sexy lettuce

DSC_0188That got your attention, right?  The East Goshen Farmers Market was fab in spite of the heat yesterday….keep wondering when the former market manager (now manager of Malvern) will stop sending people to shop her old market, right?

I mean what is so difficult to comprehend that (a) there is more than enough demand for multiple markets  (b) that the East Goshen Market is better than it was last year ? I mean we are all adults, right?

So why not just stop the petty middle school lunch table competition?  And why did I hear again how farmers interested in being in both East Goshen and Malvern’s markets because they are Thursday and Saturday respectively had to choose ONE market by one of Malvern’s market managers?  And what is this thing about how the Malvern Market is using some vendor contract that is used by Farm to City farmers and how that is apparent justification for this “choose a market” scenario? If that was actually true then why is it so many of the vendors in the Farm to City Farmers Market in Bryn Mawr are also in the Malvern Farmers Market? And both on the same day no less according to their respective websites?

It seems to me that the ladies of the Malvern Farmers Market need to live and let live.  It is supposed to be about the farm and farmer not petty prom queen meets PTA mom brownie bake-off competition, right?

Support whichever market suits your fancy and is convenient to you.  Or be like myself and some of my friends – we patronize different markets so we can follow our favorite farms – it is super convenient to say go find your farm on a Saturday if you miss them at a market another day of the week.

I would also encourage all of you to show your support for the mama of all the markets – the West Chester Growers Market! No one wants them going anywhere and the Borough of West Chester should let them be where they are!