do banks actually offer good old fashioned customer service any longer?

PNC PNC Bank this post is for you.

I am super cranky this morning.  I have come to the realization that perhaps non-millionaire (i.e. average) customers are not valued by America’s banks after all, which makes you understand why some people keep their money in their proverbial mattresses.

hippiesSo over the Memorial Day Weekend I went out to Milkhouse Antiques, which just had a name change and ownership change to Antiques at Silver Bell Farms  (and yes that is confusing right now because there are TWO Facebook Pages – the former Milkhouse page and the newer Good Ol’ Days- Antiques at Silver Bell Farm).  Anyway, I purchased a couple of things for my garden including this crazy funny sign that says “Hippies Use Side Door” (and not to grouse, but I discovered I could have purchased online for significantly less but am happy I was able to patronize a local business).

When I went to check out and to pay for my items, inadvertently another item was added to my bill so they had to void my original sale and re-ring my items.  They gave me all the receipts and I did not think another thing about it.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday I went to check my bank account to discover that the correct charge and the erroneous charge were still on my account. I called up the store and the new owner was super nice to me but said my bank needed to remove the incorrect charge.

So this morning I checked my account again and it was still there so I decided to call up PNC Bank.  I spent a frustrating 30 minutes trying to navigate the new auto attendant before I could reach a LIVE customer service person.  When I did they were perfectly pleasant but told me basically I was S.O.L. until it magically falls off (which after in essence five business days it has not) and there was nothing that PNC could do for me.

Basically my only choice is to  have this small business write and fax a letter to PNC on their letterhead asking for charge to be released or removed.  Her justification was “they placed it there” , meaning the small business.

Yeah and nevermind the fact they control the account and I spent over two decades working in bank and brokerage and know that exceptions can be made and accounts adjusted on the end of the bank.

Yeah and nevermind they have no idea how this can disrupt the day of a small business which would then in turn make that business not value me as a customer.

So I have sent all of this along to the small business in the hopes that maybe their bank can talk to my bank.

What I want to know is what happened to customer service?  I know I am not a huge customer but I have been a long-term customer.

Sign me frustrated.

So what kind of customer service do you get at your bank?


2 thoughts on “do banks actually offer good old fashioned customer service any longer?

  1. Never use a debit card, NEVER, for anything. You have no recourse.

    • Well apparently If you PM them on FB they respond – or maybe it was the I -am-going-to-blog-this thing but a customer service rep from their social media thing phoned me and says they will reverse the charge…will let you know…

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