some of those hats last year.

As a personal choice I also am one who appreciates more traditional hats as I think there is nothing so lovely (think about the fabulous hats worn by women like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly).  I just don’t get the ones that I would reserve for Halloween…to each their own, quite simply not my cup of tea.

Stay cool today at Devon and I hope everyone enjoys the Ladies’ Hat Day!


2 thoughts on “the hat thing

  1. I missed you there this year! I think you would have liked the majority of the hats as the theme was Propper Toppers so lots of classic British styles.

    • Is very nice to be missed, and so sweet of you to say so! Okay so I’ll go back next year… All that taxidermy and square pegs just skeeves me LOL

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