what the tweet?

So I’m wondering if I should call this post, idioms, idiots, and Twitter? I just can’t decide. I’m feeling politically incorrect today, so if you don’t want to hear about it turn away from this post now. Yeah, I know a little reverse psychology so now you are all hooked and you’re going to read this post. OK , you’ve been warned. Also, there is a danger today of run on sentences.

I have been on Twitter since the beginning. As in before, Elon Musk probably ever knew it existed. I am literally a Twitter OG.

Twitter started in 2006 and I joined in 2008. Why I joined back then as we were trying to see if historic downtown Ardmore, PA as in the historic business district. (Of course looking at Ardmore today, I’m wondering what we saved it from because we couldn’t save it from Lower Merion Township but that’s another story for another day.)

Anyway, social media was in its infancy, and we were fighting eminent domain for private game against a municipality who is that point had hired outside, professional PR folks on the taxpayer dime to fight residents and to try to jam their plan through. So we harvested social media in its early days to help us get our message out there because it first no media was interested in why we were trying to save Ardmore at all. Also amusing is PR guy at the time put a price on our heads and accusing of us of hiding our identities on this new thing called social media although everyone knew exactly who we were, and how’s that for amusing? (Well it was to all of us who got up at meeting after public meeting stating our names.)

So yeah, I’m kind of a social media OG in general because we learned to use it early on to help our local issues. No fluffy bunnies. This is of course why I’m also always amused by fauxblicists who want to charge small businesses out the wazoo for ummm…. posting on their personal Instagram photos taken with their phone but not actually placing anything with media. Of course, that brings up the eternal debate of influencer or freebie seeker, but again, I digress. I do that occasionally.

So today I saw something float by from former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani go by. It just gave me a big case of the oy veys. I mean, after all, this is the guy who gave the press conference from the landscaping business in Philadelphia for Trump his personal Jim Jones (this reference is to the Jonestown massacre. Look it up and don’t drink the Kool-Aid.)

Anyway, creepy old Rudy with his hands in his pants apparently is a podcaster now:

Forget about his really old Bucky the beaver headshot he uses on Twitter that makes him look like a creepy budding serial killer, it’s the idea that Mr. hands in his pants has a podcast and people subscribe to it. It’s equally too much and hysterical and pathetic so I gave it a big old oy as in oy vey.

That’s it above that’s exactly what I tweeted. Then came this via email:

Whaaaaaat? Did I mention I’ve been tweeting since 2008 and never had this happen? So then I go look at Twitter:

I just kind of sat there for a minute. Because then I looked at the replies, and other things the people reply to him or say about him and I’m thinking Twitter picked me? I expressed my opinion. That was it. I wasn’t on the steps of the U.S. Capitol one infamous January 6th playing storm the Bastille.

I used no profanity (I rarely do on social media), and when you think of the things that Twitter today allows on Twitter, it just kind of blew my mind. Like the pornography and the pornographers that want to add you to their “list“ while posting photos of women with literally everything hanging out with peekaboo panties. But hey because someone didn’t like my opinion about creepy AF Rudy Giuliani I get to deal with this?

So I challenged their decision about my tweet, because it was absolutely ridiculous in my opinion, and I got this:

This, of course, also deserves a giant oy vey, because the whole scenario is utterly ridiculous.

The irony is once upon a time I thought Rudy Giuliani was kind of a cool dude. I’m guessing 9/11 was his moment. During that time I thought he was fabulous in spite of all the Page Six of it all of his private life.

Somewhere along the line, the wheels came off I think in Rudy Giuliani’s brain. I think he seriously believed he went around in a super hero’s cape. Anyway, I went from respecting him for the way he was during 9/11 to watching a human train wreck go forward in life. So when this tweet went by, I was like “really?” People pay to subscribe to his lunacy now while he’s still being investigated in Washington for whatever in election probes? Alrighty then.

Now the discussion is ensuing about what I said, so allow me to include a couple of definitions via screenshot:

I am not a racist. I used a word AND a phrase that are commonly used. The phrase I used, while out of favor, dates back to the early 19th century. It’s literally an Americanism; an idiom.

The word oy is used every damn day. I use it. I learned how to use it originally from my Jewish friends. Just like my black friends will say to me undoubtedly why did I use that stupid phrase but they’re not going to brand me a racist. And why is that because I did not have racist intent, I was expressing my opinion about a ridiculous human being, residing in New York City, or on whichever planet he lives.

Now I’m being told to “reset.”

I hate phrases like reset, as I am not a machine with a button on my forehead. I am tired of living in a world where every time we open our mouths, somebody is telling us we shouldn’t say something? Or suddenly something is bad and punishable although it’s been part of every day vernacular for centuries. It’s part of our history and like a lot of our history maybe it’s out of fashion, maybe it’s out of favor, maybe it’s inconvenient, maybe it’s embarrassing but it doesn’t mean the person using a phrase in this case me is either a bad person or a racist.

Sorry, not sorry I can’t keep up some days. Especially considering what is allowed on social media compared to an unintentional offhand remark I made one time.

Oy vey, Twitter. Like Elon Musk cares about this anyway?

Go forth and don’t use the wrong phrases today like I did or you’ll end up in Twitter jail even temporarily. But don’t mess with my first amendment rights.

Rant over.

original 1989 scout report on ebenezer and an update

Dan Baker photo 1989

In 1989, Dan Baker lived in East Whiteland Township and was an Eagle Scout. He adopted Ebenezer, AME and her ruins on Bacton Hill Road for his Eagle Scout project.

Recently, Dan shared via Bertha Jackson, (who is an AME church historian) additional thoughts and a few photos from his project. Both his original project report, and this update are embedded in this post.

In addition, there was a very recent presentation given by my friend Tia Manon at East Whiteland Township. This was part of the presentation. Tia has ancestors buried in the cemetery at the ruin of Ebenezer AME. She still searches for another ancestor named Perry Ringgold/James Williams. He has two names because he was a slave who gained his freedom on the underground railroad. So he started as Perry and ended up as James. Apparently he may have shown up in Mount Pleasant. I said I think the Mount Pleasant section of Wayne in an 1880 census but he’s listed as white so we’re not sure if he was trying to pass or it’s not him.

From July, 2016 (I placed the article):

https://www.poconorecord.com/story/news/state/2016/07/17/community-wants-to-save-historic/27489162007/ (click to read)

I can’t even explain to you how it makes my heart happy that other people have taken up the mantle of Ebenezer. Of course, back when I started researching the AME church didn’t really admit that they owned it still, and then research led to the old deed, which apparently has never been changed in Chester County. So the AME church does now seem to acknowledge that they still own this amazing historic resource, which is good. I just wish their national church would maybe recognize this site a little more and help out with local efforts.

Dan Baker photo 1989

Once again baby steps forward. I know some people don’t understand why I love this abandoned site so much. I just do. I still remember the day that I discovered the ruined wasn’t an abandoned farmhouse, but a church and when I saw my Civil War soldier, Joshua.

Then I found recently online drone footage over Ebenezer :

It goes with a project from an archeology student at the University of Pennsylvania. Her name is Sarah Caminito. I am not sure if she graduated or not.

(click to view)

Ebenezer AME also has her own page on Find A Grave.

So hopefully Ebenezer will regain her proper place in history and forever preservation will occur. I want to hope, sometimes I am afraid to hope.

My friend Tia will be writing about it and when she does I hope to share her thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by.

Dan Baker photo 1989

save the joseph price house in west whiteland NOW!

I have written about the Joseph Price house in Exton so many times at this point I’ve lost count. I decided to drive by today because I was out in that neck of the woods and I’m glad I did. I am not happy about what I saw, however.

The fact that it didn’t get hit by a tree limbs that I could see from the road in the recent storms is nothing short of miraculous. However, there are tree limbs littering the property. But that’s not as unattractive as the boat and dead cars and trucks that you can see a little but which are in the back.

I did not go on the property. I took photos and video from across Clover Mill Road. there is no way that this property has anyone living in it. I don’t even think it’s secure and I think West Whiteland needs to act.

⚠️Correction: I wanted to get this video out there, and it has been a federally listed historic resource since the
early 1980s not the 1960s⚠️

West Whiteland has a property maintenance ordinance now and I don’t know what the old guys who are the owners of this place still according to county property records are thinking, or what the magic pot of gold is they think they’re going to receive, but they are leading a valuable historic resource rot and I think that’s criminal.

So basically, this is a federally listed historic asset, and has been for decades. These two dudes who have owned this property for quite a while, think they’re sitting on a pot of gold. And I know that there are people who have tried to buy this property to save this house, who ended up walking away from deals for whatever reason.

I believe this house can be saved, but I am afraid if it is not saved now somebody will bulldoze it someday, and all that will be left will be photos from over the decades.

Save the Joseph Price House. #thisplacematters

the kaplans go to court…in july for arraignment….

They are all moved out of East Whiteland Township, and their store on Lancaster Avenue in Frazer. But they are finally going to court. Don’t get too excited. It only looks like the arraignment.

But will it be orange is the new black? Time will tell.

Looks like arraignment date is July 13, 2023 unless it changes.

that crazy little thing called trust

Trust. It’s a big word it has a big meaning sometimes it is so casually used though, isn’t it?

Trust is something I have a hard time doing. I always have I like to be friendly but there’s a difference between being friendly and actually trusting someone so when I let someone in it’s kind of a big deal to me. And I know I’m not alone.

But in this somewhat disposable world in which we live, I’m noticing trust is becoming just an overused word much like change has.

When someone breaks your trust, it’s very hard. And it is very personal because you’ve let them into your world. I had that happen with some people when I first moved to Chester County. I actually thought they were people that would be friends. Sadly, it ended up to the contrary.

And then there were the people who were part of my inner circle that I trusted who really didn’t have anything to do with me once I moved to Chester County. It wasn’t that I had done anything in particular, I just was no longer convenient or should I say geographically convenient for them. One person had broken my trust before who had done this, so when they did it the second time because I wasn’t geographically convenient, I was kind of done. It wasn’t a simple question of forgiveness, it was a little more complicated. That was a very hard thing for me because they meant a lot to me. And I would never be mean to them, but the trust was just irrevocably broken. So I let go.

Most often when you hear about trust issues, it concerns romantic/domestic relationships. When someone cheats whether literally or emotionally or in some other fashion, it’s really hard. Years ago, I experienced that with a boyfriend. And once that trust was broken, I could never get back to the same place with them. Of course sometimes that’s the universe telling you that you deserve better relationships or just aren’t right for each other. That whole phrase about there is a lid for every pot. But you don’t learn that right away do you? I’m very lucky that I am married to the man I am married to because I do trust him implicitly, and trust and love him without reservations. He has a clear moral compass and sense of right and wrong. He has honor. I think he always has.

Domestic partnerships, no matter how they shake out, aren’t just about love. They are about pretty basic things that include things like trust.

With women in particular, I think trust is hard earned a lot of the time. I don’t know anyone that pretends to be perfect, and I certainly do not pretend to be perfect but when you feel like people you trust have let you down where do you go from there?

Recently, I have been experiencing trust issues again. With people I have let into my inner circle. I’m still processing and haven’t decided what the future holds so it’s hard to articulate.

When you know something is up with people you consider friends whom you trust and they don’t want to talk about whatever you can’t always make them talk about it. But when you ask them, or you try to talk to them about it, even how it makes you feel, and they kind of respond on the attack, that’s a hard vibe to swallow. Your rational mind knows that their reaction really has nothing to do with you and more to do with whatever they are experiencing, yet it often becomes a trust issue. Right or wrong sometimes that’s how the brain will translate.

So how do you keep turning the other cheek and forgiving? What becomes the breaking point? No one wants to abandon friendships, but maybe it’s as simple as sometimes we all need a break from one and other.

Because of social media sometimes this can be hard. Sometimes we don’t get a break from anything because of social media, so does that mean ultimately we all should give social media a break? or should we just have faith that the right thing will eventually happen?

Is trust ultimately a question of faith?

Where trust as a word is misused is like when a politician tells you to trust them. And if it’s a politician that you haven’t been able to trust in the past, you wonder why they use that word? And when it’s election season, they all want you to trust them but the truth is you can only trust yourself and do your candidate research.

The answer to misuse of the word trust of course, could be as simple as marketing spin. Trust a brand, trust a vitamin supplement, trust your local politician, and so on and so forth.

Maybe in order to trust in general and to trust the use of the word trust we have to go back to basics. Maybe like the word change it actually has to mean something.

With regard to my trust issues as a woman, sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a cynic about things. Sometimes I wish I didn’t see things or find out things that I know are true. Sometimes I wish that people you cared about didn’t lash out and hurt you when you’re trying to figure out what’s going on because you care.

Sometimes it is not so easy just to take things on faith. So there’s that commingling of trust and faith again. But sometimes we just have to I guess?

I don’t pretend to have the answers. I don’t pretend to be perfect but if I give someone my trust, it’s a pretty big and very personal gift. Maybe to them, it’s immaterial or doesn’t matter as much. But I think trust should matter and it should mean something.

Yes, this is a bit of a ramble. It’s just the way my mind works sometimes and these are the things I sometimes think about. People have said I think too much, sometimes I think people think too little.

Trust in faith. Faith in trust. Trust and faith. Life is not a giant word salad, and sometimes we all do and say things we shouldn’t. But sometimes it all just gives me pause.

Thanks for stopping by.

in caln, they don’t believe in manners, just facebook bashing?

A few years ago, a friend of mine named Cheryl started a group page on Facebook about Caln. She called it Caln Watch. It was started because basically that township is run like Shady Dell Acres. (Yes I can indeed have that opinion.) Meetings weren’t being recorded regularly back then, etc. Lloyd Farmhouse had been sold to a developer (who is still allowing that historically listed farmhouse rot.) Basically she tried to start a page that did right by her community.

But community on social media is not necessarily the people whom you wish to share a cup of coffee with and face it, people can and are as rude as F. My friend is in her 70s, widowed, and with a huge heart and a moral compass that actually always points to trying to do the right thing. So imagine how sad I was that people have been so terrible to her and rude that she felt she had to post this in her group:

Mark Walsh posted a complaint about this page. I cannot find it, but I am happy to respond. I suppose the key question about what content SHOULD be in Caln Watch depends upon two things, your definition of what Caln IS, and what that looks like here. When I think of Caln and this page, I think of it as essentially a local newspaper. Once upon a time, millions of years ago, I wrote for the Daily Local News. Not long, not important stuff, human interest stuff they sent me out to cover. I like that kind of thing. People liked what I wrote. Also once upon a time in Caln, there used to be FOUR relevant local papers. One in Coatesville, one in Downingtown, one that covered both, including Caln (Thorndale) and the Daily Local News. The only one left is the DLN and it’s pretty much useless. Those papers used to cover all kinds of things in our area. They actually had reporters who attended most of the township meetings and reported on them. ALL the townships locally and most meetings. Can you imagine that? They reported on local kids that won awards and sports teams. They reported on places of interest, restaurants, etc. And yes, they commented politically. I think that the loss of newspapers has affected all of us because, in truth, we know very little about the place we live and our neighbors. We are bombarded all the time in papers, on the TV, on the internet about state and national, and international news and things we can do nothing about. I do not believe that has helped our society and I believe it is the source of our distrust and hatred of each other.
So, why do I post what I do post? Well, I would love to have a nice staff of folks to send out to cover things and post more about our community. Things we don’t know about and we would love to know about. I am just one person. I am retired, so I have more time than most of you to try and figure out what is going on in Caln. I attend most Twp. meetings so I can tell you what YOUR government is up to. I welcome input from local businesses we can go to. I encourage all to post events for the same reason. I post those lost pets AND kids because we ARE a community that can come together to help. I post those lists of pasta, etc. because some of our people love to cook. Lists like those are hard to find. It’s not important stuff, but believe it or not, I get a lot of thanks for them.
So yes, indeed, Caln Watch is both wide and narrow. It is a reflection of my interests or what I can find to post and that may well not jibe with your interest. I get it. And yes, sometimes things get my goat and I post because I am angry or concerned about an issue. Think of it as the Editorial section. Editorials exist to make people think. Pro and Con. If it made you think, then it succeeded.
IF one day I win the lottery, which is highly unlikely since I rarely play, but IF it happened and I was one of those multi.. multi-million winners, one of the first things I would do is start a REAL newspaper for us. Online, but a real FREE newspaper with real reporters assigned to work for us. In the meantime, yes, indeed, this is a poor substitute for that. It’s the best I can do. It is not enough. It is too much. It is too biased. It is not biased enough. It’s good and it is bad.
We have grown to more than 4,000 members with more than 3,500 who regularly stop by to see what might be of interest. I will never be able to satisfy all of you. I cannot and no newspaper can. And I would LOVE to change the name of Caln Watch to something more like a newspaper…maybe The Caln Dispatch. Unfortunately, Facebook will not allow me to do that. So we are stuck with that.
Newspapers are living breathing things….with two sides.
As for me who produces this page….I have lived in Caln Township since July of 1978, coming up on my 45-year anniversary. I have raised 3 children here and 8 grandchildren. I will turn 77 years old in Dec. I have more years invested in Caln than most of you. Caln Watch is in a way, a gift to all of you. If you do not feel that way. If you hate what I write, well, don’t belong. But don’t throw rocks at each other or at me. Just say you don’t agree or don’t like it. I get that. I accept that. What I won’t accept is hatred and meanness. Be kind, even when you disagree. And yes, I could use a dose of that medicine myself sometimes. On the other hand, if you like some of what I post. If I have made you aware of something you didn’t know. If I have made you think, well then, that is all I can ask for.
As for YOU. I would love to see people post more about Caln. I am happy businesses post, but you have families. You have children who have gotten awards, play sports, do things. Post. There are anniversaries. Babies are born. Friends and family die. Post. You have interests, what are they? Post. The more YOU post, the less I will need to and that would be welcomed.
And so, this is my reply. And now there will be comments. And some will be mean no matter what. The world it seems, is too full of mean people.
With regards, Cheryl

~ Cheryl Spaulding 6/28/23 Caln Watch

Oh I get where she’s coming from. I get it. I get obnoxious comments like she experiences and occasionally threats. People seem to think that because they are a member of a group or on a page on Facebook they should be able to be as vile as they choose instead of scrolling past what doesn’t interest them or they don’t agree with. It always seems to escape these fine upstanding keyboard warriors that it isn’t their personal page or group, so they are essentially there because whomever runs it allows them. It is actually a guest relationship. Not a divine right of kings.

I found the comment she referenced. Facebook/Meta does make life difficult at times and even if you haven’t deleted a post as an administrator, sometimes their blasted algorithms make it difficult to find something even if you wrote it yourself.

So this spawned comments because with some it’s like a virtual car wreck and they can’t scroll by they have to verbally vomit:

I only shared a selection. You get the gist. So let’s talk about the other Caln group page. It’s also a closed group that I have no interest in, and here’s it’s premise:

Funny thing is this person seemingly started a group that has as it’s raison d’être to mock my friend Cheryl and call her a Karen, etc., yet guess what? There they are in the original group Caln Watch she started:

Cheryl is much nicer than I am, I would just remove them from everything . Apparently people complain about her administering her group how she feels is the best way is for her – you know because it’s her group page – and they complain and start a SECOND group because they can do it better yet they stay in her group? Alrighty then. Pretzel logic hooray!

(Gosh I bet these people just love NextDoor. But I digress.)

Now this second closed group page has a super fan:

A social media train wreck watching what they feel is a social media train wreck? Gosh. The drama. The spelling. The grammar police need to be phoned immediately!!!

But hey it’s a Facebook group. Misplaced senses of false entitlement with a distinct lack of awareness abound.

Here’s a thought: instead of being rude to a 70 something year old woman who always tries to do right by her community, just don’t belong to the group, don’t follow the group. It’s not your group, it’s hers. Are you all following?

When we are in someone else’s group public or private, it’s not ours, it’s THEIRS. It’s the same with pages. The admins/creators control the content, they add and delete whatever they so choose. We are all just guests. Guess what? Cheryl is my friend and I don’t agree with everything she posts but I don’t take it as a personal affront because it’s HER group page. I can just scroll by.

Why am I commenting about this and writing about it? Because I find it appalling the way people act on Facebook and this is a great example. Pennsyltucky is as Pennsyltucky does.

Cheryl Spaulding should be thanked for all she does for her community and all she and her husband did together. If you don’t like her group, actually leave it. But show some respect. She’s earned it.

Ok over and out for this latest social media manners tour and Facebook behavior mocking.

#BREAKINGNEWS thank you kevin mahoney and penn medicine

Thank you sweet baby Jesus, Penn Medicine CEO Kevin Mahoney, and Penn Medicine. They are literally saving Chester County and her residents.

I am very grateful and I am sure lots of people are breathing a sigh of relief. Tower Health screwed us when they shuttered two hospitals in 2021.

So Kevin Mahoney is the reason Penn Medicine at Valley Forge exists even if I don’t like that campus particularly. Mr. Mahoney is also the reason Chester County Hospital was saved. My sources tell me that he loves Chester county and he used to be on the Tredyffrin Easttown School District school board as well.

What this means is Penn Medicine is acquiring Brandywine Hospital from Tower Health. And Penn Medicine is saving our VA hospital.

Hopefully this all moves quickly because I had a friend who went to the ER at Chester County Hospital recently and it was as crowded as well, Walmart on Thanksgiving for the pre- Christmas sale. Paoli was a zoo too, and they ended up at Bryn Mawr. If this had been something like a stroke or heart attack my friend might not have been so lucky.

So turn all your glasses over for luck Chester County that this goes smoothly. Yes turn your glasses over. A wise older woman named Sherma told me that years ago.

Thank you Penn Medicine, now if you could please do something about your phone system it would be terrific.

Read more about Kevin Mahoney here:

Kevin Mahoney, MBA

@kevinbmahoney on Twitter.

sour notes

I’m letting this stand on its own. To say that I find this behavior astounding would be an understatement. The Philadelphia Folksong Society just blows my mind over this and not in a good way. I will freely admit that I never ever had the desire to go hang out with mud and mosquitoes in Harleysville err Schwenksville.

But for folksong society to do what they tried to do and to try to do it to nice, hard-working folks who have introduced so many of us to new music and favorite artists? No words. It’s completely disheartening to read this. And I think Point Entertainment has shown them a lot more grace than they deserve.


look out tredyffrin! radnor has more plans in for dodo land

Giddy up Tredyffrin and Radnor residents because it’s always in the dog days of summer or any kind of holiday time when big ol’ important things come to be discussed. More on Dodo Land is back. Plans for Strafford Avenue and Forrest Lane.

Look my opinion hasn’t changed: too much density planned for this area between this and Holloway Land McBox Theme Park. Stormwater management and traffic issues pre-existing to any of these plans and you need to PHYSICALLY BE AT THESE MEETINGS AND BE PRESENT WHEN THEY GET SCHEDULED IN PERSON! SUPPOSEDLY COMING IN JULY. THAT IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER.

From: Maryann Cassidy <mcassidy@radnor.org
Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2023 10:47 AM
To: KevinKochanski <kkochanski@radnor.org>; William White <wwhite@radnor.org>; John B. Rice <jrice@grimlaw.com>

Cc: Peggy Hagan <phagan@radnor.org>
Subject: 204, 218 Strafford Ave & 18 Forrest Lane

Good Morning,

The Community Development Department received a Conditional Use Application for the Hamilton Estate, properties located at 204 and 228 Strafford Avenue and 18 Forrest Lane.  We have not received the digital version yet, once received I will forward it to you.

Maryann Cassidy

Administrative Assistant

Community Development Department

Radnor Township

301 Iven Avenue

Wayne, PA  19087

610-688-5600 x 146

610-971-0450 – fax


And then I found these gems on the Radnor Historical Society website:

So Tredyffrin and Radnor residents you have been warned: more development games afoot in Radnor Township. I can’t even imagine how terrible the traffic will be right there someday….

back to trash….

OK a trash update. I was asked about this yesterday when I spoke to one of the Waste Connections managers and they asked me how I felt about moving to one day of the week trash pick up. AJ Blosenski currently picks up regular trash on Mondays and Thursdays and recycling is only Mondays. So if I’m reading this letter correctly, they are going to one day a week. The day is to be determined starting at a point in July.

To be honest, I am ambivalent about one or two days of trash, because when we had Republic Services it was only one day a week.

However, if we are going to one day a week, there should be an appropriate reduction in everyone’s bill because we were paying before for two days a week for regular trash.

So that’s the update everyone and I know that they are working with East Whiteland Township to clear the backlog of missed pick ups and other than that I have no new trash news to report today has been all about roosters 🤣